boyfriend and girlfriend painting

soft summer loving

this was supposed to be a warm up before i started commissions but now im on the ground sobbing


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 3.8.18

theme thursday: radness from msspanner

pocket manfriends by msspanner

i would have to say that my absolute FAVORITE find from msspanner is her wide array of handsome pocket manfriends — choose your dude by name! i think i’d have to go for kenneth or pete, for their rad beards … or maybe david the scientist, ooh la la. msspanner also sells pocket girlfriends if you’re looking for one ;)

okay so you need to marry someone that supports your work like they get genuinely excited about reading your poetry or admiring your new art piece, even if the poetry doesn’t rhyme or isn’t normal or trendy or the art is a sculpture made out of sticks and leaves and is barely holding itself together; date someone who is honestly and truly proud of you