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What are some fics you're working on currently? If you don't mind, could you share some snippets??? ^^

I’m actually always working on stuff so I have loads of wips (that I never post because a) it’s incomplete or b) it’s not passable) ;; but I’ll give you three snippets from the fics that I’m more confident that I’ll post hehe <33 hope you like it anon!

(p.s: these probably won’t be posted until my exams are over (they end on the 5th of oct and start on the 29th AND i haven’t studied pls bless me)

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1. jikook stripper au (@classyrobots COME SCREAM WITH ME CHO AKJDHHDSJBN)

“I was thinking we could do something like this,” jimin says, seated between jungkook’s legs and jungkook hums assuringly. “like what?”

jimin doesn’t answer with his words. instead, he turns around to face jungkook with a playful glint in his eye and touches their lips together, gentle at first, before he takes advantage of jungkook’s lack of response to suck his tongue into his mouth. just as jungkook accepts that as his cue to takeover, however, jimin stops, pulling away abruptly and he growls in annoyance, surging forward to connect their lips together again—

jimin stops him with a finger, gently pushed into the plush of jungkook’s lip and two can play at this game. in retaliation, jungkook takes the tip of his finger into his mouth, sucking on the pads of his fingers, watching as jimin momentarily stumbles, eyes hazy, lips parted in a soft ‘oh’ before he snaps out of his daze and makes to get off jungkook.

2. jikook aNGST based off adele’s when we were young ((IDK WHY I THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA OK I FELT THE PA I N IN MY HEA RT))

he doesn’t know when the change in their relationship happened–but he does know how much of a wreck it makes him. the arm of solidarity jimin used to provide him with changed to one that released butterflies in his stomach, the request for kisses jimin would jokingly make tempting him instead of annoying him. it was so wrong, jimin was a brother, his favourite hyung, his best friend–but he also wanted to cuddle jimin sometimes, kiss him too.

“jimin-sunbae!” a high-pitched, airy voice chimes and jungkook grunts. he’s so annoying and loud, not like jimin loud but irritating loud and jungkook can feel the beginnings of a migraine forming.

the laughter in the background continues despite his displeasure and jungkook swears the heavens are testing him. his fists are clenched under the table where jimin can’t see and he worries slightly at his lip but he tries his best because he’s not jealous. the boy’s just loud and taking away jimin’s attention from him–fuck.

“ah, hyung! that tickles–jiminnie!” the boy yelps and jungkook grits his teeth. jiminnie. the voice in his head repeats and jungkook tries to push it out of his head.

jiminnie, jiminnie, jiminnie. that’s what you call him too, right? jungkook swears under his breath. “your eyes are so nice, hyung,” he mumbles and fuck it, jungkook’s done. he slams his fists onto the table, momentarily startling them both, and stomps out of the door, teeth gritted, nails digging into his palms.

he goes to explore the broadcast station, finding everything and anything interesting just so as to not go back to jimin. oh wait, his bad, he means jimin and his new babe.

“jungkook?” jimin calls from across the hall and he curses his luck. ignoring him, he fastens his pace, walking past the doors and doors of different rooms until the corridor comes to an end. a firm hand grasps onto his arm and tugs gently. “jungkook?” jimin asks again in a soft voice and his heart clenches. “what?” he snaps, more bite than anything and jimin flinches, letting go of his hand.

jimin looks unsure, feet shuffling uncotrollably on the floor and an apology lies heavy on his tongue. “did I do something wrong?”

I want you to be mine. I want you to be mine, but you’re not and I can’t do anything about it. “just go, hyung. I’m just…tired, that’s all.” jungkook sighs, making to brush past him but jimin wraps arms around him and buries his cheek into the dip of jungkook’s back. “you know you can tell me anything right, kookie?” he hums and jungkook fights a shiver. jimin’s embrace is warm. jungkook never wants to let go.

but he reaches to untangle jimin’’s arms from his waist anyway and hopes his hands don’t linger. “of course.” he murmurs dismissively before walking away. I wish you knew too.

3. jikook office au (more sin and filth from the trashcan. kill me. I’m basically a full-fledged jikook writer at this point in time)

somewhere between zipping up his slacks and tying his shoelaces, the door to the toilet is flung open, catching them both by surprise. jungkook thinks his worst nightmares are finally coming true.

“fuck, sorry kook I forgot to lock—oh, hey jiminnie!”

unlike taehyung, jungkook is absolutely terrified and does not find comfort in the fact that it’s park jimin who’d walked in on him changing. his brain-to-hand functions are malfunctioning for sure, because even though he knows that his dress shirt is hanging off his shoulders, completely unbuttoned, his entire being refuses to comply with his thoughts and simply leaves him standing there.

jimin’s cheeks are flushed a bright pink and his gaze doesn’t seem to want to leave jungkook’s abs.

taehyung scoffs and god, he’s so insufferable that jungkook questions why he’s even friends with him. “hi, are you lovebirds done or do I have to find you guys a room to fuck or something?”

jimin responds first, with a soft and very breathless ‘oh fuck’ before shutting his eyes and running out of the bathroom and jungkook swears he needs to kill kim taehyung.

“we’re not. fucking. lovebirds. kim taehyung,” he growls, fingers flying over the buttons of his shirt. “I don’t even think he’s into guys.”

taehyung snorts. “seriously, kook? how dense can you actually be, oh my god. that boy,” as if it wasn’t obvious enough, taehyung gestures with large, animated jabs to the door, “just spent like two minutes undressing you with his eyes. and if I weren’t here, knowing the two of you would’ve probably—”

“I get it so you better fucking hold that thought.”

jungkook almost turns in the other direction when he spots jimin standing in front of his cubicle later. almost.

“hey,” jimin greets awkwardly and jungkook hums in reply, suddenly finding great interest in his shoes. “um, here,” the older squeaks unsurely, holding out jungkook’s jacket in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other. “I’m sorry for walking in on you changing. I really didn’t know! please don’t be angry?”

jungkook can’t stop a smile from spreading across his face, grabbing the items. “why would I be angry, hyung?”

jimin goes silent, chewing on his lower lip. “I just…want you to like me. ah, but anyway, thanks for helping me with my report, jungkookie! I’d have been dead by today if it weren’t for you.”

I just want you to like me.

jungkook’s sure his ears are red by now. jimin probably didn’t even mean it that way. “I do,” he fumbles and jimin cocks an eyebrow. “and—uh, no problem. hyung.”

  • Nico:I swear Will only sees me as a friend
  • Annabeth:oo really you sure about that?
  • Nico:yes! What do I do?
  • Annabeth:*smirks* I know
  • Nico:oh no...
  • Annabeth:*slams hands on table* YOU DID WHAT WITH MY BOYFRIEND!!!!
  • Will:*busts through wall* YOU DID WHAT WITH WHO!!!
  • Percy:*jumps out of bushes*
  • Percy:*high fives Annabeth*