DR Togami Vol. II Part 7

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Chapter 10: Hope. Friendship. Reliance. And All the Other Gross Things

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I Saw A Lot of Videos doing these
Family Reacting to Danganronpa Characters So I thought I would do one with my 6 Year Old Cousin.

According to my Cousin,
Naegi is an acorn,
Kirigiri draws naked people, Maizono is trustable,
Togami is donald trump,
Asahina is best girl,
Hagakure is a Hobo,
Fukawa writes book reports, Genocider Syo sews dresses,
Junko is a porn star,
Sakura has buffalo wing legs, Fujisaki is also best girl,
Celes is a magician,
Ishimaru is a teacher,
Owada is a wrestler,
Yamada draws fanart for youtubers,
Leon gets all the ladies,
Mukuro shoots haters,
and Celes controls Monokuma.

Dangan Ronpa Fan Month Week 4: Childhood/Adulthood

When i read the prompt for this week i knew it i would have chose Adulthood, because dad!Makoto and dad!Byakuya is all i want rn since the canon doesn’t want to give me a joy.
Just try to imagine how annoying dad!Byakuya could be.Just try it. 
Also, ermegherd (sloppy) COLORS.

(FYI the Naegiri boy is named Jin, the Togafuka girl is Shinobu <3)

Danganronpa 3 Theory

This might end up being a very long post, but I wanted to add my own speculations on Danganronpa 3: Future Arc.

Firstly, I wanted to take into consideration why Chisa Yukizome was the first to be killed.

Chisa Yukizome was, and in heart still is, the closest person to Kyosuke Munakata. Why is that important?

Kyosuke is shown as the leader in the Future Foundation, and even mentioned by Juzo that out of everyone, only he could rebuild the Future Foundation and he has to survive the final killing game. Why is this important?

There was already tension between him and Makoto. Granted that he probably knows better to out right assume that Makoto is indeed part of the Despairs he also knows not to outright accept him even if he defeated Junko Enoshima. Remember, Makoto broke his trust with the Future Foundation, it’s only a predictable response from someone like Kyosuke who is calculated.  

Yukizome’s death would be the trigger for his sense of reason to waver.

Yukizome was someone Kyosuke would confide in, held close to him. His feelings could be considered romantic by some or more geared to a “sister” type if love. Regardless how you view them it’s certain that he indeed cared for her, more so anyone else in the future foundation. Think about this––Makoto shows up, already questionable with divided opinions on him and then Monokuma appears and Yukizome dies. It’s no wonder Kyosuke suspects Makoto and therefore tries to kill him.

Kyosuke’s actions were predicted, and by who? Someone close to him, knew that he would react the way he did, understood his relationship with Yukizome and maybe even knew the unsaid feelings between them?

Kazuo Tengan.

  • Kazuo has shown feelings of sympathy towards the despairs, which is in direct opposite to Kyosuke’s feelings of wanting to kill them all.
  • Kazuo shows feelings of believing in Makoto by helping out Kyoko (someone apart of Makoto’s squad) while Kyosuke goes and hunts Makoto.
  • Kazuo works with Kyosuke directly. This could also be hinted that Kazuo was the former head master of HPA while Kyosuke was the former Ultimate Student Council President. I’ve researched and couldn’t find anything linking to  Kazuo and Kyosuke working together during Kyosuke’s time at HPA, but Kyosuke did work with Jin Kirgiri once he graduated (feel free to correct me on this one!).
  • It can be assumed that Kazuo knows Kyosuke better than he lets off. He’s observed him since he works under him. Understands his feelings of the Despairs and his want to irradiate them all. It isn’t questionable that killing of Yukizome would trigger something in him.
  • Also note, in episode 3 he said, “But a hope that is too strong can sometimes reach despair” something to keep in mind.

A plausible question is why Yukizome and not Juzo?

  • Yukizome grounded Kyosuke. When Kyosuke needed someone to confide in, he turned to her rather than Juzo.
  • Juzo is hot-tempered. He relies on fighting rather than talking, being the opposite of Yukizome. If Juzo were to die, Yukizome would have calmed Kyosuke down to the extent of them all staying in the same room with no one running off. I feel like she had this control over Kyosuke to have him think rather than act on impulse.
  • Remember, Yukizome taught the ultimate despairs. It’s no chance that she would die at some point so the Ultimate Despairs had a chance in winning. She may have been able to help a few of her fellow students.
  • Yukizome encouraged Kyosuke to think while Juzo is encouraging Kyosuke to kill.
  • Imo, Kyosuke seems closer to Yukizome rather than Juzo, although holding both close to him, I feel there were some romantic feelings towards Yukizome because of her caring and attentive personality that Kyosuke wasn’t. He loved her for who she was. And that lead to her death.

On to my next theory, from this post by @smeelslikesnight, that from the cut screen that we already know who is going to die and who will live + the traitor. If anyone can link me the original creator of this theory please do, because smeelslikesnight states that this isn’t theirs, and I couldn’t find any else who posted about this.

(image via smeelslikesnight post)

From this image and the post, it is stated that “who goes to left - will die from the poison (violated a rule), who goes to the right - they be killed, who goes straight - survive & who stand back - traitor”

From the image above we can take this:

  • Going to the left - die from poison: Daisaku Bandai, Juzo Sakakura, Sonosuke Izayoi
  • Going to the Right - they will be killed: Chisa Yukizome, Great Gozu, Koichi Kizakura, Seiko Kimura, Aoi Asahina
  • Going straight - will survive: Ruruka Ando, Kyosuke Munakata, Ryota Mitarai, Miaya Gekkogahara,  Makoto Naegi, Kyoko Kirigi
  • Going backwards - traitor: Kuzuo Tengan

I also wanted to point out the theories about who has what “rule violation” on their wristband AS WELL AS ONE MORE POINT. Whoever the traitor is (speculated Kuzuo Tengan) they had to have taken the chance when everyone was put to sleep to check everyones wristband. This way he (they) knew everyone’s weakness and could plan accordingly.

Alive FF:

  • Makoto - Confirmed - Can’t run in hallways.
  • Kyoko - Speculated -  She can’t talk/communicate to Makoto. Probably from D:THH and the first killing game, she heavily relied on her discussions with Makoto for many of the trials. She also seemed very shocked when she read hers.
  • Juzo - Speculated - I’ve thought with the idea that his is that he can’t protect Kyosuke, and since he may die from poison, he protects Kyosuke leading to his death. He also mentions that Kyosuke needs to survive and will do anything to make sure he does.
  • Izayoi - Speculated - His is he can’t eat Ruruka’s candy, which is plausible, but if it isn’t that I think his might be like Juzo’s where he can’t protect Ruruka and this leads to his own death. It has been shown in the first 2 episodes that he is very close to her (physically and mentally) and protects her at any given moment. Why would the killing game stop him?
    He protected Ruruka in episode 3 so this one is out.
  • Koichi - Speculated - He is the only one I have no idea on. He is a very aloof person in the anime. Even when he was supposed to be the classes homeroom teacher he wasn’t there (based from the first few episodes). But he is a scout, so he knows about the ultimates and why they were picked for who they were, knows their talents and thus may know everyone’s weakness because of this? Not linked to his wristband but something to keep in mind.
  • Seiko - Speculated- Her’s can’t be helping others, as she tried to save Daisuke. Maybe her’s will be she can’t use her drugs on herself? Going alongside the theory about her eye, and her using her own drugs to suppress whatever her eye can do? Make the killing game more interesting and that is something Monokuma would go for probably?
    Episode 3 she uses her drugs so this can’t be it!
  • Ruruka - Speculated - we can rule out that he ability to make sweets and feed them to someone doesn’t count, because she tries to feed Izayoi or that she can’t be close to him. From the theory above, she will survive, so her’s is still up in the air for me.
  • Kyosuke - Speculated - Can’t use doors. Shown in episode 2 when he went to great lengths to kill/capture Makoto, when faced with a door he stopped. Also a reason why he launched Gozu though a wall, because all the doors could have been closed.
  • Ryota - Speculated - Maybe his is along the lines of Daisuke’s, where he can’t witness violence to females only. He protected Aoi, someone he didn’t know, only to receive the brut force of Juzo. He told off Kuzuo when he touched Kyoko, saying it could be sexual harassment. It could also be that he is just kind, but his actions since the wristbands have appeared to be protecting females. Before Monokuma showed up he wasn’t around, so we can’t speculate his character too much.
  • Miaya - Confirmed - Can’t turn right.
  • Kuzuo - Speculated - If he is the traitor than maybe his is either being found out, he doesn’t have one, or something else.
  • Aoi - Confirmed - that she couldn’t attack back (be physically or verbally) I was kinda right, because she can’t be hit or punched!

Dead FF:

  • Daisuke - Confirmed - Couldn’t witness violence
  • Yukizome - Confirmed - Never got a wrist band
  • Great Gozu - Speculated - His could be with maybe his morals? He went to great lengths to protect Makoto so maybe if someone breaks his morals he will die? Example- Makoto dying without any proof he is the traitor? Falsely accusing someone? Gozu has already been shown to be very proof driven through the first meeting the FF members had by avidly disagreeing with Kyosuke about the despairs and not jumping to conclusions.

Now I wanted to speculated (and restate the deaths already) how the FF members may die:

  • Aoi, Yukizome, Gozu and Daisuke - already dead
  • Juzo - Poison - Dies from protecting Kyosuke from maybe the traitor when the all fall asleep? Maybe some reason he is awake or wakes up when the traitor tries to kill Kyosuke, and protects him, resulting in his own death and the identiy of the traitor is still hidden because everyone was asleep?
  • Izayoi - Poison - Either Ruruka feeds him candy when he is sleeping to calm his nerves, resulting in his death, or a similar situation to Juzo’s.
  • Gozu - Killed - He is a physical threat to the FF and may get taken out for this reason? He is close to Makoto, and mention by @thecatgirlyang​ in this post that “The killer wants everyone to distrust Naegi as much as possible…Perhaps the killer tried to aim at Naegi but his luck prevented him from dying and Asahina got stabbed instead…Naegi’s luck is becoming like Nagito’s, luck with consequence.” The Great Gozu has shown to protect Makoto, much like Hina did. Maybe their fates will be the same way as a way to get Makoto to fall to despair. Let’s not forget to mention that if Monokuma actually got Makoto to fall to despair he practically wins at killing the FF. Makoto is the ultimate hope, the mc of this series. Getting Makoto is almost like bringing back Junko Enoshima to him. That’s why this round is the final killing game. 
  • Koichi - Killed - Maybe from his knowledge about everyone leads to his death? Still iffy on him.
  • Seiko - Killed - Something to maybe to with her eye (although her eye theory seems out there to me). Maybe she is forced to take her drugs so she doesn’t hurt anyone and thus gets her killed? Jk bc that means she gets poisoned…

Let’s not also forget that we can rule out Toko, because I am pretty certain she is still out fighting the despairs with KomaruByakuya was never present, but he could be the 16th member in the game…we can’t deny that there will be 16 members bc there has been 16 for the past 2 killing games. Yasuhiro was shown on the roof of the building of the FF headquarters. I don’t remember the reference to his crystal ball or what it means when it breaks, so someone can fill in this gap. But he could also be the 16th member. How interesting would it be if Komaru was the 16th member? Long shot…but interesting. Maybe she hears about Makoto from Toko via Byakuya and comes to save/help him?

Edit to all the above! Rewatching the first episode of D3:HPA, it is shown that the the characters of Danganronpa Another Episode are all alive. This must mean that Danganronpa Another Episode is happening alongside D3:HPA. Meaning while Makoto is fighting Monokuma with the FF, Toko and Komaru are fighting the Warriors of Hope with Byakuya, explaining why his isn’t shown in D3:HPA. Although it is speculated that the Warriors of Hope did die, and some say they didn’t. If they did die, than this confirms the timeline and also that side theory about Monica. If they didn’t die, than they fell back to despair even after being beaten by Komaru and Toko. 

Any thoughts? Feel free to msg me and if I agree/or you make corrections to this post, I’ll fix and tag you in it!

Edit: Here are some other good theories: