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Bughead kiss!

I’m not in my senses right now, so forgive me if my post makes zero sense. Also I’m a little late to the party, but I just had to, I have too many feels

- The way he looked at her when at her window, his whole face softened and his eyes were roaming over her (Jughead NEVER looks at ANYONE that way!)

- Hey there, Juliet! (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG)

- Her complete disbelief and then sheer delight at seeing him 

- His trademark sarcasm (Yellow wallpaper)made its appearance,  but oh, it was couched in warmth and protectiveness and concern

- She immediately unburdened her worst fears to him

- And he immediately jumped to comfort her

- She immediately calmed down

- He suddenly realized they were standing so close, they were alone in her room and his whole manner changed 

- The way he came close and choked on his “Also” (Cole’s acting here wounded me right in the feels)

- The way Betty looked surprised and quizzical about what’s coming

- The intense look he gave her first and then that determined expression that said ‘okay, Jones, go for it, its now or never’

-The way he dived right in, grabbed her neck and kissed her! 

- And the way she immediately responded, leaning into his kiss

-The way they moved their lips together in sync, gently, softly, tentatively, exploring each other

- The way he pulled away and the way she leaned in, her lips parted (she wasn’t done yet!)

- The way he exhaled - like he’d been holding his breath for too long and finally, finally it was okay to let it go! He had kissed Betty! And it was everything he’d dreamed about! And more! (Cole was fantastic here too!)

- The way his hand still lingered on her neck, he never wants to let her go

- The way their noses touched and they lingered

- The way she smiled, her eyes still closed, basking in the aftermath of that blissful moment

- The way he teased her about killing their ‘moment’

I’m just over here in the corner sobbing quietly

anonymous asked:

Can you do write smth along the lines of malachi/betty/jug?Like malachi interested in betty and also messing with her bc she’s jug’s girl?And jug becoming overly protective/jealous of her?I know its cliche but please❤️

“It’s really not a big deal Ronnie. It’s just a jerk being a jerk.” Betty adjusted the strap of her backpack as she kicked up dirt in the tiny trailer park on the Southside.

“A jerk? Really? Well does Jughead know that this jerk followed you home from school this afternoon ?” Veronica questioned, her voice lowering when her redheaded boyfriend and his beanie wearing best friend came into view.

Betty shook her head, cheerleading skirt swishing with the wind
“Malachi doesn’t know that I’m Jugheads girlfriend, I think.. I think he’s harmless. For some reason he’s taken to me but he’ll get tired of the chase soon, especially when he realizes I’m not interested.”

“Yeah, Okay, sure. You tell Jughead that.” Veronica rolled her eyes, dropping her bag to Jugheads makeshift porch before dropping dramatically into Archie’s arms

“Tell Jughead What?” The boy in question spoke,moving behind Betty and wrapping his arms around her waist , placing a soft kiss on the top of her head, his eyes curious.

“Nothing. It’s really nothing, there’s just this guy, he seems to have a bit of a crush on me. It’s really not a big deal.” Suddenly she was spinning around, Jugheads eyes dipping to her level

“Who’s this guy? Do I know him? Does he know me? What do you mean “crush”? Has he tried anything.” He rambled, just the tiniest bit of panic in his tone

“Yes, I… I would say you know him..” Betty whispered.

“Well Who is he? What’s his name?”

The beautiful blonde winced, her hands soothingly patting her boyfriends chest.
“His name is Malachi.”

Jughead pulled away, his eyes wide and filled with fire
“The Ghoulies?! Malachi the leader of the Ghoulies?! How the hell do you know he has a crush on you? How do you even see him, he doesn’t even go to Riverdale!”

Betty shook her head, her fingers gently gripping his cheeks
“He may have came to visit me after school and refused to leave until his friends met him halfway to my house, he asked me out but I said no! It’s really nothing to worry about!”

Jugheads has tensed, his teeth grit as he growled
“Did you tell him that you were my girl? That you were with me?”

The beautiful blonde crossed her arms defensively
“No I didn’t. I wasn’t sure if we were doing that.” She snapped.

Jughead mimicked her posture, copying her crossed arms and narrowed eyes
“And why the hell wouldn’t we be telling people that we’re together?” He challenged.

“I don’t know Jug, maybe because you still haven’t told Toni that we’re back together. I wasn’t sure who we were telling.” She bit out.

Archie cleared his throat
“Umm hey guys…” he started.

Completely ignoring the nervous quarterback Jughead fired back
“Oh come on Betty, it just hasn’t come up in conversation, I’m going to tell her as soon as we’re together. This has nothing to do with Toni, you just don’t want to tell that guy that you’re dating me. Plain and simple.”

“What?!” Betty hissed “why would I have to hide anything?! I’m not the one who thinks delaying the process is going to make it any easier!”

Veronica stepped forward
“Betty, Jughead, you might want too…” she began

“Is there a problem here Jones, you seem to be upsetting my girl Betty over here.”

Both sets of matching green eyes snapped to the long haired Ghoulie currently standing in front of them, a dangerous smirk on his face.

“Malachi..” betty whispered, rolling her eyes as Jughead puffed out his chest.

“You don’t belong here , this is Serpent territory. And she is not your girl.” The dark haired boy barked out, his fists clenched.

Malachi chuckled
“Well I’m just here to help a lady in distress, that screaming match you two were having didn’t seem too friendly. You okay sugar?” His eyes flicked to Betty.

“I’m fi…”

Jughead took a step in front of her
“Betty is my girlfriend, she is not your girl and she does not need your saving. Stay away from her and if I find out you ever stepped foot at Riverdale high again? It won’t just be me hissing at your front door.” He threatened, voice low and raspy.

Malachi grinned, his hands flipping up.
“Fair enough Snakeskin. She’s your girl… for now. When you get tired of reptiles come on down to the clubhouse and let a real man show you a good time.” He winked

Betty snorted in disgust
“I’m good thanks.”

“ Dont touch Betty, Don’t look at Betty, don’t even breathe in her presence.” Jughead reached for the blonde cheerleaders hand, squeezing her fingers.

As the chuckling Ghoulie dissapeared from view the couple turned to face each other

“I’m sorry.” They both spoke at the same time.

Jughead laughed, his hands moving to grip her waist
“Me first. I should have told Toni the day we got back together, I’m sorry I didn’t see it bothering you. And I’m sorry for snapping at you about Malachi, he’s just… I love you. I love you so much the thought of someone else taking you from me makes my chest hurt and my brain get fuzzy. I say stupid shit and I’m sorry.”

Betty brushed her fingers across his forehead, pushing the stray curl out of the way
“I’m sorry that I snapped at you, I know you don’t meant to hurt me, its just me being petty. I should have told Malachi we were together but I just didn’t think. I love you too and I’m not going anywhere.” Betty pressed a lingering kiss to Jugheads lips and smiled when she heard the relieved sigh slip from his mouth.

“As cute as this is, I do have a chemistry test I need to study for and Archie’s about two grades away from staying back, onward and upward love birds.” Veronica tugged a complaining Archie into the trailer leaving Jughead and Betty staring at the swinging door.

“Ready to enter the belly of the beast?” He grinned

Betty smiled back
“With you? Always”