boyfriend ep


I know that like, technically they’re fighting in this scene… but look how patiently he’s listening to her in that first gif and how he makes her smile in the last one. and like, look at how they’re sitting. LOOK. SHE IS PRACTICALLY SITTING ON HIS LAP IF NOT ACTUALLY ON HIS LAP. WHAT IS GOING ON.

Run!Bts ep 19
  • I like how Jungkook and Hoseok were sitting next to each other in the beginning, and Jimin was next to Yoongi, but by the end of it all Jimin was pratically wedged under Junkook and Hoseok made his way to Yoongi to better hear the savage that was Yoongi teasing Kook.
  • Something how that just happens 😂

I just thought other people might be interested to know… ‘Neito’ apparently translates to ‘maiden’ in Finnish.

So… Monoma Maiden.

I really hope one of the trolly class 1-a (Kami or Mina?) ends up figuring that out and the whole class thinks it’s really funny and they use it to relieve stress when Monoma’s being irritating