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Genre: Fluff


Characters: Taehyung/reader

Words: 1029

Warnings: None, just straight up fluff

A/N: Taehyung x y/n (girl). fluff :D strangers to friends/lovers. college au. 42 1 (but in an unusual way) I have sth like that in mind: y/n lives in V’s neighbourhood and she has head in the clouds, she is running errands riding a bike really fast (he sees her sometimes) and one time she collapses, but still doesn’t care if she’s hurt and in blood (she is =nr 1), because she is in hurry. And that is how they met. Can you make sth out of this, pls? xd 

1. you look….whoa

41. can you stay….please?

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This one is in tae’s pov

There she goes by again. Every day, around 2:00PM she goes by on her bike. I have no clue who she is or what her name is but I know I’ve seen here around the campus a few times, usually in the library. She’s always alone, or at she is whenever I see her, I always want to go up and say hi but every time I finally convince myself to do so one of the boys interrupts me. She always looks like she’s in a hurry when she goes by, I wonder where she’s going? 

So that’s how spent the next few weeks, waiting for my mystery girl to go by a 2:00 every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be creepy but she’s just so, I don’t know how to describe her. She’s just beautiful, a little odd, but very beautiful. She also has this look on her face makes it look like she’s not paying attention to anyone but it makes her look even cuter. I know it sounds crazy, I barely know this girl, but I just can’t stop myself from waiting just to see her go by my window. I look out, watching her ride by. Just as she going by my driveway, she flips over the handlebars of her bicycle. I go out of my house to see her sitting on the ground holding her ankle, she also had cuts on her arms.

 “You look…whoa,” I spoke. “Are you okay?”

 “Ya, I’m good.” She replied, trying to get up but failing to do so by falling back down after she put weight on her right ankle.

 “Are you sure about that? You don’t look good…. I mean you always look amazing but you just don’t look like you’re okay” I stuttered nervously. I probably look like an idiot right now. “Here, let me help you.”

 “Why would I let you help me, I don’t even know who you are, how do I know that you’re not going to hurt me?” She questioned. Honestly, I don’t even know how to answer to that one, of course, I’m not going to hurt her but still, her statement caught me off guard. 

“Just let me help you, please. You can’t put weight on your ankle, can you?” I’m not going to stop until she lets me help her. One, this is my chance be able to talk to her and get to know her better, also she’s hurt and there’s no way that I’m just going to leave her sitting here alone.

“Fine…..hey, what are you doing?” She barely got the word out of her mouth before I picked her up and started walking toward my house. 

“You can’t walk, so how did you think this was going to go? Oh and I forgot to say, I’m Taehyung.” I smiled down at her.

“Y/n” She muttered. I brought her into my house and sat her down on the couch, and then I ran to the bathroom to get the first aid kit. I sat down in front of her, grabbing the arm that was all cut up. She was being really quiet, probably a little embarrassing at what happened. 

“So, you go to (name the college whatever you want), right?” I asked as I started tending to the cuts on her arm, trying to break the silence. I’ve finally could my chance to talk to her, there’s no way that I’m letting her just sit here in silence. 

“Ya, I do. How did you know?” I probably seemed a little creepy and weird at the moment, but I can’t help it. I’m super nervous right now. 

“Oh, I-I go there and I’ve seen you around the campus before.”  God, why do I have to keep stuttering, I probably look like a fool right now. Why does she have to be so beautiful? It’s making me shy, oh also, I’m not a shy person. I don’t even know why I’m acting like this, I don’t even know this girl and I only just learned her name, and this is the first time that I’ve talked to her. Hopefully, it won’t be the last.

“You do? How come I’ve never seen you before, what’s your major? I’m a science major.” Okay, maybe I’m actually getting somewhere. 

“You probably haven’t seen me because I’m a music major.” 

After I had finished tending to her cuts, we ended up talking for what seems like forever. I never knew how amazing it would to really talk to her. We had also watched a movie but ended up talking most through most of it. But before I knew it was dark outside and 11:00 o’clock. She looked like she was starting to get sleepy. Man, she looks so cute like this, leaning her head on the side of the couch while she’s fighting with herself to stay awake.

“Do you want to stay overnight?” I asked quietly. I’ve never had anyone but the boys and my mom staying overnight, so basically, I’m saying that I haven’t “gotten any” since I’ve moved in, but that’s not why I asked.

“Pardon?” She asked looking up at me. Either she didn’t hear me or she did hear me and she’s questioning what I mean by it. 

“Do you want to stay overnight?” I repeated. “I mean you kinda can’t walk, also it’s too late for you to be out there alone. You can sleep in my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch.” Hopefully, that just saved me from looking like a creep.

“Ah, sure.” Rubbing her eyes in the process of replying. God, she’s super cute When I picked her up to move her to my bed, she nuzzled into my chest sleepily. My heart started pounding really fast, hopefully, she can’t tell. When I got to my bedroom I put her down on the bed, tucked her in under the covers. I started to walk away until I felt he grab my hand. I turned around, looking at her sleepy face. 

“Can you stay…please?” She whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

“Sure.” I answered, moving to the bed.

AHHHHHHH. I took way to long on this. But it’s finally done. I’ve finally updated. And I’ll be updating again very very soon. 



Nothing Like Us

The huge fight between you and Jungkook started off as a simple argument about how he never seemed to be home, and how he treated all your concerns for him as a joke. It began escalating when he, again, brushed off all your worries as overprotectiveness and clinginess.

It was infuriating to the point where you couldn’t stand to be breathing in the same room as him anymore, but damn was that boy slow. You increased the volume of your voice multiple times, before you finally lost it and proceeded to bellow on the top of your lungs. This wasn’t a game you wanted to play any longer.

It was when your throat started burning that you got some of your common sense back, and restrained from choosing the brash approach to handling the situation. You could tell Jungkook was utterly appalled by your unusual behavior; he’d always known you to be one of the most soft-spoken and calm figures in his life, and always thanked you for being so understanding with him.

You knew where this fight was heading, yet ignored the guilt gnawing away at your abdomen. How long could a sane person deal with the constant suspicion of being cast aside?

Jungkook quickly took note of the ceramic mug you were tightly grasping in your quivering right hand, sighed, and plopped down on one of the nearby chairs. He made himself comfortable on the velvet cushion, and placed a hand over his forehead.

He was pondering about something.

Your grip on the mug hardened.

The clock ticked by minute by minute, and your lover finally groaned, breaking the painful silence. He stood up from the chair and walked away from you, muttering the exact words you were bracing yourself to hear under his breath:

“Y/N… I’m sick and tired of you not trusting me. Let’s end this, okay? I can’t…”

He knew your hearing was spectacular.


This was no surprise.

Of course he wouldn’t stay, not after you told him about your constant paranoia of him leaving you. Your paranoia was rooted from the emotional abuse you received frequently from your ruthless aunt when you were a child, and you reminded him of it everyday when he sought after your attention.

Weren’t you deemed crazy by your last ex?

The main problem with this situation was that you thought he was different. You thought he was able to comprehend your feelings, that he understood whatever you didn’t wish to say aloud.

Your childhood was coming back to haunt you.

With tears brimming in your eyes, you nodded your head twice before rushing out the front door; not once, but twice, after you came to the realization that Jungkook would be gone from your side forever. There would be no more cuddle fests, no more picnic or movie dates, and no more seemingly endless video game sessions.

Your feet brought you to the nearest convenience store you could find, and with the three crinkled dollar bills you had in your jeans pocket, you bought yourself a Sprite, a bag of chips, and one steaming bowl of instant noodles. How much food would it take to fill up the empty void in your stomach?

You touched your throat.

How long had you been screaming?

How long ago did you lose your voice?

How long has it been ever since you left the only place you could call home, behind?

How could Jungkook do this to you? How could he be so cruel to mercilessly stomp on your heart? 

How could he leave you when you needed him the most?

🎵 lately i’ve been thinking, thinking ‘bout what we had 🎵

You’re scrolling through your phone a few months later, and your eyes drop down to a certain starred contact.

You haven’t deleted his number yet.

Despite everything books and movies had warned you about, despite the danger! red signals going off inside your brain, you knew you deeply missed Jeon Jungkook. You missed his bunny-toothed smiles, his loving caresses, and most of all, you missed his presence. You missed the feeling of safety when you passed through a dark alleyway, the feeling of him wrapping his arms around you to keep you warm, and most importantly, the feeling of being happy. You had lost everything.

Your everything.

Why did breaking up with him have to be so heartwrenching?

🎵 i know it was hard,  it was all that we knew, yeah 🎵

🎵 have you been drinkin’, to take all the pain away? 🎵

If your friends hadn’t forcibly dragged you out to meet the world weeks after to incident, to remind you that the grim reaper wasn’t ready to fetch you yet, the spark inside of you would’ve died completely. When you and Jungkook had broken it off, it was like you had lost a piece of yourself. You weren’t Y/N anymore, you were somebody else. Something else. You yearned for him to come back to you, to cry out for his loss, and to make you his one and only again.

It was a foolish, wistful dream.

🎵 i wish that i could give you what you deserve 🎵

Going out shopping alone had been a really bad idea.

A really, really bad one.

What were the chances of bumping into your ex, with another girl hanging off his arm? What were the chances of her being the most perfect person you’ve ever met? What were the chances of her actually making him happy?

It’s not like you’ve never made him smile. It’s not like you never made him laugh. It’s not like he’s never called you funny, or charming.

But this girl, this ethereal being standing next to him, must be a descandant from the goddess of jokes herself, because Jungkook wouldn’t stop letting out guffaws, and clutching his stomach in unbearable pain from the laughter. You’ve never seen him this happy before.

He deserved this kind of happiness, you thought.

But did you believe?

🎵 cause nothing could ever, ever replace you 🎵

🎵 nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah 🎵

🎵 you know there’s no one i can relate to 🎵

You’ve certainly met your fair share of cute and quirky guys after Jungkook left your life. A large portion of them were irresistibly handsome, all of them charismatic, and some of them highly intelligent. A few developed into serious crushes.

But that’s all they’ll ever be. A crush, a person whom you look forward to seeing everyday, but could survive without. You hated the idea of leading someone on, especially when you knew that another took up the majority of the space in your heart.

Dating was easy to you, but loving wasn’t.

Love reminded you of him.

It was absolute hell when you had to reject each and every one of your potential lovers because you knew you would compare them to Jungkook. The Jungkook who only had eyes for you. The Jungkook who was flawless in your book. The Jungkook that used to call you his love.

Jeon Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook. His name was like a chant- a spell casted specifically to bewitch you, a curse that would always hold your heart captive.

🎵 i know we won’t find a love that’s so true 🎵

Your days with him were the brightest moments in your life.

They were unforgettable memories, experiences, and you cherished them so much that you might as well be obsessing over the past.

You hated yourself for continuing to grasp onto that tiny strand of hope that he would come back for you.

🎵 there’s nothing like us 🎵

🎵 there’s nothing like you and me 🎵

🎵 together through the storm 🎵

hello everyone!

i’m the author of this short, song-based jungkook scenario that i wrote specifically for my darling mutual and best friend on tumblr…


hello sweetie, i’m so sorry for the late birthday present!! this is probably one of the crappiest works you will ever set your sights upon but i did pour a lot of my effort into it; don’t be too harsh on me haha~

i hope you had a wonderful birthday, and spent it wisely with your loved ones~ thank you for being so kind and patient with me, and for gifting that pirate!jeonghan imagine for me! it was lovely, like every other one of your works and i enjoyed reading it very much <33 we need to collab sometime soon!~

for anyone wondering, this is a song by Justin Bieber that our golden maknae did a cover of. the song title, well, is the title of this story!

~word count: 1296

~time it took to write this: 4 days and a week to edit

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Hello can I ask for 'gunmin as your boyfriend' pleaseeeeeeee

☾ Holds your hand too much

☾ Loves showing you off

☾ Laughs A LOT

☾ Tells horrible jokes

☾ V protective

☾ Loves being hugged

☾ Hugs you every 5 minutes

☾ Doesn’t let you forget that he loves you

☾ He takes you out almost every weekend

☾RIP his wallet

☾ Spoils you rotten

☾ Smiles every time you look at him

☾ Soft™ in the streets, Daddy in the sheets

☾ Makes sure your always begging for more

“So wet for me”

☾ A thigh guy

“You’re so beautiful when you look so helpless”

“You look so good riding Daddy’s dick”



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