The Downfall of GetGlue

When Social Media Fails

The social media world is up in arms today over a scam perpetrated by the website For three years, television, movie and music fans could login to the GetGlue website and “check-in” to their favorite shows and movies and unlock stickers. In return, GetGlue would mail physical copies of the stickers the users had earned. However, over the past year, many users claimed to have not been receiving their orders, to which GetGlue replied they were “backed up”. Today came the announcement that GetGlue would not be sending anymore stickers to their users. This came immediately after a very popular 50th Anniversary Doctor Who marathon in which users checked in at all hours of the day and night to earn the stickers for their favorite show. The majority of users are more than willing to pay for the stickers they have worked for and unlocked, but GetGlue isn’t budging, which leads many to believe this was a scam in progress long before the Doctor Who and Hunger Games promotions.

“It isn’t about the stickers as much as it is realizing we have all been scammed and lied to, and sponsors of good shows look bad,” said one GetGlue user. “The stickers were great though. And we discovered many new shows that we may never have heard about otherwise. But we were lied to and feel that our trust was betrayed. GetGlue has lost in this situation. Once you lie to those that make your business a success, there is no coming back from that. Users are bailing like passengers on the Titanic.”

It isn’t the stickers as much as the principal of being lied to, most say. It is the feeling of betrayal of knowing that you helped implement a scam, not only on GetGlue users, but television show sponsors as well.

The general buzz throughout the internet today is that GetGlue has just become another MySpace. A once thriving social website is now covered in links to petitions and angry user responses to the scam. This could be the irreversible mistake that GetGlue will never rebound from. Without the sticker incentive, most users will return to Facebook or Twitter to talk about what they are watching on television or what movies they want to see or have seen. Even after a three year run, we must remember, if it seems too good to be true…you are probably being scammed.

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