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Bonjour Dark! Comment allez-vous aujourd'hui? I need some advice about something... My best friend keeps telling me that 'I'm not really transgender' because I like to wear make-up and wear dresses. What should I do? Should I stop being feminine and dress more masculine? I fucking hate myself so much. I just want to be normal.

“Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity differs from what is typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. Gender identity is someone’s internal, personal sense of being a man or a woman (or as someone outside of that gender binary). For transgender people, the sex they were assigned at birth and their own internal gender identity do not match. What this entails, is that being transgender does not signify that you must DRESS THE PART.”

Dark scowled, and banged one of his knees on the underside of his desk from the frustration.

“Your clothes do not determine the way you feel or how you identify. Your interests, your hobbies, the way you speak, the way you think, the way you act, who you love, they do not determine what you yourself know is truth. Your friend is naive to believe that wearing boyish clothes makes someone more of a man, or that wearing dresses makes them too much of a woman. You wear what you desire to wear, lovely, and don’t let any imbecile tell you that you’re too much or too little of anything. You are just right as you are.”

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Niall looks like a full grown man these days and I'm not breathing! It's so weird to look at pics from the beginning of last year to now. He looks so much older and my brain can't process adult Niall. MAN Niall. You can't even mistakenly call him a boy like nah that's a man

YES you’re absolutely right there’s been such a chance, like let’s start with the end of 2014

look at him he’s still such a boy, his hair is so wild, his face is so cute boyish still and his clothing style.. not wearing a suit to an event like he would now

and then at the end of 2015 he’s already quite different too, he’s gotten a bit more classy, with the glasses and the suit, he tries to be a bit more grown up, look a bit more adult.. but still he looks like a young boy here in a suit that doesn’t belong to him isn’t it? 

here’s niall in june 2016, he’s already looking a little different, mature. his posture somehow looks broader, his face looks a little bigger, rounder. his hair is not as boybandy-perfect anymore

and in the end of 2016 he looks like this, the blonde is almost gone from his hair, he definitly looks broad, his beard is growing well. he’s starting to look like the grown up niall we know now 

and then, niall in 2017. brunette, beard, broad, shorter hair, no quiff anymore, nice suit, large head, beautiful. such a man, such a husband. this is what we were waiting for isn’t it. niall was always beautiful, the blonde was perfect and it fitted him so well and i do miss it but look at him now.. isn’t this the most beautiful man, isn’t this pure art?????? i love it so much, definitely not a boy anymore !! also last one just bc 

three years apart.. look at how different his chin is?? his nose also looks bigger, his neck looks thicker, he looks so different but still the same as well. AMAZING

The Final Snowball - Mileven Fanfic

“And I think this one would go perfectly with your skin tone,” Nancy gushed. She was applying the finishing touches on El’s make up, wanting her to look nothing but perfect for this special occasion.

Earlier that day, Nancy and El had gone dress shopping. Formal dress shopping that is, as El had been asked by Nancy’s own little brother to the annual ‘Snow Ball.’

“Aaaaand, I think we’re done,” Nancy announced. El was curious as to what Nancy had really done, as all she could feel through out the process were pokey sticks and bristles that tickled her skin.

El reached her hands up to touch her face, but before she could make contact, Nancy lightly slapped her hands away.

“We don’t wanna ruin it, now do we?” Nancy chided good naturedly, moving herself off the bed to stand in front of El.

“You ready to see?” Nancy asked the quiet, telekinetic tween. El simply nodded, nervously awaiting the outcome.

Reaching forward, Nancy grabbed El’s hand, pulling her to the other side of the room where a full length mirror perched itself in the corner.

Stopping before it, Nancy turned to flash an encouraging smile at El before moving out of her visual field, allowing El’s figure to be fully on display in the mirror.

It took less than one second for El to gasp and a large grin to start spreading across her face.

She - she loved it. Everything.

El was gobsmacked. Was this really her?

She was so used to wearing simple jeans and t-shirts, the occasional summer dress or skirt when the weather called for it. But never something this elaborate.

Never this.

“You look gorgeous, El,” Nancy smiled sincerely. And it was the truth.

The A-line tea dress moulded to her form perfectly, the beautiful light pink colour doing wonders for her skin. El looked radiant. The light make up Nancy had done made El’s eyes appear all the more doe-like and wonderous, with her new, soft curls framing her already flawless face.

Nancy had to hold back a gasp too. She was truly in awe of her younger companion.

“Th-thank you, Nancy,” El remarked, her eyes flickering to Nancy, still shocked.

“You don’t have to thank me, El. Mike does, but you don’t,” Nancy smirked, knowing full well her brother was going to absolutely flip when he saw his 'date.’

That last remark left El slightly confused, but she let the comment fly over her head, instead returning her focus to admiring her sudden transformation.

“You ready to go down? I think everyone’s waiting,” Nancy acknowledged, gaining El’s attention. Taking a deep breath, El nodded, stepping away from the mirror and making her way towards the bedroom door.


Mike was pacing the foyer nervously. He’d been pacing the last fifteen minutes.

“Honey, it’s gonna be fine,” Karen sounded from the dining room where she’d seated herself at the table, a book in hand. She wanted to look casual, but really, she was just waiting to take photos of Mike and El.

“I know, but, just - what if something goes wrong? Like it starts raining? Then the roads will close and we can’t get to the school. Or what if I fall over walking into the gym? I could tear my suit or get it dirty, and I can’t go in if my suit gets all dirty. And I mean what if-” Mike’s anxious rambling was abruptly cut off.

“Mike, calm down. Everything is going to be fine. You and El will have a great time with your friends and nothing will go wrong, you’re worrying about nothing,” Karen chided her son, almost laughing at how ridiculous he sounded.

“I’m serious, Mom! What if someone gets hurt? Dad could sprain his ankle getting into the car and then we wouldn’t-” Mike’s next words got lost in his throat.

Karen had returned to her novel, allowing her son’s silly, human bickering to lull over her as she heard him stop altogether.

Turning her head, she faced her son, only to find him in fact not looking at her, but rather the staircase. Specifically, what (well, who) was coming down the staircase.

Mike’s eyes had increased to the size of saucers.

She was breath taking.

As elegant as a queen and delicate as a butterfly, El slowly descended the stairs, fully aware of all the attention directed at her. Her cheeks flushed a searing scarlet, which didn’t go unnoticed by Karen.

Mike however was in a trance, following her every movement. She moved so gracefully.

He was speechless.

Coming to the last step, El reached to touch her foot down. But Mike beat her to it and rushed to her side, gently grabbing her hand and guiding her to the ground.

“Th-thank you,” El whispered, her eyes never once leaving his. She’d been just as fixated on Mike’s form, never once wavering her gaze from his handsome physique. He was dressed in a sleek, black tuxedo, bow tie and everything.

She loved it.

“El,” Mike began, the words vaguely coming to the fore front of his mind.

El smiled encouragingly, her gaze almost rendering him speechless.

“Y-you look..beautiful,” he gushed, eyes remaining in tact with hers. El’s already deep blush turned a shade darker, if that was even possible.

“You do too,” she replied. Mike chuckled, causing El to giggle. It was endearing.

They were so transfixed by each other, they were completely taken aback when a bright, white light flashed before them.

“Don’t you two look adorable,” Karen cooed, raising the camera again. Not only was his mum there, but Ted and Nancy had migrated to the foyer so they could also watch the adorable exchange.

Mike raised his arm to the back of his neck awkwardly.

Twenty minutes later, Ted was pushing them out the door, away from a snap-happy Karen.


“I’ll pick you kids up at ten, okay?” Ted rhetorically asked, before starting the car and driving off, leaving El and Mike to wander towards the gym, hand in hand, in search of their friends.

Dustin, Will, Max and Lucas were all awaiting their company as they approached the gymnasium.

Lucas was the first one to notice the pair.

“About time!” He exclaimed, throwing his hands up in good natured teasing.

“We’ve been waiting for ages,” Dustin said, pulling up his sleeve to look at his watch. In reality, it’d only been a few minutes.

“Sorry, my mum wanted to take a lot of pictures,” Mike explained, sending a knowing glance down at El.

El smiled back before admiring all of her friends. They looked amazing!

All the boys were each dressed in a tux, Lucas in black, Dustin in dark blue and Will in dashing white. They all looked very handsome, indeed.

Max donned a gorgeous knee-length, dark purple, spaghetti strap dress. It was funny seeing Max so dressed up when she usually wore more boyish clothes, but she looked beautiful none-the-less.

“Y-you guys look great,” El piped up, giving each of her friends a radiant grin.

“So do you!” Was the chorus of replies.

“Well, now that we’re all here, shall we?” Max inquired, dramatically motioning towards the double doors.



“Let’s go!”

Were all yelled before everyone piled into the gym. But just before El made her way in, she couldn’t help but notice a group of girls from out of the corner of her eye.

Mike noticed El’s immediate stop and, making sure all his friends had gone in, came back to stand beside her.

“El? Is everything okay?” He asked, concerned as to why she had so suddenly stopped.

Nodding, El fixed her gaze on the floor and tried to gently push past Mike into the gym. But Mike could tell something was wrong.

Gently grabbing her hand, he asked her what was wrong. She just shook her head.

“You can tell me anything, El,” he encouraged, attempting to meet her gaze.

She only sighed and looked up at Mike before turning to glance at the group of girls huddling a few metres over. Specifically, the group of blonde girls that were huddling a few metres over.

El looked at them, with their long, shining blonde hair, perfect figures and flawless looks. They were gorgeous. Perfect. No other words could describe them.

It was their hair especially. It flowed so naturally and elegantly down their backs. It was beautiful.

Absentmindedly, El had reached up to touch her own hair, pulling softly at the short, seemingly dull strands piled on her head.

Mike put the pieces together and realised what was wrong.

Gently placing one hand on El’s waist, he moved her so that she was facing him, meeting his eye. With his other hand, he grasped her hand that was still clinging to the locks of brown, bringing it back down to her side. He kept a secure hold on it.

“El, you are so much more beautiful than them. I mean, look at you. I’m so lucky to be going to a dance with a girl as gorgeous as you. You’re stunning, inside and out, and you don’t need long hair or anything for people to see that,” Mike encouraged, looking only into her eyes, trying to convey what he really felt. And that is what he felt. What he knew.

She was beautiful, and he’d be damned if she couldn’t see that.

Looking into his eyes intently, she managed to murmur a few words. Words Mike hadn’t heard in a long time.

“Still pretty?” She questioned, gazing into his own, chocolate orbs. Mike already knew the answer, no doubt in his mind.

Mike shook his head.

“No,” he responded softly. El’s face fell and she looked incredibly hurt. Mike could see that, so he gently tipped her crest-fallen head and locked their eyes.

“You’re the most beautiful of them all.”

El’s smile grew until it almost split her stunning face in half.

Gazing up at Mike, in that moment, El knew.

She couldn’t go a day without this boy.

I'm fine with it.

“D-Dipper,” hearing his name, Dipper turned around only to be greeted with his girlfriend with now short hair and boyish clothes.

“W-what do you think? Do I look okay in this?” Pacifica asked quietly, scared.

Dipper frowned. ” Are you…are you wearing boy clothes?”


“Did you cut your hair?” He questioned his girlfriend further.

Pacifica twiddled with the hem of her shirt. “I feel more comfortable like this. I feel better as a boy. I-I want to be a boy now. You’re okay with that, right? I mean, it’s okay if you don’t want to be together anymore. I’ll understand.”

“Is this some kind of joke,” Dipper chuckled, “ I can’t believe you thought that I’d break up with you because of this. I’m perfectly fine with this, Pacifica.”

Dipper tugs his boyfriend into a warm, comforting hug. Pacifica doesn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around Dipper’s neck, relaxing into the hug.

“This doesn’t bother you? At all?” He presses, just to make sure.

Dipper kisses his forehead. “No, Paz, this doesn’t bother me one bit. Besides you look cute as a boy.”

Paz couldn’t stop the smile from stretching across his face as he pulled his boyfriend into a gentle kiss.

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Do you know of any places that carry boyish looking clothes for girls? I'm always to embattled to go into the men's section...

Shit I have no idea. I always shop in the boys section and have no shame at all. I work retail and it’s really really common for girls to shop out of the guy section. At my old job the other workers would literally get so excited when we got new guy stuff because they knew how much I would love it. I only bought guy stuff from there basically. ALSO in most cases guys clothing is made with better material and will in turn last longer and often not fade as easily as girls clothing AND it’s usually cheaper than buying girls clothes. So it’s smart to shop in the guys section honestly. But don’t ever be embarrassed or feel awkward for going to that side to shop. For me guys clothes looks better and makes me feel more comfortable and I feel awkward in girls clothing. Wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in and don’t give a single fuck what side of the damn store you’re shopping in because all that matters is YOU being happy and spending money on the shit YOU like.

Also if anyone does know any stores that sell boyish clothing for girls please comment. I know sometimes it’s hard if people are young or shop with their parents and you can’t always shop the side you want

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Tale, Fell and Swap skelebros reaction towards an SO, who normally wears boyish clothes, wearing a cutesy dress because... I dunno, cosplay?

This sounds like something I’d do. - Mod Sync

Undertale Sans just kinda blinks in surprise for a second. He didn’t even know you had anything girly. But, hey, you wear what you wanna wear. You wanna wear guy’s jeans and shirts? Awesome. Wanna wear pretty dresses and skirts? More power to ya. As long as you’re comfortable.

Undertale Papyrus is very surprised! You look very pretty and feminine today! It makes him want to break out one of his dresses to match you. You’re going to be the prettiest pair in town today.

Underswap Sans is similar to UT!Paps. He thinks you look very pretty! He has a couple of skirts he could wear and you two could knock everyone’s socks off with how cute you two are.

Underswap Papyrus, like UT!Sans, is only a little surprised. He might ask you to twirl a bit, show off for him. But, as long as you’re comfortable, he doesn’t really care.

Underfell Sans is very red faced. He’s used to your boyish looks. Hell, even in the Underground, monsters always took to more masculine clothing simply for safety and convenience. Seeing you in actual feminine clothing has thrown him for a loop. Not that you look bad or anything, but… Wow.

Underfell Papyrus is shocked and confused. He didn’t know you had any such clothing, and he might actually go tell you to change back to your boyish clothes. Not because you look bad, but because he’s worried for your safety. No one really wore skirts or dresses in the Underground, and any who did were either very powerful, very dumb, or it was for… other purposes. He just wants you safe.

I feel super trashy posting this, considering this is my third kid and all, but I still want to put it out there in case anyone has wanted to send something for the little dude. And now I’m going to justify posting this because I DO feel crappy about posting it.

I’ve been going through ALL of the kids’ clothes these last couple weeks, and we’ve realized something: all of our gender neutral/boyish newborn sized clothes are gone. We assume they fell off the truck during the move last year, but since we had already given all of Emery’s newborn sized clothes away, we have nothing for this baby in a newborn size.

“But Ag, babies don’t wear newborn clothes for long.” Yeah, that’s true. But I have little babies (6 lbs and 7 lbs respectively) and we have used newborn clothes for a long time with both. Emery was in newborn clothes until she was 3 months old, and Ezekiel wore them until he was 6 weeks old. That’s a long time for a baby to be wearing clothes that are too big.

Obviously, we are going to be buying clothes for him, but because of the timing of finding out the clothes are gone we don’t have many paychecks to spread this out over, and baby clothes add up quick, especially when you consider blowouts/spit ups. 😂

I 100% don’t expect anyone to buy anything, but if any of you wanted to, that’s where you’ll find the few things that we need replaced (two kids take a toll on things lemme tell ya).

Honestly I don’t get why some people are mean to girls in general, trans and all, because like girls are so beautiful
Some people will make fun of girls for eating, or for not eating
Some people will make fun of girls for liking Starbucks and call them basic, or not liking Starbucks and saying they’re trying too hard to stand out
Or if a girl likes to wear leggings and boots and sweaters and their hair in buns because that’s so comfy people say they’re “basic girls”
Or if they like to wear boyish clothes because they’re not comfortable with being called girly they’re called “crossdressers” or “trying too hard”
Or if a girl likes black or just generally doesn’t wear dark colours she’s an emo/goth bitch
If she doesn’t she’s called a girly girl
Just leave girls alone people, they’re all so beautiful

if boys can wear “girly” clothes and still be boys and girls can wear “boyish” clothes and still be girls then nonbinary people should be able to wear whatever they want and still be nonbinary

I need to dress in more boyish clothes often, this is amazing. What’s my gender? Fuck you don’t know, I’m just the void in a trench coat.

So here's a thing

You always hear people telling you not to get pressured into alcohol or drugs and shit by your friends, right? The people who usually tell you this stuff are you family; so I have a notice for parents:

1. DO NOT pressure your child into drinking alcohol if they don’t want it. Why they don’t want it is none of your business. Reasons could include:
-They’re not legal yet
- they hate the taste/smell
- they don’t like what it does to you
- they’d rather have Pepsi and who wouldn’t?
- they feel ill
- they have their own morals
- something else?
If they are underage and you pressure them into alcohol and something happens to them the axe will come down on your head.

2. If your child wants to covert or is thinking of converting to another religion, ESPECIALLY ISLAM HERE, please respect that they might not want to eat certain things, drink, take part in certain activities, or wear certain things. If they have to go out of your way to pray in the middle of the day then you need to respect that. If it is Islam, no; they most likely haven’t been influenced by terrorists and almost definitely won’t become a terrorist; so please shut the fuck up.

3. If your child isn’t behaving like a stereotypical teenager, don’t fucking worry about it. If they would rather sit inside on a Saturday night and quietly read Les Miserables rather than going out and getting high/ drunk/ having sex, THEN THATS NOT THEM BEING PSYCHO CRAZY AND ITS FINE. If your daughter would rather wear men’s tshirts and trousers rather than the crop top and booty shorts you got her because she feels uncomfortable in them, then just accept it. Don’t stop her from buying modest or boyish clothes because it’s not ‘normal’, it’s her choice. For your sons, if they want to dance instead of do sports; support them. (Seriously good male ballroom dancers are in short supply so you’ll be doing everyone a favour) If your son wants to wear make-up, let him; makeup doesn’t have a gender, it is simply marketed to a gender and lots of boys look bloody amazing in eyeliner.

4. Speaking of makeup, do not physically force makeup onto your child. It’s painful and very distressing. They should not have to ask you to stop 5 times before using their martial arts to get you away from them because they feel uncomfortable or unsafe, basic shit really.

5. If your child comes out as anything; gay, bi, trans, etc… Either accept and support them or be a hateful bastard, DO NOT FUCKING LAUGH AT THEM. I can tell from personal experience that this hurt more than being yelled or nearly getting kicked out. The idea that you don’t even take them seriously is way much more to bare because they probably spent the time leading up to coming out absolutely shitting themselves and planning out everything perfect and to not be taken seriously is the most soul-destroying thing EVER.

6. In short, just be a nice and decent person to your kids. They are not robots, they are not pets, they are humans.

Thank you for listening.

*drops the mic*

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MTL to date a tomboy. Not like one in appearance, but is one in personality. Loves video games, wears boyish clothes, doesn't rlly wear makeup and is not very feminine.


Jungkook: can’t talk to girls, so he’d be comfortable around you from the start. also you have a lot in common

Yoongi: as long as you were content with playing video games while he worked and not stealing his clothes all the time, he’s good

Jimin: you didn’t get dolled up, so he felt more comfortable not wearing his own makeup around you

Namjoon: boyish clothes would probably be easier to get off than girly ones ;p

Hoseok: didn’t care that you were tomboyish as long as you still smiled a lot and didn’t mind him being cuddly

Taehyung: very excitable around things he likes - normally a feminine trait - and he’d like his s/o to be the same way

Seokjin: a little effeminate himself - loves pink and cares about his appearance - so he’d probably be more attracted to someone like him