• he will be kinda awkward at first

  • but so chill at the same time

  • Kinda clingy

  • Loves holding your hand


  • He loves watching you talk about your day

  • The two of you will always end up listening to hotline bling

  • que MEMESOL

  • he loves cracking jokes

  • “Y/N?”

  • “ yeah Vern?”

  • “ What does a nosy pepper do? It gets jalapeño business.”

  • “ Oh god Hansol, what the fuck.”

  • When you visit the dorm, all fourteen of you will probably watch a movie

  • and Vernon will pull you onto his lap, hugging you close to him

  • the other members cringe but you can’t but smile

  • Rap battles

  • Blasting Drake when driving anywhere

  • Couple snapbacks just because

  • Adopting a parrot

  • Like Vernon will literally teach it how to repeat raps

  • Insert facepalm

  • Bear hugs

  • Make out sessions happen a little too often

  • AHEM him coming to practice with swollen lips

  • He loves you a lot

  • Lots of talks where you just listen to him when he’s stressed

  • He getting you a charm bracelet with the charms of 17, a V, and one that says number 1 carat on it

  • You can always count on each other

  • So much trust and love


My Happy

Request: Hello! I love your account, and I love reading your writing! I don’t usually request stuff, so I’m not always sure if I do it correctly but I’ll do my best :) could I please request a #9 with got7’s Jackson, where the reader (s/o or bff whichever you pick :3) is insecure about like their tall height, random scars, legs, and stuff like that? Apologies if this doesn’t make much sense, but thank you <3

9) “You were born to be real, not perfect.”

Member: Got7′s Jackson x Y/N

Type: angst/fluff

I closed my eyes as I leaned gently against my front door. It creaked quietly, eventually becoming silenced with a soft click. I took a deep breath in while clutching to my sweater as if it was my very last possession. 

“Y/N?” the gruff voice of my roommate called from the living room. “Are you home?”

I winced, slowly opening my eyes only to feel the tears begin to escape down my cheeks. I remained silent as I popped off my shoes and tried to quietly shuffle down the hall. 

“Okay, I’m going to assume it’s a burglar if you don’t speak up!” he yelled. “Trespassing is a crime!”

“It’s me, Jackson!” I croaked. “I’m really tired, so I’m going to go to bed.”

“Big date too much fun?” Jackson shouted, his voice growing steadily closer. I bit at my lip, trying to even my tone as I retreated from his impending attention. If it was one thing Jackson knew how to do, it was to give you his full attention, even when it was unwanted. 

“You caught me,” I called back, my tone numb. I knew he would see through me as soon as we made eye contact. I just had to make sure it didn’t get that far. 

“Y/N, why are you running away from me?” Jackson said playfully, a smile evident in his voice. 

“Super tired Jax,” I repeated, finally making it to the doorway of my room. “I just want to take a shower and sleep.”

Jackson did a half jog to catch up with me, his strong hand catching my shoulder. “Y/N,” he said quietly, tilting his head to get a better look at my face. I looked down, avoiding his gaze as I bit nervously at my lip. His smile quickly began to fade and his eyebrows began to furrow instead. 

“Where is he?” he growled, spinning around to look at the already closed front door. “I’ll kill him. What did he do to you?”

“Jax,” I whined, grabbing on to his shirt and giving it a hard tug. “He’s gone. He didn’t do anything.”

“Well he had to have done something,” Jackson hissed, spinning back around toward me. 

“Really,” I whispered. “He didn’t do anything.”

And he hadn’t. I went on a date with a boy and he hadn’t laid a finger on me. He hadn’t tried anything. Maybe that was what had bothered me. Maybe it was the look of pity he had settled on my face as he dropped me off. He had no intention of taking me out on a second date. I think I knew that before I even got into his car that evening. 

“Are you sure? I could kill him. but only if you wanted me to,” he nodded, focusing back on me. 

“No, Jackson,” I sighed, shaking my head, hiccuping with the sob I was trying to hold in. “He was the perfect gentleman.”

“Then what’s wrong?” Jackson asked, shaking his head in disbelief. “Help me, help you.”

“You can’t,” I grumbled, stomping into my room and plopping on my bed. I was pitiful. How could I be unraveling like this in front of him? 

“Babygirl,” he cooed, taking me into his arms. 

“Don’t babygirl me,” I whispered, smacking lightly at his chest. 

“What. Happened,” Jackson tried again, saying each word slowly. 

“Nothing!” I screeched. “He didn’t even kiss me good night.”

“Y/N, I’m so confused,” Jackson sighed, setting his chin on my shoulder. 

“Because I wanted him to,” I whined. “I wanted him to touch me, Jackson. I wanted him to pay attention to me and want to kiss me…but he didn’t. They never do.”

“You’re still losing me here,” Jackson said quietly. 

“I’m no one’s first choice. I’m tall, awkward, covered in scars. I’m not the perfect girl that guys want to be with. I’m made up of flaws stitched together with good intentions, but it’s not enough,” I sobbed. 

Jackson chuckled as he leaned away from me, his eyes filled with adoration. “You were born to be real, not perfect Y/N.”

“Real is overrated,” I spat, pulling away from him. “No one wants real. Not really.”

A sad smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he looked over me carefully. He reached out slowly, his muscular hands creating shadows in the dimly lit room. He placed his fingers softly against my skin, tracing the outlines of scars long since placed there. He bit at his plump bottom lip, exhaling heavily without looking away from me. 

“I do.”

“Do what?” 

“Want something real,” Jackson said, his voice gravelly. I could tell he was quickly filling up with emotion. He was prone to getting lost in it on occasion. 

“You and only you,” I whispered, shaking my head and looking away. The tears were still managing to steadily fall down my cheeks. 

“Isn’t that enough though?” Jackson sighed. His hand remained on my leg, giving it a gentle squeeze. “You say you wanted him to touch you…pay attention to you…couldn’t I do the same?” 

“But Jackson…why?” I said, completely confused. 

“Because you’re incredible,” Jackson breathed as if it were the most obvious fact in the world. “You’re beautiful. You think of yourself as all of these negative things, but they’re what makes you unique. You spend all of this time wishing you were someone else when you should be embracing your own skin. Your real is perfect. It’s changed the definition of the word.” 

My phone buzzed lightly on the mattress beside me. I hadn’t even realized I set it there until the bright light cast a glow on Jackson’s determined face. I heaved a sigh as I looked from him down to the lit screen. 

“hey. i just wanted to say sorry for how quiet i was tonight. when i’m alone, i think of so many things to say to you. but whenever i see you, i go speechless.”

My mouth opened and closed, completely shocked by the situation that had unfolded before me. Jackson glanced at me, then back down at my phone, concern in his eyes. He took my phone gently from my hands and read over the screen. A sad smile found it’s way onto his normally happy face. It broke my heart to see such a ray of sunshine dulled. 

“I guess he thought more of you than you realized,” Jackson chuckled, nodding slowly. “See, I told you.” 

Jackson slowly pulled himself to his feet, beginning to shuffle out of the room. “Make sure to reply with something sweet. Something about butterflies or something?” 

I pursed my lips, nodding slowly at Jackson’s advice. 

He nodded back, his face kind as usual, but a tinge of hurt clouded his eyes. He turned, grabbing ahold of my doorknob and began to slowly close it behind him.

“Jackson?” I called, my words burning in my throat. He stopped immediately, whipping his head around. 

I leaned forward, sliding off of the bed, and slowly approached him. A soft cry escaped from my lips as I wrapped my arms around his waist, nuzzling my face deep into his chest. “You really think I’m incredible?”

Jackson smiled, burying his face into my hair. He kissed my hairline lightly. “Depends, are you going to text that guy back?” 

“Yeah,” I sighed. I felt Jackson’s muscles tense up beneath my arms. “But it will probably be to let him know…I’m not interested.”

His body relaxed again as he leaned away from me, a shining smile on his face. “Why’s that?”

“Because…I’ve found my happy,” I hummed. “And he’s right here.” 

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Sushi Roll JB // Im Jaebum

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Jaebum fluff

Word Count: 538

(Gif not mine)

Authors note: Request Are open! This is based off something I saw on a sushi menu, I hope you can enjoy! 

You sighed in relief as your tired eyes meet the front door to your apartment. Taking off your shoes and hanging your coat on the coat rack. You rolled your head cracking your neck, as you did so you took your heavy body to your bedroom for a shower. Setting your school bag near your desk and turned to your bathroom. You undressed and turned on the water wincing at your boss’s words they repeated in your head like a broken record. You let the hot water and steam engulf you and your thoughts. School and work had been such a nuisance since your boyfriend went on a world tour with his band, you missed him and it was starting to show.

You stepped out of the shower and wrapped yourself in a towel. You grabbed on you your boyfriends sweaters and some night shorts. You left your room to grab food out of your kitchen before going to study. You scrolled through your instagram feed, catching up on the latest news and whatever your friends have been up to. You grabbed the cheap bag of noodles adding them to the already boiling water on the stove. You sighed, rubbing your eyes, knowing you’ll have to go and buy groceries after you pay your bills with your next paycheck. When the ramen was done you put some in a boil and left the rest on the stove, knowing you’ll be out in about 20 minutes for more.You stuffed the first bite in your mouth with the bowel under to catch anything that might drop in the floor, and you didn’t feel like cleaning tonight.

“At least I know you can take something big” A voice chuckled out behind you. You jumped and screamed in shock, although muffled nearly making you choke on the ramon,

You looked at your boyfriend and finally swallowed the noodles, “Jaebum?!” You gasped in shock, “Why are you wrapped in my christmas blanket, when and how did you get in here?” You said in a big breathe.

“JB roll is temporarily back from tour,” he smiled with pride.

“You nearly made me choke on my dinner,” You deadpanned sitting on the floor before the couch, to get on his eye level.

“It wouldn’t be the first time you choked,” He said cheekily and you rolled your eyes at him. “(Y/N) can you put a pillow under my head? It’s quite tiring holding it up,” He let out a pleasant sigh to have his head to be rested on something.

“I’ll get you some ramen,” You said standing and heading for the kitchen.

“It’s getting cold,” He said, “ you should turn the heater on” He said angling his face up watching you walk back from the kitchen.

“When I get paid and I’m able to pay the bills again,” You said dismissively sitting on the floor with another bowel.

“(Y/N), I told you I’d help you out and every thi-”

“Jaebum I don’t need help or anything, it’s only until I finish school” You pressed your lips in a line. “How how was your tour, or at least what you’ve done?” You changed the subject and feed him a bite of ramen.

Boyfriend Jinwoo

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  • so first thing’s first
  • let’s talk about how you got to know such a cute deer
  • well, when mino started to form a crush on a pretty friend of jinwoo’s, he made a deal that they should double date; mino with the pretty friend, jinwoo with his pretty friend
  • and guess who that friend turned out to be
  • you!!!!
  • well I’m sure that was obvious so let’s move on
  • so you show up for the date, the first thing you notice being how mino had not lied & his friend was indeed very v er y VERY attractive
  • but also a little dumb
  • since he got lost on the way from the table to the bathroom
  • but it just made him more endearing
  • and more dates followed
  • leading to the relationship you have today
  • jinwoo isn’t the greatest at acting tbf
  • so you always know he’s the one who broke your vase, since his big, innocent eyes give him away
  • those eyes when he’s going down on you though omg yes
  • and you always know what present he’s bought you for your birthday and any gift-exchanging holiday you may celebrate
  • since he accidentally blurts it out
  • or makes it really obvious by pointing to something when you’re shopping one day like “do you like that?”
  • “yeah, sure”
  • “cool … not that I’ll get it for your birthday or anything … so don’t get the wrong idea!!!!1!!”
  • you seen his proposal coming weeks before he did it
  • mino also told you everything
  • he can be gullible and naive too
  • so he’s going to suffer if you’re into pranks
  • but, hey, at least you’ll get a good laugh
  • waking up to his face
  • and that angelic smile
  • hearing his laugh
  • make sure you cook for him though
  • he’s hopeless in the kitchen
  • he does aegyo if you’re mad at him
  • oh & don’t let him go anywhere alone
  • he’ll get lost
  • yeah so basically he’s like a big child
  • re-watching when winner did a parody of The Heirs
  • “wow, I always knew you’d be pretty as a girl!”
  • he rarely gets angry
  • so fights aren’t common
  • feeling protective of him since he’s so smol & soft
  • feeling loved since he’s so kind and his smile is the purest thing ever. just the way he smiles at you shows his adoration, his love, his care
  • even when the boys try to tease him rnd you like “oh, he’s always talking about u”
  • even that shows his love
  • the relationship is filled with happy, warm moments. any problems that arise would be from his career, since you mightn’t see him as often. or else you see him all the time bc exit: x where u at? :)
  • over all, there’s lots of love & cuddles & nose kisses awww
My Bias
  • Teacher: Okay class, Today we will be learning about Korea.
  • Me: My boyfriend lives in South Korea.
  • Teacher: That's interesting, so you met him when you went to Korea?
  • Me: I've never been to Korea.
  • Teacher: Oh, then you met him online?
  • Me: No.
  • Teacher: did you meet him?
  • Me: I haven't.
  • Teacher:
  • Me:
  • Teacher:
  • Me: *smiles*
If MONSTA X were boyfriends

More details by tapping/clicking on the members name if it is available
Or here

Kihyun Detailed version

Shownu/Hyunwoo: He would be “shy-all-the-time-boyfriend”. For Shownu, he would get embarrassed the most, out of all of the members. He would be shy about holding your hand, after performing for you, taking you out on a date and even your first kiss with him. He would be a flustered mess. He may be sexy with his dance moves, his arms tense and his legs showing in his pants…after he shows you the dancing, he would blush…A LOT. He would natrually do aegyo when he gets flustered. You can tease him a little, but too much may get him a little down. He would love hand holding and hugging you from behind. When you are down, he would hug you and tell you everything would be alright. Holding you close and trying to tell you that he is there for you. I think he would also love animals, just by his look. He would treat you and your friends with respect, like a true gentleman would do. Despite his tall, muscle-y, strong look, he is just a kitten. His dates would include a mini dance performance, maybe at a quiet place life a cafe. Maybe a club if you wanted him to be a bit more daring.

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Wonho/Hoseok: He would be “tease-boyfriend”. This guy is slightly different from Shownu’s personality. He would love to show off how sexy he is and how athletic he is. With no doubt, he would walk right out of the shower with just a towel around his waist and a small towel draped from his shoulders. He would love picking you up and giving you piggy-back-rides, picking you up bridal style and just slinging you over his shoulder. He smiles a lot when he is pleased when you are happy with the gift, date or the performance he gave or put on for you. However, that can change to becoming extremely sexy when he wants something out of you. A compliment? A kiss? Yup, he would use his charms to get you to fall for him. He would be showing off something sexy, then he would mess up so that he would try to be funny. He loves hugs, kisses on the lips, hand holding, his arm on your shoulder, leaning on him on the couch, just everything. He would kiss your scalp if you were sad, hugging you tight and kissing your cheek. While he strokes your hair. His dates would be a bit more quaint. Restaurants, cafe’s, a beach, night time walks and things that you would expect from a calm individual. 

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Minhyuk: He would be the “cute-boyfriend”. He would definitely be the one who would try to be manly, but would fail epicly. He would try to impress you, but seeing how cute he is, you would just laugh. If he wants something from you though, he would use that (he is kind of spoiled).  However, he does become more mature when you are sad, depressed or stressed. He would wrap his arm around you and try to cheer you up. He would become a dork right then and there. He kind of acts like a kid, but that is probably why you like him so much. He would be giving you gifts such as candy, teddy bears and some clothes. He loves to hug you, his right cheek touching your cheek. He would also like to drag you places, with your hand in his. Leading you to interesting places you have never seen before. Be careful with Minhyuk though. Sometimes you set yourself up for things he wants. “Aw…I’m kind of hungry.” And when you ask him if he had lunch, he would smile and drag you to a restaurant. He would take you to dates like a museum, a toy store, the mall and some other places.

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Kihyun: He would be the “smiley-all-the-time-boyfriend” . He would be smiling even when he is sad or happy. As long as you are smiling, he is too. He loves to hug you and make sure he is in your arms. He will text you a lot, sending you selcas and small messages about how his day is going. He may over exert himself and he will be hard on himself, trying to perfect his singing and dancing. Giving him a smile, a kiss on the cheek and a hug will brighten up his day. Taking him out once and awhile will show how adventurous and how much you care about him. When you are down, he will do his famous robot dance. If that doesn’t work, he won’t say anything. He will pat your back, and rub it. Grabbing tissues so that you can wipe your eyes. Wrapping one arm around your shoulder, he would shake you a little then smile at you before saying “want to get ice cream?” He would buy gifts for you that are expensive. Not because he can afford it, but he would do this to show how much he loves you. You would be against it, but he would do anything to show that he is loyal to you. His dates would be very nice. A restaurant, watching the stars at night, playing games at the dorm, or just chilling in each other’s arms at the park.

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Hyungwon: He would be the “try-hard-all-the-time-boyfriend”. He would do anything to get your attention. He will bake, sew, craft, make, write and even buy things for you. He puts a bit too much effort into things, even in dates. Maybe, that is why it makes it special. He would definitely, have the cheesiest ideas, but they fit him perfectly. His smiles and his glares would make you melt. Every small thing he does is perfection to you. While the rest of MONSTA X would cringe at his cheesiness, you would hug him and jump up and down. Laughing at how ridiculous. yet great he is. If you have a problem, just tug on his shirt or his sleeve. He will look at you and ask you quietly if something was wrong. If something was wrong or if you were just happy, he would listen, not interrupting you. When you are sad, he would hug you. Upset at whatever hurt you, or tries to calm you down. Hugging you and stroking your hair, saying “it’s ok.” Once you look up, he may do his Mantis Dance. His dates would be something cheesy. Like a Ferris wheel ride, a walk to the park, a dinner or even some even on Valentines day.

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JooHeon: He would be the “cute-all-the-time-boyfriend”. His charisma and his fierceness may be a bit too much to handle when you first meet him. But, inside he is truly a nice guy. Pulling out the aegyo and the high pitched voice. Outside of the dorm, he may try to act all cool. Putting his arm around you, and putting his jacket on your shoulders. When it is just the two of you, he will hug you, and spin you around. (HE IS SUCH A CHILD) He will compose a rap for you as a gift, or gives you something small that he made. When you tease him about how cute his round face is, he may be happy or a little down. He may be a little self-conscious about his looks, but let him know he is cute anyway! He works extremely hard in the relationship, trying to plan out stuff…but then it doesn’t go right. Then he just re-plans everything, just so that it can go perfectly. He will cheer you up by saying some words of wisdom. If you are really upset and crying, he would rub your back. Not saying a word as he listens to your problems. Hugs are a must with this boy, and hand holding. His dates are pretty creative. It can be a concert, an art show, or even some sort of cool landmark that you have never seen.

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I.M/ChangKyun: He would be the “cocky boyfriend”. Yes, I.M would be the cockiest one out of them all. He will be blunt and full of himself. He will be a goof everywhere. Trying to make you smile whenever possible. When he is serious, you don’t expect him to do anything. Then he may just give you the funniest look. When he bakes something, he will try to be smooth. If you say, “ChangKyun, what’s inside the cake?” He may either say, “it’s a secret,” or he may say “our love.” He is a grease ball. Please do be careful when he is upset. Encourage him on the things he is truly good at. Don’t lie about things he can’t do. If you are honest and a little blunt, he will be okay with it. He will give you kisses on the cheek sometimes when he feels like it. His gifts would be odd ones. Maybe a video game, then a plushie, then hair dye, then pranks. His gifts would be everywhere, but useful. When you are sad, he will turn on his Comedic mode. If that doesn’t work, he may get some snacks and offer that to you. If that doesn’t work, he will finally hug you. Kissing your lips and saying that it won’t happen again…even though it will. His dates are more “Child-Esque”. Arcades, amusement parks, festivals, carnivals, haunted houses and movie theaters.

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Me: I fucking hate drama why can’t we all just be nice to each other

Drama: *happens*


BTS as girls they fall for
  • Jungkook: the confident, sexy one. he likes the cool girls that are out of his league so when u told him u liked his fav game as well he’d nut. the one who isn’t scared to initiate but is quick to draw back n get flustered. stupidly beautiful and he’d fall for ur confidence and he’d stay in love with your shy, cutesy side. probably grossed out by aegyo.
  • Jin: the elegant, funny one. the one who makes the entire room smile and who can easily control a crowd. steals the spotlight without intending to. knows how to behave in public, but knows how to crack the best jokes along ‘the boys’. smart in a mom way. prettiest smile u’ve ever seen. wears a trenchcoat or some dumb shit like that.
  • Jimin: the loud, cute one. the one who’s a friend before she’s a girlfriend typa deal. falls for u silently nd adores ur innocence. tousles ur hair nd pretends to be annoyed when u do aegyo but kinda loves it fr. usually not shy so he loves it when u finally get shy around him.
  • Hoseok: the ‘everyone loves her’ one. gets along easily with everyone n genuinely doesn’t judge. some ppl think she fake cuz she so sweet but aint nobody resistin her. has a ton of friends nd loves to be social, neither too cute nor too sexy. probably gives a shit ton of money to charity.
  • Namjoon: the ridiculously sexy grown one. the one who makes daddy namjoon become her son. gets him all weak and flustered n he don’t know shit about what he gon do. someone who is smart as hell like her brain wears glasses kinda smart u know. probably insanely devoted to her job.
  • Yoongi: the shy n timid girl. the type of girl that doesn’t rly speak too much nd it makes him wonder so bad. probably has pretty knees. the type to get real speechless nd easily flustered. the type to listen quietly in the studio as he plays his songs nd he turns his head nd asks “do you like it?” nd u smile nervously “yeah” nd he loves u. he loves that ur innocent. cute.
  • Taehyung: the oblivious, good girl. the one who’s always confused, always rushing somewhere, can never seem to figure out where the hell she’s going. real cute eyes. isn’t a mom friend but definitely a worrier. talks to her mom a lot on the phone. doesn’t even notice taehyung likes her until he either says it or kisses her nd even then she’ll b confused and oblivious and he’ll love it. good @ heart nd wants to help everyone. cries a lot.

Dating Jungkook would include:

- carrying all his shit like its literally so annoying. Every time u turn around he’s shoving his Chapstick, wallet, cellphone etc in your purse
- And you’re just like srsly my bag is not fucking community property
- But he always sneaks stuff inside of your purse and you pretend not to notice BC u love him
- (that quickly ended after he snuck a box of chicken in your bag and forgot to take it out after the movies)
- him annoying the shit out of u 24/7
- Like you’ll be trying to take a nap or text your friends and he’ll shove his head under your arm so you can cuddle him
- He once shoved your face away when you tried to kiss him in the middle of his video game
- You didn’t talk to him for three hours after that
- “Babe… Babe… Are you mad?”
- you annoying him 24/7
- “pay attention to me”
- “it’s hard not to when you turn off my game and sit on my stomach you brat”
- you admit you usually only want his attention when he’s focused on other things
- for example when he’s working on a new song and you push all of his stuff off the bed and put your head in his lap
- “hey I was-”
- “play with my hair”
- Taking ugly couple pictures
- Like everyone hates you guys because all you do is spam them with pictures of you and your meme ass boyfriend
- And it’s hilarious but sometimes your like “ok can u chill I have to send this to my mom”
- Your mom loves him by the way and it’s annoying as hell because whenever you go to family dinners all she does is preen over him
- You’re just sitting there like hi hello it me your biological child
- And when she turns around to finish cooking the little brat pulls your hair and steals food off your plate
- You two are the most extra couple like all your friends hate taking you out in public because all you do is ugly twerk on him and he’s in the back hyping you up way too much
- You both get off on annoying each other but there are rare occasions when you do nice things for each other
- for example you bought him the camera he’d been gushing over for months and left it in the dish drain but only gave it to him after bitching for 30 minutes about how he never does the dishes until he finally relented and got up to do something
- You still think about how he screamed and ran around the living room for 20 mins after
- You once got your period at work and asked him to discreetly drop you a pad.
- This boy put it in between two slices of bread and then put it in a sandwich bag
- At first he’d be really hesitant about sex because he didn’t want to disappoint you and it was the one rare occasion when you were soft and sweet with him and made sure to take extra care with your words.
- But after he got over his initial shyness he would be ALL OVER YOU
- sometimes you’d both be sitting on the couch watching a movie or texting or something and he’d just put his hand on your boob
- And you’re like wyd
- And he’d be like “… shhh just let it happen”
- Other times he’d just tap your shoulder relentlessly until you finally snapped and asked what
- “Wanna do it?”
- He’s not a fan of PDA in front of the members
- But when you get home he’s always touching you
- You’d be reading a book or something and he wouldn’t disturb you or talk to you. He’d just pick u up like you were light as a feather and place you on his lap while he texted or something.
- He’s the little spoon
- Fighting with jungkook is a rare occasion
- Like you have tons of little spats over minuscule things because you just love arguing with him
- But there are rarely ever smack down, drag out fights between the two of you
- He’s usually the first one to apologize but he’s also usually the one who causes the fights
- He hates when you ignore him like he can’t take it
- So when you’re mad he puts everything on the top shelf and tightens all the lids on jars so you’re forced to ask him for help
- He grins whenever he gets that “I’m still not talking to you but open the jar of pickles on the counter and then leave” text
- He always drags you on ugly ass dates
- Like he once tricked you into skydiving and u cried the entire time.
- He still has the pictures saved on his phone.
- basically dating him is like dating a hyperactive toddler and you love it because your relationship is full of laughter and excitement and you couldn’t imagine spending your life with anyone else other than him and him you

A/N: I may do one for all of BANGTAN depending on feedback :P