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- Fly like a jet stream
- Fit like a daydream
- Ocean blue eyes looking in mine
- Oh damn never seen that colour blue
- Starry eyes sparkin’ up my darkest night
- A school girl crush
- You had turned my bed into a sacred oasis
- I don’t want you like a best friend
- My one and only, my lifeline
- My drug is my baby.
- For you, I would fall from grace

Silent Treatment

If you haven’t read Caught this won’t make sense so go read that first.

Since he left her book at the laundromat she’s been giving him the silent treatment. 

It was the first book to a series she was really excited to read, she actually has all the other books in the series, except that one now. 

It had been a good night, well early morning. They did the laundry, made out a little. 

But the second she realized he left her book she flipped a switch.

“Babe.” He said trying to hold her hand, only to be rejected. “Babe.” He sighs. “I’m sorry.”

“Cool.” She says getting up and walking to the bunks. 

For the time that she’s been with him on tour, they haven’t stayed in their separate bunks. They’ve stayed in the back. The couch pulls out to a queen sized bed, so they’ve stayed there together. 

“What are you doing?” He asks watching as she moves a blanket that was on the couch to her bunk. She doesn’t respond, just moves around him and grabs her pillow from the couch. 

He catches her arm as she walks past him again, turning her to make her look at him. 

“Stop!” He said looking into her eyes frantically. “I’m sorry, Baby don’t stay in your bunk.”

She just stares at him, blinking at him. 

“Babe.” He said trying to pull her closer.

“I need to get ready for bed.” She says throwing her pillow into her bunk. She moved from his hold and b lined to the bathroom. 

Shawn sighed and scrubbed a hand over her face.

“What’s up? Did I really interrupt something?” Geoff asked as Shawn groaned turning back to the front.

“No, I mean yeah you did. But I put her book on one of the washers and forgot about it when you came in. She got me all distracted, and I forgot. And now it’s sitting on that washer, and we’re here.” 

“You forgot her book?”


“You are so in the doghouse.”

“I know!” Shawn snapped. “She’s giving me the silent treatment.”

“Uh oh.” 

“No, she’s not running from me.” He said turning back to the bunks, grabbing her blanket and pillow taking it back to the couch. 

As she got ready for bed he made the couch up for them. He’s done this every night, pulling the bed out and making it so she can slip right in and read while he got ready. 

He looked at her when he heard the bathroom door click then slide open. She walked to the bunks, looking at hers and then huffing. She looked over at him and saw that he was already in his pajamas with the bed made for her. 

“Please.” He asked quietly. She crossed her arms and huffed out a sigh. “I’m sorry, Baby please.” He said holding his hands out for her.

She knew that this was the only way she was going to get him to shut up. So she walked, avoiding him and his hands, to her side of the bed. She climbed in angrily, turning her back to his side of the bed.

He groaned and shut the light off, walking to the bathroom to brush his teeth. 

Walking out and back to her he ran into Geoff in the hall.

“Night Buddy.”

“Night.” Shawn said patting Geoff’s shoulder.

“Good luck.” 


He returned to the back and slide the little door shut. He knew she was awake and sat on the bed looking at her. 

“Y/n.” He said, finally using her name. 

“Mm.” She rolled her eyes.

“You can’t seriously be this mad at me. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to leave your book there.”

“Whatever.” She pulled the blankets over her shoulder.

“Y/n.” He said throwing his head back in frustration. 

She doesn’t respond and he shakes his head, not knowing what to do anymore. He just turns and gets into bed.

He looks at her and wonders if she’ll let him touch her. Hold her like he does every night. He contemplates it, lets the idea of just going for it turn in his head. 

“Fuck it.” He mumbles, rolling over and letting his arm drape over her waist. 

At first she doesn’t do anything. He thinks that he’s got a little win. That he’s breaking her down. But then he feels her soft, cold hand grab his and lift his arm up and drop it behind her. 

He buries his face into his pillow and groans loudly. He hears her shuffle a little, and feels her legs brush against his. 

He shakes his head and let’s out a frustrated breath but turns away. He lays on his stomach, arms on his sides, head turned away from her. 

Once he’s done shuffling around she looks over her shoulder, peering over at him. She’s angry at him, but like they’ve never gone to bed like this.

They always make up before going to bed, cuddling each other and holding on tight. The idea of losing the other making them cling to each other. 

She sighs and turns, leaning over him. She kisses his cheek.

“I love you.” She whispers before laying back down. 

His eyes fly open, head turning to look over at her. He catches her laying her head back down on her pillow. 

He’s not sure what to do, he doesn’t want to push her attention. Doesn’t want to make her mad again, but he wants to say he loves her too and that he’s sorry. 

She rolls over and her eyes go wide when she sees that he’s looking at her. 

“I love you.” He says softly. She nods and closes her eyes. 

When he wake’s up the next morning he’s alone. 

Usually she’s cuddled up into him, stealing his warmth. But this morning he’s met with cold sheets on her side of the bed. 

His ears perk up when he hears her laugh come from the front of the bus. He picks himself up and shuffles out to the front, being met with Geoff, Andrew, and her. 

“Morning.” Andrew says once he sees Shawn walk in. 

“Morning.” Shawn mumbles, rubbing his eyes at the new light.


“Please.” He nods.

He looks around and smirks that the only spot at the table is next to her. She notices it too, and tries to scramble to get out but he sits in the little booth seat so she can’t leave.

“Good morning.” He leans closer, hoping she’s done giving him the silent treatment. 

She nods at him and looks out the window. His head drops at the lack of response. 

Geoff and Andrew are giggling as Andrew slides Shawn his coffee. 

She’s still giving him the silent treatment when they make it to the arena. 

It’s really starting to bug him now. 

“Babe, I have to leave for Meet and Greet are you coming with me?” He asks looking up from his phone.

“No.” She says not looking up from her laptop. 

“Okay.” He sighs getting up. “I love you.” He says leaning in quickly and kissing her cheek before she could fight him off. 

He leaves the bus, walking up to Andrew.

“I need to go get something.” He says looking around.

“What do you need, I’ll have someone get it for you.”

“No, I need to get this myself.”

“Shawn, you have meet and greet in a half hour.”

“I know, I’ll be back in time. I have to do this.”

He starts to walk away from the arena towards the little mall down the road.

“Shawn! Where are you going? You’re going to get spotted!” 

“I don’t care.” He calls back, turning the corner.

At this point he’s just her boyfriend Shawn. He’s not Shawn Mendes that has a show tonight. He’s not Shawn Mendes that has a meet and greet in 25 minutes. He’s Shawn that fucked up and is getting the silent treatment from his girlfriend. 

He walks in and walks straight to a worker for help. 

He made it back in time for meet and greet. Now he’s prepping for the show, but he’s off.

She’s not there and it’s killing him. He wonders if she’ll stand side stage. Or if she’ll kiss him before he goes on stage. 

“Geoff, how much time do I have?” He asks frantically.

“Like less than an hour why?”

“I need you to get Y/n.”

“Thought she was still mad at you?”

“She is, but I need her. I can’t go on stage with her pissed at me.”


“Just, can you go get her. She’s on the bus.”

“How am I supposed to tell her to come?”

“Just tell her that I need her and want to talk to her. If she doesn’t want to come she doesn’t have to.”


“Y/n?” Geoff calls as he walks on the bus. 

“Yeah?” She asks from her spot on the couch.

“Hey.” He says walking into the back room.

“What are you doing? He starts soon.”

“I know he does, but he asked me to ask if you would go talk to him.”

She sits and contemplates it. She hasn’t missed a show since she joined him and sitting here with him in there was killing her.

“He said you didn’t have to go if you didn’t want to. But he said that he needed you and wants to talk.”

“Needed me? Those were his words exactly.”

“Yeah ‘Just tell her I need her and want to talk to her.’” Geoff says replaying the conversation in his head.

“Okay.” She jumps up, pulling one of his flannels on to cover her tank top.

She follows Geoff into the arena, feeling the energy of the crowd by just walking in the building. 

“He’s in there.” Geoff pointed to a closed door.


She walks to the door and opens it slowly. 

“Shawn?” She asked softly peeking in the room. 

He’s sitting on the couch, head in his hands. He looks up when he hears her. 

“Babe.” He said jumping up from the couch as she walks in, closing the door behind her. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I um, got you something.” He says turning to his backpack.


“Wait.” He says digging into his bag, pulling the book and flower out.

“Shawn.” She sighs seeing what he’s holding.

“I’m so sorry.” He says looking at the book. “But I got you a new one.” He says handing it to her. 

“Babe.” She smiles. 

“And I got you this flower. I wanted to get you a bouquet, but the store only had the one left.” He says twisting the flower in between his fingers nervously.

“Shawn.” She takes a step towards him.

“I love you, and I don’t like it when you don’t talk to me.” He says softly. 

“I can’t believe you.” She shakes her head. He looks at her and watches as she looks at the book in her hands. 

“I got the right one right?”

“It’s signed.” She says looking in the front cover.

“Yeah.” He smiles a bit. “I knew you were going to like that.”

“You got me a signed copy?” She looks up at him with wide eyes.


“I love you.”


“I’m sorry for giving you the silent treatment.”

“I really didn’t like that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.” He sighs.

He watches as she turns and sets the book down. She turns back and wraps her arms around his neck, him wrapping his arms around her waist.

“God I missed you.” He confesses into her ear. “You felt so far away from me.”

“I’m sorry, that was childish.”

“It’s okay.” 

She just pulls away and leans up, kissing him. He kisses back eagerly, holding her tighter.

“Shawn, you’re on in- oh.”

“Give me a second.” He says looking at Andrew over her shoulder.

“Yeah no problem.” Andrew walks out the door, shutting it behind him.

“Go, they’re all waiting on you.”

“They can wait a little longer.” He says hugging her again.

“Shawn, go perform.”

“Just give me a second. My girl is finally in my arms again, let me enjoy that for a second.”

“Okay.” She says holding him a little tighter.

“I promise not to leave your book in a laundromat ever again.” He says squeezing her, eyes shutting tight as he inhales her scent.

She laughs into his ear.


“I love you.”

“I love you too.” 

That night, after the concert Shawn walks out of the bathroom. As he looks down the hall he leans against the wall watching her.

She’s got her reading light on, and her hair is thrown into a sloppy ponytail, hanging off the side of her head as the book is in her hands. She’s biting her lip and her eyes scan the page.

He walks the rest of the way to her, crawling in.

He lays down and rolls towards her.

“Hey.” He says kissing her arm.


“You know, I read the back of that cover when I bought it.” He says catching her attention. She looks over at him, intrigued.


“It sounds interesting.”

“You’re interested in one of my books?” She asks moving one of his curls off his forehead.

“Yeah, it sounded like a good story.”

“Yeah.” She whispers look back at the book.

“Can you read it to me?” He asks rubbing her leg.

She looks at him with wide eyes and a big smile.

“You want me to read it to you?”

“I mean we could trade off on chapters or whatever.” He shrugs, his hand finding hers and playing with her fingers.

“You wanna read with me?”

“Yeah, I mean the story sounds interesting and if I get to spend more time with you then I’m in. You just can’t read it without me.”

Her face falls a bit.

“Can I read other books while I read this one with you?”

“Yeah.” He shrugs. “I mean you have to have something to do while I’m performing.” He snickers.

She gasps and shoves his shoulder.

“I do not read while you are performing.”

“I know.” He grins looking up at her. She rolls her eyes and laughs with him. “So what do you say? Wanna read with me?”

“I’d love to read with you.” She smiles, fingers running through his curls. 

He leans up, and she leans down, kissing sweetly.

“Okay, well let’s get started.” He says situating himself, head in her lap.

“This is a fairly long chapter so if you get tired we can stop.” She says looking at him.

He nods, eyes fluttering shut.

“I’m ready.” He whispers, hand on her leg, rubbing circles.

She gets to reading and she thinks that she sounds so boring. He has to be falling asleep and be so bored with this book, but to her surprise those circles on her legs never stop and he’s actually pretty engaged. 

“We should go to bed Shawn.” She says once finishing the first chapter.

“No.” He whines. “One more chapter.”

She laughs and he looks up grinning.

“Wow I sound like you.” He teases, poking he side. “But I get it now, one more chapter. I’ll read to you?”

“That sounds like a dream come true.” She smiles, as he leans in and kisses her. 


boyfriend material; yoongi

「 long night walks, paired tattoos, spontaneous dates, meaningless messages at 4am, a dawn meeting in the back seat of the car, a quiet whisper in the phone, a mess in the apartment, cold coffee & overcrowded ashtrays 」

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Demon boyfriend - Part 4 - Nothing yet

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When consciousness tugged at you the next morning, you knew you were heavily bruised before you even opened your eyes. Your hip thrummed with pain where it had hit the floor and you had a headache which felt like it was caused by a literal crack in your skull. You groaned into your pillow in remembrance of your awful night, but when you reached a hand to touch your chest warm relief washed over you as you found it dry, no longer oozing blood from the week before’s puncture wounds. You’d take bruising over constant bleeding, so you were counting the night before as a win.

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okay but that dream with Muriel implies that u guys have known one another for a while and all I’m sayin- what if it was a WHILE. 

Just wanted to draw Kid!Asra and things got out of hand…