boyds bear

the foxes as things i've said:
  • kevin day: *consumes my own drinks and my friend's drinks* alcohol poisoning come at me.
  • andrew minyard: nice guys finish last, which is why i act like a dick
  • aaron minyard: no seriously, fuck that noise. fuck your noise. fuck my own noise. let's all just shut the fuck up.
  • nicky hemmick: "it's only gay if-?" pls. it's always gay. lol no hetero.
  • neil josten: leg days? more like leg life. i'm always running away from my problems, bitch.
  • matt boyd: *stares lovingly into my best friend's eyes* wow, wait what did u say?
  • allison reynolds: when u said pretty, i heard it as petty and i was like: yeah, same thing tbh.
  • renee walker: knives are aesthetically pleasing but i won't hesitate to use them because blood can be aesthetic too. <3
  • dan wilds: really, ur mistake is thinking i'll be nice just because i smiled at u once.
  • coach wymack: what kind of shituation?
  • Bonus- Seth Gordon: i'm dead af but who cares *shrug emoji*

Self-care with the Foxes for @neilswesninski! Featuring: Neil, Matt, and Allison!

Neil and Allison:

  • those two are shopping buddies because as Allison is fond of saying, “shopping is cheaper than therapy and your fashion sense is shit Josten, so into the car” 
  • mostly these shopping trips consist of Allison making Neil try stuff on and Neil telling Allison how awesome she looks which isn’t hard tbh
  • there might also be some relationship talk - “hows the monster” Allison says like she doesn’t care but she does
  • Allison is a firm believer that Neil deserves good things and while she doesn’t understand it she accepts that Andrew is one of those good things
  • to get her to shut up Neil not-so-subtlety mentions when is she finally going to ask out that Vixen because they’ve been making moon-eyes worse than Aaron and Kaitlin over the past months and jesus Allison put us out of our misery 
  • then after shopping it’s people watching in the food court because these two sassy motherfuckers judge people together like true friends
  • plus it gives Neil new ideas of things he could try
  • like flower crowns 
  • Neil definitely wears a flower crown at least once and it’s Allison’s fault
  • she sees him watching a group of girls wearing them with interest and then drags him off to claires only to find abysmal quality flower crowns and that won’t do
  • Allison gets Renee to make Neil one and it’s a surprise for his birthday
  • this eventually leads to all the foxes wearing flower crowns but that’s a headcanon for another time 
  • Andrew thinks Neil’s flower crown is ridiculous but he knows it makes Neil happy so he doesn’t protest much 

Neil and Matt:

  • welcome to the great pop-culture binge watch of whatever year this actually takes place in
  • Matt loves loves loves watching action movies with Neil just to see him point out the inaccuracies with increasing annoyance 
  •  the best series to do this with is always Mission Impossible but Fast and the Furious is good too
  • “he should be dead. at least five times over. and that’s just in the first 30 minutes alone. does no one understand physics?”
  • when it’s not movies with Matt it’s video games
  • they played some of the old James Bond video games but Neil kept kicking Matt’s ass too effectively for never having picked up a controller before so they switch to mario cart
  • mario cart is always fun
  • mostly because it’s always really really close and they both get so into it it’s hilarious 
  • but also
  • Matt is actually the first one who helps Neil paint his nails
  • sometimes Dan does Matt’s because it’s fun
  • and Neil sees it and he’s just kind of like “oh that’s interesting” and of course Matt notices and offers to paint Neil’s
  • and Neil’s like sure why not
  • this starts a biweekly nail painting tradition, sometimes Nicky joins and more often than not so does Dan, Renee, Allison, and her Vixen girlfriend 

also, for your consideration:

  • Neil in a bubble bath 

Put together a bear themed coord for this month’s meet-up! We ate okonomiyaki and tayaki ice cream! Pardon the petti I was fussing with it all day, grr!

✦JSK: Innocent World’s Night Bear
✦Blouse: Vintage/thrifted
✦Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
✦Shoes: Angelic Pretty
✦Wrist-cuffs: Sweet Rainbow
✦Rucksack: Handmade out of a Boyds Bear by me
✦Beret: Found on a hedge somewhere???
✦Neck-bow: Handmade by me

Sin aimed the sniper rifle at Boyd and looked through the scope, tracking Boyd’s movements across the room with it. “Hey, you.”

Boyd paused, looking over at Sin with warily narrowed eyes. He didn’t know what to make of the mixed messages of a greeting and a gun but he did know he didn’t want to get into another fight.

“Hey,” he said in return after a beat of silence.

Sin held up a plastic bag. “Would you like a gummy bear?”

Boyd eyed him. “Sure,” he said after a moment, and walked over.

—  Evenfall, Sonny & Ais
tfc as even more shit i've said:
  • neil : hi i'd like to apply for a death certificate please?
  • andrew : as you can tell from my complete lack of expression: feelings are being had.
  • kevin : I wish my future were as clear as my pee. #hydrate
  • nicky: i know we're all adults here but I think we might need better supervision...
  • matt: *stares aggressively* *whispers* Ily and will die for you
  • aaron: I consulted with everyone I care about: me, myself, and I all say we don't care.
  • dan: my favorite thing to do is yell "sorry for your tiny penis," at every giant truck I see.
  • renee: *fake ass smile* I'm trying really hard to be moderately nice.
  • allison: you're right, I don't need to spend my money. But I <i>want</i> to and I <i>need</i> you to fuck off.
  • Wymack: for someone who gets myself into these messes, I'm always surprised that I end up in them.
  • abby: *pokes bruise* yeah, yeah. that's... bad.
  • betsy: i want to listen but sometimes you concern me so I just stare instead.
  • riko: eyes on me pls. Give me attention. Watch me fuck my life up
  • jean: I'm half a decent person. I probably deserve better than this.
  • jeremy: i just... can we all just nap?? And be kind??

Four years after TKM, Neil Josten will stand on stage in front of the world and be drafted onto his pro-Exy team. He will be speechless. When he finally comes up with words, he will thank his Fox family for giving him all the chances in this world.

Four years after TKM, Matt Boyd will be sitting on the couch watching the drafts for pro teams and watch Neil Josten stand on stage with his new team jersey. Matt will feel himself swell with pride and happiness. He will cry with pride because four years ago, this boy was 100% sure he was gonna die. He will call Neil and say congratulations and the two will talk for hours about the future and the past and they will both be filled with such incredible hope for so many good things to come.

Four years after TKM, Coach Wymack will sit with Abby and watch with a smile as that loud-mouthed dumbass gets drafted into a pro-team. He will sit, waiting for some salty comment and will sit back with grin like a mad man as Neil thanks him on live television. Abby will cry because her foxes are finally getting what they deserve. Wymack will decide: yes. THIS is what he gets paid for. THIS moment, is all he needs.

Four years after TKM, Coach Hernandez will get a phone call from Neil Josten with two tickets to his first pro-game as a thank you for all he has done. When he goes to the game, he will see just how much Neil has changed and he will be so damn proud of that boy. Neil will see him in the crowd and will raise his helmet in his direction before the game. Hernandez will smile and Neil will too.