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(I’ve been immensely blocked lately but the texts never seem to stop flowing lmao, hopefully the ideas come back soon!) 

Jeon Jungkook As Your Boyfriend~

Jungkook is boyfriend material, get you a man like Jungkook.

- Admin Tamra

- matching outfits

- you, jungkook & yugeom going bowling

- you having to force him to sleep because he’s practicing his english on his program

- lots & lots of dates

- staying up talking to each other on the phone

- phone sex

- him sneaking out of the dorm to see you

- him teaching you how to dance

- lots of cuddling because he’s a child & likes to be held

- but he also just likes holding you sometimes

- and being close to you

- a bunch of pictures together

- constant shopping

- trying to escape from jimin & tae because they love the golden maknae

- sending dirty messages to tease him

- him staying over occasionally

- him singing you to sleep

- him being extra asf

- long cute texts from him when he’s bored

- video chatting before he goes on stage

- pictures from the members of him sleeping

- goodnight & goodmorning texts

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