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“Shelly, turn around and face me a moment before I lose my nerve. I’m about ready to leave Twin Peaks and I don’t know when I’m gonna return, but I want you to know that meeting you has been more than a privilege. It’s touched my heart, and I know that if I don’t kiss you now, I’m gonna regret it the rest of my days.”

BTS reaction to their S/O Being sick and not resting

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Seokjin would be stressed because you would run around even though he tried everything to help you get better.

“Do you not want to get better?? Can you please lie down? For me?”

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Yoongi would be the voice of reason. You running around or exercising sick means everyone else could catch your sickness and that’s just not cool.

“Stay in bed or everyone will be sick. I know you want to work out but think about everyone else. It also won’t help you.” 

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Namjoon doesn’t know how to keep you in bed so he offers to read you stories to make it less boring for you.

“I will read you Harry Potter if you promise to rest.”

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Hobi would try to bargain and use all his aegyo to get you to stay in bed. If the aegyo fails to convince you he has your favorite candy on hand.

“I love you, okay! Just stay put until I’m back! I promise you cuddles if you’re good.”

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Jimin would not have it. He would lie on you and pin you on the bed if he has to.

“Jimin gett off of me! You will get sick too!”

“Only if you promise me you will rest!”

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TaeTae would do his best to keep you comfortable. He would make you food, bring you games or books and leave Soonshim with you for cuddles.

“The faster you get better the faster you can run around again!”

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Kookie would try to be the strict boyfriend, but in the end he would probably just give up and cuddle with you.

“Listen to your boyfrieeend.”

“Shhhh, just sleep.”

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Feverish || Dick Grayson x Reader

I’m really sick right now and have been reading dick grayson and peter parker stories to keep me company 。゚(TヮT)゚。

this is the first time i’ve ever written for a dc character, so if it turns out a little “meh”, and is ooc, forgive me.

Warnings: none, tho my style of writing may be a little off since I’m running a lowkey fever while writing this.

**dont repost/plagiarize this story.**


You were so sick; your whole body was aching and you felt the sweat collect all across your feverish body. You moan and bury yourself deeper into your bed, trying to ignore the incessant vibrations coming from your phone.

You knew that it was your boyfriend checking on you, but you were honestly too weak to move. Even the slightest movement such as tilting your head toward your nightstand was enough to make a wave of nausea go through you.

There was a special kind of hell that came with getting sick in the middle of summer. The hot days became nearly unbearable against your flushed skin, and the fact that your air conditioning was practically broken certainly didn’t help with your situation.

Because of this, you were bedridden with the window to your room wide open. The cool and refreshing winds that blew during the night was soothing for you, and you sigh in a deeply content manner at feeling something cold against your heated skin.

Your throat was parched when you groan, forcing yourself to sit up while steadying your shaky body to the best of your abilities. Looking to see the tall glass of water settled on your nightstand, you drink the rest of the warm water, shakily placing the glass back on the table. You could feel your body getting weaker since you hadn’t eaten anything since last night, but this fever was honestly ruining your appetite.

You honestly wanted to cry. It seemed impossible for you to get better, and you wanted desperately for your boyfriend to come and take care of you-

But you didn’t want to burden him, or worse- make him get sick because of you.

This is what prompted you to ignore all of his texts and calls. You knew that you would get over this fever eventually, so long as your body decided to stop hating you.

While you had your face buried within the palm of your hand in hopes of lessening the ache against your temple, you heard a sudden movement coming from your window. Looking toward the source of the sound, you let out a gasp at seeing Nightwing enter your bedroom.

He looks at your haggard form through his mask and gently calls out your name, “Darling, you look awful. Why didn’t you tell me that you were sick?”

“Wha- wha- what? My- my n-name, how you…know it?” Your fever was definitely making your mind feel a little woozy. Why else would you suddenly conjure up image of the hot vigilante of Gotham City in your room?

Despite how you were 75% sure that this was a fever dream, something about Nightwing felt very real to you. When he joins you in your bed, you felt the mattress actually dip down with his added weight as he places his gloved hand on your face, “Ssssh, don’t speak. You sound awful and your whole body is burning up.”

His touch seems to linger on your skin, and you had to slap his hand away before telling him with a slur, “Hands off meeeee!! I have a very handsome boyfrieeend and he could kick your ass!!”

Nightwing was not fazed by your words, seeming to find great amusement in them when he lets out a chuckle, “Oh believe me, I know about you and your boyfriend.”

He finally gets off the bed, running a hand through his jet black hair while you respond, “Good! Because Dick Grayson is a fucking god and I love him so fucking much!!” Just thinking about your boyfriend made tears form against your eyes when you begin to whine to Nightwing, “God, I really wish Dick was here right now so that he could take care of me and spoil meeeeeee. Ugh, I feel so sick!! But at the same time, I don’t wanna be a shitty girlfriend and get HIM sick!!”

Nightwing lets out a tiny chuckle, “Don’t worry babe, that’s why I’m here.” He playfully ruffles your hair before stepping out of your room, seeming to know the way to your kitchen when you heard some noises coming from it.

After waiting for ten minutes, Nightwing finally returns to your room with a tray containing a steaming hot bowl of soup, some medicine, and a glass of water. He sets the tray on the nightstand and holds the bowl of soup, “Here, you need to eat before taking your medicine. I’ll feed you.”

The soup smelled delicious, yet you were hesitant to allow Nightwing to feed you because he wasn’t Dick. “You’re not my boyfriend.”

You could tell that he was rolling his eyes at you, “Well your boyfriend is busy right now and can’t take care of you, so I have to.”

“Don’t talk shit about Dick!”

“I’m not talking shit, I just want you to let me take care of you!”

“You’re an ass-” A spoon filled with lukewarm broth cuts off your words, and you practically moan at how good the soup tasted against your tongue. It wasn’t too heavy and the warmth felt heavenly against your empty stomach.

No longer arguing with Nightwing, you allow him to feed you, and you end up finishing the soup in just a few minutes. Feeling a bit better with some sustenance in your system, you wipe your moist lips with the back of your hand and look up at Nightwing, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The handsome hero was smiling now when he takes out two pills for you. Holding out the green gel tablets with the glass of water in his other hand, you see Nightwing lift his eyebrow in question, “So can you be a big girl and take these by yourself, or do you need my help?”

You manage to glare at him weakly for teasing you, “I can t-take them!” You hold out a hand to him, making him drop both tablets on your hand. Placing both pills in your mouth, you take the glass of water from his hand and take a big gulp from it-

Only to have both pills come out of your mouth as you choked a bit on the water. Several painful coughs came out of your mouth, causing Nightwing to let out an exasperated sigh at your antics. “You idiot, you’re supposed to take them one at a time.”

He takes the pills and glass of water from you, shocking you when he places the pills in his mouth before drinking the water. Leaning down, he grasps at your chin with his strong hand before suddenly kissing you. Your gasp was all he needed to transfer the pills and copious amount of water into your mouth, helping you swallow the medication when he moves the pills and water down your throat with the tip of his tongue.

With the medication finally in your system, you pull away from the sort of kiss to shyly look at Nightwing with a blush on your face, “Y-You kiss like my boyfriend does.”

His chuckle was filled with an unbidden mirth, “Is that so? Your boyfriend must be quite the lady’s man, then.”

“He is, but he promised me that he was mine and mine alone.” You let out a sleepy yawn, feeling your eyelids turn heavy when you continue, “Shit, Richard’s gonna be so mad at me when I tell him Nightwing kissed me. I gotta be truthful or else he’s gonna break up with me…”

“He won’t be too mad at you. I just helped you take your medicine.” Nightwing then coaxes you to lie down, throwing the blankets around your form before placing a kiss against your forehead, “Now sleep, sweetheart. And get better soon.”

You were close to dozing off when Nightwing stepped toward your window, ready to jump out of it when you hoarsely called out to him, “Nightwing?”

His back stiffens at the sound of your voice, “Yes?”

“You remind me…of Dick Grayson. I love him so much…”

He chuckles and looks back at you, “I love you too, [Name].”

Before you could ask him why he loved you, Nightwing was long gone as he escaped from your room through your window. His words made your cheeks heat up, and you found yourself falling asleep with a smile on your face.

Whether this was all a fever dream or not, you knew that this night would be an unforgettable one for you.


🌻    OMG I leave like for like five days and visit my boyfrieeend like a normal teenager. Few days underground and once I get up on surface the local fast food restaurant is like on fire, people being people as usual like is it me or are people just much more chill down there? And wow what’s up at home? Y’all need to chill since. Well, I’m home anyway. If anyone like cares or something… She has her phone, gaze glued while texting a message after message.

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That’s expensive?? That’s the cheapest school I’ve ever seen. Cheapest school in my state are still 5-10K more a year than yours including fees and all that. WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO SCHOOL TAKE ME WITH YOU.

It's expensive to me to me because tuition in Canada isn’t that much compared to the US. Here in ontario we have the highest tuition rates in the whole country ($5000-$7000 average compared to around $4000 a year for everyone else)

The university I attend right now is one of the most expensive with an average $7000-$10000 a year. College programs are usually around $3000-$5000 a year.


You could be an international student here for less come join us.

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; _; hey i love you too. you don’t gotta people with me if you don’t wanna but qurl u know i love you :*

TY breeeeee *___* I love you too~ :3

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Of course girl. I never once thought we weren’t friends. :( it’s just hard to make time for stuff, but I did get the 24th off so there hahahaha.

OH I’M SO GLAD! Maybe we could do more than lunch idk I’m so excited to see you though! *_____* ily bb~

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annyeonghatheyo replied to your post: Shoutout to my friends who I don’t need to talk…

issokayyyy i know how that goes, bro. ;; how people when would rather not people i’m js. but ilu lots n lots and i can’t wait for you guys to come visit in a few weeks omgggg *___*

ugh yessss I can’t wait ily and I’m just hunkerin’ down until then tbh. Saving my money and energy and all that

ugh I love you guys <33333