boyfriend spoiling me


Author: b0blegum

Pairing: Lee Jooheon x Reader

Rating: 17+ (language, violence, alcohol, sexual activity)

Genre: Gang, Action, Romance


Part: part 1 // part 2 // part 3 (end)

Words: 2976

Summary: RAHASIA

/ra·ha·sia /

Origin: Indonesia

Meaning: Something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

Summer 2013

“Stop following me around.” A girl stopped walking suddenly, making the shadow behind her stopped as well. “Do you really think I don’t realized you’ve been following me for a week?” She turned around to nothing but a scoff.

“You haven’t changed a bit, huh? Always aware of your surrounding.” A raspy voice greeted her from afar.

“What do you want.” She asked bluntly.

“Boss misses you.” He answered, this time he made an appearance, as a silhouette he came closer to her. His hand hiding inside his pants pocket while a cigarette kept his other hand occupied. “Do you not miss her?” He inhaled the smoke than let it all out, making a perfect show of smoke with a ray of light shooting exactly to where his smoke traveled.

“I don’t.” She answered shortly.

“Don’t lie to me. I’m sure you do miss Boss, us.” He chuckled. “Don’t you miss killing those bastards with your pretty hands?”

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I see a lot of posts talking about how women in their relationships want to be spoiled, pampered and treated like a princess — and they should be. However rarely do I see posts talking about how they want to spoil their boyfriends, or treat them. Random gifts and acts of affection run both ways and it’s a shame more people don’t have that mindset, you get what you give.

okay yes queer people should be able to enjoy their fluffy game without bad things happening but please understand that DD is a parody/tribute to the otome genre and there is traditionally one REALLY FUCKED UP ROUTE. this isn’t something they did just to be homophobic or for shock value. it’s a trope.

second day of summer and i had such an amazing fucking day with my boyfriend again. he spoils me so much idk what i did to deserve him man, he’s brought so much good into my life

PUNKSOS - Michael Clifford

Rating: It has mentions of drugs so idk

Writer: Maddie

Y/N was a nice girl, she liked flowers and butterflies and she enjoyed the peaceful things in life. She was such an innocent girl and her boyfriend loved that about her. Michael loved that she was so small and quiet and never really raised her voice to anyone.

Y/N and Michael had a good relationship, they were so in love and never doubted the other person. Sure when they first started dating 5 and a half years ago Y/N and Michael were different. They always fought, always yelled at one another and got jealous over nothing. But it’s all changed now because they only believe what the other says and that’s that.

“Baby.” Y/N spoke to her black headed boyfriend as he sat counting his money. Michael was a drug dealer and he earned so much money. People doubted their relationship because she was so innocent and Michael, well wasn’t. “I’m going to the shop, do you need anything?” Her hands rubbed his shoulders, giving him a small massage as she kissed his cheek from behind.

“Can you get some pancake mix? I’m thinking we can have pancakes for dinner if that’s alright?” Michael’s voice was so soft when he spoke to her, as opposed to the people who worked for him, he was never nice to them.

“Sure baby, I’ll buy extra maple syrup because I know how much you love that.” She let out a small giggle. Michael’s hands grabbed a small wad of cash before he gave it to her.

“Go buy yourself something cute, yeah? A new dress or shoes.” He stood up from his chair and pulled his smaller girlfriend towards him. Her arms wrapped around his waist as he leant down to kiss her lips. If Michael believed in marriage, he would have proposed 3 years ago, but he didn’t. He didn’t even really refer to her as his girlfriend, she was his partner and regardless of them not being married she took his last name and changed it on almost everything. Y/N Clifford was a well known name to everyone in West Sydney and they knew not to fuck with her because of who her boyfriend was.

“You spoil me so much.” Her lips pressed to Michael’s nose before she pulled away and slipped her floral flats on.

“I love you more than anything, babe that’s all.” Michael’s eyes watched her move around their shared home as she grabbed the car keys and her purse.

“I love you more than anything Mikey.” With one last kiss to Michael’s lips she left their small 2 bedroom house. Y/N didn’t want Michael to know why she was leaving because she was scared. Sure he loved her but he only loved her.


It was a few hours later when Y/N got home, she found her boyfriend laying on the couch as he had a little nap. Y/N laughed to herself before she unpacked everything from the bags to the kitchen pantry before she walked to her own bedroom and put away the clothes she bought herself and Michael. In all honesty, Michael wouldn’t really recognised that he had new clothes, he would just pull them on and not question it. Y/N double checked that her boyfriend was asleep before going to the toilet.

The stick in her hand was driving her nuts as she placed it between her legs and peed on it. She didn’t want to be pregnant, not right now. Michael’s career involved many run throughs of their home and that was not an environment for a baby. Placing the stupid stick on the bench, she cleaned up the box by ripping it and wrapping it up in toilet paper before placing it in the bin, this way Michael would think she has her period and that that is a pad.

“Babe? Why’s the door locked?” Y/N heard his voice through the door, he had just woken up and his voice was groggy.

“Sorry Mikey I uh got my period and leaked everywhere, didn’t want you to see.” Michael on the other side of the door literally rolled his eyes, he didn’t care about her period. He’s literally fucked her while she was on it.

“Why are you lying to me? The shower isn’t even on.” Michael’s voice was getting louder a she spoke. He fucking hated her lying to him.

“Can you just give me a fucking minute Michael?” Y/N never cursed unless she was upset or just wanted to deal with something on her own. So Michael gave her a minute to be exact before he spoke again.

“Can you open up now please?” Michael’s voice was much softer now. He didn’t like her locking herself away, not since he found her laying in a pool of her own blood 2 years ago. Y/N picked up the stick and looked at it, her other hand moving to the door as she unlocked it and let Michael in. “Is that?” Y/N nodded, her hand shaking as she gave it to her boyfriend. “Are you serious? Pregnant?!” The small girl jumped at her boyfriends words, she knew he didn’t want them to have children.

“I’m sorry.” She was sorry, really. She looked at the heavily tattooed man in front of her as he ran a hand through his hair.

“I need to go for a fucking walk.” And Michael did, he left his girlfriend alone in their house while he went on a walk. His brain was all over the place, a baby. Another person to love, like as if it didn’t take him a year and a half to finally open up to his girlfriend and start loving her. Michael blames himself, he was always so careless when it came to sex. He just wanted to do it, wanted to make love to his beautiful girlfriend.

Michael sat at the park bench and watched as a mother played with her child, Michael didn’t assume she was a single mother he just knew. He knew because of the way she was overly tired, she just let her kid walk around and Michael had her husbands dumb ass sent to prison. He didn’t want that for Y/N and as much as he didn’t even want a baby he had to prepare himself for one. He was going to need to change a lot of stuff.

On the walk back home Michael thought of buying little baby clothing with Y/N, he thought of knowing he had made something with the love of his life that was purely theirs and theirs only, nobody could take it away. Sure the authorities could but Michael simply sold dope and that was that. He was just the biggest dope seller in Sydney. He thought about teaching a little girl or boy how to say ‘dad’ and how to ride a bike. Michael wanted to be in his child’s life because his father wasn’t in his.

“Y/N?” Michael’s voice called out when he got home.

“Kitchen.” She replied ever so quietly. Michael walked to the kitchen and saw her wearing her apron as she flipped another pancake over. Another stack was sitting next to the stove on the bench. “Here’s your dinner babe, the tables set. Did you enjoy your walk?” She turned around and gave him a smile, not a good once Michael noted. It was a sad one.

“Can we talk?” His arms moved around her waist, his hands rubbing her flat stomach and he felt her hum to carry on speaking. “I’m sorry okay? I did some thinking and this could be good for us. It was just surprising that’s all. I don’t want to end up like our parents, divorced and shit. I don’t want to be like my dad, I actually want to see my child and interact and I’m sorry I’m a huge dick, I’m just scared.” He let out a huge sigh before he rested his head on her shoulder.

“Scared of what?” She turned off the stove and grabbed the plate in her hand, walking to the table with Michael waddling behind her because he wouldn’t let go.

“Scared you’ll love the baby more than me.” He just whispered and she swore she wasn’t meant to hear it but she did anyway.

“Mikey.” She placed the plate on the table before turning around in her boyfriends arms. “I will love the baby more than you but it will be a different love, it’s not the same love I feel for you and it never will be.” She placed a small kiss to his lips before speaking again. “I’m so in love with you.”

“I’m so in love with you too, baby.” He pulled her body into his and kissed her once again before he pulled away. “Baby Clifford.” He spoke before rubbing her stomach and pulling her onto his lap, where he rubbed more and ate.


Y/N laid in the hospital bed with a frown on her face her stomach was round and big but she was alone. She thought of the fact that her child would only have one grandparent and that was Michael’s mother. She hated that her family cut her off when she stayed with Michael. She was really annoyed with him at the moment, his work was more important than her and their child.

Y/N: Seriously, hurry up and get here.

Is what she texted Michael. Y/N winced as another contraction hit, she didn’t like this. But it was worth it, they were going to have a beautiful baby boy. When the door opened she let out a huge sigh, there Michael stood with messy hair and a worried look on his face.

“I’m sorry oh my god, I was getting everything done for the boys I didn’t hear your phone call I’m so sorry, how did you get here?” Michael’s hand grabbed hers and she squeezed.

“Your mum.” She replied. “We were out for lunch when it happened. Mikey he’s gonna be so little, I hope you know that.” Michael nodded because he too was born a little early and that’s okay.

“Babe he’ll be a fighter, our little man.” She smiled and looked at his hand holding hers, the difference between his tatted up fingers and her bare hand was amazing to her, she loved Michael with everything she had. Her hand gripped Michael’s tighter as another contraction hit her.

“Oh my god.” She groaned out.

“You’re okay, I’m here baby.” Michael pressed a kiss to her forehead as she groaned again and the midwife walked in.


“Thomas George Clifford.” Y/N spoke as she held her son who was wrapped up in a baby blue blanket that Michael’s mother had given them. She said it was Michael’s from when he was a baby. “You look just like your daddy.”

“He really does.” Michael wiped his cheeks that he would admit were from him crying. He never thought he could love anyone other than his girlfriend and his mother, but he was wrong. He fucking loves his tiny son. “Does he want to meet Nanny?” Michael tickles his small feet which made the tiny bit let out a small cry. Michael’s face turned to panic.

“Babe he’s okay, you didn’t hurt him. He just doesn’t know how to laugh okay? His only way of communication is crying.” Y/N let out a small sigh and gave her boyfriend a smile. “Does daddy want to hold him?” Michael shook his head. It’s not that he didn’t want too, he was just scared that his rough hands would hurt his small human. Y/N rolled her eyes before passing him to Michael where the older, tattooed man held his son.

“Hi Tommy, it’s your daddy.” Michael laughed and maybe Y/N took a picture of her boyfriend and their son.


“Thomas!” Y/N groaned when he ran through the house butt naked and into Michael’s work room. Yeah Mike still sold drugs but he didn’t do it inside their new house. He strictly had another house for that, this was just his room for counting his money and making sure everything sold at the right amount.

“Dada!” Thomas the small 3 and ¾ toddler screamed as his mother chased after him, small giggles leaving his mouth when he hid under his fathers table.

“What are you doing little man?” Michael laughed before he picked the small version of him up. “Oh no, you’re naked!” Michael covered up his eyes.

“Uh oh!” His son giggled before covering up his private area. “Mummy go! Can’t see!” Michael let out another laugh, he taught his boy the right things.

“Only mummy and daddy can see okay? Nobody else. Now how about you go to mummy so she can get you dressed for nanny’s? She will buy you ice cream.” The toddlers eyes lit up at the mention of his favourite food before he jumped off Mikes lap and ran to his bedroom waiting for his mother.

“Why doesn’t he listen to me?” Y/N pouted as she walked towards her now husband. She straddled his lap and sighed. “He hates me.”

“Oh shush, he does not hate you, he’s just like me and enjoys being naked.” Michael let out a laugh before leaning in and kissing Y/N. “Go get our son dressed so we can get naked and make another baby.” The woman rolled her eyes before getting off his lap and walking to the blue painted door at the end of the hall way.


Y/N sighed as she looked at her three children at the table as they ate breakfast. Three hours she told herself. Three hours until her husband gets released from jail. He got charged when he was found with drugs in his house, the old one of course and had to spent a year in jail. Sure it wasn’t much but he missed his sons 8th birthday and his daughters’ 4th.

Michael didn’t want that to happen but it did, it caused so much drama in his family that Y/N nearly divorced him but he said he was changing, he got rid of all of that and his main focus was on his son and daughters. Sure they would struggle with money in a few years but that’s the least of their worries.

When Y/N dropped her son at school and her daughters at Michael’s mothers she completely lost track of time and had a heart attack when she saw her husband sitting out the front of their house. He didn’t have a key and had been sitting out there for an hour.

“Mikey!” A squeal left her mouth before she ran and jumped into his arms. “Oh my god, I missed you so much!” Tears left both of their eyes and they were both just so happy to have him home.

“I missed you too, I’m never going to do that again I promise.” His hands held her close like she was going to fade away anytime now, and yeah he really did miss holding his wife. 20 minutes at prison meet ups were not enough.

Michael carried his wife into the house once she unlocked the door and travelled up the stairs towards their bedroom. It hasn’t changed much and Michael was glad. He laid down on the bed with her underneath his body, his hand moving up her dress and playing with her underwear.

“I’ve missed you so much, fuck.” Michael’s hands gripped her thighs and wrapped her legs around his body as he grinded his skinny jean covered dick against her thin thong covered vagina.

“I missed you more.” Y/N flipped over so her husband was underneath her as she straddled his body, sitting on his legs as she lifted her dress up. Y/N wasn’t wearing a bra considering the dress she wore supported her perfectly and Michael moaned at the sight.

“Fuck.” His hand gripped her breast in his hand and he squeezed her nipple before sitting up and sucking on the other one. He pressed open mouth kisses to her body while she played with his hair.

“Oh my god.” A moan left her mouth when he bit on her nipple. Y/N’s hands moved to the bottom of Michael’s tight fitting shirt - because he worked out in jail and managed to gain some muscle - the shirt was thrown on the floor before she hopped off his lap and pulled her underwear down, followed by Michael stripping himself of his pants and underwear.

“Shit.” Michael moaned when he looked to the bed and saw his wife with her legs spread wide and her hands gently touching herself. His hand slapped hers away before he situated himself between her spread and freshly shaved legs. Y/N reached between their bodies as Michael pressed a small kiss to his wife’s neck and pushed Michael tip to her entrance. Her legs wrapped around her husband as she pushed him inside of her and let out a loud moan.

“Holy fuck.” She breathed out before grabbing his face and kissing him roughly.

“God you’re so fucking perfect.” Michael moaned as his hands gripped her body before he thrusted into her.

And in that moment Y/N was okay, she was happy to have her husband back and to feel him making love to her once again.

And Michael kept his promise, he never went back to drugs, he never even did anything illegal. Yeah they struggled and ended up selling their house and moving into his mother’s place, but Y/N and Michael had each other, and that’s all that mattered.

My boyfriend hasn't read the Hunger Games books and I was half asleep...
  • Me: you know, Prim really has a blast at the end of Mockingjay.
  • Boyfriend: don't spoil it for me!
  • Me: Finnick was really torn up over it.
  • Me: you could say Snow died of laughter.
  • Me: And Coin was just shot of it.
  • Boyfriend: That one didn't even make sense.
  • Me: a couple people really got swept away.
  • Boyfriend: okay I get it! Everyone dies!
  • Me: Cinna was pretty beat up about it.
  • Boyfriend:
  • Me: Peeta was just confused though.
  • Boyfriend:
  • Me: Dumbledore was really crestFALLen at Snape's betrayal.
  • Boyfriend: yeah, Snape really pushed him over the edge.
  • Me:
  • Boyfriend:
  • Me:
  • Boyfriend: you know Sam's girlfriend in the first episode of SPN?
  • Me: she was smoking hot.
  • Boyfriend: so was their mom.
  • Me:
  • Boyfriend:
  • Me:
  • Boyfriend: (has an uncle that just passed away from a stroke while playing golf)
  • Me: oh my god!
  • Boyfriend: what?
  • Me: I am definitely not going to make a pun about your uncle and golf strokes.
  • Boyfriend: *giggles*
  • Me: I think I'm done making puns now.

Now that I write TBS & Newt imagines, that means a birthday special imagine! <3 so kick back, relax, and enjoy!

Warnings: none

Notes: happy birthday, Tommy! You’re a wonderful human being, and I adore you. Keep doing what you’re doing! Hope your birthday is one of the best xx <3

It was Thomas’ twenty-sixth birthday. You wanted to make it special. Even though Thomas was a simple person and didn’t care for huge parties or anything of that, you still felt the need to make his birthday special.

You’d been dating Thomas for four wonderful years. He always spoiled you with the little things. He’d surprise you by coming home from filming early, he’d randomly get you your favourite chocolate, take you to a nice restaurant from time to time; things like that. He was a spoiler, a sap. You wanted to repay him somehow by making his birthday one of the best.

“Happy, happy birthday, Thomas,” you grinned, kissing the tip of his nose. You two lay in bed peacefully, holding one another close.

“Is it my birthday already?” He joked, voice deeper from just waking up. A smirk played on his lips before he leaned in for a quick good morning kiss.

“Yes, and I’ve a surprise for you.” You were so excited. You didn’t do anything major. Didn’t do something over-the-top. You knew Thomas. He’d be satisfied if you simply got him a record or a CD of a band he liked. Though you still did something a little big.

“Already?” He asked, holding up his upper body with his elbows.

You nodded your head, giggling at his bedhead. “Yes. Stay here.” You were quickly out of the room. 

Thomas sat back, a content grin sitting on his face. He shook his head a little, finding you adorable. You were so happy and excited, like a puppy. He could hear you shuffling in the other room. It made Thomas chuckle to himself quietly.

You walked right into the room, going to Thomas’ side of the bed. You climbed on top of him, sitting on his pelvic bone. He continued to stare right into your wonderful eyes. You had something behind your back. A smug smile was on display as you looked down at your boyfriend. 

“You always spoil me, so I’d thought I would go out and get something as a thank you and a present,” you began. “Don’t worry, we’ll be back in time to eat dinner and spend time with your family.” 

You revealed two tickets. Just two paper tickets. Thomas’ eyes went a little wide as he grabbed them. He looked at them in shock. He read them over, making sure he was reading right. Thomas was blown away, so very blown away.

“You got us tickets to the Vintage Car Show? How? I thought they were sold out!” He exclaimed, setting down the ticket to look at you. Another smug grin played on your lips.

“I have my ways,” you giggled. “No, my brother is working in the show this year as a volunteer. He scored me two tickets.”

“Thank you so much,” Thomas pulled you down so he could kiss you again. “I love you, you know that? You treat me so well.”

You playfully rolled your eyes at him, giving him a quick peck. “I love you, too. You always spoil me. Thought I should return the favour.” 

You both giggled and laughed for a moment before you told Thomas to get up. You guys had a car show to get to.

You both got up, heading for the closet. You both stood side-by-side, rummaging through it to find the perfect outfits. Once finding them, you each got dressed. Teeth and hair was brushed, shoes and socks on, deodorant, perfume and cologne. You guys were ready. Of course, you would be after eating some breakfast. You told Thomas to sit down while you made food. He was the birthday boy, you weren’t going to let him to much work today.

After eating, you two headed out. Off to the car show. You drove down the road the couple miles it took to get there. Once there, Thomas started to get a little giddy. Half of it was outdoors, the other half indoors. Thomas was beyond excited.


After spending an entire day of looking at and learning about all sorts of old cars, it was time to leave. Though Thomas had a grand time. He even got sit in the driver’s seat with a few of them. He was so happy, and you found your brother who told you and Thomas some interesting facts about cars as well. It was a good day, and everybody was so kind. A few wished Thomas happy birthday once you mentioned it to them after they’d ask if you guys were there for a special occasion.

“That was a lot of fun,” Thomas smiled. He held your hand as you two walked to the car. “There were so many beautiful cars, and I’ve learned so much. It was fantastic. Thank you, Y/N.”

“No need to thank me, darling. It was very fun. Ready to go see the family and join them for dinner?” You swayed yours his and hands.


Arriving at the Sangster household was fun. When you and Thomas entered, you were both greeted by his family. His mum, dad, and sister, but also his grandparents came down to visit. Some of his other friends were there, too. Hugs and cheers happened as this little party went on.

Music played in the background as everyone talked and chatted. Thomas was having the time of his life talking to his friends and grandparents. He spoke to everyone, having laugh-filled conversation. He was overall happy with his life. Especially right now. He was surrounded by people he cared a lot about, and they cared about him. He was content with his life and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dinner was fantastic, and after everyone finished eating, Tasha–Thomas’ Mum–brought out a cake smothered in frosting and covered in twenty-six candles. Everyone sang him happy birthday. Thomas’s smile was so wide, so huge and genuine. It made you feel good inside. You knew he was having a wonderful day, and you were so happy you got to be a part of it.

“Thank you everyone for coming,” Thomas smiled after he blew out his candles and cut his cake. He passed the pieces around the table, you helping him.

“Nonsense, you only turn twenty-six once!” Ava, his sister, grinned. “Of course we all want to celebrate it with you.”

The rest of the night was filled with laughter and joy. Thomas opened the few presents he had, talked a little about his newest project which was The Death Cure, and everybody watched some old home videos of Thomas growing up. The entire time you were mostly by his side. He would hold your hand, hold you close in general. He’d innocently kiss your forehead, you’d kiss his nose. It was all good fun, good company.

“I love you,” Thomas whispered as everyone watched a video of Baby Thomas.

“I love you, too. Happy birthday my love.”