“This is so annoying,” Greg whined. He hated the fact that Peter worked out so often. It was like they never spent time together. He’d known that when they started dating; but didn’t realize how often Peter went to the gym.

“Why don’t you come with me?” Peter asked. He leaned over the kitchen counter and gave a pouty face. “Then we can spend more time together.”

“You know I don’t do well in gyms! I’ve never been and I don’t know what to do. It’s just…” Greg trailed off as Peter leaned over to kiss him. 

“C’mon bro, it’ll be ok. I’ll walk you through everything. Besides I might show you something else you didn’t know you liked.”

Greg blushed deeply. His entire face was trying not to smile. Peter had shown him several things about his body that he didn’t know would make him feel so good. “Fine. But I’m not going to like it.”

“We’ll see,” Peter leaned in for another kiss. “Let’s get going.”

To Greg everything in the gym was completely foreign. He’d always known that you pick up the weights and move them but didn’t know any more than that. It took him a while to take everything in. Luckily Peter was there to help him out. He just didn’t realize how annoying he was going to be about it.

“Over here,” Peter called, “we’ll start with free weights.” Greg instantly found himself down at the five pound section. He picked up the two dumbbells. “Don’t you think those are a bit too light?” Peter asked.

Honestly they did feel pretty light. Greg moved himself over to the 10 pound ones. These felt a little better but it still wasn’t right. He saw Peter hide his smile. “Fine. I’ll go even heavier,” Greg said. He moved down to the 20 pounds. With just a couple of curls he knew that they weren’t right for him. For a second Greg was wondering how working out was this easy.

“C’mon big man,” Peter cooed, “Can’t you lift some real weights?”

Greg frowned at his boyfriend. “Bro you ain’t seen nuthin.” Bro? Whatever, he wasn’t going to be shown up. He turned his hat around and moved even further down. For some reason he wanted to complain about how tight his shirt was feeling. It was strange since he clearly wasn’t wearing a shirt with sleeves. His massive arms could barely fit in shirts like that anyways; especially when he had a pump going on.

“Still think you can show me up?” Peter goaded. “Maybe you should move past those baby weights.” Greg frowned even harder. He wasn’t going to let Peter show him up in the gym. His massive body was just as strong as Peter’s. Probably stronger. Greg’s body tightened in anger. He showed off the deep definition he’d been gaining over the years.

Greg moved down to the 60 pounds next to Peter. He looked down at his boyfriend. “I’ll show you,” his voice deep and threatening. He grabbed the two weights and did several curls. “It’s not that hard. See.”

“Oh good,” Peter smiled devilishly, “so you’re as strong as me. But we both know who’s the man in the relationship.” He leaned into his boyfriend and kissed him on the cheek. “Maybe if you were stronger than me you could teach me some of the things I showed you.”

“Hmph!” Greg didn’t know where that sound came from. The big guy hated how Peter always annoyed him. “If I can lift these then we’ll see who’s who tonight.” Peter smiled aimlessly as Greg made his way down to the hundred pound weights. It was something he’d obviously never done before. But he was so pissed off he didn’t care. Peter was being more annoying than usual. He wasn’t going to be shown up again. He took the few steps back and held onto the weights. He breathed deeply and tried lifting it.

Loud groans and grunts escaped from Greg’s mouth. He was going to move those damn weights. It was something he knew he had to do. He’d been training well since high school and now he had something to show for it. The weights slowly moved up as he applied pressure. He was actually going to do it. 100 pounds was easy for him.

“YEAH!” he screamed. Peter’s face had dropped seeing Greg lift those weights. “Who’s the man now.”

“You are,” Peter’s hand drifted to Greg’s backside. He gave Greg a congratulatory slap. Then his hand dipped a little lower than normal. “For as long as you want to be.”

hello yes please imagine small boys wearing their boyfriends too-big sweatshirt and drowning in them

small boys having to stand on their tip toes to kiss their tall boyfriends

tall boys being able to pick up their small boyfriends like a little puppy

tall boys bending over to kiss their small boyfriends

boyfriends with height differences

good boys loving boys things:

-sharing all your clothes

-the warm feeling of hearing him say “my boyfriend” and thinking “oh, that’s me”

-accidentally getting the same haircut

-being unafraid to be gentle and soft with each other 

-feeling secure and handsome because he looks at you like you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen 

-hearing him whisper “im so gay” 

-having people call you “friends” and giving each other The Look™


-understanding each other in the midst of a world that doesn’t understand you. 

  • Wade: So, how is the prettiest person in the world doing?
  • Peter: [still reading his book] I don't know, how are you?
  • Wade:
  • Wade: [voice cracking] I'm fine