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riles I'm gonna be honest with you I've never seen ok ko and I'm very confused who the FUCK is that Phineas Presley guy who loves the boo berry mascot

this ask confused me so much i googled who the people you said and agshdskfjgkfh ANYWAYS

this is RAYMOND. he’s one of the villain’s hench-robots/sons who likes to be dramatic and cause trouble for the main characters. he’s also really into sports. he’s only appeared in two episodes but in both of them he’s blushed at “the boo berry mascot’s” body and/or actions, and his actions have seemed a little flirtatious. also i think he’s part chicken/his design was inspired by a chicken but idk. 

NOW THIS IS MY BOY RAD RIGHT HERE. he’s a blue alien from planet X and he’s training to be a hero under the great hero gar (aka he works as a stockboy in gar’s store). he tries so hard to be a macho man, but he’s a big softie underneath. he’s one of the main characters and is best friends with k.o. and enid. he and raymond seem to be more irked by each other than the rest of them, and he likes going head-to-head with raymond. they even had a very feelsy dance off in the most recent episode. 

do i ship them? well….

…actually i do feel as though all of lord boxman’s (the main villain) robots/kids will rebel against him and turn to the good side at some point, especially considering how he treats them and how all of them could be foils for the main trio, so i very honestly can see the two of them becoming the good ol’ trope of enemies to awkward friends to boyfriends

For @karamatsukid, who is probably one of two people who ship this.  The second person is me.  I’m in the rarest of rare pair hell.  So, here’s Ichirohiko and Kyuta/Ren from The Boy and the Beast.

I’m in love.

Tell him, you little coward!

“Keep your opinions to yourself, old man!  This doesn’t involve you!” Kyuta hissed.

‘Course it does, my successor is a weak, little coward when it comes to love, Kumatetsu insisted, exploding into laughter.

Shut up!”

“Oh, Kyuta,” Ichirohiko said, waving hello from across the bazaar.  Kyuta’s face felt hot.

Tell him, Kumatetsu bellowed.  Tell him!  Tell him, or you’re too weak to be my successor!

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Shinwon as a boyfriend [Pentagon]

Shinwon would be an awkward romantic.

  • He looks smooth and hip, but really he is smart, yet awkward.
  • He can be a little clumsy, but that will go away after he is completely comfortable.
  • He won’t be afraid to show his affections for you in public.
  • He would drape his arm over your shoulders and keep you close, trying to look cool and manly.
  • In private, he would be a casual teddy bear.
  • He wouldn’t push anything and wait for you to make the first move.
  • He would be content with a night of snuggling or a night on the steamy side.
  • As long as you’re happy, he would be happy.
  • He would take you for shopping dates or to get a drink.
  • He would love to take you out somewhere, just so everyone could see you and so he could buy you something pretty.
  • He would spoil you.
  • He would constantly remind you of how nice you look and would definitely help you coordinate accessories.
  • He wouldn’t even mind matching you.
  • He would take his time introducing you to his friends and family. Not that it’s not important, he would just feel nonneed to rush things.
  • He would constantly try to be romantic and bring you flowers or another gift.
  • He would always ask how you are feeling.
  • He wouldn’t really know how to read your moods, but he would always let you use his broad shoulders to cry on.
  • He will always listen if you need to talk. Or cheer you on when you need advice and support.
  • He is a hopeless romantic sweetheart.

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Dating Ko Shinwon
I had so much fun writing this. I hope you all enjoy it :)
  • Oodles patoodles let’s go
  • he is the type of person who would say something like “The moment I saw you I knew I’d make you mine” two weeks into the relationship
  • but we start before the relationship
  • he is a flirt
  • he would be one of those people who just naturally flirt with everyone
  • but
  • when he sees you it would turn the flirting down right the second
  • after he talks to you he basically ignores other girls
  • all his flirting is now for you
  • he would confess to you quite quick and be very upfront about his feelings
  • as we all know he is a liar romantic
  • he would take you out for fancy and really romantic dates
  • fancy restaurants
  • roof tops at night
  • strawberry picking in summer and pumkin patches and autumn
  • horseback riding
  • musicals
  • you name it
  • your friends would envy you
  • Shinwon starts with S
  • wanna know what else does?
  • Skinship
  • you would get it all from him
  • would love making out and long kisses
  • like quick kisses who???
  • about five minutes before he needed to leave you would have to start kissing him goodbye tbh
  • like he doesn’t even care if you are late
  • “Where are you going?”
  • “Out. I am supposed to meet my friends in 20 minutes I need to get going”
  • “10  minutes are enough if you run”
  • *smooches*
  • and boi making out
  • if he could turn off his basic needs and just make out with you
  • he would
  • he doesn’t care about position, place or time
  • he only cares about those lips of yours
  • and he is a tease
  • such a tease I needed to write use the word three times so yall understand
  • honestly him not being touchy-feely with you?
  • doesn’t seem legit
  • it’s probably a clone and real Shinwon got abducted by aliens :/
  • he loves cuddles
  • and he would never admit it but he likes being the small spoon from time to time
  • sometimes you wake up while sharing a bed with him and you are not in his embrace
  • or touching at all
  • lmao you thought
  • it is just because he left the bed to use the toilet or something
  • PDA
  • He would love showing you off
  • and making sure that everyone knows you are his
  • On this note
  • he is the possessiv type
  • I feel like he wouldn’t mind other guys looking at you
  • maybe he would even enjoy it lowkey
  • bc he would be like
  • sure look
  • and then let it sink in that all that is all mine ;)
  • but everything that goes beyond looking at you
  • bye not with Ko Shinwon
  • He would not hold back and show his dislike with whoever flirted with you
  • or god forbid anyone touched you
  • once you two were out of the situation
  • he would get clingy and whiney
  • Because as much as he is confident
  • he sees qualities in other guys that he doesn’t or feels like he doesn’t
  • but I am sure if you would just reassure him that you only had eyes for him it would be forgotten
  • he is a dramatic nudist
  • and we all know
  • if you two were washing up some dishes and his sleeve would get a drop of water on it
  • “Oh no we should probably hang it on somewhere to dry :/”
  • “Do you think? It’s just a dr-”
  • And his shirt was gone 
  • or when you two ate too much instead of just opening his pants he would take them off
  • honestly when was the last time you saw him fully clothed?
  • if you were out with other people he would make them take pics of you two
  • out to grab take out with Hyojong?
  • you would need to pose with the boxes of food for ten minutes
  • honestly the members probably know your good angles
  • “Y/N tilt your head a little more towards him like you did when we went for Starbucks last month. Yes that’s the angle I was looking for”- Hui taking a picture of his son and you
  • you would have so many seflies together
  • “For the memories”
  • he would also take pictures of you in the most random situations
  • he has so many pictures of you but he insists he need them for when he is gone and can’t see you because of schedule
  • one of those pictures would be his lockscreen
  • another one his homescreen
  • sometimes you would just sit there and look at him doing things and be like
  • “God you are so handsome”
  • and he would smirk and blush lightly
  • and you are like
  • and he would be denial
  • he wouldn’t deny
  • he would BE the denial
  • if you guys ever thought
  • I think it would be mostly because of rather small things and you would probably forget about what two days later
  • but they would still occur and most of it would be
  • him being petty and offensively offended
  • and you being salty and stubborn
  • when he would say sorry it would be in usual extravanganza
  • you come home to a candle lit home, good wine and a bouquet of roses
  • and you fought for 10 minutes about who left the light on in the bathroom
  • he would love to spoil you!
  • honestly he could probably read your mind
  • like you look into your underwear drawer for more than seven seconds, you come home to a bag of VS
  • you said the glitter shadow someone used in an Instagram tutorial is pretty you would have it in the matter of a day
  • you want pizza from the place downtown that doesn’t deliver? he will get it for you
  • honestly he just wants to make sure he can fully and completely make you happy and satisfied in every possible way!
  • Overall: Shinwon would be a passionate and affectionate lover. He would show you his love verbally, physically and materially. He would not want to miss a romantic vibe in the relationship and would need affirmation and affection back.