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genji & jesse have a picnic date on a peaceful grassy hill and jesse, being the charmer that he is, kisses genji on the cheek halfway thru the meal just so genji knows how much jesse loves him. genji does the same about 2 minutes later except that he tries to kiss jesse on the nose, but jesse Moves so the kiss lands on his lips instead and they end up making out for a while. naturally they totally forget they’re on a hill, so when genji goes to roll jesse under him they just. keep rolling. by time they reach the bottom their cheeks are streaked w/ green and theyre laughing their asses off its a Good Date

Little By Little | Pt. 6 [Sequel]

▷ Jungkook Angst

 “Sometimes friendship takes over the place of love and then love has no place left..”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 [Sequel]

Throwing a sweater over your pajama, you walked down the stairs and opened the heavy door of your apartment entrance, the freezing cold weather making you shiver immediately.

Walking up to Jungkook, you crossed your arms while you stood in front of him. “You’re really crazy! What are you doing here at this-”

Before you could end your sentence, Jungkook started dragging you towards his parked car, the look on his face telling you that he was really angry. “Jungkook, what are you doing?! Can you please stop dragging me to places! I’m not your toy or something! Are you even listening to me?! Yah, I’m taking to you-”

Ignoring your protests, he opened the door to his car, shoved you in and buckled your seatbelt. Right before he closed your door, he leaned his face to yours and looked into your eyes. 

“I will prove to you how I feel about you, Y/N.”

The car ride was silent. Every now and then, you glanced at Jungkook from the corner of your eyes, his strong grip on the steering wheel and his clenched jaw telling you that he was still angry because of you.

Were you really overthinking everything? He told you multiple times that he likes you. Then why was it so hard for you to believe him? Was it because of the necklace? He told you that it didn’t mean anything for him, the reason why he was carrying it with himself being that he wanted to give it back to his ex girlfriend because he didn’t want it anymore. You assumed that she still had his necklace too. Then why were you making everything hard for the both of you?

You snapped out of your thoughts when Jungkook opened your door. Looking around, you tried to understand where he brought you in the middle of the night. The moment your eyes landed on her house, the anger started to engulf your whole body.

Unbuckling your seatbelt, you stepped out of the car and started pushing Jungkook away in between your shouts. “Are you kidding me?! How can you bring me to your ex girlfriend’s house?!”

“Just wait, Y/N.”

“I don’t want to see her, Jungkook! I’m going!”

Just before your could turn around and walk away, Jungkook grabbed your arm and hissed. “I said wait.”

“Why should I wait?! Jungkook I really don’t-”

“Jungkook? What are you doing here?”

When you heard her voice, your body stiffened. Taking a deep breath, you hissed to Jungkook. “I don’t care what you’re problem with her is and I don’t want to witness it either. Let go of my arm or I’m-”

Not listening to your words, Jungkook intertwined his hand with yours and tucked you near his body. “Eunji, we came here to tell you something.”

Trying to get your hand out of his grip, you scoffed. “No, we didn’t!”

Tugging your hand angrily for the last time, Jungkook connected his eyes with yours and said surely. “Y/N is my girlfriend.”

Suddenly, you heard Eunji giggling. “Jungkook, I know that she’s pretending to be your girlfriend so that you can make me jealous. But there is no need for that. I’m more than willing to accept you back as my boyfrien-”

“I’m in love with her, Eunji.”

You watched how Eunji’s smile slowly vanished from her face. “I want my necklace back, Jungkook.”

“I don’t have it anymore, Eunji. I told you, you don’t mean anything to me anymore.”

Not saying anything, Eunji turned away and walked back into her house. You, on the other hand, were watching how the whole situation was happening in front of your eyes.

The second she slammed the door, Jungkook turned his body to you and asked. “Do you believe me now?”

Removing your hand from his grip harshly, you answered his question without looking him in the eyes. “No, I don’t. There was no need to bring me here in the middle of the night just to pretend in front of your girlfriend.”

“What? Do your really think I’m pretending, Y/N?”

Turning around, you started walking towards the bus stop. “Y/N, did you even hear what I said?!”

Without stopping, you continued to walk and answered his question angrily. “I heard everything! You told her that we came here because we had something to tell her. You told her that I’m your girlfriend and that you’re in love with me.

The minute you realized what came out of your mouth, you halted immediately and realized one thing. He said that he’s in love with you.

You felt how Jungkook placed his hands on your arms, the smirk on his face showing that he was proud of himself. “So, what did I say, Y/N?”

Eyes wide open, you looked at his face. “Y-You said that you’re in love with me f-for the first time.”

A soft smile replaced the smirk on Jungkook’s lips and he leaned forward to place a little kiss on your forehead.

Still shocked about the whole situation, you asked again. “D-Do you mean it, Jungkook?”

Wrapping his hands around your body, he pressed his body against yours and leaned down, your faces inches apart form each other. Placing a little kiss on the corner of your lips, he whispered with his lien voice. “I do.”

Without waiting any second longer, he connected his soft lips with yours, kissing you deeply as if you’d vanish away from his arms the minute he leaned back.

Being the first one to lean back from the kiss, you leaned your forehead against his chest and smiled softly.

Jungkook, on the other hand, wrapped his arms even more tightly around your body and whispered in your ear. “I love you, Y/N-ah..”

Smiling again, you whispered back. 

“I love you too, Jungkook..”

Author’s Note: Aaand, the long awaited sequel is here! Let me know what you think about it guys! I hope this sequel made everything clear for all those who were confused. And again, thank you for all the love you all have shown for this series! I really appreciate it! 


Στα 16 μου ερωτεύτηκα πρώτη φορά… ήξερα πως δεν θα κρατήσει για πολύ και εννοείτε πως είχα δίκιο. Μετά πληγώθηκα, μετά έριξα τρομερό κλάμα γιατί αυτός που ήθελα με ξέχασε. Μετά άφησα αυτόν που ήθελα να φύγει γιατί είχαμε σχέση από απόσταση. Μετά καταστράφηκα, γιατί κρατιόμουν από χέρια που έτρεμαν στα χέρια άλλης, και μετά πια είπα τέλος…. Εγώ τέλος με τους έρωτες, τέλος το σεξ, αποχή, ούτε με πρώην, ούτε με ξένους, ούτε one night stand ούτε τίποτα… τέλος όλα…. Μπαίνω λοιπόν στο mood και λέω : Λοιπόν Χαρούλα, φτάνει τόσο, άκου τι θα κάνεις, θα ηρεμίσεις, θα τα ξεχάσεις όλα και όλους, θα κάτσεις λίγο μόνη σου για να βρεις τον εαυτό σου, να καταλάβεις ποια είσαι και τι θες από την ζωή σου αυτόν τον καιρό. Άσε τους άντρες, έτσι και αλλιώς μέσα στο σπίτι είσαι κλεισμένη όλη μέρα, πού να γνωρίσεις άντρα; Για αυτό θα κάνεις αποχή και θα δούμε πως θα πάει.

Το έκανα… έκανα αποχή…(το θέμα του σεξ ήταν κάπως δύσκολο)…και μια μέρα… εκείνη την μέρα που έπρεπε να βγω από το σπίτι για δουλειά, είχαμε γυρίσματα για μια ταινία ενός φίλου και έπαιζα και εγώ οπότε δεν γινόταν να λείπω, είχα το πρώτο zing της ζωής μου. Περιμέναμε τον ηχολήπτη, ο οποίος ερχόταν από πολύ μακριά οπότε είχε αργήσει, όταν λοιπόν μπήκε μέσα… πριν καλά καλά δω το πρόσωπό του, παρατηρώ το τεράστιο μπουμ που είχε στη πλάτη και κοιτώντας αυτό απλώνω το χέρι για να πω το κλασσικό «Χαρά, χάρηκα» «Δημήτρης χάρηκα» τον κοιτάω, zing και… «Τον δονητή ελέφαντα που τον πας ρε Δημήτρη;» άρχισε να γελάει και αυτό ήταν πάει… έγινε το κακό. Από εκεί που δεν το περίμενα, και ούτε ο ίδιος το περίμενε, έτσι για να λέμε και του στραβού το δίκιο. Η πλάκα είναι ότι αυτός ρίχνει το φταίξιμο επάνω μου, γιατί λέει ήταν ωραία τα κοτσιδάκια μου εκείνη την μέρα και έτσι έγινε το zing, αλλά δεν τον πιστεύω , αυτός φταίει γιατί με δυο ματιές με είχε ρίξει. Από τότε είμαστε μαζί και θέλω να πιστεύω ότι αυτός είναι ο έρωτας της ζωής μου, διότι προσπαθώ να φτιάξω την ζωή μου και προσπαθεί να φτιάξει την δική του έτσι ώστε να είμαστε πάντα μαζί… Ακόμα και στα πολύ δύσκολα, όπως στο… «πρέπει να πάμε Ιαπωνία»… κτλ… δεν ξέρω πόσο θα κρατήσει αλλά τι σημασία έχει στη τελική;

Εκεί που θέλω να καταλήξω είναι πως, όταν είμαστε πληγωμένοι και κατεστραμμένοι νομίζουμε πως και όλα γύρω μας είναι κατεστραμμένα και πως τίποτα δεν αλλάζει. Το μόνο που θέλει είναι υπομονή, και στην τελική όλοι έχουμε σκατένειες εμπειρίες, και πρέπει να έχουμε για να μάθουμε από τα λάθη μας, να γίνουμε καλύτεροι άνθρωποι, να μάθουμε να σεβόμαστε, να υποχωρούμε και να δινόμαστε.  Έτσι και αλλιώς πρέπει αν περάσουμε όλες τις φάσεις στη ζωή. Είναι σας αυτές τις μεγάλες συμβουλές που δίνει η μάνα στο παιδί  «Ωραίο θα ήταν να παντρευτείς τον πρώτο σου μεγάλο έρωτα, αλλά αν το κάνεις αυτό θα χάσεις τον γλυκό πόνο που σου δίνει η πληγωμένη καρδιά»…. και εγώ συμπληρώνω πως καλύτερα να πληγώνεσαι μικρός παρά μεγάλος… Όλα στη ζωή είναι, όλα πρέπει να τα ζήσουμε και στη τελική… αν κάποιος σας πλήγωσε τόσο μα τόσο πολύ ή σας έκανε μεγάλο κακό… λέτε την λέξη κάρμα από μέσα σας και μετά θα γελάτε, σας το υπόσχομαι.


1. starts having sex with sisters fake boyfriend. gets shot because sister’s fake boyfriend’s older sorta ex boyfriend finds out. oh and also gets arrested because of it

2. puts himself back in juvie for fear of his father because the guys who he’s fucking’s father finds out and he may love him so he decides not to kill said father

3. finds said fuckbuddy/sorta boyfriend is fucking older men, gets jealous (though that kinda works out for him) 

4. invites sorta boyfriend who he may love to a sleepover to protect him from the shitty group home. HIs own shitty homophobic father finds out about them and mickey has to protect his sota boyfriend who he may love from the man he himself most fears

5. his own father beats him unconscious and forces him to have sex with a woman

6. Experiences major PTSD. from trumatic even. Attempts to push sorta boyfriend who he may love away. Ends up hurting him in a different way. 

7. is forced to get marreidd to said person he was forced to have sex with

8. she may or may not be pregnant with his baby

9. thinks all will be okay because sorta boyfriene who he may love fucks married dudes all the time. buttt not the case with mickey mikovich because sorta boyfriend  who he may love loves him too much. 

10. sorta boyfrind who he may loves leave him, goes to the army for what’s supposed to be 4 years (minimum) mickey doesn’t know what to do..mickey can’ say “i love you” or even “stay” because he’s never been able to because of his awful home environment

11. mickey milkovich is left living without sorta boyfriend who he definitely loves. Tries to make it sorta ok by befriending peeps at the bar/standing up for the women where his wife works and standing up for his wife. That plan also kinda backfires as he didn’t calculate the expenses 

12. is blamed for sorta boyfriend who he definitely loves running away. Is told to go find him becaus sorta boyfriend who he definitely loves’ family is in trouble

13. goes to find and retrieve sorta boyfriend who he definitely loves from a gay bar, where he’s incredibly uncomfortable in…scratch that 2 gay bars. Finds him coked out of his mind and a sripper leaving his army dreams gone.

14. Finds sorta boyfriend who he definitely loves about to go home with a creepy old guy, beats creepy old guy, tells him to get out, finds sorta boyfriend who he defiitely loves passed out in the snow. Carries him home..(until he sees a car and then carries him to car and then home)

15. sorta boyfriend who he definitely loves isn’t acting like himself. sorta boyfriend who he definitely loves tells him he’ll stay if he gets a blowjob..mickey gives blowjob

16. kisses sorta boyfriend who he definitely loves in public..overcomes another fear

17. goes to party with sorta boyfriend who he definitely loves to loft party. mickey milkovich very uncomfortable. 

18. wakes up next to sorta boyfriend who he definitely loves and is asked if they’re “together”. Faces another fear and admits they are.

19. boyfriend who he loves is definitely suffering from somethings and it’s clear to see but mickey doesn’t know what to do and maybe doesn’t want to admit it because he’s with him and he’s alive and mickey’s happy but something’s wrong

20. mickey is threatened to have the same homophobic father who had him raped find out about him and boyfriend who he definitely loves still being together

21. mickey is about to leave his shitty household life to live with boyfriend who he definitely loves but then see’s his sister severely beaten possibly blaming himself. And he finds himself having to put his own happiness behind him again to protect his sister. 

22. said homophobic father gets out of jail and shit happens. Mickey’s possibly accused of not being committed to boyfriend who he definitely loves.