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Whatever your stance on what went down, the people calling for a Hamilton boycott are giving me the giggles. Look at you, making that huge statement by not attending a show that’s already sold out until mid-2017. Like, please do boycott it - I want tickets for next December and the less people I have to fight for them the better!

One of the most irritating things I’ve seen from the recent bullshittery we called an election and everything that ensued is all the outcry about freedom of speech being violated.

More specifically, I’ve heard a lot from the right regarding protests and shutting down said bullshittery (think protests against actual human garbage disposal Milo, or boycotts against shit news sources). For some reason, a lot of conservatives seem to think that this protesting and boycotting are violations of free speech when we take away someone’s platform.

THAT SAID, let me lend a friendly reminder that civilians can in NO WAY violate your first amendment right to freedom of speech:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…” and some other stuff. When civilians stand up against/protest the horrors that spew from the mouths of our current legislators, we’re actually exercising our right to assembly.

Freedom of speech can only be violated if a government official, whether it be a police officer or a president, does the silencing.

Twitter suspending an account because of hate speech is not a violation of free speech.
Milo having to cancel a talk because of protests and concerns of safety is not a violation of free speech.
Punching a nazi in the face to get him to shut up is not a violation of free speech. It’s assault, but who cares when it’s a nazi?

SO, moral of the rant: If you don’t want to be shut down, don’t be an intolerant bucket of dicks. And don’t complain about free speech when you are because you are stupid and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

and yes, boycott that publisher shit.  Part of the leverage is that innocent authors lose money.  You think sending a nice letter into the publisher changes anything?  They don’t give a shit about you, they care about sales.  Milo’s book is controversial and people will buy it regardless of whether he’s a white nationalist or not.

boycott the fuckin publisher.  get authors to complain to their publisher about the issue.  get authors to try and find a new publisher.  punish them financially, it’s the only way they’ll give a shit.

Sucks that innocent authors have to deal with this but not giving a platform to a neo-nazi is much more important.  If you care about individual authors find a way to support them without giving a cent to the publisher.

women on CM that have 100% sure been fired for no reason: Paget Brewster, AJ Cook, Rachel Nichols.

Women on CM who have left the show under seriously suspicious circumstances, that the crew have said they’re not allowed to ever talk about under order of CBS, so therefore were 99% sure to have been fired for no reason whatsoever: Jeanne Tripplehorn

Man who was fired for an incident of violence towards a producer, after a string of other offences in the past including a DUI and another reported incident of violence: Thomas Gibson 

Only person the fandom boycotts for: Thomas Gibson

I shouldn’t be surprised, and yet… 

i get that people are still angry about lexa’s death and clexa not being able to continue, but why do you want that the 100 to be cancelled so bad?? i mean it’s fucking ridiculous. do y'all ever think about the other actors on the show and how they’ll be out of a job if the show does get cancelled? like stop being so damn selfish. you don’t like the show? fine. no one is forcing you to watch it. but trying to boycott the show and shit talk about it every chance you get is fucked up. stop ruining it for everyone else who still like the show.

im not gonna defend always sunny or anything bc they do some dumbass shit in that show but heres the thing: i grew out of this ‘boycott problematic shit regardless of x y and z!’ ideal long long ago and im having the time of my life enjoying content and still  being able to be critical of it in my own ways and if you wanna challenge me on enjoying bad content youll have a much easier and more riveting conversation with an actual brick wall because im too fucking autistic for debates n shit


Collect all three!!!
Hundreds of people pass by these posters every day. Let’s send them a new message. #boycott50shadesofgrey
(to avoid the risk of being arrested for vandalism, another way is to hang posters up around the city with information and/or links about the horrors of this movie)

Me: The new Power Rangers movie looks like a fucking shit show and is pissing on my childhood. The storyline makes no sense in relation to the content of the original, and they clearly stole the framework of Chronicle after firing Max Landis.
Power Rangers Movie: But there’s a gay character! Trini is totally gay.. or she’s like, figuring out her sexuality or something? But she’s not straight!
The Internet: Omg I wasn’t gonna see it but now I TOTALLY am cuz she’s gay (maybe)!

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I don’t know a great deal about Kesha but reading about her court case is really sad. A contract is legally binding but we seem to live in a society where commercial viability is more important than an abuse victim. Like honestly, what is that shit? 

It’s so disappointing that this current world is teaching kids that money, power and external appearance takes precedence over almost everything else. And if you’re not in the position to possess these things, you’re likely to be thought of as disposable, unworthy and somehow, just less. 

re: Shady Perry

The best thing you can do is not stream or buy her new album…Boycott that shit and hit her in the sales/charts/tour ticket sales. And she’s foolish if she (or her fans) thinks that won’t affect her - this fandom didn’t get Taylor three million-selling weeks, along with selling out a stadium tour, for nothing. There’s a lot of us. And the best revenge is not spending your time or your paper on anything having to do with her. She’ll fade back into the background quicker that way.