Yo, this community is FILLED with gay rights activists...

SCREW our pairing differences and REJOICE!!!

We had a non-comedic, serious, loving kiss between two main characters on one of the most conservative channels in America.  Fox is not a cable channel and it is very far from risque.  It is the right side to MSNBC’s left side when it comes to the channel producers’ choices as to what political agenda to tote.

This is a BIG step for gay rights so EVERYBODY should be thrilled.  Anyone who’s not needs to take a step back and remember what is REALLY important.

Shared Canvases

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by butyoureyessaidyes

Apparently, Derek is being stalked by a renegade graffiti activist.

Or the college AU where Derek is a serious art student, and Stiles is the graffiti artist ruining his life (until he’s not).

Words: 18167, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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