boyfriend bestfriend girlfriend

I don’t know what I did to deserve you but thank you so much for loving me.
—  Tenari Ioapo // I’m out of words, your love leaves me breathless.
Volevo solo dirti che è bello quando i nostri occhi si incrociano senza esitazione tra una massa di gente.
Mi fa sentire come se ci scegliessimo continuamente
—  (via laragazzadelmare)

“You made me cry”,
I wanted to say,
but I’m the best friend.
I must be okay.

I must put away my pain,
to help you with yours.
I must jump over hurdles,
And just wait at your doors.

I respect you didn’t choose me,
but then you text me, saying you can’t lose me.
I love you, so I stay.
You still can’t fathom, I’m far from okay.

—  PoorlyWrittenInTheStars
I want you

I want all of you.
I want all of your perfections to fix my flaws,
and all of your imperfections to fill my thoughts.
I want the way you smile when you are happy,
and the look in your eye when I need to stop you being sad.
I want your lips pressed against my lips,
and my body pressed against your skin.
I want to hold you so tight,
and lock my hands to yours and never let go.
I want you
I want all of you.