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  • man have ya’ll ever met a human puppy cause this!! ^^^ is it
  • for the boyfriend!minhyuk request~
  • literally everything screams boyfriend to me about minhyuk
  • try and tell me he wouldn’t be the sweetest thing since peach cobbler (i sound so texan when i say that)
  • okay, okay, okay, so minhyuk, this angel is an RA

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The average heights of kpop boy groups
  • KNK - 185cm, 6′1
  • Vixx - 182 - 5′11.5
  • SF9 - 181cm, 5′11
  • BAP - 180cm, 5′11 (only bc of Zelo)
  • Winner - 179cm, 5′10.5
  • Pentagon - 179cm, 5′10.5 (rip Jinho)
  • Astro - 179cm, 5'10.5
  • Shinee - 179cm, 5′10.5
  • Day6 - 178cm, 5′10
  • Monsta X - 178cm, 5′10
  • NCT 127 - 178cm, 5′10
  • Seventeen - 178, 5′10 (rip Woozi)
  • Super Junior - 178cm, 5′10
  • Big Bang 177cm, 5′9.5
  • Boyfriend - 177cm, 5′9.5
  • Nu’est - 177cm, 5′9.5
  • BTS - 177cm, 5′9.5
  • Exo - 177cm, 5′9.5
  • Got7 - 177cm, 5′9.5
  • Hotshot - 177cm, 5′9.5
  • BtoB - 176cm, 5′9
  • iKon - 176cm, 5′9 (it’s Jinhwan’s fault)
  • Wanna One - 176cm, 5′9
  • NCT Dream - 174cm, 5′8.5 (idk if this is very accurate since the babs are still growing)

(average ages) (Girl groups: height, age)

Boy groups pt2: Ages | Heights


Request: Could you do Wonho with 8 and 16 please?? Thank you, I love your writing so much!!

8) “Put your pants on.”

16) You and your bias fake a relationship to make your crush jealous

Member: Monsta X Wonho x Y/N x (ft. I.M.)

Type: Fluff/slight smut

“We have to be more convincing,” Hoseok whispered, walking with you in step. You rolled your eyes, scoffed, and continued down the sidewalk. Looking from side to side, you examined the windows of the shops around you, making sure to stop whenever something caught your eye. 

“What was that noise?” Hoseok gasped, grabbing onto your wrist to halt your forward motion. “Did you just laugh at me?”

“No,” you muttered, looking up at him lazily. “What I did was a sound of disgust, not joy.”

“Hey, this was your idea, punk!” he whined, smacking lightly at your arm. You giggled, falling into his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and ruffled your hair, pushing you back gently to stare into your eyes. “You see! This is a good start!”

You and Hoseok had made an arrangement, one you weren’t necessarily the most proud of. Ever since he had introduced you to Changkyun, you had completely melted into a person you didn’t even recognize as being yourself. You flirted, you laughed, and you batted your eyelashes. You had never been the one to obviously throw yourself at a man, but he was the exception. 

But he was so in his own world, he hardly even acknowledged your existence. 

That’s when you approached Hoseok, hoping your friendship would be enough of a reason for him to help you. Surely Changkyun was like any other red-blooded Korean male, and seeing you with someone else would drive him crazy. It would make him realize you weren’t paying as close attention to him anymore. 

It was an easy sell with Hoseok. You two had been inseparable most of the time anyhow, so why not pretend to be a couple? 

Hoseok tilted his head as he looked kindly upon your face. He ruffled your hair again before beginning back down the sidewalk, slowly making his way to the Starship building. 

“Yah, wait up!” you grumbled, shuffling behind him. “How are we not convincing now?”

Hoseok turned, lifting his brows. The ghost of a smile lingered on his lips. “How are we…how are we convincing? You don’t even let me hold your hand, Y/N!” 

“Fine,” you nodded, slipping your hand into his. You were shocked for a moment, allowing your palm to conform to his. Your fingers fit surprisingly well between each other. “Happy?”

“I was happy before you held my hand,” he chuckled, shaking his head and looking down at your now intertwined fingers. “But since I’ve made a mental checklist, I might as well go over it while we’re on the topic. We don’t cuddle, you don’t let me put my arm around you, we’ve never kissed-”

“Hoseok!” you gasped, coming to a quick stop. HIs arm was jerked backwards, nearly toppling over from your sudden halt. “You expect me to kiss you?”

“Heaven forbid!” he grinned. “It’s not like I have cooties, Y/N.”

“Do we really need to get that intimate though?” you sighed, continuing to walk again. 

He squeezed your hand, a large grin on his face. “Well, do you want him to think we’re together, or not?”

You groaned as Hoseok yanked open the door to the Starship building and motioned for you to enter. 

“What? What is wrong with me?” Hoseok laughed, trying to hide how offended he was. 

“I mean…it’s not like you’re a disgusting blob or anything,” you hummed. “I’ve just never thought about it.”

“I’m not asking you to think of me in that light,” he sighed. “I’m just telling you that if you want to catch his attention, you’ll have to be more convincing. We told all of the members we were dating and then literally nothing changed.” 

You followed Hoseok into the practice room, plopping onto one of the benches situated across from the mirrors. You traced his outline through your reflections, a small smile appearing as you did so. He definitely wasn’t hard to look at. To be honest, Hoseok was probably the best fake boyfriend someone could have. Incredibly attractive, caring, and always willing to take things to the next level.

“So what? Are we supposed to start making out all over the place?” you sighed, half joking as you looked up at Hoseok through your lashes. 

“Well that wouldn’t be the most terrible situation,” he chuckled with a wink. 

You groaned, reaching over to smack him as he stood before you. “What do you think will do it? How are we going to catch his attention?”

Hoseok let out a deep breath, beginning to pace before you. He looked pained before he spoke. “Changkyunnie is tough. It’s mostly because his thoughts are always hovering elsewhere. Unless he’s concentrated on music, there isn’t much concentration on anything else…

…but apparently you’re into that.”

“Apparently,” you groaned. “This isn’t helping.”

“I don’t know! First and foremost, we actually start acting like a couple. Starting now,” he nodded. 

“Now,” you nodded. “But we have to lay down some ground rules.”

“I hate rules,” Hoseok whined. You stood as well, now beginning your own pacing. 

“Kisses, but no make outs. Hand holding, but no butt grabs. Cuddling, but-”

“No sex, yeah yeah, all the tame stuff,” Hoseok sighed, rolling his eyes. “Should we practice the kiss thing now or wing it in front of the members?”

You spun around, eying him carefully. You searched his face, your own growing warm simply by looking at his expression. He bit his lip, lifting his brows as he waited patiently for your response. 

“Maybe we should get the first one out of the way now,” you whispered, averting your eyes so you wouldn’t have to look at him. 

You looked back up just as Hoseok began to cross the small space between you, a smile tugging at one side of his mouth. He remained silent as he angled his head, lifting his hand up slowly to caress your chin. 

“Hoseok,” you hissed, turning your head so you wouldn’t have to look at him. He kept his fingers placed on your chin as he traced down your jaw before dropping his hand again. He dipped his own face, catching your lips as he straightened his back again. He shifted his feet to secure his stance, tugging at your belt loops to pull you in just a little bit closer. 

You were surprised at the force behind his kiss, his lips working overtime to say all of the things neither of you could. There was a want behind his motions that you had never recognized before. You were surprised at yourself as you reciprocated, your hands moving from your sides to slowly crawl up his chest, only halting once they were wrapped around the back of his neck. You played with the small hairs at his nape, eventually running your hands up to get a full grip of his longer layers on top. There were no reservations in either of your motions, moving independently of your thoughts. 

Hoseok groaned into your mouth as he pressed his palms into your lower back, your chests flat against each other. He bit at your lower lip, causing you to gasp at the foreign feeling. He chuckled just as his tongue slid into your mouth, still fighting for dominance he already had. 

“Hoseok,” you gasped, leaning back to catch your breath. He wasted no time planting his lips on your neck, biting and sucking down the tender flesh and causing you to whine. 

Your body had taken complete control, governing over your mind as your hands slid back down his chiseled chest and rested on top of his belt. You lifted up his shirt, feeling the soft skin and hard muscles hidden beneath the cotton and fingered the leather of his belt. 

He bit at your collar bone, taking in a sharp intake of breath as your nails trailed over the flesh of his lower stomach. You began to tug at his belt with more fervor than before, determined to spring it loose. 

“You said no sex,” he whispered, chuckling softly in your ear. 

“No, YOU said no sex,” you insisted, tugging at his belt and letting it fall to the floor. You unbuttoned his jeans, his Calvin Klein’s now visible. 

Hoseok wiggled his eyebrows before diving into your neck again, causing you to shiver. He took a few more steps forward, navigating your back to the mirrored wall. He lifted up your leg, grinding slowly into your jeans. So much for only pretending. 

“Um…Wonho hyung, put your pants on,” a timid voice stuttered near the door. You and Hoseok both looked up, a mix of fear and surprise on both of your faces. 

“Yah, Changkyun!” Hoseok gasped, dropping your leg. His fingers flew in an attempt at buttoning his pants. His cheeks were now painted a bright red as he stared at his younger member. You took a few cautious steps, pulling yourself from your friend and wincing. 

You were distraught for only a moment by Changkyun’s sudden appearance, but not for the reason you had expected. You were more upset by having to untangle yourself from Hoseok than how this all looked to the younger man. 

“I mean…I’ve seen you without your pants on, but some of the manager noonas might not be able to handle it. They already blush around you when you have clothes on,” Changkyun chuckled, entering the room and plopping on a bench. His gaze lingered on you for a moment before looking down at his mobile.  

Hoseok stumbled behind you, his chest close on your back and voice hot in your ear. He spoke low enough for only you to hear. “We’ve probably got him convinced now.”

You spun, looking over your shoulder at Changkyun to confirm that he was thoroughly lost in whatever was on his phone before you began to speak. 

“The problem is…I think you’ve got me convinced now too.”

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Dating Lee Jooheon

“Could you do a dating jooheon!? Your writing is so soothing !”

“Hi! I really like your writing!! Could you please do a dating jooheon from monsta x please? Thank you!! 💕”

“Yes hi hello could I request a dating Jooheon thing? Or Hyungwon? I’m not picky i just love my boys Have a great rest of your day 💕💕” 

thank you for requesting! dating hyungwon can be found here

Requested by: @heonytaetae and anon


  • time for my honey boy rip to all jooheon stans and me (as an ex jooheon stan)
  • okay mister jooheon is a clingy little muffin 
  • like the cutest person in the entire world
  • ugh i can’t with this mans
  • okay so you guys would meet somewhere like a volunteer place
  • i’m thinking about the monsta x ray episode with the kids 
  • i mean when am i not thinking about it lets be honest
  • you’d be a regular volunteer at the day care centre in your village
  • and jooheon would be starting his volunteer work that same morning
  • he’d turn up with dishevelled hair and bags under his eyes from waking up so early
  • but his cheeky little smile and dimples would be littering his face
  • he’d get assigned to shadow you for the moment until he got used to the kids
  • because you can’t just be thrown into the deep end like the kids need to learn to feel comfortable with new adults
  • he gets liked a lot quicker than you were expecting considering his hair was platinum blonde
  • he’s being dragged around on the floor by the more boisterous ones and he’s giggling
  • it’s endearing
  • and also really fricken cute
  • he helps set the place mats and stuff for lunch
  • even feeding some of the sleepy kids and stopping them from face planting into their soup
  • when it comes to nap time one kid wants to share both you and jooheon
  • so when he’s comfortable he puts his little hands for you and jooheon to hold
  • you’re on the left and he’s on the right
  • once he’s dropped off he’s watching the kid with his chin on his hands flush to the floor (like the gif)
  • he notices you staring at him and begins to flutter his eyelashes lol what a tease
  • “what?”
  • “you’re staring at me”
  • “… no i wasn’t”
  • “it’s okay, you can’t deny i’m pretty good looking”
  • “jooheon, stop, the kids…”
  • it was too late tho 
  • your face was already a tomato
  • and he was chuckling at his victory
  • once all the kids are safely deposited to their parents for the day he offers to buy you dinner to say thank you
  • “for what?”
  • “for letting me shadow you… the relationship you have with them is really something”
  • he continues to watch your every move sat opposite you
  • the little slurping noise you make with your broth causes his lips to turn up at the side every time
  • and in that moment he swore he knew what true love felt like
  • after a few more weeks of working at the day care and a few more after work dinners
  • you asked him if he’d want to make your thing official
  • he literally fell of his chair in shock lmao
  • mister lee is a very affectionate person
  • constantly all over you
  • much to the disgust of his members
  • you learned pretty early on that he was a rapper in a band and that he was doing voluntary work to give him more of a ‘life’ (that sounds mean but like i hope you get what i’m trying to say)
  • anyway
  • when you weren’t working he’d beg you to come with him to whatever the band was doing
  • whether it be an actual event or just practice
  • he just wants you to be there
  • you’d hang out on the sofa and read your book
  • jooheon knew what he was doing to distract you
  • he’d move a little extra harsh and thrust his hips a little more
  • then when you were practically foaming at the mouth at him he’d switch his aegyo onto full volume
  • bang goes that metaphorical boner lol
  • sweaty hugs 
  • all
  • the
  • time
  • he doesn’t care bitch he’s gonna hug you
  • his favourite hugs are when he’s come back from a long day and you’re stood at the door in your pj’s with sleepy eyes and a mug of hot chocolate in your hand
  • he’d melt into your outstretched hands
  • arms hooked round your waist
  • inhaling your scent
  • “hi baby”
  • “honey, your voice is so hoarse…”
  • “i know, but you take care of me with hot drinks so i’ll be okay”
  • “shall i give you a back rub too?”
  • “i don’t deserve you, Y/N”
  • plenty of sweet kisses in bed aw
  • skinship isn’t really an issue with him
  • like if he wants to hold your hand or kiss you he will
  • his members complain about it all the time
  • especially in interviews
  • “what’s the most annoying habit of each member?”
  • “jooheon and his girlfriend’s CONSTANT kissing!”
  • “it’s getting too much for my innocent eyes”
  • “we can never get any work done anymore”
  • that’s half true
  • you always turn up late at night to jooheon’s studio and bring him snacks or home cooked meals
  • it always ends in a makeout sesh in his chair tho lol
  • the type that he’d be dragging your ass to meet his hips
  • soft moans fall from his mouth when you latch onto his neck
  • 9 times out of 10 changkyun will walk in on you guys lmao
  • a fan of the stereotypical dates i think
  • like he’ll take you to see a movie and then for dinner
  • because his band aren’t the most popular in korea he can move freely around with you
  • there may be a couple fans on the way but like
  • you don’t care
  • you get to go home with him every night so who’s the real winner wink wonk
  • he’ll hold your hand over the table and swipe his thumb over your knuckles
  • just a super cute guy really
  • when you stay over at the dorms he never wants to get out of bed
  • when it smells like you he gets proper soppy
  • you’ll be spooning and he’ll gently lift whatever shirt you’re wearing to rub your tummy
  • is that a kink? because jooheon definitely has it
  • “morning, honey”
  • “mm morning, baby, did you sleep well?”
  • “so well, i love waking up next to you”
  • “me too… we should get our own place one day”
  • you’d talk rapidly about your future and how many dogs you’re gonna get 
  • he gets so excited when he talks about anything to do with you
  • his eyes disappear and his dimples reappear
  • so cute
  • he’d help you with breakfast
  • more of a handing-you-things-you-need helper
  • and a backhug expert
  • “babe i can’t do anything with your arms round me”
  • “oh i’m sorry, i’ll move-”
  • “i didn’t say to stop…”
  • he’d chuckle into your shoulder and squeeze you tighter
  • a dishevelled kihyun would just groan at the sight and go back to bed lmao
  • i think arguments with jooheon will be earth shattering
  • like it’ll be horrible and you’ll think the worst
  • he gets quite animated and passionate when it comes to things so i think that’ll reverberate into fights
  • i think it’ll mainly be over like life things or maybe jealousy?
  • like if you’re busy at work he’ll get mad and act like you don’t want to spend time with him
  • there’d be a lot of screaming and slamming doors
  • angry pillow rage too
  • one time you had a fight in the dorm and all the boys had no idea what to do
  • jooheon ran to his room and slammed the door and you angrily slapped your mug on the kitchen table
  • when you were pacing wonho came and tried to calm you down
  • “are you okay, Y/N?”
  • “what do you think?!”
  • “okay, calm down please, i’m trying to help…”
  • “well i don’t need your help!”
  • you’d feel bad for shouting so you’d go into wonho’s studio and apologise
  • to which he’d just open his arms and offer a hug
  • jooheon would come looking for you a short while later
  • and wonho would pass your tiny frame into his arms
  • you’d be sniffling into his chest
  • “joo, i’m so sorry…”
  • “no, baby, i should be apologising, i shouldn’t have said those things…i love you”
  • “i love you too, so much, please don’t leave me”
  • “i would never dream of it”
  • and that would be the first time you said you loved each other
  • kind of an awkward first time but it’s perfect for you
  • the year anniversary of your relationship you guys did it for the first time whey hey
  • (i’ll go into more detail in a second)
  • but jooheon would be extra clingy the morning after
  • kissing up your neck at the marks and running his fingers up and down your thighs
  • you’d have the biggest shit eating grin on your face
  • “joo stop”
  • “just let me love you a little bit more”
  • “i thought you did plenty last night”
  • “… yeah but i just want to, baby”
  • the magic doesn’t last long tho as you both have to go to work
  • you’d get up first to use the bathroom first and dress yourself in whatever clothes were on the floor
  • jooheon would whine in bed watching you
  • “do you have to cover up that sweet little ass?”
  • “well do you want one of the other members to see it too?”
  • “… okay yeah cover it up”
  • super protective of you
  • gave you the looooongest hug before you went your separate ways
  • he’d be smiley and giggly all day
  • the members got so confused
  • but they never question it
  • because it’s probably you
  • 18+ time
  • children please go watch some cartoons or something
  • k cool

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(can you please put your jacket back on i’ve only got one set of ovaries)

  • OKAY
  • jooheon is a mystery to me
  • like i feel like he can be really subby and bratty
  • but also this gif screams dom
  • so idk
  • as i mentioned in the fluff bit you’d have sex with him for the first time after a year of dating
  • not for any particular reason but the mood was finally right and everything just seemed to fall into place
  • he’d be so gentle with you
  • laying you down carefully on the bed and showering your body with kisses
  • definitely into body worship
  • “you look so pretty, baby”
  • “i didn’t know you had a birthmark, it’s beautiful”
  • “all of this for me? i’m so lucky”
  • he’d have you arching your back before he’s even touched you
  • definitely into marking
  • your neck would look like a leopard lmao
  • he’d use his knee to pry open your legs and slot himself in
  • deffo some grinding before you do the deed
  • “jooheon, please…”
  • “i just want to take my time baby”
  • he’d peel your slick panties from your body and delve his fingers into you
  • he’d watch intently at every twitch and whine
  • he wants to make sure he’s doing okay
  • when you give him the nod he’s moving so quickly lol
  • slips on a condom and eases himself slowly into you
  • he doesn’t move until you’re completely comfortable
  • literally does everything on your terms
  • he’d be kissing you and squeezing your breasts
  • definitely whines when he cums
  • he’d whine into your neck 
  • made you cum straight after he did
  • when you’re more comfortable
  • i think jooheon would like to be rough with you
  • like grabbing your neck and thrusting hard
  • but he does have his soft sides
  • like if he’s had a really shitty day he’s gonna come home and fuck the shit out of you
  • you ain’t mad tho
  • you get to cuddle in the bath afterwards and his tender side comes back again
  • he’ll come home and his eyes will be literally black 
  • you’ll just know
  • he’ll growl at you and push you up against the closed door
  • rip off whatever clothing you’re wearing
  • delve his face into your pussy and go to town
  • won’t fuck you until your legs are shaking from holding off your orgasm
  • lord help you if you cum before he lets you
  • that’s when the spanking starts
  • “bad girls who cum when they’re not supposed to get punished”
  • if you’re feeling extremely bratty you’ll send him sexy pics while he’s working
  • you love getting him riled up before he comes home
  • will tie you up so you can’t touch him at all
  • maybe even blindfolds if he’s feeling risky ooooo
  • i think he also has a sensitive side when it comes to sex tho
  • not like subby but like he’ll let you do whatever
  • i always say morning sex in these but i feel like jooheon is more of a sex during the day guy
  • like you’ll go out for lunch and be extremely soft for each other and romantic and stuff
  • you’d drive back to the dorm and make love to each other
  • he’d have his back pressed to the headboard
  • it’d be super giggly and cute 
  • he’d be giving you little encouragements
  • like if you were giving him a blowjob
  • “you’re doing so well, baby”
  • “you look so pretty”
  • “mm feels so good”
  • and when you eventually lowered yourself on him you’d press your foreheads together and just look at each other
  • his fingers would be stroking your face
  • whispering “i love you’s” into your skin as you moved yourself on him
  • soft neck kisses too
  • you’d pinch his little tummy and coo at how much you love it
  • “i love you, so much”
  • “probably not as much as i love you, Y/N”
  • he’d meet your thrusts when he was close to cumming
  • imagine the biggest smile on his face at the relief 
  • soft kisses after
  • would definitely treat you to a shaved ice dessert after
  • in conclusion
  • lee jooheon is a little bean
  • and loves you so much
  • sex is mindblowing
  • much to the disgust of his members
  • like seriously can you just fuck at your apartment?