nobody asked but u shall receive 
a shitty fake powerpoint telling u everything u need to know abt boyfriend!

boyfriend debuted in 2011 w the song boyfriend :-)
their other korean mvs are: don’t touch my girl / i’ll be there / love style / janus / iyah / (there was like a year of emptiness here) / on & on / obsession / alarm / witch / white out /  bounce / and for their 5th anniversary, to my best friend :-)

they also have some japanese albums & mvs: be my shine / kimi to dance dance dance / my lady / hitomi no melody / pinky santamy avatar / start up! / here! / glider  ((unfortunately, some of these links no longer work in the USA orz))

and then there’s the starship planet (christmas) mvs:  pink romance / white love / snow candy / love is you / softly

the best place, as always, to get into a group… is by watching shows! and boyfriend has a couple to choose from :-)

  • w academy - (all episodes & parts can be found here)
  • hello baby - (found here, by the 0526 subbing team)
  • wonder boy  - (episodes 1-4 here on ppyong subs, episodes 5-9 here on 0526, with links to the rest)
  • weekly idol - 2012 (1/2), 2014 (1/2), 2015 (1/2/3)
  • and check out the 0526 subbing team’s channel for links to more videos posted to different websites (ie daily motion)

and then their sns accounts:

if there’s anything else u want to know (blogs to follow, fan forums, etc), let me know! i’m more than happy to help :-)

(last update: 5/27/16)

Stanning BOYFRIEND is so rewarding.

  • They are the kings of skinship
  • They are the emperors of fanservice
  • They have both cute and dark concepts
  • There is absolutely no album that is disappointing
  • Even their Japanese albums are amazing
  • They work really hard and that results in them getting their own written and composed songs on their albums.
  • They can sing live like angels don’t need no autotune bro.
  • They dance so well and their choreo is always on point.
  • Iconic outfits even if sometimes ridiculous
  • The leader is a real leader and takes care of his babies.
  • They chose the name “BESTFRIENDS” for us because they wanted to include boys too, they did not want to make the boys feel left out.
  • They keep telling us they are in love with us and literally tell you they are YOUR Boyfriend. So you can tell creepy men on the train you already have a boyfriend.
  • The maknae is as cute and mischievous as you wish a maknae to be.
  • Jeongmin wears a lot of leopard prints, is very vain and a true example because he used to be bullied because of his eyebrows now he uses it as a point of confidence and that is so inspiring.
  • Hyunseong teaches us kindness, he is a literal ball of sunshine and pure love. That picture of the cinnamon roll too good for this world is actually Hyunseong. 
  • They have twins. And the twins are beautiful.
  • One time when Youngmin was young he wore a wig and a guy asked him out and instead of telling him he was a guy he lied and said he was taken. PRECIOUS.
  • A lot of the members mentioned aliens and I am so okay with that as an alien obsessed girl.  
  • Kwangmin is actually really smart even if he is the odd one most of the time.
  • Seriously that kid is an oddball but bless his pure heart.
  • basically BOYFRIenD is perfect.
  • And the most pressing issue in the fandom is “DO YOU READ TWINCEST” like thats it. That is the darkest problem we have. 
  • Stan them.