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Date ideas:

-aquariums are cool let’s go to one

-park??? Heck yea

-lay in the middle of the tennis court and not move when ppl are playing, “play around us u bitch”

-scream into the void w me

-let’s draw shit together

-get turnt on AJ and crash a bowling party

-since were already at the bowling place let’s get some sodas

-these sodas r nice af

-play horror games together

-play tag but the entire city is within bounds so try to find me you fucker

-tie dye some shit and wear it with heart shaped sunglasses

-let’s use smoke bombs and then try to play tag into the abyss

-that penny date thing

-we go to a restaurant but don’t sit with each other and try to make eye contact from where we both are and try to get the other to laugh

-sing songs while screaming into a fan

My stupid effective advice for anyone going through a breakup

Remember when they said that one terrible unforgivable thing? Screenshot that. Set that text as their contact I.D. in your phone. When they call it’s a reminder so you don’t answer, so you don’t go back. Just leave it be. You don’t deserve that.