boyfriend's bday

“You’re my bunny baby~” 


for @bottomkook​ cause i love her and her work.

sorry this was a little late cinnamon roll, but i hope you love some sweet domestic jikook based off your bunny!kook fic :3 LOVE YOU




valentines day gifts ft. seventeen

seungcheol: a romantic dinner

jeonghan: he would put cute sticky notes on the wall about the things he loves about u with heart-shaped balloons floating everywhere

jisoo: chocolate lOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE

jihoon: a personally composed song with ur name on it !!

mingyu: cute matching couple shirts

minghao: a hUGE tEDDY BEAR

junhui: a list of 101 reasons why he loves u

wonwoo: a romantic movie with ice cream because life is all about simplicity

soonyoung: a box in a box in an even smaller box into a really tiny box that just turns out to be a bracelet but hEY ROMANTIC RIGHT

seokmin: a heart-shaped pizza bc why not

hansol: he’d literally cover your bed with lots of pretty flowers and be like “if i had to pick the most beautiful flower in here i’d pick you” so CHEESY

seungkwan: hE WOULD SERIOUSLY GIVE U ANYTHING U WANT BC HE’S JUST SO SWEET LIKE THAT from a walk to the beach or a trip to paris okay maybe not hE’S UP FOR IT

chan: cute cards with heart stickers all over them with adorable moments you’ve shared together written on them hOW CUTE

imagine jimin hitting yoongi with a bad pick-up line every day just to get him all flustered. (“smile if you think i’m cute?” “if i had a star for every time you brightened my day, i’d have a galaxy in my hand.” “yoongi-hyung, did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?” “i had a pick-up line for today but you’re so cute you made me forget.” “your hand looks heavy, hyung. should i hold it for you?”) yoongi pretends that jimin grosses him out but he secretly loves the attention.

anonymous asked:

It's so weird that they get so mad about him going back to LA at this point. They keep screaming that he has to go back to stunting, but thank god he had the last month off. But like Danielle was with him in the UK almost the whole time. She was at his bday, at his performance, at Xmas, at Lottie's boyfriends bday, and pictured with his siblings multiple times! And Briana and Freddie were in the UK as well! Like? How do they just ignore this all? And doesn't he live LA with Harry? So why so bad?

It betrays a COMPLETE lack of confidence in their belief system that they react like this. If they truly believed that Louis and Harry are working on the situation to the best of their abilities, with the power of the Azoffs behind them, then there is absolutely no need to react or talk about or deconstruct or find flaws in every little piece of irrelevant data that shows up on a random twitter or peripheral party’s snapchat.

If they believe that Louis and Harry have a love compound in LA that Liam is fake living in, and that Harry truly will follow closely on Louis’ heels to LA (as they’ve said), then there is no reason to be upset about Louis returning to LA.

If they believe Danielle and Louis are only together when they’re seen, and that Louis and Harry have been MIA in London together (or their midway between Doncaster and Holmes Chapel home, or one or the other family homes) the entire time, then the “fact” that Louis and Danielle haven’t been seen together in the UK (and they seem eager to claim the person who thought they saw Louis and Danielle dogwalking was paid to plant the story) means there is no reason to be discouraged about the situation.

If they are pleased to believe that Louis had Briana carry her baby brother (or whoever Freddie is supposed to be this week as long as he’s not her son) to the UK to stay in an unsafe Air BnB to spite her and her awful incestuous domain-squatting family, then substitute other babies for his family to take pictures with (along with Danielle, or maybe Felicite wearing a Danielle snapchat filter), then there is no reason to be upset because hey! He did that! He let someone endanger a baby and had his family and their friends fake tag Danielle’s instagram and fake defend Briana and fake? receive harassment? about that? from larries online? He did that! He truly loves them!

They’ve been bracing their asses for Louis to do stuff all week, pre-drinking their fury at Danielle for exploiting a situation they created and publicized, and now that Louis is going to be on the Brits, they’re clenched because they KNOW. They know that regardless of what Louis is asked about, or says, Freddie isn’t going away. They couldn’t make Briana go away - she LITERALLY came back stronger. They couldn’t make Danielle disappear. They couldn’t convince Louis not to leave his PR in the dust even though they have been VERY CLEAR FROM THE START that SJPR was OPPRESSING AND SMEARING HIM by calling him a DAD!!! in the press!!!

It’s 2017 and Louis is 11.5 times more dad and 12 times more boyfriend and has followed 100% more nannys than he had at the beginning of 2016. But, like, how could 2017 possibly get worse for them? Can’t relate.

Boyfriend Reaction: When they forget your birthday

Donghyun: [thinking of a way to apologize]

Hyunseong: [acts cute] I`m so sorry I forgot, honey~~ Forgive me

Jeongmin: [doesn`t admit forgetting your birthday] I DIDN`T FORGET you… you just ruined my surprise! [you: then where is it?] Well…

 Youngmin: I`m just a human-being and humans tend to make mistakes quite often…

But you know what, I`m really sorry? See? [shameful aegyo]

Kwangmin: It is today you say?..

I`ll be your gift~

Minwoo: [shockedd and mad at himself because he had been preparing for your birthday a few weeks ahead and thought he couldn`t forget]

- Vivian ヽ༼>ل͜<༽ノ

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