boycott the daily mail


The Daily Mail is so widely hated, especially by LGBT folks in the UK. And this  week we realise it has gone too far.

Please BOYCOTT THE DAILY MAIL and the other scum rags, press, media and journalists that hate upon trans, queer and other oppressed groups. Just don’t support them.

  • Following links to The Mail Online
  • Quoting them when another source is available
  • Even when they publish cutesy stories about dancing kittens
  • Or when they feel like reporting something responsibly:
  • If you click, quote, share, reblog, like, +1, star, heart or love their content
  • You are supporting them, they profit via advertising

I hate them for what they do and represent, I don’t have much activism in me, but I can stop supporting them as a consumer. And help stop spreading their lies and hatred.

I had to share this because this is a national newspaper and their constant spouting of hatred, racism and basically any prejudice you can think of is something that some people in Britain don’t even realise is twisted and wrong. And the worst part is, this isn’t even new. This list dates back to stories that they printed in 1900. I just wish more people were aware of it and would boycott it.