boyfriends going to shopping

Look what I got today, my dudes

Ok, my mum bought these pretty towels for my new bathroom..

..the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them?

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Dating Mark Tuan Would Include:

•Awkward first date
•Awkward first kiss
•Everything awkward at first
•But when he gets comfortable
•He’d be so touchy
•Loves cuddling
•Piggy back rides
•Will give you cute nicknames like
•Bunny or Wifey
•Him getting really blushy and shy when you kiss him in public
•But wouldn’t be against him
•Having you sit on his lap when you are with the boys
•Who said ma boi can’t be possessive
•Would get jealous so easily istg
•He just wouldn’t show it
•Just give you the silent treatment
•Doing all types of couple challenges together
•"My boyfriend does my make up"
•Making cringey couple musical.lys together
•Going shopping together
•And him not buying anything unless you tell him you like it
•When it comes to you tho
•He’d buy you anything you lay your eyes on
•Soft Mark
•Eskimo kisses
•Watching scary movies together
•And him having his arms wrapped around you the whole time
•To make sure you don’t feel scared
•Lowkey would smirk if you hid your face in his neck
•And kiss the top of your head or forehead
•Cute couple photoshoots
•Having so many embarrassing pictures of you in his phone to look at and laugh when on tour
•Skype dates (ft. Jackson)
•"Jagi stop! You should be shipping us together!“
•Building forts together
•And sleeping inside them while snuggling
•Overprotective Mark
• "There’s no way you’re going out like that. You’re going to catch a cold!! nah uh”
•Him always stealing your headphones because he loses his
•Only being hyper and loud around you
•After a while realizing Jackson is a part of your relationship
•And him always joining on your dates
•You taking pictures of them looking couple goals and stuff
•And uploading on Instagram with the #markson
•Matching bracelets
•Deep late night conversations
•"Why do we ever exist, after a 100 years no one is even going to remember-“
•”-Mark go to sleep​"

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Isaac Lahey x female reader

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Author: T💕

Request: “Can You Write Hardcore Isaac Smut But Make It Long??? I’ve Seen What U Write & It Is All Great But Too Short.”

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, (don’t be silly, wrap your willy), Daddy!Kink, public sex, public teasing, and language.

  On a Friday afternoon school was the last place I wanted to be. It wasn’t even second period and I already want to go home.

  Lydia Martin, my best friend, came running up to me. “Y/N/N! –I can’t run in these heels–Do you wanna go shopping? Allison and I don’t want to sit in class.”

  I sighed. “Yes! Oh, my god, yes! I have to go tell the hubby first.”

  “We’ll go with you.” Allison smiled.

  The three of us walked to the group  of boys by Scott’s locker. I walked closer to Isaac, and he pulled me into his side, resting his hand on my hip.

 “Psst.” I whispered, trying to get my boyfriend’s attention.

   Isaac ignored me and continued with his conversation with Scott and Stiles. I huffed and tried again.

  “Isaac?” Nothing.

  “Babyyyy?” I said, sing-song. Still nothing.

  I turned to the girls. Allison egged me on and Lydia shrugged her shoulders, letting me know that she was out of ideas.

  A lightbulb went off in my head. I looked between my boyfriend and the other two of my friends that he was so caught up in talking to.

  I cleared my throat. “Daddyyy?” I asked innocently.

  Isaac choked on his words mid-sentence and Scott and Stiles both looked bewildered and hung their mouths open.

  Lydia and Allison giggled behind me. Isaac turned to me.

  “Uh–I–Yes, princess?”

  I moved so that I was standing in front of him. I reached my right hand out and grabbed a handful of what was sitting in the front of his jeans. I squeezed his crotch gently and inconspicuously.

  “I just wanted you to know that Allison, Lydia, and I are going to go shopping for a little while.”

  My boyfriend nodded. ‘Uh, shopping, fuck–okay. Sounds fun.”

  I let go and smiled. “Okie dokie, then. We’ll see you boys in a couple of hours. I love you.”

  “I love you, more. Hey, wait, do I not get a kiss?”

  I smiled and pulled Isaac’s head closer to my head. He leaned a little further to whisper in my ear. “Daddy’s gonna get you back for that later, baby. You better be ready for it.”

  Isaac kissed my lips and I kissed back,  still a little stunned by his comment.

“Okay, Y/N! If we don’t get moving we won’t have time to shop, come onnnnn.” Allison and Lydia took a hold of my hands and took me to Lydia’s car.

  At Lydia’s car, we all threw out ideas on where we were planning on going. “Sooooo, I figured that we could go to the mall so that we can eat and shop. But I’m down for whatever, but we have to be back before last period; Y/N and I have a test that we can’t miss.” Allison chimed while buckling her seatbelt.

  The three of us girls all agreed that we should go to the mall, and Lydia started to drive off in that direction.

  After a minute or two, Allison spoke from the backseat again. “I have a feeling that Scott likes this freshman girl in our Chem class, but I’m not sure.”

   The only way that my brain would let me respond was with loud and obnoxious laughter form the passenger seat. “You thi-HAHAHAHA-Scott and some freshman-HAHAHAHA! I’m-I’m sorry, Alli, it isn’t that funny.”

  Lydia snickered from the drivers seat as she turned the corner and drove through the parking lot, looking for a spot. “I mean, it is kinda funny.” Allison smiled.

  “Babe, I’m gonna fuck you up with some truth, okay? Scott would never in a million years leave you. He stuck with you when he found out your family are all a bunch of hunters, and he isn’t gonna leave for some freshman girl in your chemistry class. He loves you. You’re special to him.”

  Lydia’s breaks squeaked as she pulled into the parking space. “Oh, and he knows that Y/N would rip his ass to shreds.” She added.

   "With my teeth.“ I say and push my werewolf canines out to add to the comment.

  Allison smiled and said thank you. The three of us got out of the car and started to the main entrance of the mall.

  "Where to first?” Lydia asked as she looked around her.

  Allison and I also looked around. Seconds later, we all pointed at the Victoria’s Secret store.

  “I don’t know why I come in here anymore.” Allison laughed while she searched through the lace thongs.

  “What do you mean?” Lydia asked her.

  “Scott and I almost always get caught when we try to have sex, so I’m not totally sure that it really matters what I wear.”

  Lydia and I nodded. “Stiles can’t even keep it together long enough to see what I’m wearing, so I honestly get it.”

  I kind of just shrugged. “I’m really not sure that Isaac even cares what I wear soooo.”

  Lydia started yo laugh at me. “Hmmm, I thought it was "daddy”. Is that not what you called him in the hall at school today? Allison, wasn’t that what she called him?“

  Allison put a hand on her chin and made a thinking face. "I do recall Y/N calling Isaac "daddy” today.“

  I let out a loud laugh at my two best friends. "Oh, my god! I swear no one was supposed to find out that I call him that!”

  “It isn’t such a secret now, is it, babe?” I whipped around to see my tall, blonde boyfriend standing behind me with his arms crossed.

  My cheeks and ears started to feel hot. “I–uh—What are you boys doing here?” I stuttered out and acknowledged the other boys too.

  “Scott was hungry and wanted chinese food. And I was hungry too; But not really for food.”

  Scott waved. “And this was the closest place to the school to get chinese.”

  Lydia turned her head. “Um, isn’t there a Panda Express near the school though?”

  “Well, yes, but Isaac said he was hungry, but like, not for food, so I made a joke and next thing that I know we were heading to the mall so that Isaac could…you know…” Stiles winked at me.

  I rolled my eyes and walked off. “Y'all are acting like a bunch of eighth graders.”

  I walked to the food court with Isaac walking by my side, trying to hide the fact that he was laughing at me. I slumped down in my chair and rubbed my head.

  “Ughhhhh.” I groaned.

  “Awe, baby, don’t be so embarassed. It isn’t that bad.”

  I gave my boyfriend a sidways look. “Okay, alright, maybe I overstepped a line. I love you, though. Like, with all my heart.” Isaac pursed his lips and I playfully rolled my eyes, and leaned in anyway.

  The kiss started out as soft and sweet, but it quickly changed to something very dirty. Isaac smirked into it and trailed his hand up to my covered sex.

  I gasped a little and ground onto his hand harder. Isaac’s touch got rougher and the kiss got even more heated.

  “Say my name, Y/N. Go ahead.” Isaac kissed me harder.

  It completely slipped my mind that we were in public. But I pulled my lips from his and moaned out his name. “Fuck, Isaac….”

  Isaac made a ‘tsk tsk’ noise at me and dew away from my lips completely. “Now, Y/N, that isn’t the name i was talking about. You can say it in public.”

  Isaac ran his thumb across my bottom lip and flashed his gold eyes at me. He touched me harder and I moaned a little louder than I should have, considering that we were in public. “Daddy…oh, fuck.”

 Isaac smirked at my reaction; Lydia, Allison, Scott, and Stiles all sat down around us. “Okay, so where are we gonna eat? I reallllly want a cheeseburger. Boys what do you–Isaac, can you stop devouring my best friend so that we can figure out what she’s getting?” Lydia asked.

  “Getting some dick.” Stiles snorted.

  Even Scott shook his head at his best friend. I gasped smally as I felt the knot in my lower abdomen tighten near release.

  “I’m gonna get a cheeseburger or something. It just sounds good.” I informed.

  Scott stood up. “Welp, I still want chinese sooooo.” He walked off to get his food.

  The rest followed, but I held Isaac down for just a second longer. I bit hy lip and panted a little bit, until I felt a wave of pleasure pulse through my body. Isaac caught on to what just happened and smirked at me.

  “Do you feel better, babygirl? did you like how daddy was touching you?”

  I took a few deep breaths before I stood out of my chair and extended a hand to Isaac. “Yes, and, yes.” I smiled.

  Isaac took my hand and walked with me to stand in the line with Lydia. Scott, Stiles, and Allison stood a few meters away from us, getting their food.

  “Whatcha getting, babe?” Lydia asked me.

  I looked at the menu above my head and thought. “Ummmm, I’m not really sure yet. I, what are you getting?”

  “Hmm, that’s a very hard decision, Y/N.”  I grinned as Isaac pushed into me. I could smell his arousal, and I know for a fact he can smell mine. It took everything that I had not to throw him on a table and ride him like a fucking horse.

  “Y/NNNNNNN…I realllllly need to cum. But, like, preferably inside of you. Please, babygirl? Daddy needs it.”

  That was all it took for me. I touched Lydia’s shoulder. “I’m going to show the hubby something because he doesn’t listen. I’ll be right back.” I lied.

  Lydia seemed to believe me. “Go prove  him wrong, girl!”

  I pushed Isaac toward the nearest unisex bathroom and dragged him inside. I removed his grey v-neck from his body, and then got started on his belt. I threw it somewhere behind me and heard  it clang against the linolium floor. The next thing I got rid of were his pants.

  I dropped down to my knees and took his rock-hard cock into my mouth. With as much pent-up arousal I had, I wasn’t really in the mood to tease. I was in the mood to get laid.

  I savored the salty-sweet taste of Isaac’s pre cum on my tounge and the sensation of his hand reaching to the back of my loose hair, and pulling it into a makeshift “ponytail” with his one hand.

  I lifted my eyes to look at Isaac. He had a smirk on his face while he tossled his blonde hair.

  “Oh, fuck, Y/N. You look so damn beautiful with those pretty lips wrapped around my cock like that. Oh, yeah! Fuck!”

  I hummed as I felt his tip touch the back of my throat. I pumped him in and out of my mouth. “Why are you so good a sucking me off, princess? Fuck, it’s a blessing”

  I took him out of my mouth and pumped his shaft still. “I just want to please you.”

  Isaac pulled me up from my knees by my hair. He took my shirt and my shorts off.

  He licked his lips and said, “I never get tired of looking at your body. You are so damn beautiful. But now,” Isaac bent me over the sink, and I hissed at the contact of the cold metal on my breasts. “I’m going to fuck that pretty pussy, and you are going to scream loud enough that everyone in this mall knows who is making you cum, and who is the only person who can make you cum.”

  “Yes, daddy.”

  Isaac rubbed his wet cock head over my dripping wet entrance. Seconds later I felt his dick enter me and stretch me out.

  “Fuck!” I squealed as Isaac hit my g-spot the first time.

  By the pace of his thrusts already, I would say that he was not in the mood to go slower than he needed to. And I certainly am not complaining.

  Isaac slid his cock in and out of my pussy, stretching me out beautifully and hitting my g-spot with each thrust.

  “C'mon, Y/N. It’s okay to scream. Matter of fact, I want you to.” Isaac thrust harder into me.

  I could barely open my eyes from how much pleasure I was getting from my boyfriends thrusts, but I somehow managed to get a scream to run through my lungs and out my throat. “Oh, yes! Ah, daddy, harder! Harder, please!” I pushed my hips into Isaac’s thrusts.

  Isaac placed on hand on the mirror and gripped my hip with the other. I let go of every noise that came out of me. I didn’t have the power to hide a single one.

  “God, Y/N, You take my cock so well, oh, yeah….Who is daddy’s little slut? Huh?” Isaac began to thrust deeper into me, my release threatening to explode.

  “I’m your little slut, daddy. Please–fuck–please, let me cum.”

  I felt Isaac’s cock pulse inside of me, so I knew he was close too. “Since you asked oh so nicely, baby, yes, you can cum. I want you to cum all over my cock. I want to feel you clench around me baby.”

  That was all it took for me to let go. I came and screamed “daddy” at the top of my lungs. It actually made my throat a little sore. I felt Isaac cum too, his seed dripping down my leg.

  Isaac gave my ass a squeeze as we got dressed. “Now, let’s go get all kinds of dirty looks from people outside waiting for the bathroom.”

  We shared a laugh and walked out of the bathroom with post-sex hair, and couldn’t contain any of our laughter.

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Heeey! Can you do a reaction about jealous BTS?

Sure thing! I’m gonna make it a “reaction to BTS’s girlfriends getting hit on” I’m so excited about these requests I’m getting from y’all  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I hope you like it!!

BTS: Reaction to their girlfriends getting hit on~Jealousy

♥ Jin: He thought today was the perfect day. No practice, no performing, just a beautiful day with his girlfriend whom he loved so much. You were all dressed up for him. He adored how beautiful you were, and he thought that he’d want to show you off to the world! That is, until people started looking. He heard the talking and he wasn’t gonna stand for that.

“(Y/n), let’s just go home. We’ll order to go.” Jin was clenching his fists and frowning. You looked in his eyes and giggled. 

“Jinnie, I didn’t get ready for nothing. Plus, I haven’t been on an actual date with you in forever.” You gave him a pout he couldn’t resist. He took in a deep breath and sighed heavily.

“Whatever you say, beautiful girlfriend of mine.” He said loudly, causing the whole crowd to look at you.

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♥ Yoongi: You needed to go shopping today, and your boyfriend who preferred sleep over shopping, decided to go with you. Why? Because he knew just how beautiful you were. He knew damn well other guys looked at you and tried to talk to you. He wouldn’t stand for it. 

 “Yoongi, I need underwear.” You stopped in front of Victoria’s Secret. 

“No way, I’m not going in there.” He said while crossing his arms. He loved to see what you buy and what you wear for him, but he felt embarrassed about going in such a place.

“Fine, wait here.” You were a little gloomy about him not coming in with you. You walked in, and Yoongi heard boys talking next to him.

“Wow what a hottie. Let’s go get her.” 

Yoongi quickly walked in after you. No wAy was he letting some other boy come close to you. He hugged you from behind, watching as your hands shifted through lingerie.

“Yoongi?” You tilted your head back to look at him. “You ok?”

“You’re never leaving the house again, that’s final.”

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♥ Namjoon: You recently posted a picture of yourself on Instagram. It was a picture that made you feel confident. Not revealing, but Namjoon saw the end of the world when he thought of the comments that you would receive for being so cute. And shit was he right. He stalked that picture of yours (screen shotting it and setting it as his lock screen, of course). Suddenly, a comment popped up, saying “DM me.” He got heated and yelled at you in the kitchen from the living room.

“(Y/N)!!” He set his phone down and huffed heavily. You ran in, thinking something was wrong. Spatula in hand, and cute frilly apron on. His eyes grew soft when he saw you, and his voice got gentle. “Don’t listen to him. Don’t listen to boys. Look at me and only me. Delete your Instagram!” He pouted the cutest pout in the world. You loved his jealousy, it made you feel secure.

“Who are you talking about Namjoon?” You wondered what got him all started up.

“That boy… He commented on your picture…” He mumbled.

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♥ Hoseok: His girlfriend was a model. (Y/n) was stunning, and she was the most beautiful girl in his eyes. He never thought he’d have an issue with jealousy, until he saw other male models and singers go after her. He kept quiet about it for a while, because he trusted you. And he did the right thing to trust you. You turned down any man that tried to talk to you because you were loyal to Hobi, and he was grateful for that.

But when you got the lead part of a drama, and you were told you had a kiss scene, he lost his shit. He stood in front of the guy you’d be kissing, giving all the attitude he contained.

“That’s my princess. If your filthy lips touch hers I’ll make sure you’re never able to kiss anyone again.” He said with no hesitation. 

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♥ Jimin: He angrily watched as his best friends hands touched all over his girls body. Why was this happening? It was all for show. For the MV they were working on. The producers thought it would be fun if (Y/n) ended up with someone that wasn’t her actual boyfriend, and oh boy did Jimin hate it. He’s never wanted to strangle Taehyung so badly. He knew it wasn’t his fault but he couldn’t help the way he felt. 

When the scene was over, you walked over to Jimin with a smile. “Are you ok? You look really mad…” You couldn’t stop smiling because you knew he was jealous, and it was super cute to you.

“Ok? Ok?!” He spoke in his accent, a turn on for you. “I don’t like this. (Y/n), you’re not gonna be in the MV anymore. We’ll get another girl to play the part.” He watched for your reaction with intense, dangerous eyes that wouldn’t allow you to reject.

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♥ Taehyung: He knew it was just work. Taehyung has been dealing with this crap for over 2 years now and he reached his peek. He came to meetings with you even if he was busy, because he knew there was a man with hungry eyes, watching your every move. 

Taehyung was very calm when it came to his jealousy. He was very afraid to lose you though. As he sat with you in your meeting, he eyed the man shamelessly, embarrassing you a little. You asked him to stop but he’d just brush you off. When the meeting was over, you grabbed Tae’s cheeks and kissed him gently. 

“Do you think I’d go for a jerk like that. Look at me, I love YOU TaeTae.” You smiled gently. He licked his lips nervously and looked down, biting his lip gently after. 

“I hope so…”

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♥ Jungkook: Jungkook knew his jealousy was getting the best of him, but he couldn’t help but take it out on you. Your ex from many years back decided to text you to ask you out on a coffee date to catch up. “How does he have your number?”

“Jungkookie, I haven’t changed my number since I was 14, of course he still has it.” You whined softly. You were on the brink of tears. “He texted me Kookie, don’t be mad at me. I didn’t even text him back…”

Jungkook heavily sighed and clenched his fists. He held his hand out. “Phone.” He demanded, and you gave it to him. He started furiously typing away, telling that boy off. He handed it back to you and tried to stay calm. “If he replies, block him.”

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To all women, never be ashamed of -

● Periods
● your body
● sexual orientation
● breastfeeding
● your curves
● being skinny
● being chubby
● flaunting your body
● going to parties
● doing what you want
● wearing makeup
● not wearing makeup
● dressing as you feel comfortable
● having short hair
● being educated
● being smarter than all boys
● dying your hair
● having a attitude
● not wanting to be married or have kids
● having no interest in cooking and cleaning and looking pretty and do nothing else
● spending weekends by going to movies by yourself
● wanting to live in your own way
● going for shopping
● not going for shopping
● not having/wanting a boyfriend
● looking like hell
● putting career first
● being girly
● not being girly
● not wanting to have sex
● not wanting to give a blowjob
● returning late from work
● working in another country
● being badass, punkish,goth, emo
● wearing ratty leather shorts
● making tattoos
● making your own decisions
● decorating your body as you like it
● wanting to sleep 5 minutes more
● going to the college you want
● going for higher studies with your fav subject
● being ultra modern
● listening to rock metal
● drinking only if you want to
● B E I N G A W E S O M E

Shorts (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

Summary: So you brought these amazing shorts at Y/F/S (your favourite/favorite shop) and they look amazing on you, Isaac thinks so too. But when you wear them to school, Isaac can’t keep his hands off of you.

Pairing: Isaac X Reader 

Warning: Slight Smut

Fandom: Teen Wolf 

Season: Season 3 PA

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“So what do you think?” You asked Isaac your boyfriend. You both decided to go shopping for clothes, he wanted to but more scarves to go with his winter coats (which he looks hot in btw). And you did manage to buy scarves…a lot I should say.  

Isaac hums as he looks at the shorts. They were the colour/color of jungle faded green with the fabric of cotton, which they’re really comfortable by the way.  

“They look perfect on you, they match the grey scarf and the denim blue jacket that you’re wearing too. And the white shirt on it makes it look incredible.” He said as you laugh at him. He frowns as he looks at you. “What? Is it bad that I know some fashion taste Y/N?” He said as you smile widely and walk over towards him.  

“No, it’s a good thing.” You said as you brushed your lips against his own as he places his arms around your waist. You pull away and smile at him. “I’ll get them then. And then after that, want some Mexican?” You asked as he didn’t even need to think. 

“You don’t ask me a stupid question like that, scarves and Mexican food are my life.“  


So you brought the shorts, and your wearing them at school too. All the boys wouldn’t stop look at you, because of them shorts. And let’s just say that… Isaac is totally jealous. Especially when he catches some boy staring, he immediately gives them a death stare or threatens them. Let’s just say that some of the boys are now terrified of Isaac. 

Isaac wasn’t having some horny teenage boys touch his girlfriend, you are his, his girlfriend. And he’s gonna make sure that everyone knows that you’re his. 


You went to your locker to grab your books out for today. You pull out your maths textbook and exercise book, your history book and English book. Oh the joy of school is carrying so much stuff but then putting it in your locker (lucky we don’t have lockers at my school). 

You close your locker but then all of a sudden you feel a body pressed against your own. His strong arms placed gently against your hips, his strong built body pressed against your own, his soft yet wet lips pressed against your neck. You knew who this is, well because you can tell that he’s slouching down just to kiss your neck. It was your tall giant of a boyfriend Isaac Lahey.

“Isaac!” You moan as he bites down harder on your soft delicate skin. “Isaac stop!” You push him away giggling at him, your small hand on his built chest. “We’re at school.” You said, stating the obvious.

“Well, who’s fault is it to wear those shorts?” He says in a husky voice making you bite down on your lip, blushing like a maniac. He grabs your hand and starts walking, you drop your books since he’s basically dragging you like a rag doll. 


You and Isaac walk into the boys locker room where you both can have privacy. Isaac pushes you against the wall, sucking your neck making you moan as he finds your sweet spot. You place your knee on his thigh as his hand goes up your shirt. 

You gasp feeling his slender hands creep up there. You can basically feel him smirking against you. He stops kissing your neck and removes the shirt off of you. He stays still staring at you. You started to feel uncomfortable and awkward. You blushed as you try to cover yourself up, but Isaac stops you by grabbing your hands. 

“What are you doing?” You ask in a whisper making him chuckle at you. He pulls your hands down and he stares down at you (well he’s a giant duh!) 

“I’m admiring you, you’re beautiful.” He says sweetly as you blush, you smile sheepishly as you look away from him. He lifts your chin to make you face him, his beautiful crystal blue eyes look straight down at your own beautiful E/C. “I love you.” He says out of the blue as he kisses your neck. 

“I love you too.“ 


“Guys I think that Y/N is missing!” Exclaims Stiles as he looks over at his friends, Scott frowns at him as Stiles rolls his eyes and shows him your books that you dropped earlier. “I think she was kidnapped?” He said as Lydia frowns at him. 

“But Y/N can take care of herself, she’s a hunter remember?!” She said as Allison nods looking over at her. 

“Yeah but what if it was the Derach? What if that thing got her?” Stiles said as he starts to freak out, possibly having an heart attack. 

“Wait.” Scott says as everyone stays silent. He then looks up at everyone. “She’s still here.” He said as Stiles sighs in relief. 

“Well thank god!“ 

“She’s in trouble! Same with Isaac!” Scott said as he starts running, Stiles stares having a look saying ‘are you serious?’ And then starts chasing after him, not long with Lydia and Allison behind him. 

"I don’t really care about Isaac.” 



“Isaac!” You moaned as he shoves into you on the wall. Your hands on his back, making marks on him that will soon heal. But for you, this won’t heal until about a month or so? His lips are attached onto your neck, making love marks on there so everyone knows that you’re his and no one can have you. 

He pulls out of you breathing heavily as he places his head on your shoulder to rest, your head leans back against the wall. You take time to adjust what just happen, you try to catch and settle your breathing but after what you just witnessed, it might take some time. 

“I love you.” Isaac says kissing your lips softly but passionately, it was like the last time you’ll ever kiss him. 

“I love you too.” You say between breaths making him chuckle. He gets up and throws you your clothes as you catch them and started to get dressed. 

You managed to put on your panties, bra and shirt while Isaac puts his boxers on. Then all of a sudden you heard a door slamming and running. 

“Y/N! ARE YOU HERE?! ARE YOU OKAY?! WHERE ARE YOU?!” You hear a frantic Stiles yell, you then look up to see Stiles, Scott, Lydia and Allison looking at you and Isaac not even fully dressed yet. 

Stiles stopped dead in his tracks as he sees you without any pants and Isaac just wearing his boxers. 

“Oh god, Isaac put some clothes on.” Stiles says shielding his eyes away from the both of you. 

“Oh Stiles you’re just jealous that I have more muscles than you.” Isaac remarks as he puts pants on. You stand there like an idiot blushing like a maniac. 

“Clearly you guys aren’t in trouble. Just two hormonal teenagers.” Lydia says but mumbles the last part as she walks out, same with Allison and Scott. 

“We do not speak of this out side of this room got it!” Stiles says as Isaac folds his arms and leans against a wall. 

“Sure.” He says as Stiles walks out running to catch up with Scott. 

You and Isaac look at each other as you walk over towards the mirror and looked at the marks on your neck, your eyes widen. 

You soon feel Isaac against you hugging you from behind. But you had other ideas. You turn and slap Isaac on his bare chest making him hiss. He looks at you confuse like a puppy. 

“What was that for?” He asked you as you raise a brow look at him.

“How am I gonna cover these up Isaac?” You say as you try to cover them up with your hair. But Isaac had other ideas. He moves your hands away and moves your hair away as well. 

“Don’t, I want to let everyone know that you’re mine.” He says smiling as you blush. Isaac then walks over to grab his shirt and your shorts as he throws them at you which you managed to catch. “Oh, and don’t wear them shorts in school. Or I’ll find something to punish you.” He says smirking at you. 

You stand there blushing and biting down on your lip as you put your shorts back on. 

I guess that you can’t ever wear those shorts again?


Personal Pianist

Hi everyone! I’m back! I bring you a short oneshot from a prompt I received a long time ago from @megaphanielthespaniel, so, I hope you like it! As always, every feedback is welcome!


summary: Phil is bored without Dan on a summer Thursday evening and decides to start his usual liveshow earlier than expected. What he doesn’t know is that maybe he should have checked all the rooms in the house before giving away his boyfriend’s piano skills.

words: 1.6k

no trigger warnings

Phil sighed as soon as he entered the flat again. Going grocery shopping alone wasn’t fun. His boyfriend Dan was out with his friends at the cinema, so he had taken the time to make some of the chores still left in their weekly plan. Phil checked the time and saw that it was still early for Dan to be back. ‘What a boring evening it’s going to be’ Phil though, not even bothering to voice his thoughts.

He walked into the living room after leaving all the shopping bags in the kitchen hoping to find some kind of entertainment without Dan around when he suddenly saw his laptop on the sofa. 'Wait, today is Thursday, I might start a liveshow now and extend it before Dan comes back.’ the blue eyed thought cleverly. Some of his followers might be delighted to have some kind of distraction on this Summer day.

Phil decidedly picked up his laptop and positioned himself on his usual spot on the sofa, checking that the laptop had enough battery to at least last an hour. While YouNow was being loaded he picked up his phone and tweeted that he was going to be live in a few minutes, instantly recieving thousands of replies.

“Surprise!” Phil cheerfuly said once he saw that the liveshow was perfectly running. “I know you weren’t expecting the liveshow so early but, here I am! Glad to entertain you on this hot and humid Thursday.”

The chat rapidlly filled with multiple questions, which Phil tried to answer as good as he could, hoping his viewers were satisfied with the given answers.

After half an hour, he heard soft piano music coming from the bedroom upstairs? Wait. Something didn’t add up. Dan played the piano but he wasn’t home right now, right? Was a ghost playing the piano then? What in hell was happening?

Apparently he wasn’t the only one who noticed the piano music slowly filling the silence in the room, because the chat had gone crazier than ever with questions. 'Why did you put piano music on the background?’, 'Does your new neighbour play the piano?’, 'Do you happen to have a personal pianist playing for you?’

That last one made Phil laugh. “Yeah, I have a personal pianist. Dan, my long time boyfriend for those who you don’t know, plays the piano but it doesn’t explain why we have piano music in the background because Dan was out with his friends so I don’t understand.” He chuckled, but at the same time a bit scared someone had entered their flat and was luring him with soft piano notes.

The liveshow chat was filled again with many questions and requests. 'Go and check!’, 'I bet it’s Dan.’, 'I wish I had someone who played the piano for me.“ and similar sentences was all Phil could read.

’'Maybe I should go and check.” Phil decided. He needed to make sure his mind was not playing tricks on him. “I will bring my phone, ready to dial the police in case it’s a burglar trying to attract me just to finish with me.”

And with that Phil stood up from the couch, slowly making his way upstairs to their bedroom, the music getting louder with every step he took. Once he reached the door, Phil took a deep breath and rapidly opened up the door, only to spot a familiar back, claded in a black t-shirt playing the white piano that they had decided to locate in the bedroom.

Phil just smiled at his boyfriend, who hadn’t noticed that he had entered yet, and decided to enjoy the last notes of the song that was coming to an end.

“I thought you were with your friends.” Phil softly spoke from the doorway once he knew the song had finished, making Dan startle from his trance and look towards the voice that spoke to him.

“Phil! You scared me!” the brown eyed said, still surprised but smiling softly at him. “I was, but Matt didn’t check the time of the movie correctly so we missed it and there wasn’t another screening for today, so we had some drinks and came back home and watched some anime before getting bored and starting to play the piano.” Dan chuckled, but rapidly changed the subject. “Did you do the grocery shopping? I didn’t even hear the front door open.”

Phil took some steps towards the piano bench, approaching Dan and sitting down next to him, “Yeah, and I came home like 30 minutes ago. I decided to start my Thursday liveshow earlier today, so I have been chatting with my viewers for a while now.”

Dan frowned at this. He hadn’t heard Phil speaking downstairs, but he was sure that that was partly his fault. He had worn headphones while watching anime, so he kind of zoned out of other noises happening around him. Also, Phil did his liveshows downstairs, and Dan was sure that it was necessary to shout to call for each other when they were in the different floors.

That was when he realized his mistake. Dan took a sharp breath and tried to calm himself.

His piano was loud. Like, really loud. Even though his neighbours hadn’t complained, Dan was sure the music could be heard from all rooms in the house. Did that mean that Phil’s followers had heard him play? Oh no.

Dan buried his face on his hands at the embarrassment. His piano skills hadn’t improved much and he was sure his boyfriend’s followers were making fun of him right now. “They heard me play, didn’t they?” he quietly murmured, hoping Phil could understand.

Phil noticed Dan’s behaviour and rapidly brought him into a side hug, kissing the top of his head. “Yeah, they did.” he answered, rubbing his shoulder, hoping to calm his boyfriend a bit, “but don’t worry. I told them you often play the piano, but I thought a murderer was playing because you were out with your friends so it didn’t  make any sense.”

They both laughed at that. Phil and his crazy thoughts. Dan swatted Phil on the chest and lifted his head to look at Phil’s face, who was smiling at him. “You know they will love you, right? You have nothing to be afraid of.” Phil said, lifting his hand to caress Dan’s cheek.

Dan’s hesitation could be seen on his face. He wasn’t sure Phil’s followers would love him. He was afraid they would hate him and force him to leave Phil. He was scared of it even though Phil often reassured him that nothing would happen, that it would all be the same.

“Hey, Dan,” Phil softly called for him, startling him from all this thoughts, “don’t worry about it. I know you are scared, and it’s a big decision if you decide to finally appear with me on a video or a picture online; but as I always tell you, it’s your decision, and whatever you choose I’m going to stay by your side.”

Dan sighed. Phil was so sweet with this. He knew Dan wasn’t comfortable with being in the spotlight, and he really wanted to, but the hate he could receive was what scared him. Dan knew, someday, he would be ready to tell the world but, not right now. And he needed Phil to know that.

“Phil, I really want to, and you know it. I have been doing some research about how to handle hate and stuff and I’m trying but I’m still not ready…” Dan quietly said, looking down at their laps, as if he was ashamed of it.

Phil frowned a bit. Dan had been looking into how to approach and handle this kind of situations, and he had never done that before. And if he had, he hadn’t told Phil, so it was a step forward. Oh Dan.

The blue eyed moved the hand that was on Dan’s cheek and moved it to his chin, lifting his head so they could look into each others eyes. “I think it’s really nice that you have been looking into this, that means you are considering it and it makes me happy Dan. The fact that one day I could show the world who is the man I love makes me really happy.” Phil said with a smile, moving forward to press a kiss against Dan’s lips before Dan could speak again, making both of them sigh and melt against each other, enjoying the soft caressing of their lips.

Dan was the first to separate from the kiss, his cheeks blushing and lips a bit red. He put both hands on Phil’s shoulders, as he tried to speak in a serious voice, “You, Philip, need to stop kissing me and finish the liveshow, or your viewers will really think that it was a murderer upstairs.”

Phil pouted, but instantly chuckled, “Okay, what a bossy boyfriend I have…” he said before pecking Dan on the cheek again and standing up from the bench and slowly making his way out of the bedroom; but before he reached the door he turned and looked back at his boyfriend.

“Can you continue playing the piano while I finish chatting with them? It was nice background music.” Phil pulled his 'puppy-face’’, hoping that it could convince Dan. And apparently it worked, because the brown eyed just sighed while trying to look annoyed but failing, only to show a fond expression on his face before turning around and touching the piano keys, music instanly filling their flat.

Phil’s viewers were glad that it wasn’t a murderer upstairs, and it had been just his boyfriend Dan, who was a very talented piano player if you asked them.

Chill » Conor Maynard

Requests: Can you do an imagine where you’re dating Conor and get on well with the boys. You’re all round Conor’s, the boys are watching footie and you’re feet are up on the couch and up over jacks lap as you’re leaned up against Conor with his arm wrapped around you. And you’re all screaming at the game and eating pop corn. Fluff. Fluffy sheet.

Can you write something about Conor fracturing his ankle and y/n looking after him?

You had been seeing Conor for around six months now, and his friends and family had only found out two months ago, as the both of you had decided to keep your relationship a secret for a while. Gradually, you were introduced to his brother, his friends, his parents and his sister but you had yet to be introduced to his fans. You were so glad that you got on well with the people Conor had chosen to surround himself with, albeit not getting along with his brother at first because it meant that you could hang out whenever you wanted.

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BTS Shopping With You

Request: Could you do a reaction to you asking you’re boyfriend (the boys) to go clothes shopping with them?

Namjoon: If it’s a thrift store count him in (im just joking lol). Gladly goes with you and helps you shop.

Taehyung: Takes more time in the store than you though lmaoo you have to drag him out because he’s taken like 10 hours trying to decide what shirt to get.

Hoseok: Follows you around picking most random piece of clothing in hopes of getting you to hurry up.

Jin: “You’re taking a decade just grab both.” 

“Jin do you see the price tag??” 

“….wHY are we even in here let’s go.”

Jungkook: Stays on his phone most of the time and suggests the plainest clothes on earth for you to buy and you’re like ??? fam no.

Yoongi: “I’ll just wait outside until you finish” kind of guy

Jimin: Just follows you around and carries your clothes. Hypes you up when you ask if something looks good on you.

Still Small [Otayuri]

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Otayuri) -  25. “I-I never said that!” - Another very bad fic X”DDD oopsie.

Summary: Otabek is worried: Yuri is growing and it’s going fast. He should use these happy times of smol little Yuri in the best ways possible and be a teasing and playful evil boyfriend about it. 

Word Count: 1592

Otabek didn’t really enjoy crowded places. Neither did his boyfriend Yuri. Still, what they did like was going shopping together, despite it being a shopping-popular Saturday, people everywhere, they loved to go on a date like this.

Stroll through shopping street after shopping street in St. Petersburg, buy each other little presents, chill at a terrace and in Otabek’s case; admire Yuri’s adorable sense of style and fashion. 

On one hand Yuri loved badass clothing that would almost give him that cutie gangster look, despite his tiny size. On the other hand, he loved cute things like stuffed animals and plush toys. Otabek could never get bored watching Yuri get excited over these various things in stores.

Oh, speaking of Yuri’s size by the way. He was growing. The Otabek-was-starting-to-get-nervous kind of growing spurts were now present, and the Kazakh was wondering if Yuri would surpass his height one day. 

He was still tiny, but less tiny than before. Otabek wasn’t sure if he wanted Yuri to grow taller than him. He loved to look down on his little angel, have the cutie stand on his tiptoes for kisses and tease him with playful pats on his head. 

Which was why Otabek suddenly found himself watching gleefully as Yuri gazed at a tiger plush toy that was on a top shelf he could not reach.

“Yo Yuri, want me to get you that one?” Otabek asked, pointing at the little tiger, and Yuri blushed and crossed his arms, immediately getting adorably flustered.

“I-I never said that!” the blond barked angrily, but his expression told Otabek otherwise.

“But you were thinking it,” Otabek said, and he reached out to grab it easily. He then stopped with the tiny animal in his hand and held it above Yuri’s head for him to look at.

“Are you sure you don’t want it? It looks like it’ll fit your collection,” he said, and Yuri first shrugged and then shuffled awkwardly with his feet.

“I’m over that, you know, adding to that collection. It’s childish,” he muttered, and Otabek smirked. Yuri? Thinking of his own beloved stuffed animal collection as childish? He was so lying.

“I think it’d make a cute Sebastian,” Otabek said, studying the little tiger carefully, knowing very well that Yuri was weak to naming his own plushie friends.

“But it’s okay, if you don’t want it then let’s leave it,” he put it back on the shelf and that’s when Yuri reached out his hand and stood on his tiptoes.

“N-no wait!” he could almost reach it, almost.

“What?” Otabek played dumb, smirking down at his boyfriend who had now obviously changed his mind.

“I want it,” Yuri admitted, making grabby hands as he extended his arms. Ha, he had already bonded to it and inner Otabek roared victoriously. Once that happens, his persistent boyfriend wouldn’t go home without it.

“Oh really?” Otabek asked with a playful smirk. Yuri blushed and hopped a little on his tiptoes.

“Well, give Sebastian to me,” Yuri said. 

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5 Bullet Journal Page Ideas

1. Goals. Every month, make a page with the goals you want to accomplish that month. Whether it be read more or eat junk food less, it’s a great way to make a tangible list of things you want to accomplish. I find writing things down is a great way for me to actually get things done, rather than just thinking “Oh, yeah, I need to do that at some point.”

2. Budgets. You can do many different things with this idea. You could have a page that is just an overview of your spending for the month. You can do this to try and cut down costs, by giving yourself specific goals on how much money to spend, etc. Or you can even use this to keep track of all your University costs in one place. The possibilities are endless, which makes it a great idea for multiple pages in your bullet journal.

3. Gift Ideas. Keep a running list of things to get yourself, mom, dad, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Nothing’s worse than when it’s time to go Christmas shopping, and you have no ideas. With this, you can write things down throughout the year and have a long list before the holiday and/or birthday seasons!

4. Accomplishments. This is a list of things you’ve accomplished throughout the year, so when you move onto your new bullet journal, you can look back on all the great things you did. This is something that will be awesome to look back on in a few years, remembering what you did each year that you considered to be an achievement worthy of making the list!

5. Textbooks/Materials/Books. This is especially helpful for college students who are renting and buying textbooks from a lot of different places. I like to write down where I got the textbook and it’s due date, so I’ll never forget to return a book! You can also use this page to write down things you need to buy for the coming school year that are designated in your syllabus.


Lin-Manuel Miranda:

Meet Cute 

Summary: You and Lin are set up by your mutual friend during a late-night session at a coffee shop. 

Summer Sweetness

Summary: You and your boyfriend go to a summer carnival in the city 

Be Mine, Valentine

Summary: Your long-time boyfriend creates a scavenger hunt for you on Valentine’s Day… and it ends in quite the surprise. 


Summary: Your boyfriend has just moved in with you, so you take the opportunity to spend an afternoon shopping at Target. 

Morning After Confessional

Summary: Your best friend wakes up groggy the morning after a reality TV marathon and makes a confession. 

Kisses, Ice Cream, and Admissions

Summary: You and your husband ditch a prestigious Oscars party to loiter in a grocery store. You end the night with some life-changing news. 


Part One || Part Two|| Part Three || Part Four (+ A Mixtape)

Summary: A request I got from @ruth-hamilton-delrio that was “You can’t be jealous if we aren’t even dating! man up and ask me out if you’re going to act like that.“ and I happily turned it into a slow burn, multiple part series fic. 

The Dangerous Kind (a HTGAWM AU) 

Summary:  In which you and Lin have your first day of law school at Middleton and encounter some strange, but intriguing, people.

I Carry Your Heart 

Summary: A bond created over your favorite poem can never be broken.

Sleep Without You 

Summary: Based off of the song Sleep Without You by Brett Young


Summary: It’s your first time experiencing snow and Lin has some definite plans for you.

White Wine Nights 

Summary: In which, we expose Lin as a wine mom

The Song Is You 

Summary: A summer road trip with your best friend lends its way to some revelations.


Summary: After getting a bad review on your debut novel, Lin is there to console you.

Jasmine Cephas Jones: 


Summary: Your best friend, Jasmine, takes you out for a shopping expenditure. Platonic.

Shopping - James van Riemsdyk

Originally posted by nugent-hopkinks

Notes: I didn’t get a prompt for this one, and I don’t actually know if James dresses nice or if he dresses like Mitch Marner but for this occasion, he dresses horrible. I hope you enjoy!

Mentions: Tyler Bozak

Warnings: None!

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Ben Hutton

Teaser: “What do you mean I don’t dress nice? I bought half my suits with Marns!” “James, that’s why you don’t dress nice.”

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Alone. (Tom Holland.)

Requested – No. Sometimes, I like to take a break from the requests and write my own thing. So I hope you guys enjoy this!

Prompt – You are dating Harrison, but you can’t help falling in love with Tom Holland.

Warning – May contain sad scenes. I don’t know how to write angst, but I’m pretty sure part of it is. Guys, I legit cried writing this because I don’t want this to ever happen to my two boys.

Words – 2,957.


Part 2. 

Falling in love with someone is a wonderful experience because it can make you feel like you are on top of the world. Love is one of the most powerful things that we have in the world and the more we have it, the better everything is. But, love can be tragic at times. Sometimes you fall in love with someone you know that you aren’t supposed to, but for some reason you do it anyways. Love is powerful, but so is karma.

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