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how do you do you give me 5 steps that will help a lonely gay boy

1. Pornhub

2. Redtube

3. Xhamster

4. Boyfriendtv

5. Nakedsword


[TRANS]『BOYFRIEND problem consultation Part 2』

BOYFRIEND will solve BESTFRIEND’s problem.

Problem① 「I’ve a trouble in buying cat or dog。Do you like cat or dog?」

JM: Cat is attractive。
YM:It looks like an anime。
KM: If we compare the member with an animal, what could it be?
All:MW is a dog。 
DH:HS is a pig。 (everyone laughs) 
MW:DH is a bird。
DH:JM is also a dog。
DH:KM is an insect。

HS:The twins are insect。
DH:They are fishes. 
YM:No,I’m a cat, not fish。(everyone claps) 
(Conclusion)Dog→ DH&HS Cat→JM,YM,KM,MW  
DH:Lets name the cat。

YM:Luxury cat
KM:Don Quixote Napoleon
MW:inu (Japanese)

Problem②「Can you recommend me some places where I can go for a trip in Korea?」

YM:Gwanghanlu (Location that related to Chunhyangjeon) 
KM:Han river 
JM: Hongdae 
HS:Namsan(N Soul Tower) 
MW:Han river park

Problem③「I’m a 10 years old boy。I love to dance but I dont like to practice。How can I dance coolly like BOYFRIEND ?」

DH: Practice is just important and necessary。 At the end of the practice, you will feel good. 
JM:It is a good idea to practice what you want to do on your own。
MW: You should be focused during the practice so you can spot which steps you are doing bad. 

DH: It might be tough to practice alone so make friends and practice together.

Credit: @okuzoh 
Eng trans by : @IlovingJeongMin & @youngkwangs 

*Please take out with full credit.