If SKAM and Eyewitness end like Shameless in regards to Ian and Mickey, I’m gonna throw hands. I’m serious, I hate when they get couple who go through hell to be together and obviously love each other and then the one who begged the other to be themselves breaks up with the other, (i.e. Ian, Isak and Philip). Couples go through shit but that doesn’t mean they have to break up and right now based off that texts that Isak just sent… We’re headed in a Gallavich direction.

  • Nico: I swear Will only sees me as a friend
  • Annabeth: oo really you sure about that?
  • Nico: yes! What do I do?
  • Annabeth: *smirks* I know
  • Nico: oh no...
  • Annabeth: *slams hands on table* YOU DID WHAT WITH MY BOYFRIEND!!!!
  • Will: *busts through wall* YOU DID WHAT WITH WHO!!!
  • Percy: *jumps out of bushes*
  • Percy: *high fives Annabeth*