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“The road goes ever on

under cloud and under star

yet feet that wandering have gone

turn at last to home afar.

Eyes that fire and sword have seen

and horror in the halls of stone

look at last on meadows green

and trees and hills

they long have known.”

-The Hobbit J.R.R Tolkien

The Hobbit is one of my all time favorite book (because I could never pick one), I have read it more times that I can remember.  It is one of those books that is home, whose characters are friends I will forever love and hold close to my heart.

PSN - Summer sale 2017 EU!

Period Cube and Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds are both on sale on PSN! This is amazing, EU is now getting 2 more otome games on sale! Looks like it’s no longer only NA/US that gets otome on sale. Depending on EU country it’s around 45-60% off on both!

Ps. Hatoful Boyfriend is also on a 65-75% off sale! It’s like $3USD

Btw. I say EU even though the post is about UK. However this sale is on other EU regions! (I’m another region)

US price for Period Cube and Hakuoki Kyoto Winds: $39,99USD

For UK the normal price is $58USD and $45USD. This sale makes them $26USD and $19,5USD. 

me: *roaming through the men’s section*

Salesperson: Hi! Can I help you?

me: *thinking* It’s ridiculous to make seperate section of your shop just to point out where men and women are supposed to shop so they don’t buy each other’s stuff. Also why’s every women’s item revealing or with silly texts? And why are the male sizes so big? There’s got to be small guys too right? Like, my size? Can’t there be  a gender neutral section? *what I actually say because gendered marketing is not this individual’s fault and they’re just doing their jobs* uuuuuuummm…. 

Salesperson: Shopping for your boyfriend?

Me: uh, yeah?

Salesperson: That’s sweet, call me when you need any help

Me: yeah, sure, thanks *murmuring* curse you heteronormativity

Fuck yall

Deport: moves on; stalks you

Plough: problack; dates white guys

Chapo: takes you on a date; basement

Eater: eats the finest meals; ass

Alchemy: vrib’s wife; has boyfriend

ilyt: works in sales; drug dealer

Top: bro night; gay bar

Intuitive: not a fuckboy; dating 4th girl this week

Paula: hates you; wants to marry you

Alliegant: takes a vacation; mental hospital

Wrap: ladies man; his sisters

Abuses: doesn’t want to be clingy; calls you 27 times

Sunsets: hates racists; friends with racists

Jords: flirts with you; dates your best friend

Eyeroll: flirts with girls; dates brother

Assign: goes to the movies; mass murder

Roast: racist white supremacist; middle eastern

Orb: kills your family; pays for funeral

Aldi: finally leaves room; closet

Entitle: cute with fat ass; shackle

Celebro: isn’t jealous; obsessed drama starter

Pissy: collector; of human fingers

Gulp: power bottom; no top

Gleams: engaged to be wed; flirts with eater

Nmad: hates her ex; stalks

Krystal: always horny; won’t sext

Erec: friends with girlfriend’s bestfriend; cuckold

Mwolfe: dates you; and her

Uckers: wants love; dates fuckboys

Vrib: quiet and always alone; serial killer

Ostrich: leaves imvu; again


HERE IT IS GUYS… I told u I was having a #YardSale!

the telethon ep of parks and rec is one of my favorites, its just solid….but i mean we all agree mark is a pretty useless character who is completely unpleasant at the onset and doesnt really have a role later on, but does anyone know why they just like…basically retconned his existence. he’s never spoken of again and his character doesnt make any cameos or anything. anne doesnt even mention him when she’s talking about her rummage sale ex boyfriend retrospective. it was all worth it for the mark brendanaquitz joke