boyfriend and girlfriend anniversaries


It’s our 6 year anniversary today! :3
Thank you for supporting me through everything, for making me smile every day and for still loving me even though I put my cold hands on you all the time (’: Each year has been more perfect than the last and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! ^-^
I love youuuuu ❤️❤️❤️

Anniversary with Aphrodite

Goddess I pray in thanks today
For the goddess that chooses to love me
Her body like silk and diamonds in her eyes
How did I earn this wonderful love of mine
So pray to you I will every single day
That I can continue to hear her say
I love you

So today (May 19th) is my anniversary with my girlfriend. This year is our second and, since I have moved, I’ve spent 11 months of it 800 miles away from her. I honestly hate that that’s what’s happening and we’re locked in for probably three more years of long distance but I hope we can make it work.
So today I’m with her for the weekend and I am so excited to be with her. Not just now but all the time. She is the sweetest, more caring and loving person I could have ever dreams of sharing my life with. She is truly the closest thing to Aphrodite I can get and I pray to the goddess thanks for this amazing luck. (Like she even has the exact body type of the Ancient Greek an Roman statues of Aphrodite)

I just wanted to say, babe, if you ever read this, I love you so much and every day, no matter how stressed I get I am always happy and grateful you are in my life. Happy anniversary Roo^-^

50 Things

I love how we can talk for hours about anything, or nothing at all.

I love how you can make me laugh when I’m feeling down.

I love when you sing, because if you’re trying it’s amazing and when you’re not it’s hilarious.

I love your dark brown eyes.

I love your sense of fashion.

I love how you’re perfectly content with staying in bed all day.

I love how you can take sarcastic comments and deal with me being annoying…. Like all the time.

I love how you play Tetris, and can SOMETIMES even beat me.

I love your hair, curly or straight, long or short.

I love how you can make me smile just by looking at you.

I love how real we can be with each other.

I love how it feels like I’ve known you my whole life.

I love that I can trust you, and knowing you trust me.

I love how you’re willing to wait for me.

I love how you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, and you choose to be with me.

I love how you show me stupid songs that I hate, and then end up singing later…. IM SO FANCYYYY..

I love when you wear your monkey necklace.

I love getting your random snapchats.

I love how we can talk shit on the people around us.

I love how you stay up late to sleep with me.

I love how you care.

I love how we both are so spontaneous.

I love how we’re both so similar and so different at the same time.

I love how you can finally make ugly faces for me and you don’t care.

I love how we have such a weird relationship, and we make it work.

I love how we’re gonna have whiney one day.

I love how you can finish my sentences and know what I’m thinking.

I love how we agree on most of the food we like… So we can be fat.

I love watching movies and shows with you, even though some of them are kinda girly and cheesy.. (Who would’ve thought I’d ever enjoy Pretty Little Liars?)

I love staying up late or waking up early just to talk to you.

I love how my family and friends all like you.

I love how (I think) your family and friends like me too?.. Yikes.

I love how when someone asks what’s so great about you, 100 things rush into my mind.

I love how sexy you are with no makeup.

I love how you mispronounce really (seemingly) easy words… “Pasta, won, I’m done this (cringes)”

I love how Canadian you are (even though I’ll never use Celsius or say your hockey team is better… Even though they kind of are…)

I love how your “hot days” where you wear a tshirt would mean wearing a thick jacket for me.

I love how you’re teaching me Farsi and yet you suck at Indonesian. “SELAMAT PAGUUU”

I love how there’s a rando tumblr nerd reading this entire thing… Get out of here, this is my letter to Nadia… (Jk you’re awesome)

I love doing homework with you, especially the system we use for your labs.

I love Mercedes and Benz… Obviii

I love how even though you’ll have like the smallest pimple, you freak out. You’re still perfect baby, relax.

I love how even though you don’t like to show it, you can be really cute.

I love your rompers.

I love talking about our future together.

I love all of our stupid inside jokes (makes the GUEEEHH sound and watches you embarrass yourself trying).

I love when I make you smile and show your teeth, because they’re so cute.

I love thinking of the first time I hug and kiss you.

I LOVE how I get to see you in 15 days… And most importantly…

I’ve loved every second of the last five months we’ve had together. I don’t care what I would have to do for you, no obstacle is too big for me not to try for you. Because you’re worth it. I love you with everything I have bear. Sorry for not getting a card, I hope this counts for something. Only two more weeks <3

- Joss

What I want in a MAN

 What I want in a man isn’t physical or shallow, neither money nor good looks, what I want in a man is: 

Someone who always smiles when he sees my face on the pillow next to him in the morning.

Someone who tells people about me and is proud to have me just as much as i am to have him.

Someone who can’t wait to come back home to me after a bad day, or share the good news with me after a great day.

Someone who will choose me and keep choosing me, over and over again, no matter the timing or situation. 

Someone that I am sure about, that doesn’t make me wonder if this is the real deal or not.

Someone that appreciates me and all I give and knows how to reciprocate.

Someone that will call me every night just to hear my voice before he falls asleep.

Someone that calls me “his” and I’ll call him “mine”, and everytime I hear him say that I’ll get butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

Someone who loves me and accepts me for who I am, with all my flaws and faults and to him I will be more than enough. 

Someone who puts a smile on my face without even talking.

Someone who makes me feel like a smitten teenager even when i’m 60 years old.

Someone that makes me feel loved and wanted, even on my worst days.

Someone to grow and explore with. 

Someone that will bring out the best in me and I will bring out the best in him.

Someone that starts a fire in me without even touching me, but when he does I get swallowed by the flames. 

Someone who sees me in every movie he watches, every song he hears and every woman he walks past on the street. 

Someone that will forever stay in my heart and I in his. 

Someone to love and that will love me back. 

I wish to myself and to every woman out there to find this guy, and to love and be loved equally. 

IG: DaniellaLivyatan

Did this for my boyfriend for our 2-year anniversary of being boyfriend & girlfriend!! I love you, sweet heart!! :D <3

Also, Finding Dory was good. Go see it. Also, no, I don’t ship Dory & Marlin, but I had to draw her hugging somebody, & I couldn’t have her hugging her parents in this because it was supposed to be a “two close friends” thing and not a “daughter and parents” thing, so yeah. Heh.

What’s everyone doing this weekend?

Friend 1: “Its my birthday and my boyfriend wants to take me somewhere for the weekend”

Friend 2: “I’ve got a date”

Friend 3: “It’s me and my boyfriend 1 year anniversary so we’re going for a little trip to celebrate”

Friend 4: “Boyfriend parents are in town so we’ll be doing stuff with them”

Me: “Guess I’ll take my dog to the new dog park”



Harry’s family had invited you two to spend the week at their house so that you guys could enjoy family time and all catch up. However with the chaos of getting back from tour and then having to go up to Holmes Chapel, you forgot all about your monthly gift that was waiting to arrive.
You didn’t realise that it had come until you got up off of Anne’s couch and felt something strange. You automatically excused yourself to the bathroom upstairs, as far away from the rest of them hoping they hadn’t realised what had happened. You searched the bathroom for a pack of pads/tampons but there was nothing there to save you and because you’d forgotten you hadn’t packed anything for the week. Suddenly there was a knock on the bathroom door, interrupting you from your searching
“Y/N” a voice called out “It’s Gemma, can I come in?”
You hesitantly unlocked the door before backing away from it and leaning against the sink as Gemma walked in with a pack of pads in one hand and tampons in the other.
“I sort of guessed what had happened by the speed you left the room and the look on your face” she chuckled lightly “I also guessed that you didn’t have anything either and I wasn’t sure which you preferred but these should last you until you buy some” You took the products off of her whilst giving her a smile
“Gemma thank you so much! You’re a life saver” you gushed as she returned the smile before leaving the bathroom so that you could sort yourself out


Liam and the boys were currently doing the American leg of their world tour and because you two hadn’t spent time together in ages he invited you out to join them for a few weeks. Obviously you accepted because you were getting to spend time with your boyfriend and his best friends, but also you were getting to travel parts of America.
However once you got there, Mother Nature decided to greet you with your monthly gift and of course with that came really bad cramps. Unluckily for you, this also happened to be the day when they boys wanted to go sight seeing before the show but the cramps were leaving you in too much pain.
“Y/N, are you sure you don’t want to come?” Harry asked you as they grabbed their phones and put their shoes on
“I’m positive, guys. I’m really jet lagged and all I want to do right now is sleep” you lied to them
“Ok baby. I’ll ring you in a few hours time to see how you are” Liam explained to you before giving you a kiss on the head and following the boys out of the bus. You sighed as he left and made your way into the small kitchen and boiled the kettle for a cup of tea and hot water bottle whilst taking some paracetamol. Once your tea was made and your water bottle was ready, you made your way into Liam’s bunk and settled down hoping the pain would soon subside. After a while of just laying there, you decided that a nap might help the pain go away
You woke up with a start as you felt somebody climb into the bunk next to you
“Liam?” You asked “What are you doing back?”
“You really think that I didn’t know you were on your period? We’ve been together long enough now for me to realise when it comes and how you act on it” he chuckled as he nuzzled his face into your neck
“I didn’t want you to stay here with me, I wanted you to go and enjoy yourself with the boys” you told him as you rolled over so your back was against his front and your were spooning
“Love, I get to spend everyday with those guys doing the thing that I love. Right now, I want to take care of my favourite girl who needs me at the moment. I love you babe”
“I love you too Li” you smiled


For yours and Louis’ 1 year anniversary, he booked a table for you two at The Little Bistro, one of your favourite restaurants. The meal was amazing and after you two had finished he brought you home where more surprises awaited. It seems that whilst you two were out, the boys had come over and set up some things for you.
There were rose petals spread out all over your living room floor and the sofas had been completely pushed back against the wall and there were now blankets and pillows sprawled around, making a comfy area for you two. A bottle of wine and two glasses had been left out on the coffee table as well as some candles and a lighter so that you could light the, yourselves and set the mood.
“Oh my god” You whispered as Louis grabbed your hand and pulled you away from the doorway and into the room
You sat down on the blankets as Louis lit the candles and poured the wine. However he didn’t bring the glasses over to you, instead he crawled over to you before crashing his lips against yours causing you to fall back onto the pillows with him on top. The kiss instantly became heated and Louis’ hands ran down your back pulling at the zipper which was holding your dress up. At the same time, you were pulling off his tie and undoing the buttons of his dress shirt and pulling it off his body and throwing it over your shoulder onto the floor. It wasn’t long before you two were both in your underwear and you flipped him over so you were now on the top. Louis decided to take it step further and pulled at your panties but stopped suddenly and pulled his lips away from yours
“Louis?” You whispered confused as to why he’d stopped
“Y/N, I think you’ve come onto your period” he told you as he sat up
“What?” You asked confused as you climbed off of him to see that you had in fact started your period and it happened to be all over Louis’ boxers
“Oh my gosh! This is so embarrassing” you cried as you clambered off of him and ran out of the room and up the stairs into your bathroom, locking the door behind you
“Y/N, open up” Louis called from the other side of the bathroom door
“I don’t mind honestly! Yeah it sucks that it killed the mood, but we can wait a week and then do the stuff that we were going to tonight. Just please open the door” he begged again
Reluctantly you walked over to the door and opened it up to reveal Louis still stood there in his ruined boxers. However in his arms was one of his T-Shirts, a clean pair of panties, his sweatpants and a box of tampons
“You sort yourself out, I’ll go put on a film and we’ll cuddle. How does that sound?” He suggested as he handed you the pile of clothes
“Amazing. Thank you Louis, I love you”
“I love you too love”


Somehow Niall always seemed to know when you were on your period. You didn’t know whether he kept track of the days or whether he knew how you were acting before hand but he always seemed to know when it was happening.
He was always the perfect boyfriend when you were on as well! Niall being the cutie he is, always enjoys cuddling you and when it’s your period he does it more than usual. Whether you two are in bed together, sat on the sofa or even outside he was has his arms around you keeping you close to him.
He’s never embarrassed to go out and buy you more supplies if you run out, in fact most of the time he offers! Not only will he bring you back pads/tampons he’ll also bring you chocolate, sweets, a take-away and your favourite drinks so that you two can have a quiet night in.
If you get really bad cramps, he’ll let you lie on him as he massages your stomach or sometimes he’ll run you a warm bubble bath and sit next to you on the floor and talk to you and occasionally splash a little bit of water on you to get you to smile.
However, when it happens when he’s on tour he always tries his hardest to FaceTime you every night to see how you’re getting on. He’ll try and distract you away from the fact your on your period and tell you all of the crazy things that have happened to him whilst he’s been away.
He’s literally the sweetest person you could ask for