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Payback (Bobby)

Anonymous asked: Can you write a oneshot with Bobby where another idol rapper releases a diss track centered at Bobby and he brings up how he’s dating an American (you) and disses you as well, and he gets really upset about it? thank you! <3

I got some help on the plot of this from my good friend and fellow writer over at @k-hiphopshit :)

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    You blinked sleepily, reaching for your phone as it kept buzzing. You thought at first it might have been a phone call, but when you looked at the screen, it was instead a series of texts. A few phrases stood out - what the hell, it’s so stupid, i didn’t even do anything! so given how something was obviously wrong you decided to just call your boyfriend instead of reading through all his texts. As soon as you heard him pick up you asked, “Jiwon, what’s going on?”

    “There’s this JYP trainee Seungwon, and he released this diss track about me, and he totally went off on you too- I don’t get it! I never did anything to him!”

    “He’s probably just looking for attention,” you said.

    “Yeah, but doing it like this? It’s just so low and stupid. He hardly even had any good diss material! All the stuff he said about you wasn’t even true and his main complaint about me is that if I like stuff like Show Me the Money, I should just rap underground instead of being in iKon and stuff. Like, what the heck? That isn’t enough to make a song off of!”

    “You’re right, it’s not,” you said calmly. “Jiwon?” It was weird for him to get so angry about this; usually it was hard to perturb him, and there was only one reason you could think of that would have thrown him off so much. “What exactly did he say about me?”

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bangmejiminie  asked:

I just read your jikook mafia au, ahhh~ It's been such a long time since someone wrote mafia!jikook, i'm happyy. could you bless me with some headcanons about jikook's relationship after jungkook bombs his team?? thank you!

A/N: i decided to combine them so i don’t spam with the same topic over and over i hope anon requester doesn’t mind headcanons! Also thank you for the support! ^.^


The same day Jungkook bombs his team he takes Jimin to his main home to help get the elder cleaned up since the, now dead, members had done a pretty good job on his face. They’re in Jungkook’s large bathroom with Jimin sitting on the counter and Jungkook between his thighs wiping gently at the blood and Jungkook is totally being a flirt. 

“So Park Jimin i’m sure a beauty like you has someone waiting for you somewhere?”

“Uh actually no i’m single, i mean i guess my parents might be worried but i was supposed to be at work so maybe not.” 

“Wow well others loss is my gain you really are the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.”

Jimin blushes so hard he’s basically matching the pink water where Jungkook is dipping the bloody rag he’s using to clean him. They spend the next few hours talking not really about anything serious just small talk like where they’re from (”Wow Busan boys both of us huh?!” “Yes it seems the lord has blessed me with sharing a hometown with his prettiest creation.”) favorite television show and snacks and just whatever comes to mind. (they’re totally holding hands too but neither mentions it so whatever) until it’s time for Jimin to go back home.

“Will anyone else come for me?” 

“Worry not my sweetest chocolate (seriously JK tf is up with your nicknames) no harm will come to you ever again i will make sure of it.

They part at Jimin’s front door with Jungkook pressing a kiss to Jimin’s cheek and Jimin returning the favor with a shy smiles.



They way they begin dating is actually quite funny. Jimin had thought he’d seen the last of Jungkook the day the boy left him home but that doesn’t seem to be the case. A few weeks later Jimin is headed home from a late shift at work when he notices some men following him, they’re dressed in similar thug like clothing as the men that kidnapped him before and he begins to panic when he takes a sudden sharp turn and they to the same. He’s so busy running trying to get away from the men following him he doesn’t notice the person in front of him until he’s bumping into them with a yelp. Jimin doesn’t even wait he pulls back his arm and punches as hard as he can drawing a pain filled. 

“Jimin what the fuck.” 


It turns out the men following Jimin were Jungkook’s new gang (the bts members minus Yoongi) keeping an eye on Jimin making sure nothing happened to him.  That night finds them again in Jungkook’s restroom again only now it’s Jungkook who sits on the closed toilet seat (because Jimin cannot reach his face if he sits on the counter) wiping his (broken) nose clean of blood. 

“I’m really sorry Kook you scared the shit out of me and well.” 

“No it’s good had it been anyone else trying to hurt you that hit would have gotten you time to get away. Though i think now i can ask for a date you can say it’s your way of apologizing to me?”  Jimin rolls his eyes but nods;

“Just one date.”


Some other drama:

This is not quite a happy moment in Jimin’s life. It’s starts okay though, he’s just returned from another date with Jungkook (because of course it was never going to be just one date) and he’s so so happy but that’s cut when his father begins yelling.


Jimin walks into the kitchen to see his father slamming his fist on the table and being the good son he’s always been he is quick to try and comfort him. He wishes he hadn’t.  "Is it the Jeon boy again?” Jimin’s voice is quiet but annoyed. His father was head of Busan city police department and for years all Jimin’s ever head about is “Jeon this and Jeon that.” the boy was scum in Jimin’s eyes doing horrible shit that he’d never imagined. He looks down to the files on the table and his heart stops when he sees the picture greeting him. 


Sure he knew Jungkook was no saint (the way they met was enough to say that) but he’d never think Jungkook could do the horrible horrible stuff he’d heard about from his father. He’s shaking and tears are filling his eyes and he hates the way his heart still feels affection and need to protect the younger.The Jungkook that had caressed him and pressed soft yet passionate kisses into his body was the same Jungkook that had killed and tortured defenseless people just because; he feels sick. 

He ignores Jungkook as best he can but of course that only last as much as two weeks before Jungkook is cornering him at work. Jimin wants to get away from him but at the same time he wants to lean into the body that has him trapped to the wall and he’s so torn he has no idea what to do. 

“You’ve been avoiding me.” 

“You’re Jeon Jungkook.” 

Jungkook looks so fucking confused because yeah he told Jimin his name the first day they met (though he didn’t mention last names) and he nods. 

“My name is Park Jimin, my father is Park Yoonso, chief of police for the Busan police department.” 

They’re trapped in this stare off as the air gets really heavy between them waiting for the other to make a move. Jungkook is the first to, the younger leans down so his lips are pressed to Jimin’s ear. “Are you going to turn me in then i wont fight you if you do.” Jimin stiffens because wow this was not what he was expecting. “I should for all the innocent people you’ve killed.” And this makes Jungkook laugh because no anyone he’s ever killed fucking deserved for shit they have done and he explain this to Jimin he takes the elder back to his home and every name Jimin gives him of an “innocent” person brings out proof of shitty things they’ve done and that totally doesnt make Jungkook killing them okay but he feels less bad? It’s totally fucked.


Moving in together:

This is also pretty sad. They’ve been together for a year when it all goes to shit. They’re sneaking around in Jimin’s room late at night because of course they’re hiding their relationship from Jimin’s father and mother and they aren’t supposed to be hope til later. Or so Jimin thought. He’s in the middle of riding Jungkook, like literally Jungkook is balls deep in him with Jimin’s head tossed back and moaning, and Jimin’s door opens to reveal his father.

The man’s eyes instantly widen as Jimin yelps and tries to hide his body but honestly that’s the least of his problem. It’s like a movie how fast it happens Jimin’s father pulls out his gun to point it at Jungkook the moment he realizes who Jimin  is in bed with.

“You my own son with that filth Jeon Jungkook.” 

Jimin is sobbing because Jungkook has no gun or a way to protect himself and even then he doesnt want his father or boyfriend pointing guns at each other. “Daddy please you don’t.” “SHUT UP JIMIN.” His father cocks the gun and Jimin does his fast thinking. The boy covers Jungkook’s body with his own making both his father and lover gasp in surprise. He’s shaking and sobbing but he clings onto Jungkook and never lets go as he turns back to his father. 

“Let him go please i love him please just let him go.” 

His father realizes his son is not moving so he uncocks the gun and scoffs. “I want you out of my house.”  

That night Jungkook moves Jimin into his house and they spend their time in the large bath tub in warm water with Jungkook holding Jimin as the boy sobs for the family he lost.


Wah thank you for requesting! I hope you liked it since this was more like back story than headcanons im sorry T_T

Reading wonho’s interview made me really..emotional. Particularly, what he wanted to say to his members. He mentioned about not thinking about getting first place and to focus on monbebes and being together. I know the members have been thinking about winning first place. I really want to reassure Wonho and Monsta X in general about not feeling that their worth is validated through a music show win. Their worth and potential as artists and individuals will never amount to streams, MV views, trophies, etc. If I could tell them this everyday I would..Monsta X will become bigger and better with time.

Endearing Little Brother and An Awesome Boyfriend

read it on the AO3 at

by Astoria Gracewell (arh581958)

Words: 1248, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of #MalecWeek

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1. COUNTRIES I’VE LIVED IN - Finland, the Czech Republic (only for five months though)
2. FAVORITE FANDOM? - probably the asoiaf/got fandom, especially the jaime x brienne subfandom <3
3. LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK - Finnish and English mostly, also theoretically Swedish, French and Spanish, some Czech, and I’ve also studied Latin
4. FAVORITE FILM OF 2015 - The Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road and Tale of Tales
5. LAST ARTICLE YOU READ? - my boyfriend’s recap of the new Rogue One trailer? definitely not anything scientific
6. SHUFFLE YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY AND PUT THE FIRST THREE SONGS HERE: Nightwish: Dead To The World, Muse: Apocalypse Please, Blind Guardian: Mordred’s Song (it seems to have a theme today but fair enough)
7. LAST THING YOU BOUGHT ONLINE - flights to the Czech Republic to attend a friend’s wedding (or more like, my bf bought that for me bc I’m broke)
8. ANY PHOBIAS OR FEARS? - thinking about time, death and/or the universe makes me uncomfortable, also I’m always super neurotic about my family and friends (if they don’t answer their phones they’re probably dead)
9. HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU? - caring, sensible, goofy, surprisingly mean sense of humour
10. HOW WOULD YOUR ENEMIES DESCRIBE YOU? - cold and arrogant
11. WHO WOULD YOU TAKE A BULLET FOR? - the first two people I think of are my little sister and my boyfriend
12. IF YOU HAD MONEY TO SPARE, WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FIRST? - given that I’m unemployed at the moment, I actually have a list of what I will do with my first payment or two when I finally get a job. Pay my sister and bf back what I owe them, buy a new phone (technically my current one works but the screen is smashed to cobwebs and the mic/speakers don’t work) and book flights & hotel for my bf’s 30th birthday holiday trip.

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I wish I could say that I didn’t love him, because I know he didn’t love me. I wish I could say that I hate him, but I really just hate myself for falling for someone like him. everywhere I go is a reminder of him, full of firsts and full of lasts. memories that are still fresh in my head, that make me think of him when all I want to do is forget he even exists. all of his words that helped develop my newest and deepest insecurities. words like those should be a crime. I’m not even hurt that he left me and then quickly went to someone else. I’m hurt because it just makes me realize that our relationship was nowhere close to what I thought it was. he called me names, and he came back into my life asking if I missed him. I don’t miss him. I miss the parts of myself that he destroyed. I miss the confidence that he stripped away from me. I miss being happy. there’s no way in hell that I miss his intoxicating mood swings, and all of his damn control, that made me feel as if I was owned by him. I don’t miss him. it makes me so angry that he thinks I actually miss him when all he has done is poisoned my mind with insecurities, and making me want to change myself completely. how could I miss the person who told me I shouldn’t be alive. I wish I regretted him, part of me does, but the other knows that if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have endured a strong mind, that will help me to never allow a boy control me or manipulate me. he taught me a lot, he taught me that I never want to be with someone like him again.

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this may be a bit of an odd question but recently my boyfriend has been reading American Gods and, as a result, has become a little obsessed with playing with coin tricks, so i was wondering if there was a specific book that you had in mind that shadow learned the tricks from?

I used Bobo’s Modern Coin magic. It was an ancient hardback, but it’s now available in a nice tough Dover edition:

Boarding Flight

a/n: This is the second part of my new Luke Series, Tour Life with Luke. There will be more parts to come that pertain to concepts revolved around what it would be like to travel the world with your beautiful goof of a boyfriend. Enjoy! xx

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“Flights at four in the morning should not exist.” you yawn slowly, barely able to get your last words out as you lean your bun clad head on Luke’s jacket clothed shoulder. A desire for sleep written all over both of your faces, not getting much at all the night before.

“It’s easier for us to take early morning flights. Not that many people are out and about at this time of day.” Luke points out, yawning himself as he rubs soothing circles near the top of your shoulder, his left arm wrapped around you lovingly.

The digital clock displayed on the white tiled wall to the left of you flashing 3:47 am. Staring at the blinking red dots forming the numbers is melodic in a way, almost luring you to sleep like a lullaby would to a baby.

“Do you know if they’ll have peanuts on the plane?” you mumble into his shoulder, nuzzling yourself fully into his welcoming warmth.

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Easy to Learn Korean 1424 – Can read each other’s minds.

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