boyfriend spoiling me

Valentine’s Day Goodies

• Since im , lets say , more of an “adult” now , im not that much excited about valentine’s day as i was when i was younger. Me and my boyfriend dont have like a big celebration take pictures and post them on social media and stuff like that (cuz thats a bit stupid in my opinion) . But this valentines ,my lovely boyfriend decided to spoil me with beauty stuff that i wanted for a long time but didnt get around to buy them .

• I wasnt expecting this much but he did such a great job and i love him for that. I really wanted the maybelline palette for a long time and i cant wait to try it out and make a review about it  ^^ .

— have a great day —

Shout out to @somewhat-adorkable for sending me doodles, always trying to make me smile, and understanding my bouts of silence. Shout out to @boonkin for believing in my art, spending hours on drawpile with me (though we haven’t recently and we need to), and wanting the best for me even though you’re not sure how to help. Shout out to @imperator-ryan for never abandoning me and always being my friend even through my cunty behavior, long bouts of silence, and writers block. Shout out to @imperatorchainsaw for being not only one of the best roommates I’ve ever had, but being supportive of my relationship with her best friend. Shout out to @darth-maul-official for being a great boyfriend that spoils me with art of my characters and helping me talk about things that are difficult. Lastly, shout out to @cimerii even though he won’t see this for being my best friend and one of the smartest, most understanding husbands I could have ever asked for.

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I see a lot of posts talking about how women in their relationships want to be spoiled, pampered and treated like a princess — and they should be. However rarely do I see posts talking about how they want to spoil their boyfriends, or treat them. Random gifts and acts of affection run both ways and it’s a shame more people don’t have that mindset, you get what you give.

i really need a boyfriend who spoils me whether that be with love and affection or gifts and jewelry or perhaps both at the same time it’s up to them

Day 5 in a row of working 6a-2p and I don’t feel completely dead tired! You’d think that would be an easy shift. But I do physical labor until about 10/11:00 and am on my feet 90% of the day at work. Helps me get my steps in but sometimes just really wears me out! But feeling pretty good today tired-wise. Good, because I work all 6ams until Friday. Ugh. Counting down the days!

Walked in today and my manager handed me a bag with a pair of LulaRoe leggings in it! I’m so excited about them! She might’ve started something there! ^_^ one girl was like “my boyfriend really likes to spoil me so I’m going to show him these so he will tell me to get more.” 😐🙄

Still sick but did my best today. Made it for some biceps! Did ok not amazing. Just sick :( I don’t want to miss any more days so I forced myself to come today. Glad I did. But me being glad doesn’t make me feel better. Gonna try to sweat out this sickness in the sauna now and then I’ll decide what kind of cardio I’m gonna get into!

Also, I left my engagement ring at home. Makes me really sad. :( usually I would be out flaunting it. But I can’t because I left it. Oh well, at least I know where it is.

My pink Lush Haul!

For Christmas my boyfriend spoiled me with a box full of Lush products and believe me when I tell you that it’s like the best gift ever!
I don’t have a Lush anywhere near me so it’s always a treat when I can take a bath and use a bath bomb!

Candy Mountain- This smells like vanilla and strawberries! It has glitter in it as well and when crumbled into the tub it makes a nice bubble bath.

Snow Fairy- This shower gel is limited edition but comes around every so often. It smells just like cotton candy.

Fun- This is a soap that you can mold in the bath. I’ve yet to try it out but it has a very sweet scent as well.

Mmm- This bath melt also smells amazing and I imagine it makes bubbles in the water as well. (Actually no bubbles! Just a wonderful silky skin feeling)

Fairy Godmother- I’m going to be excited to use this vegan soap once I’m done using the shower gel!

Magic Wand- This is a reusable bubble bar that is candy scented and turns the water into a pink magical color!

He sent me his D in a box

Soo Steve kept saying he sent me the D, and I was really really confused. |3
He also sent me a video of a song called “My dick in a box”…

so then today I got a package in the mail
and this is what I see


It was literally a piece of paper with a huge “D” on it.

On the back of it was a note

Which pisses me off how cute/neat he writes in cursive because the print he wrote on the box itself with addresses and such was sloppy;; |D Steve has a cute signature you guys

But anyways this was under the D

Pokemon White 2, and chocolattttttttttttttttttttttteeeee ;wwwwww; omgggggg
I dunno if I told him or not but I really wanted that effing game |D but I’ve had no money..;; 

Better believe ive been on this shit all day |3

 Thank you Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve, you are the best of all senpais ever :‘I