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Rvp boyfriends with croptops/short tops. Matthew finds it much easier to poke his bf's belly, and Matt finds that its much easier to wrestle his bf to the ground and blow raspberries into his tummy until he promises to stop poking his stomach through a fit of laughter.

Yes, yes, yes, ohhhh gosh that just sounds super adorable! Lots of provoked fights when croptops are an option, because Matthew just can’t keep his hands to himself. So lots of belly pokes and tummy touches and things and Matthew just loves it because any excuse to touch Matt is a good one.

Ad of course Matt’s pretty easy to provoke into something, so Matthew always just ends up on the ground in their play fights and wrestling nonsense with matt being relentless, but also more than happy to torment his cutie bf (though he’s sorely mistaken if he thinks Matthew is going down without a fight)

Ahhhhh so so cute!! Thank you for the thought anon!!

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Who was your first ever boyfriend

Hi! This question is so specific haha my first boyfriend was in 7th or 8th grade, (I can’t remember) but I don’t consider him as an “ex-boyfriend”, long story short, his friend took his phone and ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, I said yes (silly kid) and after that we spent 2 months “together” and then he broke up with me and made fun of me so.. Nah, he doesn’t count I guess, but that was like the first relationship I had haha, his name was Rodri if you wanted to know that 👀

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