boyd having a friend

i have a headcannon that Neil and Katelyn are really good friends and a few years in the future they meet up for brunch every once in a while but of course Possessive™ twinyards aren’t gonna let their partners go alone and they bond over not wanting to be there and by giving the other a Look™ each time they catch the other staring at their partner in awe so that’s how the twinyards meet for brunch every few weeks


anonymous requested: coraboyd firefighter au for my teen wolf bingo card

Cora and Boyd have been best friends since the day they set foot in the firehouse and laid eyes on each other. (In Isaac’s opinion, they always should have been a little more than that too.) One day, Boyd works up the courage to ask Cora out. She says yes. Their romance is filled with emotional stunting and fire puns and everyone vigorously supporting them on social media.

trash wolf: the show
  • lydia: *is traumatized*
  • stiles: shut up lydia, like I know you're traumatized but I just found a way to make this situation about me so I am going to
  • scott: I think everyone deserves a chance, you're being paranoid.
  • stiles: WOW, scott...I thought you were my friend. Guess Im going to be an asshole to you now.
  • isaac: *is an abuse victim tht suffers from ptsd*
  • stiles: lol remember that time your dad locked you in a freezer and now Im going to write a book of jokes about it and read it to you every single second of your life
  • boyd: *is a loner*
  • stiles: lmao why dont u have friends loser *talks shit about him to literally everyone he knows*
  • jackson: *is adopted*
  • stiles: I can't believe you don't know your real parents LMFAO
  • allison: *chooses family over scott*
  • stiles: wow, what a bitch. I am going to stop being nice to you now for making a rational decision. Bye.
  • kira: *is in shock over her mothers story*
  • stiles: get over it wtf its been like 3 mins
  • theo: *says hi to scott*
  • stiles: something isn't right with my old friend better suspect him so I am right later and scott is wrong so that the fandom can hate on scott!!!11
  • liam: *has been kidnapped and turned to a wolf against his will*
  • stiles: I can't believe you don't like me stranger I just literally met 5 seconds ago