boyfriend armor

me, internally: i should work on stuff i need to work on
@bitterwanderer, idly: btw i made a new fallout oc to do the raider stuff at nuka world, and i think he’s gonna romance gage
me, suddenly trying very desperately to keep my cool: YOU DON’T,,, SAY,,,,,, GO ON,,,,,,,


They call these markings “vitaar,” which in their tongue means “poison armor.” It’s called this because the markings are magical in nature and actually harden their skin to an iron-like quality without hindering flexibility, and my analysis says the paint consists largely of poison. It’s mixed with something else—blood, perhaps their own?—and that neutralizes the poison, but only for one with Qunari physiology.


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“I love you to. So much.” Natalia adjusted her boyfriend’s armor, even if she still was getting used to it. After learning his little secret, she had tried to accustom herself to the idea that he killed people. But it was slowly becoming easier for her to do. 

“Are you going to be home for a while? They’re not going to send you out on another mission, are they?”