boyfriend time!

My non-shipping boyfriend's reaction to TFP

I watched the episode last night, my boyfriend only just watched it with me about an hour ago. So I already knew everything that happened in the episode, but he didn’t.

I gave him no indication of what would happen, I didn’t hint at it at all. He thought Molly was going to die (that is already seen her die), because he looked at me as if to say “sorry for your loss, babe.” I gave nothing away.

After Sherlock said “I love you” to Molly the second time, my boyfriend immediately turned to look at me, smiling and even a little misty-eyed:

“He said it twice. Because he means it.” AHHH

Then when Molly showed up at 221B, he looked at me again. “Look at her! That smile!”


(He also really wanted to know why Molly was having a bad day. He thinks she’s pregnant! He also thinks Molly knew Sherlock loved her but was too dumb to realize it, and that’s why she made him say it. Maybe my boyfriend is more of a shipper than he thinks. Lol)

Tmi for ppl who don’t like to talk about sex but like ok so sometimes I send my boyfriend nudes at random times to mess with him and I was about to do that right so I took the titty pic and tried to go to send message but instead I hit Facebook and oh my fukcing GOD the whole screen came up, post already drafted, ready to share this picture of my tatas with every one of my Facebook friends and I had to defuse a fucking bomb when I hit discard and my heart is STILL pounding out of my damn chest holy shit guys always take nudes in snapchat don’t do what the fuck I just did

(I’m the grey messages.)

Messages from my ex boyfriend. We tried multiple times and only dated for days or weeks at a time. He never wanted to fully commit. We were only 12/13 at the time and constantly would pass notes to each other saying how much we liked each other, how much we wanted to be together but also discussed the fact it wouldn’t work. We would occasionally sneak off during our lunch break at school and have a little heart to heart talk, which ended with a kiss each time. We secretly dated and broke up after a few days, like it always did, and we stopped speaking for a long time.

I lost my virginity to him at 15, after getting close to each other again, and we both promised not to tell but days later.. he told his friends. He began distancing himself from me until we never spoke and refused to sit next to, or anywhere near, each other. After a few months of us not speaking, I deleted his number and it broke my heart.
We never spoke, or looked in each other’s direction, again.

July 18, 2016. I received these messages. We’re now 17/18. I hadn’t seen him for just over 2 years.
He was in a relationship at the time he sent me this. I was weirded out but so happy, I’d missed him so much that I had butterflies in my stomach and I couldn’t let myself sleep until the conversation died. It didn’t feel wrong at all, despite him being in a relationship. We spoke of how we’re stuck in this cycle of dating, breaking up then losing touch. We both said how much we hated it, and how much we wish it would end but neither of us tried to fix it. I don’t think we really want(ed) to fix it.

I haven’t seen or heard from him since this conversation and I think that’s just the way it’s going to be.

It’s 2017 and I still miss him; I don’t want him to come back though.

mkay so the minute this came on my dash , i cried . why ? storytime lmao butbit started in the 7th grade of middle school , aka my first year in middle school ( bc my elementary offered 6th grade . i stayed ) . i grew up loving the beatles but i wasn’t exactly IN LOVE to say or obsessed . so it was a rainy day in P.E class & we would do 10 minutes of stretching & run around the inside gym & then sit down to watch a movie . the movie happened to be the beatles in Help ! while everyone was moaning & whining that it’s weird & boring & that they’re OLD , me & my boyfriend ( who wasn’t my boyfriend at the time ) just watched … & everytime the camera was at john especially , my heart skipped a beat . i told myself ’ why do i feel this way ??? what does it mean ??? ’ it confused me . That day , i went home & downloaded every beatles song i knew at the top of my head to my ipod nano & just laid on my bed & listen … not just john , but every voice just made my heart beat faster * eventually i did a scream lmao rip . Y'know when you love something or someone sm & it just builds up your excitement ? its that . ANYWAYS this is p much the time where i’d question my sexuality. am i gay ???? do i like boys ???? ANYWAYS my love for the beatles really did blossom then . i revisited them , you can say . next day , i came home & printed beatles photos & decorated my folder full of them . black & white printer but hey , didn’t bother me . inside the folder too but only , there were heart stickers & some drawn ones too . i was proud of it … i do get requests to take a closer look at my folder , it brought curiosity. in my case , people thought the beatles were for girls ( strangely enough yes & i still live with people asking me this gdi ) . i was teased at & made fun of for loving them & being labeled ’ gay ’ but you know what who gives a fuck !! but at the same time , it gets tiring to hear it repeatedly… ’ beatles are for girls !!! ’ & lmao my favorite , ’ are you gay ? ’ i never bothered to say anything back , to correct them . i just smile & shrug . But ngl , while i had the ‘idgaf’ attitude , i’ve had some days where i get a bit conscious . get a bit mad , sad . . but i managed to look pass it & me boyfriend would help me. from there on out , it never stopped me from holding my folder pressed on my chest & walking with it & my button that says ’ i love john ’ . i lived with this until i graduated from middle school. in hs , a complete different story bc no one gave af so nothing to share there . this post made me bust some tears . it reminded me of these days . i did know there were huge fans from back then who were men & lose their marbles over the beatles just as i did . i was shown this in middle school & i felt at home . i was shown concert clips & i saw them losing it !! & i couldn’t feel more happier than to just – see that !!

Mycroft just got a photo text from Jamie. It was a picture Hope drew for him. So cute.

How well timed for a one year old. To draw a picture for her aunt’s boyfriend during a time in which he may need some comfort. - M.H.

You’re her uncle, you weirdo. Maybe I made a suggestion that Uncle Mycroft might like it for once if she drew him a picture… I know you don’t like baby stuff or people stuff unless it’s your family but you know, my family cares about you and all your weird family members. - Jamie.

Tell Hope I appreciate the thought. - M.H.

She’s 17 months old. I’ll say thank you to her. - Jamie.

I’d rather thought the thank you was reserved for her mother. - M.H.

Took a screenshot of that. I have proof you said that! - Jamie.

It would be a shame if your husband would find and delete that image and go as far as to break your phone… - M.H.

Whatever, Einstein. I’m done being nice to you for the day. - Jamie.

Clearly I was never prepared to be nice to you today. - M.H.

Who are these people that I surround myself with? And why did I find that very sweet?

- A.

  • Jumin: Is this seat empty?
  • Zen: Ya, and this one will be too if you sit down.