peterick vs frerard #18
  • patrick: pete, i know it's hard for us. but can we please try again, to be together?
  • pete: of course. i never stopped loving you.
  • vs
  • frank: i know it's hard but can we pls b boyfriends again
  • gerard: since when were we ever boyfriends i'm Straight™


Warnings: angst, slight trigger warning for depression

Request: nop


Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by almost everything around you, that it seems like every one of your senses is completely overloaded? You may not seem like it at the moment, sitting down on the couch with your boyfriend gerards cat. Gently stroking his fur, your mind isn’t paying attention to the soft sensation of it anymore. You’re way too distracted by your own thoughts, trying to pin point words between the ocean of yelling and screaming. It seams like your trapped between thousands of people, everyone trying to get your attention at the same time. And you can’t.

Your eyes are half - lidded, staring into nothing. Your hand is moving by itself, almost robotic.

You don’t hear the car parking outside your apartment. It’s usually a sound loud enough for you to hear, but with all those voices in your head, it’s hard for you to hear anything at all. The door opens, and gerard steps insid, his coat dark from the rain that started to pour outside not long ago. He is talking, and for a moment he doesn’t notice that you’re only physically there.

He stops, and says your name. You don’t answer. You didn’t hear him.

He dropped the grocery bags now, and walked over to you, kneeling down to get a view of your face.

“Are you crying?”

Are you? Maybe. You only snap out of your hypnotic stare when his slightly cold hands touch your cheek. The grey tabby cat had moved without you noticing, now looking through the white plastic bags at the door.

“Talk to me.”

You look at him, and his expression, this look of pure concern and even slight fear is all it takes for your eyes to glaze over again. It takes only seconds, less than that, and the tears fall down again, one after another. You sob, you break, and he catches you, holding you tight.

“It’s okay.”

You shake your head, trying to prove a point by denying his statement. Nothing is okay. It’s definitely not, not in this moment. How could it be? Everything is so freaking frustrating, how on earth are you supposed to handle all this? Why are you such a burden?

“Shh, I know. It will be. I promise.”

You calm down. Your throat aches, as well as your head. During your childhood, you never understood or knew that crying could be so tiring and exhausting. Your mind was going blank, your senses calmed down, focusing only on his voice, his smell, and nothing else.

And he was right.

It’ll be okay.


I’ll Tell You All How The Story Ends

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance

Summary: Request fic for @sassyh0esavage. “I thought it would be really cute if y/n is part of the band, and the guys obvously know about all the fanfics, one day they decide to read one and its about her and one of them”.

“If one more person asks me about fanfiction on Twitter,” Gerard sighed from his bunk as the tour bus barreled down the highway, “I’m deleting my account.”

“What are they asking?” Ray asked, quirking his eyebrow as he looked up from the guitar he was practicing with.

“If I read them,” Gerard explained with a world-weary look. “And if their ‘OTP’ is real.”

“Are they seriously so self-deluded that they think we’re actually fucking?” Frank laughed as he exhaled a cloud of smoke from his cigarette.

“Not all of them think that it’s you Gerard’s doing it with, Frank,” pointed out Mikey reasonably as he texted Pete.

“Wait, who do they think I’m doing it with, then?” Gerard asked, looking at his brother quizzically.

“Oh, you hadn’t heard?” Mikey blinked. “I know that ‘Frerard’ was the main pairing at first, and, I mean, it’s still got a lot of fans, but lately another ‘ship’, or whatever it’s called, seems to have a big following online.”

“Who do they think are secretly dating now?” Ray asked with an exasperated look. “Do they think I’m in love with Gerard?”

“No, they think Y/N is,” Mikey confessed.

You froze. Fuck, you thought. You’d been nursing a crush (that you believed was probably unrequited) on Gerard for a while now. Had the fans noticed the way you looked at him when he was onstage, and guessed the secret yearnings of your heart?

It was weird as hell to think there were stories out there about you and Gerard dating and having sex. You’d been friends with him for a long time, but your relationship had never been more than that. Did teenage fangirls get off while imagining you sucking Gerard’s dick? Did they spend long hours thinking of sweet nothings for that fictional version of him to whisper to you? It was a bizarre concept.

“I’m Googling the ship name,” Frank announced, “because I’m bored and we’ve got another hour before we’ll be at the next venue and honestly I kind of find this hilarious.”

“Frank, don’t,” Gerard pleaded, putting his red face in his hands.

“Nah, dude, c’mon, let’s find one of these weird fucking stories and do a dramatic reading of it,” Frank dared.

“You gotta admit, it’s kind of funny that people think Y/N is secretly pining for you,” Mikey chuckled.

“Uh…..right,” you said with a fake laugh. If you acted like this was just another silly thing the fans had dreamed up, your bandmates wouldn’t guess the way you truly felt.

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4 a.m. (Gerard Way x Reader)

Cocooned in your duvet as well as two blankets, you rubbed your limbs together, trying to generate more body heat through friction. It was the heart of winter, meaning the air temperature was the coldest it’s been in a year; the heater at the foot of the bed making seemingly no difference whatsoever.

Your eyes were tightly shut and you tried your hardest to drift off, although the same couldn’t be said for your boyfriend.

Gerard had always been somewhat of an insomniac and sleep very rarely came easily to him. The night hours were usually his most creative hours, and he was finding it increasingly challenging to fall asleep, resulting in him laying on his back and gazing at the ceiling while his fingers drummed melodically.

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Hair Dye (Gerard Way x Reader)

Reader dyes her hair to surprise Gerard, Gerard dyes his hair to surprise the reader.

I’m getting used to school being back, so I’ll be writing more. (I think.) The next will be a (my first) smut so bear with me.

You had left the house that morning to go to your friend, Y/F/N’s, house. They were going to help you dye your hair to surprise your boyfriend Gerard. As soon as you got there, Y/F/N pulled you into the bathroom. “Well hello to you, too!” You laughed. 

“I’m just excited!” they giggled. “It’s been awhile since you’ve dyed your hair, Y/N! I’m excited!” They grabbed the already mixed hair dye and brush. “You ready?”

You nodded. “You’re not going to wear gloves?” 

“Eh.” They shrugged, grabbing a section of your hair and putting the purple dye in it.

Meanwhile, back at your shared house with Gerard he and Frank sat in the bathroom. “I wanna surprise her, y’know?” Gerard said as he spread the red hair dye in his hair. 

Frank nodded. “Ok, but why with dying your hair? Why not, like, a dog or something?”

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You Think Poor Is Cool

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day 2003, but your boyfriend, Gerard, is so busy with one of My Chemical Romance’s first ever tours that you’re not sure he even remembers what day it is. Then, suddenly, he tells the band’s manager to stop the bus. 

“Honestly,” Frank confessed, looking at you and Gerard cuddling in the back of the cramped van, “I’m not sure why you decided to follow a bunch of gross, sweaty dudes like us on tour, Y/N.”

“Because I love Gerard,” you shrugged, kissing the top of your boyfriend’s head affectionately.

“Hey, Brian!” Gerard sat up suddenly, shouting to the band’s manager, who was driving the van. “I need you stop at that gas station up ahead, alright?”

“For real, Gerard?” Brian sighed. “We’ve got to get on the highway real soon if you want to be the opening act at this show in Newark tonight.”

“I know,” Gerard pouted. “I’ll make it quick, I promise.”

“You wanting to buy cigarettes or something?” Frank guessed. “Because I’ve still got a pack of Pall Malls in my guitar case.”

“You said last night you were out!” Mikey interjected.

“I was hiding ‘em so you wouldn’t steal ‘em,” Frank snickered.

“I’m not stopping for cigarettes,” Gerard shook his head, shaking black bangs out of his eyes.

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(Revenge) Gerard Way Smut // Rough

*a/n hey hey hey, I’m having a great time btw, trying to get some more stuff written but working like 40/50 hours a week. If only I got paid to do this 😂🙃 anyway, please enjoy, I enjoyed writing it*

You looked at yourself in the mirror, you were wearing a black dress with black heels, the black flattered your little more than curvy figure, you were feeling good tonight, other nights not so much. You spun around like something from a Disney film and your long colourful hair flowed down your shoulders and back.
“Hey beautiful” Gerard your boyfriend stood in awe of you, he always knew how to make you feel good “you ready?” he stood in the doorway waiting, his black tousled hair sitting perfectly in place and his slight amount of eyeliner defining his gorgeous light brown eyes. He was perfect.
“Yeah I think so” you said and left the room with him. The two of you had been invited to some sort of music award ceremony, well he had, you were his plus one.
You were always quite self conscious about going out with him especially when you knew there were going to be lots of glamorous slim women there.
When the two of you got together the internet went crazy, the majority were happy for the both of you, well, at least pretended to be. But there were always those girls who said you weren’t skinny enough for him or that he could do so much better than you. Those were the words that hurt, you had always been worried about words like that before you told everyone about the two of you.
But Gerard stayed with you, what you thought were flaws he loved, he loved every inch of you, at the beginning you had to remind yourself you were good enough for him it was hard, but he began to make it easier for you.
“Hey ‘y/n’ are you okay?” Gerard asked you in the car.
“Yeah…I’m good, I’ll be alright, just a bit nervous for tonight… cameras and that” you sighed
He squeezed your hand “you know I’m here always and if you think you need to leave we’ll go, I love you beautiful” he replied as you pulled up the the venue.
You had an evening of drinking, awards and paparazzi following you but the night was going well.
The two of you we sat at your table you had started to realise you had drank too much, and Gerard had too.
“Open bars are my best friend” you mumbled to Gerard putting your hand on his leg.
“I know gorgeous I can tell” he replied to you kissing you gently. You could hear the clicking of cameras as he did.
The kissing became more passionate “fuck it” you said standing up.
“Are you okay? Did you want to go?” Gerard was concerned.
“I’m more than okay, I’ll meet you in the bathroom” you pulled his hand as you walked away feeling like the most beautiful woman in there.
You went to a stall and waited a few minutes until he turned up.
“Sorry the press wer-” You cut Gerard off kissing him, you wanted and needed him now.
He kissed you back and pushed you against the wall of the bathroom stall. Your legs wrapped around him as he lifted you, making you feel as light as air. Both of you were breathless and moaning, somehow during this Gerard’s trousers had already been pulled off. He gently bit at your neck making you moan more, your panties have been pushed to one side and he put two fingers in you, rubbing your clit with his thumb.
You were clawing at him desperately trying to find something to grip onto.
He noticed your desperation and moved both of your hands above your hand slamming his dick into you instead.
“Fuck” you screamed, it made Gerard push faster and harder, the two of you couldn’t care less if anyone could hear you anymore.
Your dress was probably ruined, your hair was everywhere but it was so worth it.
You were close to coming, you gripped onto Gerard and cried his name as your body collapsed onto him, he followed shortly after the two of you fell onto the bathroom floor.
“Wow” he said to you, fixing your hair.
“Wow” you replied “I suppose we better get back out there” you stood up fixing your dress.
“Are you sure? We could go home and continue this?” He asked doing is trousers up.
“You can wait, besides everyone needs to see us, we look hot” you took his hand and walked back the table.