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First Prompt: Mermaid AU

Second Prompt: Flower Shop AU

Third Prompt: Vampire AU

Giving Up For Happiness (Harry Hook)

Part 1/3 

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Prompt: Hi!! Can I get a imagine where the reader is the daughter of the queen of hearts and her boyfriend is Harry Hook but she went to Auradon with Evie,Mal, Carlos, and Jay The first time and she comes back when Ben is in danger and when it’s time to go back she brings Harry Hook with her to live in Auradon with her??? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense but I like the idea of it and I hope you can do it! Thank you!!!!

Requested; Yes

Let me know if you want the next part, I’m finishing the whole thing tonight but I want to get something out for you guys <3 Thank you all for the support!

When the people of Auradon came to get the first ever Villain Kids to come to Auradon Prep, they found four of the five in the castle. The fifth? We’ll you were doing eating fish sticks and playfully wiping your hands on your boyfriend Harry’s coat. He grumbled at you but kept his hand on your thigh as his eyes flickered across the screen of the King of Auradon’s son made a proclamation that-

Two men burst through the doors of Ursula’s fish & chips, putting Harry on edge instantly as she squeezed your thigh. The two men wore sunglasses and ear pieces. “You can’t jus barge in here like ya own the place,” Harry stood up and walked toward them. They pushed past him and moved straight to you. He scoffed and narrowed his eyes, moving behind them back to you in defense.

“Y/N Heart, Daughter of the Queen of Hearts?” one man asked and your eyes widened.

“I swear I haven’t done anything, it’s only morning,” you replied with your hands up, searching for Harry’s eyes.

“Ms. Heart, you aren’t in trouble. You’ve been chosen to go to Auradon by Prince Ben,” the man said and a low bang sounded in the room. Harry had dropped his hook, his hat in his hand as he stared shocked at the three of you.

“I’m not going, thank you,” you mumbled and moved between them to pick up Harry’s hook. You hooked it on his belt loop and bumped his nose. “Let’s go Hook.” You grabbed his hand to pull him out and away from the situation but he stayed put, solid as a rock. Your dress swayed a little from the restriction of moving.

“Harry?” you tried to pull him again, but he wouldn’t look to you, only to the men in suits still standing in the middle of the restaurant.

“You should go love,” he whispered, half-defeated. His shoulders were slumped and he wouldn’t look you in the eye. His hand became sweaty in yours as he sighed. You stepped directly in front of him, placed your hands on his cheeks. “Harry,” you whispered back, concern written all over your face. Your heart is broking.

               “This is a wonderful opportunity to be free Y/N,” Harry told you honestly, his lips pressed to your forehead.

               “But I won’t have you,” you pouted, a single tear dropped from your waterline and you sniffled. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at you both, making Harry twitch. He knew he needed to get you off this Isle and if he had to sacrifice his love for you for that, he’d do what needed to be.

It killed him to do it, but he pushed that kindness away after making eye contact with Gil. Gil was shaking his head at him, reading his mind. ‘Don’t do it,” Gil mouthed but Harry ignored him.

“Well, maybe it’s for the best,” Harry told you and released your hand from his. You stared up at him. “I think this is a great time for you actually. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time Y/N, but I don’t love you. What we had isn’t real. Go to Auradon and meet a Prince, someone fit for a heartless Princess such as yourself.”

He cleared his throat and walked away from you toward Uma and out the back door of the restaurant. He could hear you calling after him but he wouldn’t look back. He wouldn’t let himself be the reason that you don’t find peace and happiness away from this Isle, away from your mother.

Eruri Headcannons

- Erwin taking Levi to the massive high-street in Wall Sina for the first time and losing him and panicking like a father losing his child.

- After Erwin’s death, Levi continued visiting Erwin’s father’s grave and changing the flowers because Erwin could no longer do it.

- Erwin and Mike decide to take Levi drinking after their third or fourth expedition, and find out through a healthy competition of drinking that Levi can’t just drink one pint, but the whole tavern, and still not falter a step even with the burden of two disastrously drunken blondes.

- Erwin finds out that Levi’s cravat is actually precise cuttings of his mother’s shirt.

- Erwin, notices Levi becoming more morose as the anniversary of Isabel and Farlan’s deaths was approaching. Feigning going to an ‘important meeting’, Erwin goes instead , into the underground and finds Levi’s old house- which unsurprisingly has been raided and ripped to ruins, covered in dust too. He sweeps the shabby-house several times, happening upon nothing but a couple of creaky floorboards. Curious, he sets to prising them up and he finds a dusty little box, opening the delicate thing he’s surprised to find a soothing melody playing starting to play, inside the box lie a couple of scrawls of paper, some sweets, some fabric cuttings, a white feather, a small knife, couple of tea-bags and some battered coins. He takes the box back to the surface, and gifts it to Levi.

- Erwin about to playfully chide Levi for paying more attention to the window than his reports, and notices the falling snow. He realises that Levi has never seen the seasons change, or experienced the different weathers, particularly the now falling snow. Abandoning the papers for the first time EVER, he decides that Levi should experience the snow, and takes him out.

- Some ass-punk is shaming commander Erwin in the street and Levi absolutely trashes them.

- Erwin sweating his bollocks off meeting Levi’s stern uncle Kenny at a sit-down-dinner for the first time.

- Levi shaving Erwin’s face when he loses his right arm, and cutting his hair.

- Erwin teaching Levi about the act of giving which comes along with Christmas and kinda-criminally misunderstanding it, resulting in him stealing a lot of ungrateful rich people’s stuff and giving it to appreciative poor people. Erwin having to explain to Nile where all these extravagant red curtains covering the barracks- which definitely don’t look like the king’s, have come from.

- Post expedition, where Levi is chilling in his bath, and Erwin just comes sliding in and making the water overflow the tub.

- Erwin and Levi slow dancing around the bedroom at new years to absolutely no music at all.

- Levi and one-armed-Erwin on a fishing trip, Erwin falling in the river and accidentally knocking the only paddle in with him and losing it. Trying to climb on the boat is almost impossible with one arm, clinging to the boat tips it, and with his legs getting tired from treading water he has no choice but to swim to shore, leaving Levi stranded in this little row-boat in the middle of this giant river without a paddle, cussing up a storm.

- Levi making Erwin a different tea every morning in an attempt to figure out which is his favourite.

- Erwin patiently teaching Levi how to read and write.

- Levi painstakingly waiting for Erwin to finish his reports, and falling asleep in his arm chair. Erwin’s internal monologue going over what he loves most about his sleeping lover.

- Erwin and Levi camping and having a run-in with a bear, some bees and ending up sleeping in a tree (which has nothing to do with the pissed-off bear at the base). 

- Levi finding Erwin’s diary and reading about the day they met.

- Erwin spotting Levi on the roof, looking at the stars, its cold out. With determination, he roots through the closet taking out one of his coats and makes his way up to his newest soldier, he gifts Levi the boyfriend coat.

- Levi showing Erwin this underground library with a stash of books about the outside world.

- Erwin slowly recognising that the number of knives Levi carries on his person is slowly decreasing as he becomes more comfortable around him.

- Levi teaching Erwin how to pick locks.

Flannels and Trench-coats / Sam Winchester

A/N: not requested, just love Sammy. Just a small drabble with Destiel.

Warnings: Happy Sammy cause he’s beEN THROUGH ENOUGH SHIT AND NEEDS LOVE

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You walked into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. Sam was at the stove, making pancakes when you walked up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist. You rested your head on his back and he chuckled.

“Morning (Y/N).”

“You weren’t in bed asshole. I was cold.”

“Well I was going to make you breakfast in bed but now that you’re up,” he trailed off.

You groaned, rubbing your face into the spot between his shoulder blades causing him to shiver.

“Stop marking my brother (Y/N). You’re not a damn dog,” Dean muttered as he made a bee-line for the coffee pot. 

You laughed and sat on the table. Sam turned around to put the pancakes on the table, but froze when he saw you. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked down at yourself.

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JD x Reader - Nightmares (FLUFF)

WC: ?

Requested: Yes! By @take-a-look-the-invisible-girl ((I hope this is okay! By all means, tell me if it isn’t. I’ll gladly fix it!))

Summary: the reader has been having awful nightmares and it leads to one bad school day and a whole lot of fluff!

Warnings: swearing, alluding to murder (is that even a warning??)

(S/n) = school name
(Y/b/n) = your bully’s name


Blood. There was blood everywhere you looked, running red rivers turned into oceans. At your feet, the cold and stiff hand of your mother had fallen. Just moments ago, you had watched her scream and beg for her life. You tried to run towards her, to save her. But your feet were planted forcefully to the spot, ensuring you could see as the tall black figure plunged a knife into her neck. Her pale and lifeless eyes gazed up at you, her mouth hung open in terror.

Without warning, her corpse unleashed an ungodly screech, jolting you out of your nightmare.

Sweat poured from your body as you peeled your pyjama top off of you and sighed. This was the 4th nightmare of the week and it was only Wednesday. You just couldn’t do it anymore. Every night and nap, without fail, you were forced to watch as everyone you loved was slaughtered right before your eyes. Your mother, your father, your sibling and even your boyfriend.

The cruel face of the alarm clock read 3:52am. The red numbers blinked at you furiously, angry at your presence. Maybe JD would be awake right now…

To: JD🖤
From: (y/n/n)💙
You awake..? X

You hovered over the send button for a while before deciding against it. He’d probably just get mad…

‘Fuck it’, you though. If the nightmares wouldn’t stop, you’d just stop sleeping. Tying your (h/l) (h/c) up in a messy ponytail, you pull out a book and begin to read until the sun came up.


Arriving at (s/n), you’re greeted by the usual smirk of your boyfriend, Jason 'JD’ Dean. In his hand, a blue raspberry slushee cup.
“Care for a hit?” He asked you, swinging an arm around your shoulder. “You look like you could use it.”
Glaring slightly, you take the cup and drink fast, causing a searing cold to tear through your mind like a blade.
“Fuck!” You exclaim, making JD chuckle.
“Did you sleep at all, (y/n/n)?” He asks, sarcasm dripping from his blue tongue.
“Did you?” You quip back, hoping to turn the conversation around. He doesn’t need to know, you think.
“Not at all, actually. I was… busy.” He replies with an air of caution in his voice. You cock your head with confusion, like a lost puppy, but shrug it off.

Walking down the halls was weird. Blame it on sleep loss but something felt different. As though somebody was missing… It took about an hour or so but eventually, it clicked. (Y/b/n) wasn’t there! You asked around but nobody seemed to know. Apparently they’re sick? Something about that didn’t sound quite right. But your mind was too foggy with sleep deprivation to care too much.


Days without sleep turned to weeks and each day, your brain became foggier. (Y/b/n) had yet to return to school and an investigation was now underway. You prayed they wouldn’t call on you for a statement, knowing that no coherent words would form from your lips. As luck would have it, you had only had to face 2 tests in the last three weeks, both of which you failed pitifully. It was getting bad… Noticeably so.

JD had been trying incredibly hard to find out what was wrong with you but you kept your mouth shut tight.
He doesn’t need to know.
He began to wonder if someone was bullying you and became extremely intent on finding out who. When his searches came up empty, he was frantic.
“Who is it? You’ve GOT to tell me! Is it Jack? Katie? Betty?” He was jumping up and down in the hallway, trench coat swinging as he went. To you, he looked hilarious but adorable. Like a dog with a bone, he kept throwing out names in hopes of a reaction.

As you walked, the hallway began to stretch and distort before your eyes. The words that your boyfriend was speaking began to float away into white noise, barely audible over the pounding of your heart. Slowly, every colour fused into one largely white blob and your knees caved underneath you. The last thing you remember was JD screaming your name. You closed your eyes, waiting for the impact of the solid floor but… it never came. Instead, you felt calloused hands on your bare arm before everything went black.


“JD!! No! Please don’t die, please! You can fight him! Please!” You screamed. The familiar scene of torture unfolded in front of you, this time your trench coat clad boyfriend was the victim. The deep red seemed almost neon against his black attire, his screams shook to your core.
Not again…
You look down to see your wrists shaking, nails drawing blood from your palms. You push harder, trying to move. Nothing.

“(Y/n), sweetheart? I heard screaming. What’s going o-” Your mother enters the scene. As quickly as she’s there, she’s gone. Writhing on the floor in agony, you watch the features etched onto her face go stiff.
This continues as your father, best friend, sibling and other friends of yours enter and die. It’s almost like a conveyor belt in a sick and sadistic factory. Around your feet, corpses litter the floor. Each face filled with its own tragedy.

Wake up… please wake up…



“(Y/n)? (Y/n)!” Your boyfriend says frantically, watching your body contort with pain. Tears flood down your cheeks, hands balled up in fists around the white sheets.

Finally, you wake with a deep and throaty scream. Your voice is hoarse from the internalised screams. Without even acknowledging he was there, you roll over to JD and clutch onto the thick black fabric of his coat.
“(Y/n),” he begins, a tone of anger in his voice. “What the hell happened?! You blacked out! And now this!”
Teary eyed, you look up to him and sniff.
“I… I kept having these n nightmares and I I couldn’t sleep so I just s stopped sleeping.” You stammer out, feeling weak and weary. You hear the boy above you sigh with disappointment. You shut your eyes tight, preparing for him to shout.

Instead, you feel his arms pull you close to his body. Allowing all anger leave his body in the remnants of a head shake, he rests his head atop yours.
“W why aren’t you mad..?” You question, voice trembling.
“I am mad, (y/n). But we can talk about this later. Right now, you need to sleep.”

With that, he places a gentle kiss atop your (h/c) hair and intertwines his legs with yours. For the first time in weeks, you feel safe. Your eyelids flutter shut as you press your body further into his. For the first time, you sleep peacefully.

“I love you, (y/n)” you hear him mutter to himself. Knowing he didn’t want you to hear that, you just smile to yourself.

That night, you dreamt of him. Alive, well and in love.

2.1.16 Happy new year!! Feels weird to be in 2016. So this is my desk and my bookshelf! I thought I’d take a shelfie so that at the end of the year I can take another one and see how it’s changed. My reading goal for 2016 is 40 books so I’d better get cracking!
My old work is at the top with design books, the classics and notebooks are below, then cds and harry potter and graphic novels, then fiction at the bottom! 📚📖

fandomsandanythingelse  asked:

(If you're doing the thing where you write something based on the prompts) could you do 1 and 4?

“A wedding?” and “are you drunk?”

Sooooooo I took some creative liberties with this… And I think it turned out really funny. Also, pet names are awesome??? Literally the best??? I need to use them more often

Pairings: Prinxiety and side Logicality

Warnings: light mentions of alcohol, some self-depricating thoughts

Tag List (let me know if you want to be added/removed): @holdnarrytight@whatin–tarnation @love-sanders-sides @demonickittykat @milk-withtwosugars @lizziepopanime 

“A wedding? Are you drunk, Roman?” Virgil grabbed his keys out of the tray on the table with an exasperated sigh.

“Look, sweetheart, I know it’s a lot to ask, but Logan and Patton are really good friends of mine and it’d mean a lot for me to be there!” Roman trailed behind his boyfriend, grabbing his coat from the hook and shrugging it on.

Virgil threw the door open and stepped out into the chilly air. Although it was mid-April, the weather had been ridiculously cold. “Ro, I know that they’re your best friends, but come on! I’ll know exactly one person there, and I’m sure you’re going to get dragged off for some sentimental garbage and I’ll be left all alone. You don’t need a date to validate yourself while you’re there. Plus, who’ll look after Shelby?”

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