boyfriend coats

Sometimes I have wanted
To throw you off
Like a heavy coat.
Sometimes I have said 
You would not let me
Breathe or move
But now I am free 
To choose light clothes
Or none at all
I feel cold 
And all the time I think 
How warm it used to be.
—  “Coat” by Nicki Feaver

SasuHina Month soothes my soul. <3

First Prompt: Mermaid AU

Second Prompt: Flower Shop AU

Third Prompt: Vampire AU

Ganbatte Shuu!

Shuu’s little crisis over being Kaneki’s sugar daddy in the new omakes  got me feeling bad for him, so here’s an appreciation post of all the times Ishida chose to draw/emphasize Shuu with Kaneki since they reunited rather than any other character~

This bit actually has a lot of characters shown looking at Kaneki but Shuu’s panel is the one that Kaneki’s head ends up in. Next to each other right from the start ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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2.1.16 Happy new year!! Feels weird to be in 2016. So this is my desk and my bookshelf! I thought I’d take a shelfie so that at the end of the year I can take another one and see how it’s changed. My reading goal for 2016 is 40 books so I’d better get cracking!
My old work is at the top with design books, the classics and notebooks are below, then cds and harry potter and graphic novels, then fiction at the bottom! 📚📖

You and Me (Ch. 1)

Summary: Nothing could ever make Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich stop loving each other, literally nothing. (How I would’ve like 7x10 and 7x11 to go, plus more)

Word Count: 2100

It’s been a year since Ian has seen Mickey. He finds it to be too hard to visit him in prison. Being able to see each other, but not touch is too much to handle. Because of this hardship, they send monthly letters and Ian always sends money to be put into the con’s commissary so he never runs out of Marlboro’s, which is a nice system.

Mickey and Ian know they aren’t going to be able to last eight years being abstinent, so they agree that it is okay to be with other people in this time. Unsurprisingly though, Mickey is an overprotective ass so he needs constant reassurance that Ian will be there for him when he gets released.

I’m probably going to beat the shit out of whatever guy you’re fucking when I get out. Promise you’ll be waiting for me? Miss and love you.

Mickey, you still have six years in there, which means I probably won’t even remember the name of this guy by then. But obviously I promise, Mick. You and me, right? Miss and love you too.

Though there are times of frustration, they know they are in this life together for the long haul. Nothing could possibly keep these two apart.

* * *

Ian was walking on his way to work when a mysterious man bumped into him and dropped an old flip phone. After cursing the man out for running into him, the phone began to ring. Curiously, Ian answered. “Miss me?” Mickey’s voice melted Ian’s heart.

“Mickey,” he smiled. “Where are you?”

After hearing Mickey’s instructions of meeting him at their old high school around twelve o’clock, he went to work and impatiently waited for noon to creep around. When he saw the clock reach 11:45, he acted sick so he could sneak out and find the love of his life.

Once he arrived, he searched for Mickey, but couldn’t find him. After walking to the back of the school, it clicked. He knew Mickey would be waiting for him under the school bleachers. He runs to the track so he can peek under them.

Suddenly he sees the escapee, and everything freezes. They stare at each other lovingly for what feels like an eternity. Mickey’s hair has grown longer than Ian’s ever seen, but it looks fucking hot. He got noticeably stronger as well.

Mickey then motions for him to come back there with him. Ian obliges and pulls the shorter man into a kiss once he knows they’re close enough. When they separate though, Ian pushes him. “Are you fucking stupid? Do you know how risky it is to escape federal prison!”

Mickey pushes him back, and they nearly fight until their eyes meet each other. The look is full of love, lust, and longing. Finally Mickey backs away. “You like the high school bleachers? Our spot, man,” he smiles and grabs the beer he has which is covered in a paper bag.

Ian laughs. He takes the beer out of Mickey’s hand and takes a swig of it. “Hey! You’re on Lithium, Gallagher. You get drunk off of one beer, remember?”

“Shut the fuck up,” Ian laughs. Mickey’s so overprotective, and it’ll never change, which is something Ian has grown to love. “It’s one sip,” he hands it back.

Mickey rolls his eyes with a grin. He looks the taller man from head to toe, studying every area of his body. “You went all official on me.”

“EMT, which you know.” He stares at the older man. “I came from work.” Mickey hums in an approving way to show that he’s proud of his boyfriend. “You look good.”

Mickey chuckles. “Not much else to do in there but work out.”

They sit silently for a while and breathe in each others presence. “So what now?” Ian’s heart is thumping.

“Layin’ low with my cellmate Damon,” Mickey points to the man standing next to the van. “Mexican-banger-hitman-motherfucker,” he flips his friend off jokingly.

Ian nods. His mind is going a mile a minute. Happiness is radiating through since he is standing here with Mickey Milkovich, but fear is also running through his veins. There is no way he wants anything happening to Mickey that could wind him back up in jail– which would mean even more time apart.

Mickey swallows as if he’s preparing to say something important. “Look, I’m, uhhh,” he stutters. “I’m gettin’ some new ID’s, some cash, and heading to Mexico.” He studies Ian’s surprised facial expression. “Well until everything is sorted out and I could come back to the states.”

“Wow,” is all Ian could say.

“You should come,” Mickey inches himself closer to the redhead.

Ian laughs in disbelief. “Come with you to Mexico? Mickey, I love you, but how the fuck am I gonna pull that off?”

“You’re under my skin, man. The fuck can I do?” He grabs his boyfriend by the coat. “Hm? What can I do.” Their bodies are so close they can feel each other’s heart beats.

Ian breathes in as Mickey places a hand on his cheek. “Think about it.” He puts their foreheads together. Mickey slowly places his lips on Ian’s and they share a long, soft, and affectionate kiss. “You and me,” Mickey reminds the younger man. “Either way we’ll wind up together.”

Ian swallows hardly. “Fuck, Mick. You and me.” He kisses him again.

“I love you,” Mickey whispers so quietly  that Ian can barely hear it. Then he backs away and starts heading towards the van.

Ian watches him walk before speaking. “How am I gonna find you?” Ian calls out.

“Look up,” Mickey says, and Ian does. The redhead finds a flip phone stuck in between the bleachers. He grabs it and smiles, then watches as Mickey drives off to God knows where.

Running away with Mickey sounds like a damn great idea, but he has a family he needs to take care of. Lip’s an alcoholic, Fiona suddenly prioritizes her business ideas more than her family, Debbie has a baby, Carl’s in military school, and Liam is in kindergarten. On top of all of that, he has Frank and Monica to worry about. He has a lot to think about.

* * *

The cellphone Mickey left for Ian begins to ring around midnight. “Mick,” Ian answers.

“Aye, Firecrotch. Meet me under the old docks by rusty bridge at the lake in a half hour.”

“Alright,” Ian says hesitantly. He’s nervous that Mickey’s going to tell him he’s leaving for Mexico tonight.

Since it’s a twenty minute walk there, he walks down the stairs to talk to Fiona. He doesn’t want to tell her flat out that he knows where Mickey is, but he wants to talk about him with someone. Fortunately everyone in the family knows how much Ian and Mickey love each other.

Once he got down the stairs, he sister was waking up. “Hey, Ian,” she said foggily.

“Hey, Fi,” he smiles.

She looks at him and sees the tenseness in his body. “What’s up? Everything okay between you and Trev?”

Fuck. He forgot about his latest fuckbuddy. “Ummm, yeah, whatever,” he shakes it off. “So you hear how Mickey got out?”

“You mean escaped? He has half the Chicago Police Department looking for him,” she scoffs. The older sister notices the pained look on his face, and frowns. “What’s that look for?”

“I don’t want him to get caught. I wouldn’t be able to handle it if he got sent back to jail for even longer.” He hid the emotion from his face.

She studied her brother. Confusion waved over her, despite knowing how things were between Ian and Mickey. It was love–real love– that nothing could interfere with. Fiona often wishes that her and Jimmy shared that same kind of sickening love, but she guesses the breakup was for the better.

The eldest Gallagher placed her hand on her brother’s knee. “You did great without him these past few years,” she tries to say positively.

He shakes his head. “I was fucking dying without him, Fiona. I felt like I was missing a part of me, as cliché as that sounds.”

“You’ve had boyfriend’s though,” she says more as a question. “I know you love him, but weren’t things becoming easier?”

He chuckles. “They’re nice guys and easy fucks– never boyfriend’s though, Mickey’s my boyfriend,” he says straight out and ignores his sister gagging noise which was caused by the mention of his sex life. “I can’t get him out of my head.”

She smiles. Though it’s a fucked up situation, she’s glad her brother has a love this strong. Not many people ever find love in the Southside. “What are you going to do? Find him? Wait for him to find you?”

He stares down at the flip phone. “No clue,” he responds. “It’s me and him though. He’s my endgame, ya know?”

Her eyes widen. Every she hears him talk about this boy, he seems so sure that their going to end up together. “How are you so sure? I’m not doubting it, just how do you know?”

“Feel it,” he smiles. “Fiona, I’ve loved him since I was fifteen years old.”

“Fucking nuts,” she says in amazement.

Ian chuckles. “We got lucky being able to find something so deep in a fucked up town like this one. Really fucking lucky.”

* * *

Ian is almost near the dock as his heart begins to pound and his hands begin to sweat. It’s crazy how he could still get butterflies in his stomach over someone he’s been with for so many years. He took a drag of his cigarette as he texting Mickey to let him know he was there.

A few moments later, he saw the dark haired man walk up the stairs from the lake. Ian immediately threw his cigarette on the ground and began walking forward. “Knew you’d come.” When he got closer her repeated himself then said, “C’mere,” grabbing his face and pulling him into a hard kiss.They held each other close and kissed for a long time. They cradled each other’s faces and moaned into each other’s mouths. They’ve missed times like these. They missed feeling each other’s tight embrace.

Out of nowhere, Ian pushed away. “What the fuck?” Mickey looks at him in confusion.

“How long ‘til you would be able to come back here to the states? I have a fucking family to worry about, Mick. I can’t be without you though. I just– fuck!” Ian paces back and forth.

In this moment, Mickey doesn’t care about any of that. All he cares about is taking advantage of this time with Ian. “Stop,” he cuts off Ian from speaking anymore and walks forward so he can kiss him even harder than he did before.

The lust factor is rapidly increasing. It’s been so long without each other’s touch. They needed to feel each other, and take everything in. Mickey could last a lifetime in moments like these, so could Ian, but Ian has a lot on his mind at the moment as well.

Ian pushes away a second time. “Fuck!” He grabs his love’s face and stared into his eyes deeply before turning away. “Do you know how much you risked by doing this, Mick! What if you get caught? Huh? What am I gonna do?”

Mickey doesn’t respond right away. He thinks first. “It’s just you and me right now, baby,” Mickey assures softly, knowing that those few words mean the world to him. Ian propels himself at his longtime boyfriend. After a lot of heated kissing, they start the undress themselves.

As Mickey goes for Ian’s belt he looks up and says, “Tell me goodbye,” which causes Ian to push Mickey back into the railing that they were leaning on.He’s always been a cocky and sarcastic son of a bitch, Ian thinks to himself. “What?” Mickey whispers. Ian connects their lips again.

When Mickey turns around for Ian, Ian pauses and takes in the side and back view of his boyfriend. He takes his hand and moves the longer hair from the side of Mickey’s face. Once he’s taken the beautiful sight in, he begins placing soft kisses along his neck and cheek. Mickey’s skin against Ian’s lips has never felt so good for either of them.

Mickey is whispering profanities under his shaky breath as he feels Ian touching him. Ian grabbed Mickey’s hand with his own and squeezed it tightly. Sloppy kisses were placed all over. Everything was so intense. They don’t fuck this time, they make love.