Dating Brick Armstrong would include:

*not my gifs

-Going to his wrestling matches to cheer him on

-Him constantly saying you don’t need to come so you don’t feel forced to

- Downloading movies on his laptop to watch with you on your bad days

-Him showing up on your doorstep whenever he’s in pain

-Coralee absolutely loving you because you make her son happy

-Going shopping with Coralee

-Him going along with your rants about people because it’s time together with you

-“Dixie is such a bitch, I swear”

-“Mhm, such a bitch”

-Him dragging you out of bed in the mornings to go on jogs with him to keep him company

-“Please, stop trying to kill me at 5 in the morning on a Saturday”

-“Jesus fuck, I’m not trying to kill you babe”

-Making out in his car

-Him going to his dad for tips on how to impress you sometimes

-Him absolutely loving affection from you

-Brick having trust issues from everyone who’s fucked him over before

-Him getting jealous when someone steps beyond the thin line that separates you and them from platonic to flirting

-Him always trying to see the good in people’s actions, even when there isn’t

-The moment he messes up with you, he’s devising a plan to make it up to you

-He lives for your hugs because they keep him grounded

-Brick going to you with his issues and problems

-Usually ends up with him spending the night because he tires himself out from all the stress he’s built up

-Driving you to school

-He defs holds you hand as soon as you step out the car hunni

-Frequent visits to your locker between classes

-Finding a safe group of friends to hang out with involving Nonnie and Choi since they put up with Patty’s bullshit too

-Noticing how small things you do make him happy

-He’ll absentmindedly play with your hair if He zones out or isn’t paying attention

-Him loving you unconditionally and acknowledging everything you do for him

boyfriend yang jeongin

summary - how dating skz maknae would be!

notes - this is my first time writing something like this lol sorry in advance

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- oh boy

- this boy loves you

- a lot.

- he’s basically whipped cream at this point

- you would start out as friends

- he was always super shy, but you thought that was natural him

- uh on little jeongin has a crush

- to the members it was really really obvious

- they teased him about it, but encouraged him to ask you out

- he somewhere got the confidence and asked over text ( w o w )

- ofc you said yes

- he’d scREAM and wake minho and chan up

- “aight jeongin wtf this better be worth it”

- he’d tell them what happen, and chan was just as excited a him

- y'all talked all night, you made plans to meet the next day

- fast fowardddd

- jeongin ran to the door when he heard a knock

- the members were behind him curious on who it was

- he let you in

- u h o h jeonnie forgot to tell the members

- they were confused as hECK

- soon they caught on

- felix punched minhas shoulder and said “he got some before you”

- they bickered for a bit

- later chan gave him the father talk

- you know which one

- whenever this boy got the chance he’d hang out with u

- was intimidated at first

- little jeongin being scared of girls

- awwwwww

- anywAYS

- gets jealous pretty easily

- trusts you with his whole heart and soul

- showers u in chocolate and roses tbh

- loves giving u small clique gifts like that

- walks in the park dates

- just a big hopeless romantic

- the type to do ur makeup

- at first he couldn’t get the products in order

- thought lipliner was eyeliner

- how? are? you? still? alive?

- asks u for validation all the time to make sure he’s doing his job as a boyfriend

- u say he’s the best boyfriend to exist (which he is)

- but he still doesn’t believe it

- “y/n you could do better”

- you disagreed every time

- sometimes gets insecure about his voice

- you loved it though

- beg him to sing you to sleep

- ofc he would

- anything for you

- would hold you while you’re trying to sleep

- runs his fingers through ur hair

- once you finally fall asleep he’d kiss your forehead

- “I love you y/n”

Exo reaction to seeing their childhood crush after a long time


Is in amazement in their beauty still and goes for a catch up with them

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Has the biggest smile on his face and will compliment them on how good they look

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Is super flirty and smiley around them

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Is lowkey shy and blushing around them

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Catches up with them and how they’ve been doing and is lowkey dying because of how big his crush used to be

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Is shook that it’s really them and can’t believe they got more gorgeous

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Doesn’t know how to act so ends up being really dorky but it’s adorable

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Is super sweet and smiley but also shocked and excited to see them

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Is really excited to see them and will catch up with them and lowkey feels like a little kid again getting butterfly’s

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Watery walks & forgotten umbrellas|| Jungwoo

  • [11:51pm] Jungwoo holds an umbrella over your head as you cross the street together.

This cute little scenario I used as a prompt was made by @youaremychwingum, they have these really cute scenarios that I just love to binge read.

• - • - • - •

You held on tighter to Jungwoo’s arm, doing your best to stay under the sheltered area of the umbrella. It was pouring rain and it was 11:51 at night. No one was around, only the two of you and the very few cars that drove by, splashing up some puddles of rainwater. The buildings you walked by looked peaceful, water dropping off the corners of balconies and roofs, and the pitter patter the rain made on the windows put a sleepy mask on the outskirts of the city. Jungwoo didn’t like walking the streets late at night, especially when it was raining. But Jungwoo loves you and so then, in turn, Jungwoo loved the rainy streets.

You smiled as you closed your eyes, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and sweet smelling air. Jungwoo watched you grin from ear to ear, and he soon found himself smiling. Jungwoo loved you so much, and he told you everyday. He tells you through the good morning texts he sends you every morning that he isn’t with you. He tells you randomly at restaurants when you’re mid bite. He’ll tell you as he nuzzles his nose into the crook of your neck and his arms wrap around your waist, pulling you into a back hug, and he’ll continue to tell you as you make breakfast. Sometimes it’ll be at the strangest times too. When your in the bathroom he’ll walk by and in the sweetest voice possible he’ll tell you through the door. At your dentist appointments, he’ll grab your hand and and smile so sweetly. He’s not afraid of letting you know, so when he doesn’t say it at all during your walk, you become quite confused.

Jungwoo stops in the middle of a park. His hand gently grasps your wrist, pulling you to a stop. Turning around, you barely get a chance to see his face before the umbrella disappears from above your heads and your face is smushed into his chest. He wraps his left arm around your back and his right hand rests on the back of your head. As the rain continues to fall, he places soft kisses to the top of your head and he finishes with one that lingers. The parts of you that are untouched by him start to slowly feel cold and so on instinct you snuggle closer. Jungwoo smiles into your hair as you slip your arms in the sleeves of his jacket. You tend to do this when your cold and Jungwoo finds it cute so he always brings a coat with him. He’s happy for the chance to be closer to you but the awkward angle your arms are bent at make him worried that your hurting. So he slips of his coat and covers you in it, but it practically drowns you and you start complaining about how you’re practically suffocating in there with how heavy it is and with the terrible smell from his arm pits. He chuckles and hugs you again, this time whispering something in your ear…

“I love you”

• - • - • - • - •

I don’t know if it was any good but I wanted to do something fluffy (or at least sweet) with Jungwoo.

Xiumin as your boyfriend

Someone requested fluffy angel Minseok so lets go!

- This bean would be so loving

- He would always hold your hand or kiss your cheek and tell you how much he loves you

- He would also be so caring

- Making sure you have a blanket  when your cold and if there isn’t one around he would insist that you wear his hoodie/jacket and happily freeze for you

-The biggest cuddler ever

- Bonus he’s super cuddly 

- Always playing with his hair during cuddling and he loves it

- He’s always looking at you with huge heart eyes

- He’s literally your number one fan

- Honestly you smile and he’s worshiping you 

- And he LOVES your smile and is always complimenting it 

- If you ever feel insecure he will make sure to make you feel better because he loves every part of you 

- Dates could be anything: cuddling watching movies, or going to mcdonalds, water parks or fancy ass dinners because he wants to spoil you

- If he could this man would give you the damn world

- When you’re sick he will make you food, and run around getting everything you need and cuddle you even though you warn him that he will get sick, but he does it anyway

- Then he gets sick so you’re looking after him and he becomes all pouty

- He is an angel but not in the sheets

- Anyway..

- He’s not overly jealous or possessive but will get pouty if someone tries to flirt with you

- But if someone takes it too far he will be pissy towards them for sure

- He’s like a guardian angel always protecting you

- Overall he is the cutest most loving boyfriend you could ever hope for and he treats you like a queen just like you treat him as a king.

i’m in love with to all the boys i’ve ever loved before and i’m normally not the type of person that watches these kind of movies.

but while i love peter and his personality, it kinda makes me scared that no one is ever gonna love me like that.

like i’ve never known any boy irl to treat a girl like that, and peter is exactally what i want, ya know?.

why do namjoons vlives make me cry so much???? like our boy is out here just doing the most to be the most reassuring and comforting presence and im so grateful for it like he doesnt have to give us motivational messages or advice on how to deal with feelings of being lost or overwhelmed but he does anyway because he’s THAT bitch and he loves us so much we dont fucking deserve him okay anyway stan legend kim namjoon he’s the sweetest boy in the world  

Being friends with benefits with Chen

We’re getting a lil smutty in here

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- This man may seem sweet but boY

- He is such a tease

- In public he’s always smirking at you when nobody’s looking

- or giving you subtle winks

- Honestly Kim Jongdae is a little shit

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