Build A Boyfriend - Jungkook

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“Make him short.”

“Make him tall.”

“He should have blonde hair.”

“No no. Black.”

It was all so ridiculous. Your friends were “Building” a boyfriend for you. Not once did they ask what you wanted just started passing around your laptop like hot potato. You had the exact idea of what your ideal boyfriend would be but they weren’t listening. They just kept throwing out suggestions and typing them down. Finally you got tired of it and spoke up. “Guys it’s getting late I think you should go I’ll finish it.”

They grumbled as they walked out saying small goodbyes. When they were all gone and it seemed calm you looked at the answers on your screen and cringed. It looked like they were making boyfriends for themselves, despite having some already. You delete what you didn’t want and filled in new answers. It’s not like you expected it to work but it was a satisfying thing to think about your perfect guy. But it was in fact late and you were extremely tired so you went off to bed.

You woke up to the sun on your face. You went to move but were held down by a strong arm wrapped around your body. You began panicking as you turned in the intruders arms getting ready to fight if needed. You were shocked to be met with the brown eyes of the boy you only imagined. He had to have been him, every detail of his features were the exact same.

“Hel-hello. You’re…”

“Heh, yep I’m Jungkook. Good morning jagi~”

“Morning, Jungkook.”

“Call me kookie it’s shorter and cute!”

You just giggle at his excitement. He looked away a bit shy noticing how close you actually were. He pulled his arms away expecting you to move but you didn’t. You stayed close to him enjoying the warmth he gave off. You felt like you could fall asleep again with how comfortable he was. He inched back slightly only to almost slip off the edge of the bed. You moved back and laughed making him laugh with you. He moved slightly in away from the edge but closer to you. He stared at your face before his eyes drifted to your lips making you blush. He leaned his face in and pressed his lips against yours. You put your hands around his neck pulling him closer. He crawled on top of you so his body hovered over yours and put one hand on your hip the other by your head holding up his weight. The temperature of the room seemed to rise and he pressed his body against yours. It would be a long night.

Hey folks

I don’t normally like asking for things, but, yeah.

Some of you may nave noticed I added a donation link on my blog. Yes, that is a thing, now. Nobody has to give me anything, but with how things are - money-wise - at home, a buck or two could go a long way.

Long story short - my boyfriend, our roommate, and I are having to find a new apartment within the next few months. The apartment complex we live in was bought out last year by some folks who made it into affordable house, and unfortunately, between my boyfriend’s and our roommate’s jobs, the household makes too much money to qualify for a 3-person household. As it is, we have just enough to cover our rent and bills, and what I have saved up is going toward food every month. 
Basically… money is tight, right now. Very tight. One-dollar walmart burritos and peanut butter sandwiches tight.

If you’d like to donate, here’s the link.

Alternately, if you’d like to commission some artwork or a story, you can check my base pricing here. I love to make things for people, please don’t be shy!

I am also still selling sketches for $3.50, if that strikes your fancy!

Please, every little bit helps.
If you’d like to buy a full commission or a sketch, feel free to send me a message!
Even if you can’t afford to donate, please help spread the word. 

Thank you guys for your time!

Day 3 in renovation hell has me under the illusion that the fetal position kind of lessens the noise….

Bo is covering Kuroo’s ears, Kuroo appreciates. Though i wonder how he can be so affected with a noisy ass owl boyfriend like that… ┐(◡‿◡✿)┌   …cats…

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