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the ballad of monty and carolyn

SO i got a bunch of responses asking for more of TBL and i swear to youuu i am working on it, and i feel terrible that it’s taking so long, so iN THE MEANTIME i wrote this quick little relationship/character sketch that about two side characters (haha…..haaaa?) FALLING IN LOVE, because of COURSE i felt it was time well spent to delve into the beginnings of a relationship that happens entirely offscreen. of course i did!! 

anyway, here’s the story of how pat’s landlord/team dad monty fell in love with a woman who fucking hates sports.

Carolyn is late to their first date, and their second, and their third, and doesn’t even show up to their fourth because “some entitled infant tried to But I’m Paying Your Salary me in order to get a higher grade, as if he gets points for trying, I know we’re the arts but we’re not a fucking charity, anyway I’m in no mood to talk to you or anybody so I am going to go home and watch Netflix and I’ll call you when I don’t hate everybody in the fucking world.

For their fifth date, she’s right on time.

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