Exo reactions

When their girlfriend does gymnastics and falls on her face

When they see a bear in the woods

When they play hide and seek with you

When you fall over in public

When you are a terrible singer

When you are a better dancer than them

When you are a wanted criminal

When you are a famous youtuber

When you get a bad haircut

When their girlfriend/wife is pregnant

When they read smutty fan fiction online

When their girlfriend is a tango dancer

When their girlfriend is scared/in trouble

When they see fan art that their girlfriend made for them

When you wake them up at midnight to go out

When you are feeling emotional over the loss of a friend

When you suggest watching a violent movie

When you ask them to cook with you

When you break up with your boyfriend and they comfort you

When you ask them to buy chocolate for you on your period

When they are jealous of their crush having a romantic/sexy scene in a drama

When their girlfriends dad is a celebrity

When their girlfriend has a nude scene in a drama

When their wife misplaces their wedding ring

When their child is a mummy’s boy/girl

When they try and make you feel better when your on your period

When you get a pet together

When you dye your hair rainbow colours

When you beat them at the Idol Olympics

When they find out they are dating another members sister

When you get dressed up for a girls night out without them

When you are a black belt in karate

When you serenade them

When they find out you (GF) also work at SM

When you get splashed by a car

When their child cries about their first day at school

When you both get stuck in the rain without an umbrella

When you cut your hair short

When you get dolled up but you usually don’t wear makeup

When you beat them at Mario Kart

When you (GF) have to kiss an actor in a movie

When you pick up the newborn you both have adopted

When their friend who is usually quiet and innocent is loud and makes dirty jokes

When there girlfriend has a protective older brother

When you have an argument with them

When you make up after the argument

When their sister goes into labor

When their girlfriend thinks they are cheating but they aren’t

When their girlfriend plays the electric guitar on stage

When their girlfriend performs with an injury

When they see you (GF) walking home with a boy

Exo talks

Exo discussing Tao’s new album

Exo discussing the meaning of Luhans new song

Exo discussing each others Halloween costumes

Exo birthday spam





Introduction to Exo

Tao at London fashion week

Fanfic issues