Rosy Cheeks and Oozing Smiles

“With the kind of life that I have led for the majority of my existence, including those of my infant years, this doesn’t come naturally to me. It shouldn’t be unexpected after growing up in an environment where emotional ties were looked down upon and exploited.”

Then she had gone and proven that love didn’t always make someone weaker. Quite the opposite. Love had given Touko strength, in fact, especially in Towa City and thereafter.

Pairings: TogaFuka (Byakuya Togami x Touko Fukawa)
Word Count: 3123
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Approximately one and a half months had passed since Byakuya Togami started dating Touko Fukawa, though someone like her would have jotted down the exact date and time in a notebook and framed it with an inky heart. What he could remember was that it had been a Monday night when she sat next to him on a sofa in the lounge of the Future Foundation’s main building and he kissed her lips that were a distracting wet that a nearby lamp’s light hit at an agreeable angle. Not that the kiss was a momentary lapse in concentration or boredom’s whim. No. He couldn’t pinpoint the precise moment that held on one side of it a time when he never considered kissing her and on the other the afterwards when the thought passed his mind more than once. Like while he lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling, and whenever Touko flitted in and out of his vision like their first few experimental kisses.

Byakuya pulled back. The darkness masking his vision lifted as he opened his eyes and his bedroom bloomed into view. Touko sat opposite him on the bed, facing him with her legs crossed over like his were. Their fingers were meshed together and both of them had clammy skin. He disentangled their hands and rested his forearms onto his thighs, shuffling back a little to remove himself from the sultry air that had formed around their kiss.

Going by Touko’s rosy cheeks and oozing smile, she had created the moisture that almost glued them together.

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