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Bughead kiss!

I’m not in my senses right now, so forgive me if my post makes zero sense. Also I’m a little late to the party, but I just had to, I have too many feels

- The way he looked at her when at her window, his whole face softened and his eyes were roaming over her (Jughead NEVER looks at ANYONE that way!)

- Hey there, Juliet! (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG)

- Her complete disbelief and then sheer delight at seeing him 

- His trademark sarcasm (Yellow wallpaper)made its appearance,  but oh, it was couched in warmth and protectiveness and concern

- She immediately unburdened her worst fears to him

- And he immediately jumped to comfort her

- She immediately calmed down

- He suddenly realized they were standing so close, they were alone in her room and his whole manner changed 

- The way he came close and choked on his “Also” (Cole’s acting here wounded me right in the feels)

- The way Betty looked surprised and quizzical about what’s coming

- The intense look he gave her first and then that determined expression that said ‘okay, Jones, go for it, its now or never’

-The way he dived right in, grabbed her neck and kissed her! 

- And the way she immediately responded, leaning into his kiss

-The way they moved their lips together in sync, gently, softly, tentatively, exploring each other

- The way he pulled away and the way she leaned in, her lips parted (she wasn’t done yet!)

- The way he exhaled - like he’d been holding his breath for too long and finally, finally it was okay to let it go! He had kissed Betty! And it was everything he’d dreamed about! And more! (Cole was fantastic here too!)

- The way his hand still lingered on her neck, he never wants to let her go

- The way their noses touched and they lingered

- The way she smiled, her eyes still closed, basking in the aftermath of that blissful moment

- The way he teased her about killing their ‘moment’

I’m just over here in the corner sobbing quietly

Riverdale finale- Spoilers

Okay, for all of you who thought that the jubilee pic could happen at the beginning of the episode or that it could not mean anything, I realized something really really amazing!

We all know the milkshake toast will be the last scene of the episode, and if you stop to look at Jug’s clothes, they’re the same from the jubilee pic!

Honestly, that’s probably the first time he’s not wearing his usual coat (which probably means he’s living with his father again) and that’s the irrefutable proof that the couple will probably leave the Jubilee to meet their friends!

Bughead is endgame, ladies and gentlemen!

Also, thanks to the other stills, I think the cooper family and the beanie boyfriend are quite proud of their golden girl for the beautiful speech!

I’m so gonna die if while she’s speaking, the camera focuses on a smiling Jughead.


I wanted to write just a couple key moments in bugheads life! Enjoy guys! It’s a long one, better grab some popcorn!

“I have no idea.” F.P said defeated, throwing his hands in the air and looking helplessly at his son, who was staring at himself in the mirror with the same confused look in his eyes.

“It’s impossible. This is not humanly possible.” Jughead Mumbled as his fingers toyed with his shirt collar and he tugged restlessly.

“It’s satans work is what it is.” F.P growled pulling the offending object from his neck and chucking it at the door, unfortunately Betty chose that moment to walk in and was hit square in the face by the dark blue silk tie.

“Oh!” She said surprised, holding the garment in her hand and smiling at the boys in front of her. “Thankyou?” She asked.

“Sorry Betty Blue Eyes, you got caught up in the middle of a fight between me and that jerk.” F.p grabbed the tie from her hands and squeezed her shoulder smiling warmly at his favorite little lady.

“No problem.” She laughed “having a little trouble?” She glanced behind F.P at Jughead and he smiled shyly, putting his hands up and shrugging as his tie lay limp around his neck

“This is not a simple tie Ms.Cooper, it is the tie to end all ties” he held it out to her and she rolled her eyes
“My apologies, here let me help”

Betty’s hands expertly twisted around F.Ps neck and within seconds his tie was perfectly done and she was moving to stand by Jughead as F.P stared at her in amazement
“You are a lifesaver little one” he plopped down on the couch and stared at the two teens before him.

Betty was standing before Jughead as Jughead leaned into the blondes hands and took up her space

“How are you feeling?” She whispered as she tugged on his shirt collar, her fingers gently passing his neck. Today was F.Ps final court appearance and the judge would decide if he had jail time or just community service

“Nervous. Nervous but ready.” He said, his hands moving to gently rest on her waist. Betty had been there through all of it, she had sat beside him at every court date, held his hand as he visited his father, and she had been in the passenger seat the day they had made bail, now she was here for the end and he didn’t think he could do it without her.

“I’ve got faith.” She smiled and gently tugged his tie straight. He looked down at her and prayed that she could read his mind, that she could tell just how much her being there meant to him, just how grateful he was for her. He dropped a kiss to her lips but quickly pulled back when he saw the bright flash go off beside him.


“What?” The older man held up the Polaroid proudly “its for the grandchildren. You’ll thank me when you’re older.”

Betty shook her head and giggled, grabbing the truck keys and smiling

“Alright boys, onward and upward and into the jaws of death.”

The two Jones boys shook their heads and smiled. Betty Cooper was something else.

“It doesn’t matter mom, it wasn’t meant to last, you knew it, I knew it, he knew it. We were just fooling ourselves. If Veronica stops by tell her I’ll be over tonight. I just… I need..” as Betty’s eyes filled with tears, she shook her head quickly and ran up the stairs, slamming her door as she collapsed into sobs on her bedroom floor.

Alice placed a hand to her heart, her daughter was in pain and it physically hurt her to see the normally bubbly blonde revert back to her old ways. She hadn’t seen Betty this upset since sophomore year. Taking a deep breathe she moved to start up the stairs when a pounding on her front door stopped her in her tracks

“Ms. Cooper! Please! Ms. Cooper, you have to let me in! Please let me explain! Please!” Jughead was pleading with her from the opposite side of the door, opening it slowly she was met face to face with her daughters absolutely frazzled boyfriend. Jughead beanie was missing and the flannel he wore was buttoned completely wrong, while his suspenders hung unclipped at his side, his dark waves were a mess.

“Oh thank god” he mumbled, rushing into the household “she doesn’t understand that she’s all i want, she doesn’t know how much she means to me, I don’t care about any of those fancy names or big places, all I want is her, I shouldn’t have said some of the things I said but she’s just so stubborn ya know? I mean I…” he was cut off by the quick and heavy footsteps sprinting down the stairs

“Stubborn?! I’m stubborn?! Have you looked in the mirror recently? I’m just trying to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life! I’m so sorry for trying to help you!” She shouted in his face, pushing past her mother and standing toe to toe. Alice Cooper stood frozen in her spot.

“Don’t you get it?! You are my life! You’re everything to me. I don’t care about any stupid acceptance letters or big name schools, I want to be wherever you are! My publicist doesn’t care where I’m located, I can write my books from anywhere!” He was begging her but she shook her head.

“I’m not leaving Riverdale Jughead, my family is here, pollys here, baby jayjay is here. They have a great elementary education program at Riverdale Community. I’m staying here. But you! There’s a whole world for you to see out there! I love you and I’ll miss you so much but I cannot be the reason you miss out on seeing the world!” Tears were falling freely down her cheeks now and he placed his palms on either side of her face

“You are my world! Everything I want is right here. I love you. I love Riverdale, if this is where you want to stay, this is where we’ll stay. My dads here, and Jellybean comes here every summer, this is my home too. My home is wherever you are! My first book is already doing so well I can afford to get us an apartment! Don’t you want to be with me?” He wiped at her tears as his own built in his eyes

“Of course I do! I love you. I just don’t… I don’t want you to hate me.. to resent me with time.” Her eyes dropped and he shook his head

“I love you. I could never hate you. I would follow you anywhere, you’re just saving me a trip.” He smiled when he heard her quietly giggle and he pressed his lips to hers
“Wherever you go I’m right beside you okay?” He asked as she nodded

Suddenly the couple was blinded by a bright light and looked up find Alice Cooper standing before them with a digital camera in her hands


“That was beautiful! I’m an old woman let me live vicariously through your love” she snapped a few more as Betty and Jughead rolled their eyes before both posing goofily for the camera.

She laughed as F.P swung her around the dance floor, sending her poofy white dress flying as he lifted her off her feet before placing her back on the ground and holding her by the waist.

“So how does it feel to officially be a jones?” He asked as they slow danced to the familiar father daughter track.

“Long overdue I’d say” she giggled as he puffed his chest out proudly. “Thank you for walking me down the aisle, I invited my dad to the reception but…” she trailed off looking around sadly.

F.p shook his head, Hal Cooper was an absolute idiot, that he was certain of.
“No Betty, Thankyou. You saved my life. You saved my sons life and I can’t repay you for that, you stuck by him through it all, and I know what a tough son of a bitch he can be.” Betty giggled

“Hey that’s my husband you’re talking about!” She smiled brightly.

“You’re decision not mine” the older man teased, spinning Betty around “anyway. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter in law, so thank you for saving both of us.” Betty wiped at her tears as F.P let his freely fall

“Are you making my wife cry on our wedding day?” The familiar timber of Jugheads voice caused them both to smile. F.p gently shoved Betty into his sons arms and took Alice by the hand

“We’re bonding.” He shrugged before moving to the center of the dance floor, Alice laughing the whole way.

“What was that all about Mrs.Jones?” Jughead asked slightly concerned at her tears.

Looking up at her husband, Betty smiled happily
“Nothing at all Mr. Jones.” He beamed as he dropped a kiss to her lips

“This way you two!”

Veronica called from beside them, she held her camera up and motioned for them to smile as she snapped the picture. Veronica took photos fro fashion magazines all over the world and as Betty’s bridesmaid she demanded she also be the Wedding photographer. Looking up at Jughead as he stared lovingly down at her, she ignored the bright flash of the camera and stared deep into her brand new husbands eyes.

“Oh no.” She stood in front of the mirror.

Jughead came running out of the bathroom
“Oh no what?!” He asked frantically, reaching for the bag by the bed.

“I look like a whale.” Betty said blandly, still staring at her reflection in the mirror “might as well call sea world, who needs a book launch, I’ll just start a new career as the first pregnant whale to speak English.” She pouted as she tugged on the skin tight black dress, pulling her nude heel over her foot.

Jughead bit his lip to keep from laughing, tonight was the launch of their very first book as co authors, it had gone over so well that they were already number five on the New York Times Best Seller List. Apparently the concept of a couple writing a book together did very well for sales and they were already sky rocketing, Us Weekly had actually written a two page spread on the “Small Town Star Crossed lovers.” Unfortunately Betty was six months Pregnant and all belly, she seemed to gain no weight anywhere else and as a first grade teacher she was used to flowy sundresses and flats. The stylist had picked out a tight dress and high heels, she looked absolutely amazing to Jughead but apparently the mirror said something else.

“You look beautiful. Too beautiful to even argue” he wrapped his hands around her waist and rubbed her baby belly.

“Really?” She wasn’t one to be vain but hey, pregnancy really does things to your self confidence.

“ absolutely.” He pressed a kiss to the shell of her ear and felt her shudder. Oh yes.

“Alright who’s ready for pictures!” Kevin came into the room and waved his tablet around. Oh did I mention? Kevin was the Jones family manager.

Jughead rolled his eyes and smiled goofily at Kevin as Betty stuck her tongue out

Kevin snapped the picture and in a dull, unamused voice exclaimed


Jughead smiled down at his wife and bent down to press a kiss to her tummy for good luck

“Ready mama?”

“You got it daddy.” She giggled.


“Ma! Come here!”

Betty came barreling down the stairs, her ten month old daughter , Lila, snuggled against her chest

“What’s the matter Cody?!” She looked him up and down for any damage

“Chill mom, I just wanted to know what this was.” The nine year old boy held up the dark blue album and handed it to her, gently taking Lila in his arms and pressing a kiss to her forehead. Betty smiled at the scene in front of her as she ruffled her sons dark waves.

“This is Mine and your dads, it’s our memories.” She opened the album and began flipping through the pages, pointing out pictures and telling the story that went along with each one, Cody was in hysterics and Lila had fallen back asleep.

“Dad really wore that beanie everyday?” He asked, wiping his eyes from laughter

“Yeah well you wear your burger boxers everyday to school.”

Both Betty and Cody turned around at the familiar voice, Jughead stood against the door frame, arms crossed and grinning.

“It’s different! Not everyone can see them! How did you even land mom! She was like… well.. no offense mom but you were a babe and dad… not so much!”

Jughead snorted
“Oh no offense mom? What about no offense dad?” He walked forward and started tickling his son who began laughing like crazy and grabbing at his dads hands, Lila woke up and stirred reaching her arms out for her older brother

“I’ll go feed her! Then I’m going to go play basketball with Jason Andrews, next door.” Cody gently grabbed his baby sister and led her to the kitchen.

Jughead plopped down beside his wife and draped an arm over her shoulders, staring down at the album

“How did I land you?” He asked, gently nuzzling her neck as she stretched.

“Right back at you Romeo.” She dropped her lips to his.

New World

A/N: long time no see, I’m sorry I haven’t written in like 2 months I’ve been so busy with work, but I’ve finally had a chance to sit at my laptop and it feels soooo good. 

Jughead X Reader


Summary: Jughead becomes a Serpent and steps into a new world of gang life and crime but can y/n keep up with his new life?

This could possibly have a second part to it…

The Day Juggie put on that leather jacket on, something inside him changed. He practically spent all of his time with the serpents, learning their ways, learning the ‘trade’. I didn’t know what he’d become. We barely saw each other anymore, he made an exception once a week to meet me at his fathers caravan just so I could make sure he was alright. 

I received a text message from Jughead asking me to meet him at his dad’s, telling me he had something to tell me. I walked across town tugging my jacket closer to my body as the wind picked up and rain started to drizzle from the sky. I had a bad feeling about seeing Jughead, I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen when I got to his house. 

I get to the front door and stand there with my fist raised ready to knock for a few moments when Jughead opened the door and smiled. I had to admit he did look good standing there with a smirk on his face his body covered with his leather jacket. I just hated what it represented. Crime. The sort of crime that had his father locked up for 20 years. 

“Well come in then, we have lost time to make up for” Juggie smirks towards me, there’s another thing that’s changed in him. His confidence towards me, he’s a lot more forward, not that I mind but I do miss my awkward beanie wearing boyfriend. 

I step through the front door and take a place sat on the couch, Juggie comes and sits besides me and leas in for a brisk kiss. I kiss back hesitantly and place my hands either side of his face, his reside on my hips pulling me closer to sit in his lap. I pull away slightly and lean my forehead against his.

He smiles at me for a second but his smile soon drops. 

“What’s wrong, Juggie?” I ask holding his face, worry spreading quickly across my face. 

“I’ve been given something, from the serpents, something that could get me in a lot of trouble.”

“What? what have you been given?” I ask frantically getting off his lap and standing up. He shakes his head standing also turning his back to me, running his fingers through his raven hair. 

“I’m afraid that if I tell you, I’m going to lose you.” He whispers, more to himself than to me. 

“Just tell me Juggie, Please!” I practically beg him turning him to face me. 

He walks through the caravan to his fathers bedroom and retrieves a package, she shamefully brings it closer to me. “I’ve been ask- told, to deliver this to someone in Riverdale” He hands me the package and I inspect it fully noticing the unusually heavy weight for a package of its size. I look inside and instantly drop it once I realise what it was. 

“Drugs!?” I gasp, wide eyed stepping back away from the content. He picks it up and places it on the coffee table saying nothing. “I have to, they won’t trust me if I don’t” he sighs looking me in the eye for only a moment. 

I shake my head and let out a short breath. I couldn’t bare the thought of him turning into his dad. The thought of him behind bars frightened me, I wouldn’t have anyone to go to. 

“And if you get caught..what you think they’ll let you share a cell with FP?” I ask sarcastically. 

“I won’t get caught, I’m meeting the buyers at Sweet Water River tomorrow morning, early hours there won’t be anyone around” he says taking my face in his hands. 

“you don’t get it do you?” I say shaking my head leaving his grasp and sitting back down on the couch. “You’re letting them change you into a completely different person, you’re not the same person I  fell in love with Juggie, I didn’t sign up to stand by a gang member” a few stray tears fall down my cheeks. I look at Jughead and notice him shaking his head, anger striking his face. 

“You think I chose this!I did what was best for me! They protected me, they looked out fr me when no-one else wanted to! I’m just returning a favour that doesn’t mean you have to abandon me!” Juggie whines out thrashing his arms around. 

More tears fall down my face as I look between him and the package. 

“When did I leave your side? I have always been here Jug. I’d never let anything happen to you. It was you who distanced yourself, and know you’re doing this. I’m sorry but I just don’t think I can cope with you becoming this different person.” I sigh. I get up and walk towards him. I lean up and place a single kiss on his lips before pulling away. 

“Goodbye Juggie, I love you. Call me when you’ve come to your senses.”

“No Y/N wait, please-” I hear Jughead say but I had already left. Stepping outside letting the cold rain hit my face.  

Pajamas || Jughead Jones

Prompt: Can you possibly do a Jughead x reader where she’s really popular and is on the river vixens but is always at pops really late at night like Jughead and one night she goes up to him and she’s in her pyjamas and he thinks it’s cute and just fluff?? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

A/N: I feel like this is kinda OOC and short, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!!

Gif by @ravemreyes


Jughead’s eyes burned at he looked up at the clock in Pop’s. 1:54. He had been here for hours.

Was Pop even still here?

He groaned and rubbed his eyes before continuing to write again. This wasn’t unusual. Sometimes the writer would stay here until the sun rose, just typing away on his laptop. He felt like he had been to hell and back every time.

Jughead heard the telltale sound of the bell jingling as the front door opened but he didn’t look up. He already knew who it was and he was too immersed in his novel. You scanned the nearly empty diner, looking for your beanie-clad boyfriend. You smiled when you spotted him and made your way over to the raven-haired teen’s booth, sitting down in front of him.

“I knew you’d be here.” you said.

Jughead smirked but didn’t look up.

“When am I not here, Y/N?” he asked.

How Jughead, the loner, was together with you, the co-captain of the River Vixens, was anyone’s best guess. According to the rumors, you two were seated next to each other in English class and just got talking. Talking became flirting. Flirting led to Jughead asking you out on a date. Despite Cheryl’s insistence that you shouldn’t date the “emo kid,” you ignored her, going on what was one of the best dates of your life. You and Jughead had been together ever since.

Jughead tore his eyes away from his laptop to look up at you for a second before looking back down at his computer. He stopped, furrowing his eyebrows.

Wait, were you…

He looked up at you again and realized he was right. You were in your pajamas. And not your usual gray sweatpants and white tank top either. No, you were in your matching top and bottom pajamas, the one with little monkeys all over them.

Jughead burst out laughing. Whether it was because he was just plain exhausted or it was because of the fact that you had just strolled into Pop’s wearing the funniest pajamas he had ever seen, he didn’t know.

You rose your eyebrows at him.

“What? What is it?” you asked.

Jughead calmed down but a chuckle escaped here and there.

“You’re in your pajamas.”

You rolled your eyes at him as you sat back in the booth.

“What’d you expect? It’s nearly two am.” you stated.

Your boyfriend shook his head, smiling at you.

“You’re just so…” he began. “I don’t even know. God, I just love you.”

You blushed furiously. Sure, it wasn’t the first time he had said that he loved you, but it made your cheeks heat up just the same.

“I, um, I love you, too.” you said quietly, looking down and smiling.

The two of you were silent, just smiling to yourselves and blushing. You looked behind you at the clock before sighing and looking towards Jughead again.

“It’s late,” you said.

You lifted up the keys in your hand and jingled them.

“Come on, I’ll give you a ride.”

Jughead smiled at you before he began to put his laptop away.

“Thanks, Y/N.”

The two of you got up, Jughead swinging his bag over his body.

“Come here, Juggie,” you said as he put his arm around your shoulder, you putting your arm around his waist. You leaned into him and he kissed your head.

“Let’s go home.”


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Smart Cookies - Part 2 (Jughead x Reader)

Things have been going well for you and your boyfriend Jughead, you’ve been together for almost 6 months. You’re ready to move forward and you both think it’s time to become intimate. However with Jughead living at the Andrews and your parents working from home and an annoying little sister to deal with, the conditions are far from ideal.

Part 1

Characters: Jughead x reader, Veronica, Betty, Kevin

Warnings: None

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

Monday morning rolled around, Y/n woke up to her usual wake up text from Jughead.

‘Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
There isn’t a star,
As bright as you.
See you at school xx’

She gave a great sigh, he really did have a way with words. She loved that everyone thought of him as this dark and mysterious emo kid when really he was a total sweetheart.

Y/n walked into Riverdale high. The hallway was already bustling with chatter, everybody catching up on the gossip from the weekend. She waltzed up to her locker, her beanie clad boyfriend already waiting for her. Jughead pecked her on her cheek.

‘Morning, how are we this fine Monday?’ he asked.

‘Much better now.’ She smiled.

‘Well look who it is, our favourite ship.’ They were interrupted right on que by Veronica, who was joined by Betty and Kevin.

‘Good morning to you too.’ Y/n replied, raising a sly eyebrow at her best friends.

‘Do anything exciting this weekend guys?’ She asked, making small talk in the small time they had.

‘Y/n, you’re aware we’re in Riverdale right? Of course nothing exciting happened.’ Kevin quipped. Y/n chuckled, Kev always knew how to lighten the mood.

‘And what about you two then?’ Betty enquired quietly, she sometimes had to be battle to heard, especially with Ronnie and Kevin around. Jughead looked at y/n with a sly grin.

‘Nothing much, usual Netflix marathon.’ He replied. He looked at his watch realising time was ticking on.

‘I better get going for class, meet you here later?’ he asked y/n.

‘Well duh, Juggie, it’s not like we do that every day.’ She giggled.

‘Okay, okay, see you later.’ He left her another kiss on the cheek and headed off to class.

‘We better head off too Betty, see you later!’ Kevin and Betty rushed off, merging in the crowd of students. Y/n was finally alone with her best friend, Veronica. As they walked to class she decided to confide in her. If anyone could help her solve her privacy problem, V could.

‘So Ronnie, you know how I love you lots with a cherry on top?’

‘What do you want y/n?’ Veronica could see straight through her, it was clear y/n was desperate for some help.

‘I need help with a problem. I can barely even make out with my boyfriend without being interrupted and it’s starting to become an issue.’ Y/n sighed. She was falling for Jughead and this road block was really worrying her. Veronica gave y/n a gentle hug, she knew all about the couple’s issue having heard some pretty embarrassing stories from Archie. She felt bad for y/n though so she kept what she knew quiet. V could see her best friend was in need of her help. She quickly started formulating ideas in her head.

‘Don’t look so glum girl. Lucky for you, you have Veronica Lodge in your life, to come to your rescue. It’s almost your six month anniversary right?’ She was fairly confident in this information but didn’t want to show off in case anniversaries weren’t their thing. Y/n and Jughead were a fairly quiet couple.

‘It is indeed, this weekend, well remembered.’ Y/n thought it was quite sweet she remembered.

‘Perfect, we’ll need something extra special then.’ Veronica grinned.

‘Nothing too sho-’ The bell rang, interrupting y/n.

‘Don’t you worry, leave all the details to me. I’ll inform you of the plan at lunch, bye y/n!’ And with that Veronica was gone in a flash to the class room next door. Y/n entered her biology class, her mind boggling at what Veronica could be planning and her stomach filling with a few butterflies at what might take place this weekend.

Read Part 3 here

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anonymous asked:

How about a Riverdale one-shot with established Betty/Jughead? Betty got over Archie before summer and started dating Jughead during the summer, and they're still a couple when the show stars. You may have to change the episodes a bit. I hope that's okay with you.

Here you go!!! I only did the first episode because it turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be. But I hope you like it!!!

“Juggie!” Betty couldn’t help but yell as soon as she entered Pop’s and spotted her beanie wearing boyfriend. She had loved her internship, but she had missed him like crazy. Jughead’s face lit up when he saw her. He stood up and gave her a huge hug and a quick soft kiss. Betty knew that he wasn’t crazy about PDA. She would make sure that they found some alone time soon to really show each other how much they were missed.

“Betts, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” Jughead said once they sat back down. “How was the internship?”

“It was amazing Juggie.” Betty clapped her hands in front of her in excitement. She had called him almost every night, so Jughead knew pretty much all of her stories, but she couldn’t help but gush some more about how incredible her time had been.

“I’m so happy for you.” Jughead said after she had finished talking. He reached across the table and took her hand, lacing their fingers together.

“What about you? How’s your great American novel coming along?” Betty asked, not failing to notice the happy smile that crossed Jughead’s face as he began to talk about his writing.

“It’s going well, although I’m pretty sure most of the town will be displeased at the way they are portrayed.” Jughead said with a small chuckle.

“And how am I portrayed?” Betty asked

“You’re just going to have to wait and find out.”

“Come on Juggie, please?” Betty begged

“Nope, no one can read this until it’s finished, no exceptions. Even for my beautiful girlfriend. But I will say that you are probably the person I had the most difficulty remaining objective about.”

“Aw” Betty smiled. Jughead prided himself in his ability to remain separate and objective about the town while writing. So the fact that he was admitting that it was hard to remain objective about her was one of the sweetest things that he could say.

“Hello” the two looked up as a girl approached them.

“Hi” Betty glanced in shock at the beautiful, dark-haired girl. She glanced at Jughead, unable to keep her insecurities from rearing their ugly head. Jughead was looking at the girl with slight curiosity, but nothing more. Betty mentally kicked herself for doubting him.

“I’m Veronica Lodge, I just moved here.” Veronica offered her hand to shake. Betty let go of Jughead’s hand and took the new girl’s.

“I’m Betty Cooper,” Betty replied, glancing over at Jughead who had started typing furiously. “And this is Jughead.”

“Jughead?” Veronica asked with a laugh

“Jughead Jones, the third.” Jughead added, giving Veronica a small smile before returning to his writing. Betty saw Veronica mouth his name and sent her a knowing look.

“What are you writing Jughead Jones the third?” Veronica asked

“I’m writing about you” Was Jughead’s simple reply

“Uh, he’s writing a novel about this town and some drama that happened over the summer.” Betty hurried to add, realizing how odd it sounded.

“Oh” Veronica looked like she was going to say more, but Pop came out at that moment with her order.

“Do you want to join us?” Betty asked

“Oh no, I should get this food back to my mom. But I’ll see you tomorrow in school right? It’ll be good to have some familiar faces.”

“Absolutely, I’m the one giving you your tour tomorrow.” Betty responded with a laugh.

“Perfect” Veronica gave them both a bright smile and then headed out of the door.

“Archie, that’s amazing” Betty said when Archie played them his song.

“Yeah, I thought we’d have to pretend to like it, but it was actually really good.” Kevin added in the way that only he could

“That was you?” Veronica asked as she joined them. Betty had introduced her to Kevin and Archie in the hall during the tour. She hadn’t missed the way that Veronica and Archie had looked at each other.

“Yes” Archie responded, blushing slightly

“Well, color me impressed.” Veronica said before turning to Betty. “So, where is that brooding boyfriend of yours?”

“Um…” Betty hesitated, sending a look at Archie who refused to meet her eyes. She still didn’t know exactly what had happened, but she did know that things were incredibly tense between Jughead and Archie at the moment. “He’s probably off writing somewhere” Betty answered vaguely, knowing that Veronica wasn’t fooled for a second.

“Uh huh…”

“Alright…well I have to go talk to Ms. Grundy about music classes.” Archie said and quickly picked up his things and bolted.

“What was that about?” Veronica asked when he was out of earshot

“Jughead and Archie are best friends, they have been for years. But over the summer they were supposed to go on a roadtrip, but Archie cancelled and didn’t give Jughead a reason…and then he apparently avoided Juggie for the rest of the summer. I was away at and internship so I’m still trying to figure out what happened.” Betty said with an unhappy sigh

“We’ll figure it out Betty” Kevin assured her. Betty gave him a small smile just as Jughead slid onto the bench next to her.

“Hi” he gave her a small peck on the cheek and then helped himself to half of her sandwich.

“I didn’t know all of that” Jughead stopped walking. Betty stopped beside him and looked at him curiously.

“All of what Juggie?”

“That you tried out for cheerleading and that Cheryl called you fat.” Jughead could barely contain his anger.

“It wasn’t really a big deal” Betty looked at her feet.

“Yes it is,” Jughead cupped her face in his hands. Betty looked up and met his eyes. Jughead felt a sudden want to punch Cheryl in the face for putting that sad look in Betty’s eyes. “Betty Cooper, you are a knockout, and anyone who doesn’t see that is an absolute moron.” Jughead said firmly, relaxing when she laughed.

“Thanks Juggie”

“Unfortunately, this means that I am going to have to break up with you”


“Yeah, I have a very delicate reputation to protect and if I am known to be dating a cheerleading, it will until my who mysterious aura.” Jughead stepped back, keeping a straight face.

“Juggie!” Betty yelled with a laugh and snatched his hands before he could take another step.

“I’m serious Betty, this is the end of us.”

“I can’t stand you” Betty laughed again, but tugged his hands so they were standing close together once again. Jughead wrapped his arms around her and joined in her laughter.

“No you don’t.” He said and planted a kiss on her lips.

“So Archie doesn’t have a girl or anything does he?”

“Nope” Betty said as she and Veronica walked along the track in their new cheerleading uniforms

“I’m thinking of asking him to the dance.”
“Oh Ronnie, you should. That would be perfect.” Betty gushed. She caught sight of their redheaded friend and nudged Veronica.

“Hey Archie!” Veronica shouted and Archie jogged over to them.

“Hey you two, nice outfits.”
“Thanks Archiekins. Will you go to the dance with me?”

“Uhh…I don’t know Ronnie, I’m not really in the headspace for a dance.” Archie looked to Betty for help, but she simply gave him a smile and a shrug. She hadn’t know Veronica for long, but she did know there was no arguing with her.

“Come on, you won’t let the new girl go unescorted will you?” Veronica pushed

“Of course not.” Archie said with a sigh.

“Perfect. You and Jughead can pick Betty and I up at my place.”
“Oh…” Archie hesitated

“Veronica I’m not going with Jughead” Betty hurried to say.

“What? Why not?”

“Um, dances aren’t really his thing. I was just going to go with Kevin.”

“Okay, well in that case I’ll be there” Archie said and jogged away. Betty glared over her shoulder at him, annoyed that he didn’t seem willing to try to mend things with Jughead.

“No, this is not happening.” Veronica said

“What isn’t?”

“This…all of this drama. I swore it all off when I left New York City. We are going to get Archie and Jughead talking and then we are going to get Jughead to come to the dance with you.”

“Veronica that’s not necessary.”

“Oh but Betty dear it is, I just want to have a group of friends without all of the in fighting that there was in my previous groups.”

“Okay, I’m all for mending things between Arch and Juggie, but I’m really okay with Jughead not going to the dance. I like him just the way he is, and he’s not really the dance type guy.”

“Well, we’ll focus on Archie and Jughead for now…” Veronica said pulling Betty along

And that was how, later that night, Archie and Jughead ended up locked inside of Betty’s room. Veronica and Betty shut the door, telling them to deal with their issues and then headed downstairs for a cup of tea.

“Do you think this will work?” Betty asked with a grimace as she heard the boys begin to shout. She hated to see the two of them fight. Both of them meant so much to her and they had all been friends for so long.

“Kevin said that they were best friends right?”

“Yeah, since I can remember”

“Then they’ll figure it out.”

“How are you so sure?” Betty said, gesturing upstairs where the yelling continued.

“Because best friends fight, but if they’ve been friends for that long than they are obviously close and one silly fight isn’t going to undo years of friendship.”

“I wish I knew what it was all about” Betty said

“When they are ready, they’ll tell you.” Veronica said “So, while they are distracted, how about we plot our next scheme”

“Veronica if you are talking about getting Jughead to the dance-”

“Yes that is exactly what I’m talking about” Veronica interrupted her. “If you can look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t want to go to the dance with Jughead then i will back down.”

“I…” Betty tried, but she couldn’t honestly tell Veronica that.

“That’s what I thought. And have you told Jughead how you feel?”

“No, I don’t want him to feel like I’m pressuring him into anything.”

“B, that boy is crazy about you. Anyone can tell that. He only has eyes for you and I have no doubt that he will do anything for you.”

“Exactly, I know if I ask him then he will feel like he has to go. I was sort of hoping that he would ask me on his own. But if he doesn’t want to go, that’s okay with me.” Betty shrugged. She would love to go to a dance with Juggie. To both get dressed up and slow dance together, but she really didn’t mind going with Kevin. She knew exactly who Jughead was, and she didn’t expect him to change.

“Okay Betty” Veronica dropped it with a disapproving look.

“Hey, do you hear that?” Betty asked, noticing that the yelling upstairs had stopped.

“Let’s go see if these idiots have figured it out yet” Veronica linked her arm in Betty’s as they headed up the stairs. They leaned their ears against the door but couldn’t hear anything inside. Betty took out the key and unlocked the door. Jughead and Archie were both lounging on her bed, looking just like they had a hundred times.

“Oh thank god” Betty said, jumping on the bed and hugging both of them. They laughed and hugged her back. “I hated seeing you two fight” Betty said pulling away.

“We did too” Archie admitted

“So you guys have everything figured out?” Veronica asked. Jughead and Archie exchanged a look.

“It’s a start” Jughead said finally.

“Good enough for me” Betty said, wrapping her arms around Jughead and kissing him on the cheek.

“Well this calls for a celebration. How about I go pick up some takeout from Pop’s and we can watch a movie or something?” Veronica offered.

“Oooh food” Jughead nodded appreciatively.

“Good, I’m glad you like the idea, because considering half of the food will be yours, you are coming with me to help me carry it buster.” Veronica said to Jughead

“Oh no, I’ll go with you Veronica” Betty said, standing up in alarm.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll go” Jughead stood up and started walking out the door.

“No really, I’ll go. You two should keep talking.” Betty pleaded. Jughead stopped and looked between Veronica and Betty. But Veronica slipped her arm in Jughead’s and practically dragged him out of the door.

“We’ll be back soon” She threw over her shoulder. Betty gave a sigh and sat back on the bed. She knew exactly why Veronica wanted Jughead to be the one to go with her.

“So why didn’t Betty want me to come with you?” Jughead asked almost immediately after they left the Coopers.

“Wow, you don’t beat around the bush, do you?” Veronica said with a laugh.

“No, so why?”

“Because she is an amazing and incredibly selfless person.” Veronica answered with a sigh.

“What?” Jughead had no idea where this conversation was leading

“Jug, Betty wants to go to the dance with you, but doesn’t want to tell you that because she knows you hate dances and she doesn’t want to force you into anything.”

“What?” Jughead said again, his mind spinning. “But I asked her about and she said she was going with Kevin. She didn’t seem that interested.”

“That was an act for your benefit. She knew that if she said she wanted to go you would’ve felt obligated to take her.”

“I would’ve taken her if I had know, of course I would. But obligated isn’t the right word.” Jughead shook his head. “Making Betty happy makes me happy. I’d do anything for her, plus she puts other people first always, I feel like it’s my job to make sure she gets put first.” Jughead was upset at himself for not noticing that Betty wanted to go to the dance.

“That’s what I thought. It’s why I told you even though she didn’t want me to. Because I could tell that this is how you would feel.” Veronica stopped walking and looked at Jughead.

“Thanks for telling me Veronica” Jughead said softly. “I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out myself.”

“Don’t beat yourself up, Betty’s a good little actress when she wants to be.”

“You have no idea…” Jughead said

“What do you mean?”

“Betty’s been putting on a brave face since she was little, I think it’s almost more of a habit now then a conscious decision.” Jughead thought about all of the times Betty showed up to school with a smile on her face, only to tell them later that something awful was going on at her home.

“Let’s make a pact, Jughead Jones the Third.” Veronica said, looking at him seriously.

“A pact about what?”

“A pact that we will make sure that Betty starts putting herself first and make sure that she shares her feelings instead of burying them inside.”

“Deal” Jughead said, sticking out his hand. Veronica took it and shook it firmly with a nod of her head.

“Good.” They dropped hands continued their way to Pop’s

“You know you are already helping her.” Jughead said after a few moments. “Her mom hates that she is cheerleading, but she is standing her ground, I think partly because of your influence.”

“Good for her” Veronica said with a happy smile.

“Veronica?” Jughead said hesitantly


“How do I ask Betty to the dance?” Jughead felt slightly embarrassed, he had never asked a girl to a dance. He had no idea how to go about doing it and didn’t want to mess it up. Betty was too important.

“Oh have you come to the right place little Jug.” Veronica said with a laugh.

“Betty?” Jughead asked softly later that night. The movie had ended and Veronica and Archie had made their exits. Jughead and Betty had remained cuddled on the couch in comfortable silence for a while after.

“Hmm?” She murmured, sinking further into his arms.

“I always thought that one thing we were really good at was being honest with each other, even when it was hard.” Betty shifted, sitting up so that she could look at him.

“Is this about what Veronica told you?” Betty guessed. Jughead moved so he was also sitting up and looked at her intently.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you wanted to go to the dance?”

“Because I didn’t want to force you into doing something that you didn’t wanted to do.”

But you didn’t even give me a chance Betts” Jughead pointed out

“Because if I told you that I wanted to go then you would feel like you had to take me. So I figured that if you really wanted to go then you would ask me.”

“I tried, but you said you were going with Kevin”
“That was you asking?” Betty asked with a raised eyebrow

“That was me trying to see if you wanted to go…” Jughead leaned forward and took her hands. “Look Betts, I really don’t care what we are doing, as long as we are together.  You telling me that you want to do something is not forcing me into anything. Seeing you smile and making you happy is what gives me happiness. And if my amazing girlfriend wants to go to a dance, then I’m going to take her to that dance.”

“You really want to get dressed up and listen to loud pop music and be surrounded by sweaty teenagers all night long?”

“No, I want to see you in a pretty dress and I want to hold you close as we dance and I want to see the jealous looks of every other guy in the room because they aren’t the ones with you.”

“You really want to go to the dance?” Betty reached up and brushed her hand along his cheek, her eyes filled with hope.

“I really want to go to the dance.” Jughead said, leaning down to kiss her softly. “Betty Cooper, will you go to the dance with me?” He whispered against her lips. He felt her smile and his stomach did a little flip.

“I would love to Juggie.” She said and pressed her lips back against his.

“Jughead relax, you look great” Archie said, grinning at him. Jughead’s hands dropped from where they had been straightening his bowtie.

“I feel ridiculous.” He said, tucking his shirt in for the tenth time.

“Jug, stop.” Archie said and knocked on Veronica’s apartment door.  Veronica swung the door open almost immediately. She was in a dark strapless dress.
“Hey boys”

“Wow…” Archie’s jaw was practically on the ground. “Ronnie you look amazing.”

“Thanks Archiekins, you are looking pretty dapper yourself. You two Jughead.” Veronica said giving him a wink. She stepped aside so that Jughead could look past her and see Betty. Jughead felt his heart skip a beat. She was wearing a gorgeous pink dress and her hair was down instead of up in its usual tight ponytail. Betty came up next to Veronica and looked Jughead up and down.

“God, my girlfriend is beautiful” Jughead said, causing the group to chuckle and Betty to blush. She came up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“And my boyfriend is handsome.”

“Alright, you guys are making me sick with all of this sweetness. Let’s go” Veronica took Archie’s hand and pulled him away. Jughead laughed and offered Betty his arm. She hooked her in his and they headed off to the dance.

Jughead held Betty close as they swayed to the music. His fingers brushed her side where there was a piece of her dress cut away. His thumb ran along her bare skin. Betty sighed and leaned her head against his chest.

“Thanks for taking me Juggie” She mumbled against him.