Daum Fan Cafe Update: BF (MinWoo)

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헬로 베이비 2화! ….. 근데 푸푸 개구리
……… 모자에 숨겨놓고 그러기… 없기예여!!ㅜ.ㅜ -[B.F민우]

2013.01.12 토요일
푸푸 미눙ㅇㅁㅇ

English Translation:

Hello Baby Episode 2! But it’s sputtering frogs. (rainy or snowy)… Do this, wear a hat. Not for example! T.T [B.F. MinWoo]


Raining Minwoong~


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Join us for the 1st Bestfriend International Collaboration Project!

I’m Your Bestfriend Forum (BoyFriend’s New International Forum) and BoyFriendNews (Tumblr Fanbase) will be hosting their first Christmas Collaboration Project for Boyfriend this year! We will be sending Boyfriend Christmas gifts, letters, banners, etc.

Join us for the 1st Bestfriend International Collaboration Project!

I’m Your Bestfriend Forum (BoyFriend’s New International Forum) and BoyFriendNews (Tumblr Fanbase) will be hosting their first Christmas Collaboration Project for Boyfriend this year! We will be sending Boyfriend Christmas gifts, letters, banners, etc.

You can participate by:

1) Donating money

Our donation goal is US $300, mostly for printing, packing and shipping the gifts.

We accept donation via paypal on I’m Your Bestfriend Forum.

On the main page of this forum, you can see the Donation box on the top right. or send Paypal to inkandpaper77 at

Minimum donation US$1.  


2)  Donating Gift

If you choose to donate gifts: You can send your letter or Christmas card and have your selca printed in the banner as well.

What we will be sending:


Please read the RULES below before you buy the gifts.

Items NOT suggested:

- Size-wise: shoes, pants, ring, etc.

- Perfume. It is a hazardous material that cannot be sent via mail.

- Cosmetic/skin care products. We don’t know if the products are good for them or if they might have an allergic reaction to them.

- Food/perishable products.

- Breakable items or anything too fragile.

- Electronic gadgets. It’s fragile and we don’t know if the spec is compatible in Korea or not. And the boys have their own iPod, iPad and phones.

- Anything that is too biased, such as religious items.

- Anything that is too heavy or oversized.

- Your own handmade crafts: We understand that you want to show your love for Boyfriend by making them something yourself instead of buying it. However, handmade crafts sometimes don’t match the receiver’s taste and we don’t want Boyfriend to throw your gift away just because of that. If you decide to gift them your own crafts, we will accept it, but they are not our priority due to the shipping cost.

And before you make any crafts please consider that:

-  It should have a use of some sort of use

- You MUST tell us what is the purpose of your craft and why Boyfriend should have it.

GIFTS ideas:

1. Clothing items

Winter accessories are nice, such as scarf, gloves or a warm beanie. T-shirts / Hoodies will be the best bet. Button up shirts will be tricky because of the size. Sweaters or jackets will be too heavy, keep in mind about the shipping please.

Shirt Sizes:

Donghyun, Jeongmin, Jo Twins: 95

Minwoo: 93

Hyunseong: 100-105

Korean men shirt size is measured by centimeters (across the chest)

As for Minwoo, even though he said 93, you can also use 95 just to be safe, because it’s almost like MEDIUM size in Asian shirt sizes.

Hyunseong is the only one who is bigger than the rest.

To help you understand Korean shirt sizes vs international sizes, please click here or here

2. Accessories:

Hats, snapbacks, beanies, bracelets, necklaces, watches, bags, wallets, sunglasses etc.

3. Non-wearable items

CD or DVD or Book

Please choose something that you think Boyfriend might like and don’t be too biased. Maybe you really like a CD or a movie, but it can be offensive to other people. Please be considerate.

For movie dvd’s or books, please get ones in Korean. There are a lot of places that sell Korean books, translated into Korean books, or DVDs with Korean subtitles. We can help you look for the links.

Traditional crafts

You want to promote your country/culture? You can send the boys gifts that represent your culture. Pick something small and light such as keychains, pens, or something nice to decorate their rooms. Rules for NOT SUGGESTED ITEMS applied (see above).


- It’s a foldable banner (at least to A4 size). Fabric based.

- Rectangular (size will be announced later)

- Have Bestfriends’ selcas who supported this project.

- At the bottom of the banner will be the logo of all communities that support this project.

What is Bestfriend Selca?


- Take a picture of yourself. You can use digital camera, phone camera, webcamera. The picture should be in DIGITAL FILE in JPEG or PNG format.

- It has to be Potrait, not Landscape.

- The image size is free, but if it is too small, you will be asked to re-do it.
- Please take your selca with Boyfriend Official Merchandise to show your support (CD, DVD, Poster, Photobook, etc). 

- If you don’t have any official merchandise, we allow you to take picture with a magazine that shows Boyfriend’s picture.  If you don’t have any merchandise at all, you can make a small banner/sign with a cheering message on it.  (example: a paper saying I LOVE BOYFRIEND). Please make the writing legible. 

- You can hide your face, but you MUST be in the selca. We DO NOT accept photos without Bestfriends in it (example: only merchandise or BF picture)

- We will edit the selca to add your name/nickname and location and print it to stick on the banner.

- The selca size will be approximately 5.5 cm x 8.5 cm (width x height), around the size of a mini Polaroid.

- The spots are limited. First come - first served basis, but we will try our best to fit all selcas.

- Send in your selca to or post HERE
- Bestfriend Banner/Selca DEADLINE: October 31, 2013.


  • Gifts and other items must be sent to us before November 3, 2013.

Send your gifts to:
Blk 419 Yishun Ave 11 #06-369
Singapore 760419


Pictures of your gift (unwrapped, so before you send them please take picture first!)
Description of the gift (Tshirt, wallet, etc.)

Twitter - @pororomins
Email -

You need NOT pay for any shipping costs to Korea at all unless you wish to donate.
You are only responsible for shipping your own gifts to Singapore.

You can send mini note for SISTAR & K.Will too! 

  • Send a short letter addressed to any SISTAR member (or all!) / K.Will. 
  • There is a minimum requirement of at least 150 words per message. Any less will be considered for a ‘post it’ note and will be compiled in a mini book.

Why are there different deadlines?

For some stuff, we need more time to process/edit them.



PM Via forum: Yen pororomins


Twitter - @pororomins

Email -


PM Via forum: Lee SeoYun


PM Via forum: Serichuu


PM Via forum: AlexDenisov




We invite all regional Boyfriend Fanbases to join this project.

We don’t limit the fanbase just for regional (such as BF Spain, BF France, BF Philliphines, BF Indonesia etc), but all the BF fanbases that reflect the region/country will make more impact to show Boyfriend that there are Bestfriends all over the world.

Other BF fanbases (such as Fansite, Weblog, Tumblr, Fanpage, etc) are welcome to join us as well.

If you join the project, your logo will be printed on the Bestfriend selca banner, and you can write a description about your fanbase. Let Boyfriend know you exist and love them to death!

How to do the project:

It is the same, you can donate GIFTS and/or MONEY.

GIFTS will be pooled at a Bestfriend representative in Singapore (we will announce the detail later).

Rules about gifts apply (see above) and make sure everything is packed nicely and safely because the gifts will travel around a lot.

MONEY should be sent via paypal to inkandpaper77 at

Along with a message about the amount, who you are and other information that explains about the donation.

How to do regional donation (in your own currency)

We understand that many Bestfriends don’t have paypal account, and sending money overseas is a problem.

Here is some ways to collect donation:

1. Pick a leader, someone who can responsible with the money and the project.

2. Get someone to help you send the money via paypal (if the leader doesn’t have one)

3. The leader will decide the option to send donation that apply in your country/region

4. Collect the donation (and the gifts and the selca if necessary)

5. Send all of them to the appointed address

How to collect donation

Meet up and have a cash collection

If many of your fanbase members live in one city, you can organize a meetup and collect the money when you meet.

Sending concealed cash via mail/letters to  the leader

This way is slow and sometimes can be risky, but it works if you live in different cities. Just remember to wrap the cash so it won’t show through the envelope. I use a cut of newspaper to cover concealed cash, and fold it in a regular letter/blank paper.

Direct deposit to bank account

The leader should have a bank account and provide the bank account number and full name.

Bestfriends who wants to donate can go to that bank and make a direct deposit (or ATM transfer if you have the same bank).

For example:

Indonesian Bestfriends usually have BCA bank account. If the leader have a BCA account, then she should provide the BCA account number and her full name.

If you want to donate, you go to the nearest BCA in your own city and fill out a deposit form. Write the leader’s full name and bank account number, the amount you deposit and you sign it with your own name.

In bank, you can deposit to anyone’s account, they will accept it and it will go directly to the leader’s account. No meetup or mailing necessary.

About the amount, please convert the US dollar to your own currency the best you can.

For example:

Minimum donation is US$1.

US$1 = Rp 11.950, then you have to round it UP. Make it Rp 12.000 or Rp 13.000.

So US$1 = Rp 12.000  (you can send in a selca)

And US$5 = Rp 12.000 x 5 = Rp 60.000 (you can send in a selca and a letter)

The leader must record all donation and let the donors know that she receives the money. The list should be kept and sent along to us.

How to collect gifts:

THE COLLECTION OF THE GIFTS should be done the same way, via meetup or mailing.

Please think carefully before you buy or wrap up the gifts, keep in mind about the shipping cost and process. If you need to bubble wrap it, then please do so. The project leaders are NOT responsible of any damage of your gift caused by poor packaging.

The sender must provide information about the gift and the nature of it if necessary, so the leader can write down everything for the record.

For example: “1 black Guess wrist watch – fragile, but I put it in a box, bubble-wrapped. For Minwoo from Velisha in the USA.” (omg I wish lol no money OTL)

As for the selca:

Selca must be accompanied with:

  • your NAME/NICKNAME, but please avoid using Boyfriend members name if you can. It would be weird for Boyfriend to read their own names on someone else’s photo.
  • your location (city & country)
  • your email (will not be shared, but to contact you if necessary)

Send it as attachment to with subject: BF XMAS PROJECT:  Selca entry


Zip it and upload it onto mediafire or I’m Your Boyfriend Mega account 
password: janus0526

Please upload it to folder BF XMAS PROJECT – SELCA FILES

Any unnecessary uploads will be deleted without warning.



Keep in mind of these points.

1. Do not work alone. There should be at least 2 persons who are in charge, but use only 1 address or bank account.

2. The two of you should keep and share information to your donors to avoid fraud. All records of gifts and money must be sent to this forum (Project Leader Kelly or assistant Velisha).

3. If you have any problem, let us know, we will try our best to help you out.

4. DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF. If you can only do a little bit, it’s better than wanting to send tons of gifts or lots of money. Keep everything simple but on time for the deadline is much better. There will be more project in the future.

5. DEADLINE is negotiable up to a certain extent. Please contact us if you have problems with deadline.

6. If you don’t have your own paypal, find someone you can trust that has paypal, work things out so you can send the money via that person’s paypal.

7. Communication is important. Even if you are extremely busy with real life, once you are a leader, please say something, ask help if this is overwhelmed you, do not just go missing or silent and put the project in jeopardy. You can ask the phone number of your donors so you can just text or call them if necessary.

Project Leader: Kelly (leejeongminnie) – BoyFriend News

Assistant: Velisha – I’m Your Bestfriend Forum

Thanks to staff who helped us with their ideas and suggestions: cacao, gjo, lovestyle, pororomins, Lee SeoYun, tsopao, mirrorprincess, songil (Fanbook).

If you have any question, please ask us!



a link back to this forum:


290313 BoyFriend Daum Fan Cafe Update

보이프렌드 헬로베이비가 끝났습니다.

BoyFriend’s Hello Baby has ended. 

사랑해주신 여러분들과 촬영 하느라 추운 날씨에도 고생하신 스탭분들 너무 감사합니다. 

Thank you so much for your love even though we suffered shooting in this cold weather with the staff.

그리고 우리 아들 정민이, 우리 딸 일라이다도 아빠들이 많이 보고 싶을꺼야!!! 건강하게 자라서 또 만나자^^ 

And our son, JeongMin, and our daughter Ilayda, Daddies will miss you! Grow up healthy and we’ll meet again^^

모두 감사합니다!! Thank You Everyone! -[B.F 영민] B.F. YoungMin


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Along with the rest of the gifts we are giving BoyFriend this Christmas, we will also be sending a selca banner, but we will need your help! 

Meet Bestfriends from around the world and support Boyfriend together!

[Please register and login to read]
Xmas Project details
Banner 500 Selca
Gifts for Boyfriend Xmas Project
Vote Boyfriend for MTV EMA 2013
Love Letter to Boyfriend contest


BoyFriend Daum Fan Cafe Update: BF [DongHyun]

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일본 도쿄 그리고.. 오사카 이벤트도 무사히 끝났어요! 오늘 오사카에서 만난 귀여운 야누스ㅋㅋ 아구~~ 귀여워^^ 벌써 주말이 지나가구 있어요 우리 많이 기다렸어여? 내일 한국으로 돌아갑니당!!!^^ -B.F동현

2013.04.07 일


English Translation:

Japan’s Tokyo and…Osaka’s events have ended safely! Today in Osaka, I met cute Janus’s keke aigoo ~~cute^^ Already the weekend is over and we waited, (are you guys waiting)? We’re going back to Korea tomorrow, let’s go!!!^^ - [B.F. DongHyun]

2013.04.07 Sunday

-Leader <3


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BoyFriendNews Breakdown! 

BFN is now accepting Admin Applications starting from

February 4, 2013 - February 23. 2013

Due to busy schedules, we have decided to add more people to our family. But do be warned, there’s more work to being an admin than you would think (even if we do get lazy around here). But no more of that, BestFriends! (…We will try) This year, we will manage to tackle more things than the previous years!

Also, because we are adding new admins to BFN, the rules will become more enforced when talking about BFN’s Admin Activity. Original Admins are where they are now, but for new Admins… you are the rookies of this blog >:) Be prepared to sweat it up! Hiatuses, are possible of course. Just let us know~^^

To Apply as a BFN Admin, fill out the application form below:

  • Name:
  • Age: 
  • Nickname on BFN:
  • Tumblr URL:
  • Position Desired (Daily Updater / Translator / Project Manager / Encoder / Dearberry Updater) : 
  • Do you run any other BoyFriend Blogs?
  • How long have you been a fan of BoyFriend?
  • BoyFriend Bias? 
  • Deem yourself worthy! Write a few sentences (2-3 minimum) stating why you should be a BFN Admin and how you would like to contribute!

Send your application form via email to :


Once you have sent an email, please let us know in the ask if we do not respond within 24 hours. Thank you and good luck!


BoyFriend’s Fancafe Manager photos 



이 매니저 입니다^ㅁ^

This is BoyFriend’s FanCafe Manager

3월, 봄이 찾아 왔습니다!

It’s March, Spring has come!

여러분 모두 새학기 그리고 3월의 시작은 어떠신가요?

Is everyone thinking about the new season and the beginning of March?

새로운 시작이 기대되고 설레는 만큼 조금 긴장되는 기분이네요^^

A new start and it’s expected that we’re all a little nervous and excited^^

꼭 한달만에 돌아온 아이야 활동 현장 스케치!

Just a sketch of the kid’s activities!

얼마남지않은 겨울의 우리 보이프렌드와 베스트프렌드의 추억을 짧지만 잠시나마 기억하며

The winter was short, but the memories BestFriends created with BoyFriend are memorable.

올 한해도 또 함께해주실꺼죠?♥

 Come along and follow us, will you? <3

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Daum Cafe Update: BF (KwangMin)

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첫 리패키지 앨범 아이야의 활동이 끝났습니다!! 추운 날씨에도 매일 응원 와준 울 베프들~ 매일 매일 우리 사랑해 준 울 베프들~ 늘 감사한거 알죠? 더 멋지게 돌아올테니까 조금만 기다려줘요! 사랑한다!!! -[B.F광민]

2013.02.25 월요일

English Translation:

The first repackaged album IYAH’s activities have finally ended! With the BestFriends in cold weather cheering for us everyday, we gave our love back too~ You know we’re thank, right? We’ll be back soon, just give us a little more love! Love you!!! - [B.F. KwangMin]





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Daum Fan Cafe Update: BF [JeongMin]

Original Text:

비 와요? 전 비가 좋아요! 감기 걸리지 말구 밥 잘 챙겨 먹기, 건강이 최우선! 알지? -[B.F정민]

2013.04.02 화요일


English Translation:

Rain is coming? I like the rain! But don’t catch a cold and take care of your eating habits, health is a top priority, you know?

04.02.2013 Tuesday



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BoyFriend Daum Fan Cafe Update: BF [KwangMin]

Original Text:

광민이가 광저우에 왔어요!! 팬미팅 즐거웠어요! 한국은 벌써 자정이겠네요? 여러분!!!!!! 광민이 꿈꾸세요♡ -B.F광민

2013.04.13 토요일
광저우에서 KM

English Translation:

KwangMin came to Guangzhou! I enjoyed the fan meeting! In South Korea it would be midnight already, right? Everyone!!!! Dream of KwangMin <3 - B.F. KwangMin

2013.04.13 Saturday

In Guangzhou, KwangMin


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BoyFriendNews is under renovation again! To become a better news source and a fun place to go for Bestfriends, BFN has decided to accept new admins again! 

BoyFriendNews has been a blog since BoyFriend debuted (although we were a few months late T-T) Every year, we plan a big Christmas project for the boys and send the gifts to them by Christmas. Since our fandom has grown in the past two years, it’s been a lot harder to update as quick. 

Joining the BFN staff will allow you to get closer to BestFriends and to find out more news about BoyFriend than before~ Not to mention you get to join out family hehe (Yeah we’re not the coolest, but hey, we’re a family) 

This year [even though it’s already May], BFN is deciding to step up our reputation with projects. We will also start having sections on our blogs so please look forward to it!


We will be accepting admins from May 28,2013 - June 28, 2013.

We will be accepting [bolded is important and we’re looking for them!!!] : 

  • News Updaters [normal admin]
  • Project organizers
  • Translators
  • HTML Encoders
  • Graphic Designers
  • Chat Admin - Admin that keeps up with BestFriends on the chat page / communicates with BestFriends-
  • Scenario Writer (Our great fanfiction-est. You can link directly to your asianfanfics/livejournal/etc. if you wish.)

To apply, Fill out the application form below: 

Fill out the application form:

  • Name:
  • Age/Country:
  • Tumblr URL/Blog URL:
  • Position Applying For:   (ex. translator/project manager/etc)
  • Time Zone:
  • How long have you been a fan of BoyFriend?
  • Why do you want to be an admin on BoyFriendNews?

Once completed, please send it to

- If you would like to alert us that you sent the email, you may do so in the ask.


BoyFriend is shooting their Comeback MV teaser today.

They said their song would be “Goodbye My Love”



it’s a rumor… but please let it be true…

18032013 Daum Fan Cafe Text Post Update fr: BF [KwangMin]

Original Text:

[From. 광민♡] 우리 귀요미 베프!!|   

Our kwiyomi BestFriends!

우리 베프들~~ 요즘 잘 지내나요??

난 여러분 보고 싶어서 죽겠는데ㅋㅋ 우리 베프들은 어때요…?

베프도 그럴꺼라고 믿고 있다~~~~!!!!

우리 보고싶으면 보이프렌드 빨리 컴백하게 해주세요!!라고 소원빌고 자면 되요!! (아마….)

소원이 안되도 나 탓하지마요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ흐흐흐

여튼 울 베프 곁으로 빨리 갈테니까 초큼만 기다려요 쪼오금만!!!!!

나두 기다려야지!!!

아 보이프렌드 언제 컴백하지이~~~~~??

언제 컴백할까아~~~??


English Translation:  Our BestFriends, are you guys doing well these days? I missed everyone so much I felt like I was going to die …keke How is our BestFriend?  I believe in our BestFriends! We, Boyfriend would like to make a comeback soon please! Make a wish about it when you sleep! (Maybe…) Don’t blame me when you don’t wish this kekekekekekekeke  Anyways, I will be with BestFriends, but wait a little!  I have to wait too!  Oh when will BoyFriend comeback~~~~? When are we making a comeback?  Look forward to it -waiting- (Really keke)
UPDATES: BoyFriend Activities

BoyFriend will be holding a commemorative fansign/workshop  [Youngpoong Books & Daejeon] 

Announcement Details:

Date: Saturday / February 23, 2013 @ 7:30 PM

Fansign Location: Christian Coalition Volunteer Hall 2nd floor (Auditorium)

Korean Address [Probably more helpful] : 기독교 연합봉사회관 2층 연봉홀(대강당) ( 주소 : 대전 중구 문화동1-13번지 2층 연봉홀(대강당))

  • Sale Dates: Feb 19 (TUE) @ 2:30 PM - Feb 22 (FRI) 8:00 PM
  • Retailers: Youngpoong Books & Daejeon (Tel: 042-623-4914)
  • Retailer Address: 대전직할시 동구 용전동 58-2 시외버스터미널 2층 영풍문고 내 음반매장
  • Proceed to lottery/raffle: 150 raffles will be given out starting Feb 19, 2013 at 2:30 PM
  • Winners will be announced: February 22, 2013 on the Homepage for Youngpoong Books [link here] at 10:00 PM
  • Notice: If you would like to participate in the fansign, bring the album and ticket [purchased at Youngpoong Books] 



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