boycott instagram

If you are going to boycott Frito-Lay because of the rainbow Doritos, here is a list of other common companies that you will want to stop using as they support the rights of LGBTQ+.
-Apple (yes, your iPhone will have to go)
- Starbucks
-Google (good luck)
-Ben & Jerry’s
-Mondelēz International (Oreos Maker)
-Old Navy
-Banana Republic
-Campbell’s soup
-Game of Thrones

And that is not even all of them. Have fun cutting all of these out of your life because you think who someone loves determines what human rights they should get c:

(Feel free to add more or point out any mistakes)


Lime Crime is known for editing photos and adding unnecessary filters to make their colors appear brighter or more vivid than they are, including fan photos shared on Lime Crime’s Instagram.