boyfriend and girlfriend anniversaries

french vocab - relationship words

💛a little list of cute relationship words in français ❤️
kiss - embrasser
hug/cuddle - câlin
holding hands - main dans la main
date - rendez-vous
love - aimer
girlfriend - copine
boyfriend - copain
anniversary - anniversaire
relationship - relation

note: i love the word copain, meaning boyfriend, because it’s like co-pain, someone who shares your pain. it’s hauntingly beautiful:)


It’s our 6 year anniversary today! :3
Thank you for supporting me through everything, for making me smile every day and for still loving me even though I put my cold hands on you all the time (’: Each year has been more perfect than the last and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! ^-^
I love youuuuu ❤️❤️❤️

When things go down hill...

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Artist: Gray 

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Your relationship started out so amazing with Gray that you didn’t know it will ever go down hill like this. Everything was going so good in the beginning, long texts, late night calls almost every night, and little dates every now and then. However, now you felt like you guys didn’t even see each other more than two or three times a month unless you show up at the studio. 

You understood that he was going through this really fast faced life, he was getting known more and more by the minute and almost every company is hitting him to collaborate with him. At this point every single text was being ignored so you thought he was busy, but when you saw on social media that he was only out with his label mates it got you angry.

It got you angry because you asked him all this time for one day to hang out and catch up with everything, but he kept brushing it off that he was super busy, but then suddenly he get a call from his guys and he jumps off the seat to get ready and go out with them. 

Nothing was the same like before, you weren’t able to just go to him and talk about anything or something that was bothering you in the moment, he would always tell you that you were being annoying and that you were whining too much, but that honestly hurt you the most. Because to him every time he was going through a hard time or he was stressed he expected you to be there and listen to everything he had to say.  

Rather than feeling like best friends and lovers, you only felt like you’re boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Today was the day of your anniversary, you had sent him a long cute message telling him how you love him and how you appreciate everything he does, even though these days you were no where near priority to him, You only got back a small thing just saying happy anniversary, you weren’t mad because you understood he was never someone that’s into those long paragraphs, but you thought at least he’ll do it once for you to make you happy. 

You thought you would get to see him but he told you he was busy and that he wasn’t coming home early. You were really looking forward to seeing him because you guys would have had a nice dinner, then cuddle on the couch with a movie on, but nothing happened.

Later that night he came back home and he heard you on the phone talking with your bestfriend in the bedroom. 

“Yeah it was our anniversary today” Gray heard you say, he wanted to announce that he’s home but he was also curios as to what you were gonna say. 

“Yeah it was a nice night, we had dinner together and just spent time together” you said, he was confused as to why you lied and didn’t tell your friend the truth. 

He peeked through the door and saw how your were holding yourself from crying. He felt like shit at that moment, he was too caught up in his life and fame that he didn’t notice how much he’s been hurting you. You did try to talk to him and tell him how you were feeling but he always brushed it off and sometimes told you you were being annoying. 

 When you came out from the room you saw that he was in the kitchen getting water. 

“Hey” Sunghwa said 

“Hi” you said and just gave him a small smile, your tried to wipe any tears without him noticing. 

“Do you want to eat, I can make something quickly” you said acting as if nothing really happened and as if your not dying from the inside 

“No thank you, I ate outside” he said 

“Oh okay” you said. You didn’t know why it felt so awkward when before your relationship was far from awkward. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t spend the day with you” he said quietly. 

“Oh it’s fine, I get it your work is important” you said

“It is but your also important to me too” he said and you just nodded and gave him a smile that was so sad, which broke his heart seeing you like that. 

“I’m just gonna go to sleep, I had a long day at work” you said. 

“Okay,I’ll come in when I shower, good night babe” he said and got closer to you and just kissed you. 

He was detriment to fix this relationship and he was not gonna lose you because he loved you too much, he cared for you, but he just didn’t know how to value you. 

The next morning you woke up and you were kind of glad it was the weekend, because you really didn’t feel like doing anything at this point. You heard sound in the kitchen and you were really confused because you thought Sunghwa would have left by now like always. You got up to see what was going on, you were faced with a shirtless Sunghwa only clad in his sweats. He turned around when he heard your come in. 

“Good morning beautiful” he said 

“Good morning” you said a little confused. 

“I made breakfast and coffee for us” he said 

“Umm, thanks” you said and sat at the table. You don’t remember the last time he slept over and actually stayed for breakfast, you really wanted to enjoy it but you were just confused! 

 He saw how you were looking confused, he felt even more bad because he probably hasn’t done anything nice for you in such a long time when you were always there for him even with your busy work life. It was quiet for a while before he spoke up 

“Look I just want to say I’m truly and really sorry for the way I have been treating you, you didn’t deserve the way I was acting towards you in any way when your always there supporting me, I’m sorry I didn’t put you first yesterday and spent the whole day with you, because you deserve more then this. I’m really sorry if I have been hurting you, but I promise you from now on I won’t hurt you no more and I will try harder in this relationship, I will value you and make you as a priority in my life. Can you please forgive me?” He said 

 You were a little taken away from all the things he said and you defiantly weren’t expecting him to say all that. You could tell how sincere he was being when he said all those but you were also hurt. “I’m not gonna lie, you really did hurt me, I felt like I just there, like you didn’t care for me no more, I wasn’t able to come to you and talk about whats going on in my life because you were always saying I was just complaining”

“I know and really sorry, I really will work on changing myself for you” he said quickly afraid that you were gonna say you were gonna leave him.

“I don’t want you to change, I just want things to go back to how they were” you told him explaining yourself, and he nodded.

“But I also love you and care for you, so yeah I will forgive you as long as you don’t do it again to me and just push me to the side” you finally said the words he’s been waiting to hear. 

He got up and stood in front of you wanting to hold you in his arms and kiss yo because he defiantly missed that. 

50 Things

I love how we can talk for hours about anything, or nothing at all.

I love how you can make me laugh when I’m feeling down.

I love when you sing, because if you’re trying it’s amazing and when you’re not it’s hilarious.

I love your dark brown eyes.

I love your sense of fashion.

I love how you’re perfectly content with staying in bed all day.

I love how you can take sarcastic comments and deal with me being annoying…. Like all the time.

I love how you play Tetris, and can SOMETIMES even beat me.

I love your hair, curly or straight, long or short.

I love how you can make me smile just by looking at you.

I love how real we can be with each other.

I love how it feels like I’ve known you my whole life.

I love that I can trust you, and knowing you trust me.

I love how you’re willing to wait for me.

I love how you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, and you choose to be with me.

I love how you show me stupid songs that I hate, and then end up singing later…. IM SO FANCYYYY..

I love when you wear your monkey necklace.

I love getting your random snapchats.

I love how we can talk shit on the people around us.

I love how you stay up late to sleep with me.

I love how you care.

I love how we both are so spontaneous.

I love how we’re both so similar and so different at the same time.

I love how you can finally make ugly faces for me and you don’t care.

I love how we have such a weird relationship, and we make it work.

I love how we’re gonna have whiney one day.

I love how you can finish my sentences and know what I’m thinking.

I love how we agree on most of the food we like… So we can be fat.

I love watching movies and shows with you, even though some of them are kinda girly and cheesy.. (Who would’ve thought I’d ever enjoy Pretty Little Liars?)

I love staying up late or waking up early just to talk to you.

I love how my family and friends all like you.

I love how (I think) your family and friends like me too?.. Yikes.

I love how when someone asks what’s so great about you, 100 things rush into my mind.

I love how sexy you are with no makeup.

I love how you mispronounce really (seemingly) easy words… “Pasta, won, I’m done this (cringes)”

I love how Canadian you are (even though I’ll never use Celsius or say your hockey team is better… Even though they kind of are…)

I love how your “hot days” where you wear a tshirt would mean wearing a thick jacket for me.

I love how you’re teaching me Farsi and yet you suck at Indonesian. “SELAMAT PAGUUU”

I love how there’s a rando tumblr nerd reading this entire thing… Get out of here, this is my letter to Nadia… (Jk you’re awesome)

I love doing homework with you, especially the system we use for your labs.

I love Mercedes and Benz… Obviii

I love how even though you’ll have like the smallest pimple, you freak out. You’re still perfect baby, relax.

I love how even though you don’t like to show it, you can be really cute.

I love your rompers.

I love talking about our future together.

I love all of our stupid inside jokes (makes the GUEEEHH sound and watches you embarrass yourself trying).

I love when I make you smile and show your teeth, because they’re so cute.

I love thinking of the first time I hug and kiss you.

I LOVE how I get to see you in 15 days… And most importantly…

I’ve loved every second of the last five months we’ve had together. I don’t care what I would have to do for you, no obstacle is too big for me not to try for you. Because you’re worth it. I love you with everything I have bear. Sorry for not getting a card, I hope this counts for something. Only two more weeks <3

- Joss


In addition to being Halloween 🕷️🕸️, it’s also @the-ladys-servant ’s and my four year anniversary of dating! 😳 This year and the past few years wouldn’t have been as incredible without you, Emily. I’m so lucky to have you! You’re my closest, best friend and a funny, sweet, loving girlfriend. What more could I possibly ask for? 😍 Looking forward to many more years with you babe 😙❤️❤️💕💕

What I want in a MAN

 What I want in a man isn’t physical or shallow, neither money nor good looks, what I want in a man is: 

Someone who always smiles when he sees my face on the pillow next to him in the morning.

Someone who tells people about me and is proud to have me just as much as i am to have him.

Someone who can’t wait to come back home to me after a bad day, or share the good news with me after a great day.

Someone who will choose me and keep choosing me, over and over again, no matter the timing or situation. 

Someone that I am sure about, that doesn’t make me wonder if this is the real deal or not.

Someone that appreciates me and all I give and knows how to reciprocate.

Someone that will call me every night just to hear my voice before he falls asleep.

Someone that calls me “his” and I’ll call him “mine”, and everytime I hear him say that I’ll get butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

Someone who loves me and accepts me for who I am, with all my flaws and faults and to him I will be more than enough. 

Someone who puts a smile on my face without even talking.

Someone who makes me feel like a smitten teenager even when i’m 60 years old.

Someone that makes me feel loved and wanted, even on my worst days.

Someone to grow and explore with. 

Someone that will bring out the best in me and I will bring out the best in him.

Someone that starts a fire in me without even touching me, but when he does I get swallowed by the flames. 

Someone who sees me in every movie he watches, every song he hears and every woman he walks past on the street. 

Someone that will forever stay in my heart and I in his. 

Someone to love and that will love me back. 

I wish to myself and to every woman out there to find this guy, and to love and be loved equally. 

IG: DaniellaLivyatan

Did this for my boyfriend for our 2-year anniversary of being boyfriend & girlfriend!! I love you, sweet heart!! :D <3

Also, Finding Dory was good. Go see it. Also, no, I don’t ship Dory & Marlin, but I had to draw her hugging somebody, & I couldn’t have her hugging her parents in this because it was supposed to be a “two close friends” thing and not a “daughter and parents” thing, so yeah. Heh.