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Democrats seek to quell Trump impeachment talk
Party leaders caution against rushing into a political trap. By GABRIEL DEBENEDETTI

They call it the ‘I’ word.

Just a month into Donald Trump’s presidency, Democratic Party leaders are trying to rein in the talk of impeachment that’s animating the grass roots, the product of a restive base demanding deeper and more aggressive investigations into Trump’s ties to Russia.

Democratic officials in Republican-dominated Washington view the entire subject as a trap, a premature discussion that could backfire in spectacular fashion by making the party appear too overzealous in its opposition to Trump. Worse, they fear, it could harden Republican support for the president by handing his party significant fundraising and political ammunition when the chances of success for an early impeachment push are remote, at best.

“We need to assemble all of the facts, and right now there are a lot of questions about the president’s personal, financial and political ties with the Russian government before the election, but also whether there were any assurances made,” said California Rep. Eric Swalwell, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. “Before you can use the ‘I’ word, you really need to collect all the facts.“

“The ‘I’ word we should be focused on,” added Pennsylvania Rep. Brendan Boyle, “is ‘investigations.’”

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at first I was like “why is everyone calling corvo hot in dh2, all of a sudden? this never came up before?” but then i remembered he entered the Boyle party, tall and ominously silent guy that he is, dressed as a fearsome wanted criminal in a longcoat and skull mask, most likely stinking of the Wrenhaven river, and Esma was like “you’re still hotter than my current boyfriend”

Most people don't remember
  • Most people don't remember
  • Aristocrats
  • Lady Boyle's Last Party

“What most people don’t remember is, the rats came half a year before the Empress died. And the plague, too.”

“Are you sure? That’s not how I remember it.”

“If something caused this, it’s not the Empress’s passing. That’s what they want you to think.”

“Watch what you’re saying.”

“I say nothing against the Lord Regent. He’s the only one holding this together. He’ll make us great again.”

“Some of us will be great. The Boyles, at least.”

“Now, now. It’s just luck they found crystals on their land, and that we can’t make the rat lights without them.”

“And we can’t get rid of the rats. Rat lights and whale oil, that’s all we live for now.”

“We found out what the whales could do and it made us an empire. This is the beginning of a golden age.”

“Do you know they’ve dug down and found the ruins of another city under this one? Before the Overseers, before anything. I bet they thought they were in a golden age, too.”

“You need another drink, friend.”


dishonored favourite missions  |  lady boyle’s last party

i can see all her tomorrows and I know that either she dies tonight at your hand or she’ll live out her days, month after month, year after year, far away, even as her fine clothes wear into tatters and her silken hair gets  dull and gray.

I'm an agent of the Outsider
  • I'm an agent of the Outsider
  • Jack Ramsey and a Watch Officer
  • Lady Boyle's Last Party

“That man in the skull mask? I don’t think he’s on the guest list.”

“Yes, sir. I’ve had my eye on him.
Excuse me sir, may I ask your name?”

“[Pretend to be drunk] I’m an agent of the Outsider.”

“You’re obviously a little drunk, so I’ll make allowances for now.”