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True Friends can also be married.
True Friends can also be lovers.
True Friends are always in each other’s hearts.
True Friends fix each other romantic meals then bang it out. Cue CWIPH with a side of homemade mashed hand motions.
True Friends call each other “boyfriend” “baby cakes” “sweet cheeks”.

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Climber Spotlight: Alyse Dietel

Since I can remember, my parents were taking me hiking and camping (my first time on top of half was at 7 months old!). I was always up a tree or rock to the point where my mom would just say “if you can’t find Alyse, look up” to horrified soccer coaches and elementary school teachers. Finally I went to a birthday party at the local climbing gym, and my refusal to stop climbing prompted the gym owner to ask me to join the climbing team.

So my secret is out, I started out as a gym rat and comp climber. To be fair, southern California is a bit lacking in outdoor crags. I competed nationally for eight years before coming up to northern Arizona for college.

Two weeks after coming up to Flagstaff for college, my boyfriend at the time and I were climbing at the local crag called the Pit. When it got dark, we hiked up and around to the top of the cliffs, which seemed way more fun than doing homework.

It got a little less fun when the section of the cliff that I was standing on broke away under my feet and I plummeted a good 60 or so feet to a small ledge (about an inch from a cactus … ). I ended up having to rappel another 20 feet down to the trailhead and be carried out of the Pit. I had two broken vertebrae, a snapped tailbone, broken ribs, a shattered pelvis, a partially collapsed lung, a smashed kidney, and a fractured ankle.

I spent two agonizing weeks in the hospital

before having to withdraw from my first college semester and go home in a wheelchair. I called my mom from the ICU and, unfortunately, because I was so drugged up I thought the best thing to say was

“ma! I’m on a lotta morphine!”

before handing the phone to my doctor. Most of my time in the hospital was spent in and out of a drug-induced sleep, throwing up, calling both of my nurses Sharenkaren (I thought they looked identical … they really didn’t), and apparently crying when the doctor brought me jello. I have a weird fear of jello … nothing edible should jiggle like that.

When I got home, I was absolutely set on getting out of my wheelchair. Under my doctor’s nose, I did the exercises I learned in physical therapy every minute of every day. When I had nightmares about falling every night and became an insomniac, I did the exercises at night too.

I finally was able to stand up after about 5 months, and was soon dragging myself around on crutches. At about 7 months, I hobbled to my local gym and took an hour to climb a “” That was probably the proudest send of my life. I also got really into my art, which served as an outlet for all my frustration, pain, determination, and impatience.

The biggest thing that my accident made me realize wasn’t necessarily that life is fragile or that you only get one life or whatever … I feel like I already knew that. What really hit home for me was that life doesn’t care about your excuses. You’re not going to get out of that wheel chair, or climb that one route, or eat that whole pizza by just sitting around and expecting it to just happen eventually.

Things like success and willpower and determination don’t get handed to you. If you want something, you’d better get off your butt and go get it. I worked harder than I’ve ever worked for anything to get out of that wheelchair, and it happened because I didn’t make excuses and didn’t say

“I will tomorrow.”

I just did it. So just do it (why am I not sponsored by Nike?). The only person who gets to decide is you. You are in control. You get to choose.

read the rest of Alyse’s story here –>

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You could literally get any guy you want. Why did you choose that geek of a boyfriend you have?

Because he’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met. He makes me laugh, he makes me happy. He’d do anything for me, and I’d do anything for him. Best of all, he’s not a shallow cunt like you

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Good news! I came out as genderfluid to my boyfriend yesterday and he is accepting, will use my proper pronouns, and will support me in how I present, be it binding occasionally or wearing more typically masculine clothes. Also, he thinks his parents will be accepting of both my gender identity and sexual orientation (panromantic graysexual).

that is WONDERFUL!!!!  i’m so happy for you Nonny! <333


Today I took my first practice exam (NBME form 16), did some UWORLD oncology questions that I somehow hadn’t done before, and then started catching up on a week or so of Jeopardy with boyfriend. I also baked a quiche, ate very poorly, and started up with yoga after taking three days off (and promptly had my butt kicked by it).

It was a good day.

           It was closing on four o’clock in the morning, but Jacob was still wide awake.  Techrat was now officially almost ten hours overdue, and he had no idea what he needed to do in order to help him get back.  He’d already checked all the connections on the machine and found nothing out of place.  After that, he’d gone over all the notes and numbers several times but couldn’t find anything relating to pulling someone back from the jump.

           Assuming he’d even survived it, of course.

           He couldn’t think that way, though.  He had to stay positive.  Maybe there’d been a problem with the targeting device and he’d ended up in another state and was trying to come back.  And… he hadn’t called because… his phone battery died? Jacob tried not to fidget as he paced the length of his boyfriend’s living room for what must have been the thousandth time that night as his panic began to grow.

           Finally, he pulled out his phone and quickly dialed a familiar number.  He knew he was in way over his head, and reached out to the only two people he thought would have any chance of helping Techrat.

           “Mom?  I know it’s super-late, but–  No, I’m OK. Kinda.  Listen, I need your help.  Dad’s too.  I’m at Techrat’s apartment, and…” His words cut off as a strangled sob escaped from deep within his chest.  “We were running an experiment, and something went wrong.  I don’t know how to fix it or what to do, and I’m really scared.”


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So here is a story about life at a women's college

One of my best friends was dating her high school boyfriend long distance. At one point he told her he was planning to propose at Christmas. She realized, when he said this, that she really didn’t want to marry him. (The part where he wanted her to give up her career to raise his designated number of children didn’t help.)

She mulled it over for another few weeks, and broke up with him. At first he was pretty needy, calling a lot and sending roses and so on.

After another few weeks, my friend began dating a girl. Her ex, whose religious beliefs trended conservative, then called her an Agent of Satan.

There is really only one thing to do in a case like this. What we did is custom order a bag of buttons. The buttons said “Agent of Satan: 99.9% Job Satisfaction” in red text on a black background. Everyone in our friends’ group got one and we all pinned them to our bags and jackets as a show of solidarity. And then everyone who saw the pins and asked about their story agreed with what a general jerk this guy was.

It was a magical moment on so many levels.

Steal his style by elliedella featuring an ebony pencil

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