Soft Thighs Series Masterlist

The Soft Thighs Series is a collection of Bucky Reader inserts featuring an overweight/plus size female reader :)

it’s 2017 can we 

  • stop reducing isabelle lightwood to the sexy, badass latina
  • stop reducing clary to a selfish, reckless idiot

  • stop reducing simon to a heartbroken love interest for clary, maia, and isabelle 

  • stop reducing magnus to alec’s glitter boyfriend

  • stop reducing jace to the dumb straight white boy
  • stop reducing alec to a cute gay boy who can do no wrong

  • stop reducing maia to the sassy black queen

  • stop reducing luke to his dad jokes
Yoonmin Is Real: a masterpost (Jimin ver.)

Not a yoonmin shipper? That’s about to change during this masterpost of all the moments in which Park Jimin was just painfully obvious that he is in love with Min Yoongi

1. Looks of Lust

It’s like he doesn’t care if anyone sees how intensely he loves Yoongi

(The build up to this moment he was checking tf outta Yoongi and decided to airhump him??? chill)


2. Skinship

Getting a bit handsy don’t you think? You’re not subtle, Park Jimin. We know you’ll use any excuse to get your hands on your boyfriend

‘sit on my lap, baby, oh wait no there’s cameras nevermind’

Comforting his crying boyfriend in as a best a way he can on stage, no matter what

Jimin’s must-not-get-a-boner face

HMM OKAY BUT he is literally shoving his fingers up Yoongi’s ass and his face is touching it and he seems pleased! why isn’t he fazed? must be all too familiar of a situation..

look how pleased he is to hug his hyung in front of everyone

3. Oh The Fond

If this isn’t a look of utter head-over-heels in love, i don’t know what is

It’s like Yoongi is the only person in the room…

He’s so uncontainably excited for Yoongi’s sexy dance…

They’re in their own little world of giggles and gimicks and injokes:


He is so happy to see Yoongi smiling, you can’t even see Jimin’s face and you can tell he’s beaming like crazy

This, babe, is called ‘butterflies’

4. Obviousness

‘There’s a parade going on? Nah, my boyfriend is way more important than that!’ (yoonmin are standing behind rap monster)

‘There’s a world famous footballer next to us? Nah, my boyfriend is way more important than that!’

He so badly wants to show his affection, but debates whether he should in front of the cameras

AGAIN ONE OF MY FAVES the way he so desperately wants to touch Yoongi, and the heartbreak on his face when he realises there are cameras so he cant

Being an obviously proud and supportive boyfriend

Stops jamming with the guy the second he sees Yoongi coming over..

He knows Yoongi won’t like that display, even has to nudge him to ‘get over it, it’s nothing’

Uh…that camera view is wide enough for you both to fit without pressing your bodies together you know?

And we conclude on Jimin revealing how his ‘i hate skinship’ hyung likes to go into his bed…well, okay then

Click here for the Yoongi ver.

Reader Insert Masterlist VIII

Reader Inserts:


Soft Thighs Series. Cont.:

Feather Fans And Garter Belts Series Cont.:

Man In Uniform Series:

The Outsiders:

BBC Musketeers:

The Maze Runner:

Harry Potter:

Teen Wolf:

Magnificent Seven:

  • Excellent Shot- (Josh Faraday/Reader)
  • The Hand- (Josh Faraday/Reader) TW: Sexual but no actual smut
  • Tactics- (Josh Faraday/Reader)
  • Calm- (Goodnight/Reader) TW: Angst
  • Ouch- (Vasquez/Reader) TW: Hurt

Assassin’s Creed:

Stranger Things:




  • Closer- (Eggsy/Reader) TW: Mentions past break up, alludes to sex but doesn’t actually do anything more than that
  • The Pub- (Sibling/Platonic Eggsy/Reader)



Jurassic World:

  • My Omega- (Owen Grady/Reader) TW: Smut, NSFW, A/O/B Verse

Man From U.N.C.L.E:

Dragon Age:



Teen Wolf:

Harry Potter:

How To Get Away With Murder:



Jurassic World/Park:


Magnificent Seven:

BBC Muskteers:


Star Wars:


  • Run- (Dean Winchester)


The Mummy:

The Martian:

Star Trek:


Falling Skies:

Pacific Rim:

  • Back- (Chuck Hanson)

Brooklyn Nine Nine:


BBC Merlin:

  • Hold On- (Gwaine) (TW: Angst, injury)

The Maze Runner:

Dragon Age:

The Hobbit/LOTR: