boyfriends at the bar

“what track would you go into if you were in starfleet?”

dude I just want to be some dumbass civilian on deep space nine. dressing like a black light carpet in a 90’s arcade but like in a slutty futuristic way. maybe I’ve got a job cleaning the station or something but ultimately not doing shit all day. getting drunk at quark’s bar. getting fucked by my alien boyfriend. free healthcare. I don’t give a FUCK.

i want to be mystery. girl mistaken for werewolf, sharp teeth and hair all over my body, who hunts in the night and runs a little unusually. girl mistaken for dryad, always among trees, somehow better about plants, eyeshadow green. girl mistaken for witch, laughing loudly, in all black or all blue or in rainbow too, who can curse bar games and bad boyfriends, who can hex with a hand gesture. girl who convinces you of magic, who flickers just a little on the edge of reality, who has a little too much spark in her eyes, who exists unapologetically, who has small talents that are just a little too unnerving.


Summary: The man in the bar can’t seem to keep his eyes off you. || sebastian stan x reader || oneshot

Warnings: smut, oral (f/m receiving), face fucking, (very brief) naughty stuff in a (kinda) public place (its an elevator), wall sex

Note: Chris would be the best wingman lol; i’ll add this to the masterlist later


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like seriously, is there anything straight people haven’t tried to take from gay people? 

our clothes, our media representation, our haircuts, our flagging, pride flags, our specific terminology, our safe spaces, now even the word ‘gay’ itself?? 

leave us alone 


So I’ve discovered this horrorporn game recently, Boyfriend to Death, and I had this scene, where Strade eats an energy bar while telling how much he feels like you and him are bonding, playing in repeat in my head.

So… i felt like drawing it!

(Strade and his whole part of the BTD game belongs to ghe awesome Gatobob btw)

I’m very aware my art has its flaws, so I’d be more than happy to read your constructive critics (as long as they’re respectful!)

Destiel + established relationship + blind!dean

For @prayforjensen. Happy birthday, Lee! I love you!!

Dean’s vision begins fading somewhere around the sixth date. He tells Cas that he should get out now but Cas doesn’t budge. 

He started losing his heart somewhere around the third.

Dean gets glasses. He hates them at first, always laughs and says he looks like a nerd. Cas adores them, loves to take them from Dean to clean the lenses before settling them back on his nose. He likes the way they go crooked on Dean’s face when he falls asleep on the couch, loves the sound they make when Dean sets them on the bedside table right before he turns out the light and kisses Cas goodnight.

The prescriptions steadily get stronger, buying them a little more time. In that time, they whisper their first “I love you”s, Cas moves in, and they travel. Cas takes Dean anywhere and everywhere, from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific. They stop at the Grand Canyon, drive down to Mexico for a day. 

When it seems that Dean’s vision will last the fall, they decide to go to Texas for Austin City Limits. They take a few days before Thanksgiving to drive up the east coast and visit some orchards, see a few lighthouses. They spend a night in Martha’s Vineyard and Dean complains about feeling like some uppity Hartford housewife but he holds Cas close that night as they sit on the beach and watch the stars. 

It’s when they’re in Kansas for the holidays that Dean wakes up, puts on his glasses, and sees so difference. He shakes Cas away, starting to panic.

“Everything is still blurry, C-Cas. Why-why- it shouldn’t” His breathing becomes ragged and there are tears streaking down his face and Cas cups his chin, heart breaking in his chest as he tries to calm Dean down. 

“It’s okay, baby. It’s going to be okay. Just breathe.”

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valentine’s day // dylan o’brien

Summary: Dylan falls in love with a girl who hates Valentine’s Day

Requested: no

Pairing: Dylan & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes, & smut throughout


His long legs extended across her lap as he took a large gulp of the amber liquid. Sighing contently, he placed the glass bottle on the floor and snuggled deeper into his couch. Her hands were lazily drapped over his feet as she focused on the television. The movie that they had been watching was fairly interesting although she was having a bit of a hard time following the plot.

“Wait, is he the sister’s boyfriend?” Y/N asked her best friend who shook his head in return.

“No, that’s the guy they met at the bar who looks like the boyfriend.” Dylan explained.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Y/N continued to watch the film hoping somewhere along the way things would make sense.

This was their routine. Every Friday night for the past 3 years was spent on his lumpy couch drinking beer, eating pizza, and watching movies. As the ending credits started, Y/N let out a soft yawn as she extended her arms.

“What did you think?” Dylan asked, eager to know what she thought of the film. “I thought she was going to pick the boyfriend’s brother’s friend.” Y/N admitted with a giggle, thinking about the cliched love triangle movie she just watched. “The ending was very unexpected.”

Pulling his feet off of her lap, he sat on the edge of the couch.

“What about you?” She called out as he walked to the kitchen with his empty beer bottle.

“I was routing for the boyfriend’s brother’s friend too.” His laugh echoed throughout the kitchen.

Their friendship consisted of watching cheesy romance movies together, texts at 3am when they couldn’t sleep, and the comfort of knowing that they always had someone they could count on. It was completely platonic.

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She got back from the gym and went to kiss her boyfriend (the dark haired guy in the friends bar), except he turned into a clone of her and she ended up making out with (and eventually woohooing in the shower with) herself.

The signs as wild shit I’ve done in 2017 (krystal) NSFW

Aries: Got punched in the throat at one of the poshest bars in London

Taurus: Stalked my boyfriend and his friend all the way down the street, and when they sat down on a bench in a field I popped out a bush and pretended to just bump into them (I was dressed incognito too)

Gemini: Fucked with a wig on, it was the best sex I’ve ever had

Cancer: Legit got dumped the day before Valentine’s Day, turned up at his house and gave him everything I bought him, cried, then fucked

Leo: Almost went on a one night stand on Election night with a University teacher from Tinder but got lost on the way there and decided that because it’s raining its not meant to be

Virgo: Broke down and got stranded on a high up viewpoint (dogging area) because we accidentally drained the car battery at two in the morning and didn’t know what to do 

Libra: Drunkenly spat a drink over my best friend four times in McDonalds over a chicken nugget 

Scorpio: Broke up with my long term boyfriend and then sucked his best friend’s dick on a field at night

Sagittarius: Took speed at a warehouse rave from a girl in the bathroom, put it in my mouth and then said “Btw what is this?”

Capricorn: Had to do DIY and fix a garden chair with a thin piece of wire because UNICEF scared the crap out of my friend and she broke it (and it actually worked)

Aquarius: Did shots and slammed into a hot tub in front of everybody, tried to get back up but just kept falling and ended up crawling inside to escape even more humiliation

Pisces: Went on a boat rave and got into a fight with someone about a giant inflatable dinosaur that I named Terry (and lost, so I took a giant banana home instead)

au prompt: falconers ref adam birkholtz is invited to join falcs captain jack zimmermann’s team for wednesday trivia nights at the bar. little does he know, jack’s boyfriend, bitty, has his own team made up of old college friends, and they’re VERY competitive. holster usually LOVES trivia, but he finds himself distracted by the very handsome, very enthusiastic doctor on Bitty’s team who’s currently kicking everyone’s asses.

Draco as a boyfriend.

I’m so here for Draco acting all tough and distant but in reality being a very cute and caring boyfriend.

“Of course I brought you a jacket you imbecile. I knew you’d get cold, here.” Type of boyfriend.

“I noticed you were almost out of your favorite granola bars so I picked some up.” Type of boyfriend.

“Fine, Harry. I’ll give you a haircut, stop whining.” (He just wants an excuse to touch Harry’s hair). Type of boyfriend.

“I’ll make you a cup of tea every morning and complain while I’m at it but let’s ignore that you’ve never actually asked for it okay.” Type of boyfriend.