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On March 16, 1991, 13 days after the videotaped beating of Rodney King, a 15-year-old girl named Latasha Harlins stopped by a liquor store near her home in South Los Angeles. She walked to the back of the store, grabbed a carton of orange juice, and stuck it in her backpack. The woman behind the counter, Soon Ja Du, assumed that Harlins was stealing the juice. As the teenager approached the cash register, Du grabbed her sleeve and yanked her across the counter, trying to snatch her backpack away. Harlins fought back, punching Du in the face four times and knocking her down. What happened next depends on who you believe: either Harlins threatened to kill Du, or she told her she just wanted to pay for the juice. In any case, Du grabbed the gun her husband kept behind the counter and pointed it at the girl. Harlins picked up the orange juice, which had fallen to the floor during the scuffle, and placed it on the counter. As she turned to walk out of the store, Du shot her in the back of the head. When the police arrived, they found Harlins dead, clutching two dollar bills in her left hand. (The orange juice cost $1.89.)

Six months later, a jury convicted Du of voluntary manslaughter, a crime that carried a penalty of up to 16 years in prison; many thought that Du would face the maximum punishment. Instead, Judge Joyce Karlin sentenced Du to time served, plus 300 hours of community service and five years’ probation. It was one of the most lenient sentences handed down for a gun-related crime in Los Angeles County that year.

The community was outraged and boycott on Non-Black businesses in the Black community was organized. Latasha’s death was one of the main catalyst for anger in the Black community that led up to the Los Angeles Riots. On August 17, 1991, while Du was awaiting trial, a small incendiary fire occurred at her store but the store wasn’t badly damaged. During the Los Angeles 1992 riots, Du’s store was burned, and it never re-opened.

Rapper Tupac Shakur was deeply affected by her death and dedication many songs to Latasha throughout his career. “Keep Your Head Up” was dedicated to Latasha, as well as “Something To Die For” in which Tupac said in the interlude, “Latasha Harlins, remember that name… ‘Cause a bottle of juice is not something to die for”. In “I Wonder If Heaven Has A Ghetto” Tupac says, “Tell me what’s a black life worth / A bottle of juice is no excuse, the truth hurts / And even when you take the shit / Move counties get a lawyer, you can shake the shit / Ask Rodney, Latasha, and many more”

Latasha should’ve been turning 40 tomorrow…..

I woke up Sunday morning and rolled over to look at Stacy, like I have been doing every morning for so many years and plan to keep doing every morning for the rest of my life. She was reading the news. She’s always reading the news when I wake up. I could tell by the huge red font on her laptop screen that something bad had happened, and when she noticed I was awake, she tilted her computer away from me.

“What happened?” I asked.

She kissed my forehead and said, “Your fever is back.”

“But what happened?” I asked again.

She didn’t answer right away. She rested her cool hand on my hot cheek. And then she told me 20 people had been killed in a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando. That’s all she knew, that’s all anyone knew. 20 dead gay and trans people who’d been out dancing, celebrating Pride.

Stacy was right that my fever was back. I’d been fighting a cold for a week and I’d clearly lost the battle. She kissed me again and got up and got dressed and went out for supplies. She knew what I needed without me having to ask. She’s nursed my terrible immune system through plenty of colds and flus and fevers. Lemon-lime Gatorade only. When I woke up again, 50 gay and trans people had been pronounced dead.

Stacy and I spent the majority of our first date at a gay bar in New York City, out until 4:00 a.m. talking about our hopes and dreams and fears and favorite TV. And sports. The Miami Dolphins. Skins, mostly. Naomi and Emily. This new thing called Pretty Little Liars. We’d been shooed away from a press event by the NYPD and we found ourselves in the back of a cab together, hardly knowing each other, feeling like maybe we should find out more, like maybe this was our one chance. So we went a gay bar to sit in a corner and talk quietly, while people decked out in rainbows and glitter danced around us, all night long. Neither of us are loud places people; neither of us like crowds. Something drew us to that bar that night, though. Something about the safety of being with our brothers and sisters, our people, while this fragile, hopeful, unspoken thing buzzed between us.

The Orlando narrative was always going to take the form of Islamophobia, as soon as it was clear Omar Mateen wasn’t white. It was always going to take the form of hundreds of politicians erasing “LGBT” from the conversation to exploit our pain. Donald Trump was always going to find a way to congratulate himself for it, to double down on his racism and xenophobia, to appeal to fear to fear to fear, always to fear. (The irony of convincing straight white people they’re the ones at risk when nearly all the victims of the hate crime were gay and trans Black and Latino people.) It was always going to be a chance for the NRA to claim they’re the ones under attack.

But we know the truth: The shooting at Pulse happened because religious conservatives all over the world, and especially here in the United States – where this murderer was born and raised – have been scapegoating gay and trans people for decades, twisting the words of their religious texts to claim authority from gods for persecution and oppression. They have denied us our rights to marriage, to fair employment and housing. They have called us pedophiles and deviants, have taken away our children and separated us from our families. They have called for our execution, and recently. You remember Ted Cruz’s pastor who said LGBT people are “pawns of Satan” and lobbied for our death. That was November, six months ago. They have fought to keep our stories off of TV and out of movies, to have our books banned from libraries, and to boycott the businesses that would dare to treat us with respect.

The shooting at Pulse happened because millions of people have been taught to fear this one thing:

A woman in New York City saw her partner wake up on Sunday morning with a fever, and her instinct in that moment was to shield her partner from horrific news. For three minutes, maybe. Or even just thirty seconds. Not to reach for her partner for comfort. Not to pierce the quiet morning with a howl of rage. A woman in New York City saw her partner wake up on Sunday morning and her impulse was love. Love for another woman. Love.

Stacy brought me my favorite popsicles in order of the way I like to eat them: cherry, then grape, then orange. “Try to at least eat three crackers,” she said.

And that’s why 50 people died.

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Christians refuse to bake a gay couple a cake. (Which is in their legal right.) "OH MY GOD, these homophobic, right-winged bigots! Let's show them what for and boycott their business!" Afghani Muslim immigrant who pledged allegiance to ISIS and has shown open hatred to gays shoots up a nightclub. "You guys, he was just repressed and mentally unstable. :) And you're just using this as a way to show your islamophobia in the guise of caring about LGBT people."

Perfectly summed up their logic. Watching feminists and the LGBT defend Islam is no different from watching blacks defend the The Ku Klux Klan or Jews defend the National Socialist German Workers Party. It’s hilariously sad. They don’t even realize they’d be the first ones to get wiped out if Islam took over the US. Thankfully not all of us are obsessed with riddling ourselves with guilt and shame and we aren’t afraid to take on the problem and keep these idiots safe. As undeserving of it as they are.


The Nazi who got punched at PDX yesterday is Grant Chrisholm. He is a known homophobe and right wing extremist.

He owns Grant Michael Industrial Antiques in the SE Portland. Boycott his businesses and know he is a bigot.

feel free to make posters of him and his beliefs to spread around telephone poles near his business.

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Prompt! For whatever reason, Newt, Tina and Scamander baby have to go to Germany just when the discrimination of Jewish people just started (caricatures, bans, etc). Some big name there recognizes Newt and is very kind till realizes Tina is jewish and his kid also is. He makes a nasty and patronizing comment and Newt loses it. Tina has never seen him like that but she is glad he defended her. Times were changing for worse but people like him made her believe there is still hope for a change



So, in my fic verse, their second baby Linnet is born January 1933 - just a couple of weeks afterwards, Hitler was instated as Chancellor of Germany. On 1st April 1933 the Nazis organised a boycott of Jewish businesses and professions. In May, there was a public book burning. (INFORMATION TAKEN FROM HERE)

It’s their first trip after Linnet’s birth or something and they’re both really cautious because they both know what is going on in Germany but it’s important because it’s Newt’s work and they don’t plan to stay long at all, just long enough to track down a creature of some kind. Linnet’s only about nine months old, Phoenix is two.

They’re out and about, getting more and more uneasy by all the anti-Semitic propaganda when someone says Newt’s name and it’s one of his father’s old business partners/associates perhaps? Some important man who visited the house, once upon a time…

Anyway, the guy is all kind and cheerful, congratulating Newt on his book and enquiring about Theseus (because Theseus is the golden son, the head of the Auror department, regarded as a great success) - he’s even polite to Tina and the kids. He asks how long they’ll be staying in Germany for, and Newt tells him only for a few days because Sukkot is soon - and the guy’s smile drops.

“What do you mean? You’re not…”

“Oh, no, I’m not but Tina and the children are.”

And then the guy sneers, looking at Tina and the two children in disgust. “We don’t like their kind…I cannot believe you would stoop so low as to marry a kike/koshie like her…and for your family name to be carried by filth like that…”

Tina is understandably hurt and angry and she wants to kill this guy because not only has he insulted her, he’s also insulted the children and even her husband to some degree.

Newt goes crazy - Tina has never seen him like this, and it even scares their son slightly because it’s so not-Newt to act like this. He all but pulls out his wand, his eyes narrowed as he steps between the man and his family, protecting them. The man leaves after this quite hurriedly (he still shoots Tina a dirty look as he goes) and Newt is left red in the face with anger because no one treats his family like that.




Although she was the leader of a revolution and the first woman to serve as the President of the Phillipines , Corazon Aquino had never set out in life to become involved in politics. She viewed herself as a “plain housewife”, supporting the career of her husband Senator Benigno Aquino and raising her five children at home.

However, that all changed in 1983. Her husband had been a major critic of President Ferdinand Marcos’ declaration of martial law in 1972 and was imprisoned for eight years for speaking out against the corrupt government conditions. He was exiled to the United States for three years, and upon his return, he was assassinated at Manila International Airport.

Her husband’s death prompted her to become an active leader in protests and demonstrations against the Marcos regime. When it was announced in 1985 that he would hold an election to eliminate doubts of his legitimacy, Aquino initially had hesitations about running a campaign, until she was presented with one-million signatures urging her to run in the presidential race.

During her campaign, Aquino was the victim of sexist, arrogant remarks from Marcos. He dismissed her as “just a woman” whose place was in the bedroom, to which she replied “may the better woman win in this election” (a remark which cleverly referenced public sentiment that his wife, Imelda Marcos, was really calling the shots behind the scene). When he criticized her inexperience, Aquino agreed that she indeed had “no experience in cheating, lying to the public, stealing government money and killing political opponents.”

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People disagree about whether New England clam chowder is better than Manhattan clam chowder or what to name their new iguana or whether or not Kylie Jenner has really gotten butt implants. But a church or an individual or a government telling a queer person that they are a sinner or that they don’t deserve to get married or that queer people should be treated any less or any differently than non-queer people merely because of who they are is not ‘lovingly disagreeing.’

It’s the same tired nonsense that’s continually peddled by folks who aren’t cool with queer people but don’t want to be called a bigot or deal with the possibility of a boycott against their businesses. And as much as it hurts to hear, in this case, disagreement is hate.

Baltimore: Make May Day ‘Resist Trump’ Day!

Monday May 1 

3:00 pm: Gather at McKeldin Square, Light & Pratt Street, downtown Baltimore

4:00 pm: March to specific locations to highlight our demands

6:00 pm: Rally at City Hall 

Citywide organizing committee meeting Monday, March 27, 7 pm @ 2011 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. Come out get literature – join the discussion. 

Global May Day Strike - International Workers Day/Huelga Global del Primer Día de Mayo - Día Internacional de los Trabajadores

Make May Day Resist Trump Day! / ¡Haga el primer día de mayo el día de resistir Trump!

General Mass Strike/Call in Sick, No work, No school, No shopping, Boycott businesses

Defend immigrants & Muslims – Fight racism, sexism, LGBTQ & Trans bigotry
Baltimore UNITE to fight for our rights! We demand:
—Make Baltimore a real sanctuary city – Not one deportation; shut ICE down! An injury to one, is an injury to all.
—Fund education– Close the gap in funding for our schools; no school layoffs!
—$15 an hour & union rights for all NOW – include workers under 21 yearsof age!
—Jobs program for all!
—End police & ICE terror!

We encourage feeder marches.
Huelga Global del Primer Día de Mayo - Día Internacional de los Trabajadores
¡Haga el primer día de mayo el día de resistir Trump!

General Huelga de masas/ Llamar por estar enfermo, no trabajar, no ir a la escuela, no comprar, boicot los negocios


Defender a los inmigrantes y los musulmanes - Combatir el racismo, el sexismo, la LGBTQ y el fanatismo de las personas Trans

¡Baltimore ÚNASE para luchar por nuestros derechos!

Nosotros demandamos:
— Hacer de Baltimore una verdadera ciudad santuario - Ninguna deportación; ¡Cerrar el ICE! Una herida para uno es una herida para todos.
— Financiar la educación - Cerrar la brecha en el financiamiento para nuestras escuelas; ¡Ningún despido escolare!
— $ 15 por hora y los derechos sindicales para todos AHORA - ¡Incluyen a los trabajadores menores de 21 años de edad!
—¡Programas de trabajo para todos!
— ¡Fin de la policía y terror ICE!

Reunir 3 PM @ McKeldin Square - Light y Pratt Street, centro de Baltimore
Animamos grupos de manifestantes ubicados en diferentes localizaciones que se unen a la marcha principa

La marcha comienza a las 4 PM – Marchamos a lugares específicos para resaltar nuestras demandas y concluir en City Hall @ 6 PM


As a POC henna artist who’s recently made a part-time business, the least you white people can do is support us POC artists and go get your henna done from those who actually IDENTIFY with the cultures that henna is used in, rather than going to a white woman who profited off of my culture and has opened henna schools and courses and is insta famous and currently in India wearing a sari as opportunities upon opportunities for her to travel round the world are laid at her feet, while my broke ass is needing some fucking money.


September 15th 1935: Nuremberg laws imposed

On this day in 1935, the antisemitic Nuremberg race laws were introduced by the Nazi government in Germany. Adolf Hitler, upon becoming German Chancellor and President in 1933, set about to destroy Jewish influence in German society. Jews only comprised under one percent of the German population, but Hitler perceived them as a threat to the dominance and homogeneity of the white ‘master-race’. Discriminatory policy began as measures to boycott Jewish business, and exclude Jews from prominent jobs in politics, journalism, medicine, law, and the military. Jewish citizens were also subject to everyday harassment, violence, and exclusion from shops and public areas. The September 1935 laws, proclaimed at the annual Nazi party rally in Nuremberg, established this racist ideology as the law of the land, stripping German Jews of their citizenship (reclassifying them as subjects of the state), and imposing restrictions on Jews marrying or having sexual relations with ‘Aryans’. The laws targeted Jews as a race, rather than a religious group, as it defined a Jew not as someone who practiced the religion, but anyone who had three or more Jewish grandparents. In November, the Nuremberg laws were extended to blacks and Roma gyspies, who were also considered a threat to Hitler’s vision of white supremacy. The treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany became steadily harsher, with exclusionary laws forcing them to wear yellow stars of David, in addition to mass violence such as Kristallnacht in 1938, and imprisonment in concentration camps. In the twelve years of Hitler’s Reich, over four-hundred regulations were issued against the Jewish population, resulting in the complete social and economic subjugation of German Jews. In the early 1940s, Hitler resolved to eradicate Jewish influence entirely, initiating a genocidal programme of extermination which ultimately claimed the lives of six million Jews.

80 years ago today

Homemade Fair Trade Skin Care Products

So I made some skin care products for a small craft fair at my school last week and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me putting some of the products up on Storenvy or Etsy for Black Friday.
All my products are homemade and all the ingredients are fair trade and organic.
The list of my products as it stands now are:
Green Tea Lavender Sugar Scrub
Coco Peppermint Sugar Scrub
Coconut Shea Body Butter
Vanilla Chai Body Butter
Chocolate Body Butter
Lavender Bath Melts
Buffy Body Butter Dupe (comparable to Lush)
Cocoa butter lip balms

So yeah, if anyone’s interested just let me know :)


How to take down Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, the racist misogynist demagogue denounced by all former Presidents but enthusiastically endorsed by the KKK, is going to be the President of the United States. His collective of 500 buiness entities, The Trump Organization, is valued anywhere from $3-$10 billion. The Trump Organization is being put into a blind trust. As President, it is a conflict of interest with political and legal ramifications for Trump to manipulate the trust through the entire length of his term.

That’s 4 years to destroy the Trump Organization while Trump is incapable of doing anything about it.

In that time, you could hit all his businesses and we’ll bankrupt him (again). And there’s nothing he can do. He said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still get elected, but now he’s no longer dealing with voters but the law. As he has successfully gamed the system, we can in return game him. If he improperly runs his business while President, his lost-the-popular-voters can’t help him. He’ll be impeached and jailed.

Here’s a thought experiment. A five point plan to bring Trump down. This is essentially a hack into the fundamental weakness of Donald Trump as President and break his dangerous con - he has a business to run that conflicts with running America.


Right now in New York, the block around Trump Tower  headquarters has been barricaded as protestors disrupt the area. That’s bad for business inside the tower. Residents are inconvenienced, businesses within it can’t operate normally. Protest there for 4 years and force businesses and residents to leave. Others may replace it but at much lower rates.

He has properties ranging from towers to golf courses all around the world. Protest at everyone of these properties. Make the name Trump synonymous with PROTEST. Rich people will prefer quiter properties for their vacations and meetings. Investing partners will distance themselves from the toxic baggage of his name.

Keep the protests going for his entire term. Fund these protests. Kickstart them. Whatever it takes. Be relentless. Kill his profits.


The core of Trump’s business is his name. He doesn’t even own many of the properties with his name on it, often just licensing his name for millions. Make his brand worthless.

Let’s be clear about this, everything I am saying should be legal. So hotel critics legally write a legitimate review of how terrible his hotels are, which they are. Wine critics legally write about how terrible and cheap tasting his wine is. Customers legally buy his ties but return them online after you test them because they’re horrible and legally make them pay for shipping. Let’s reveal how horrible this name is to the licensees and distributors and then boycott these crappy products, so that no new licensees would dare take him on.

Meanwhile anywhere Trump moves organize a protest. Literally anything he does, protest. The name Trump should be associated with protest. While a President may survive 4 years of protests, a business brand cannot.


New Balance shoes issued a statement 6 hours after Trump was elected praising him and shading Obama. Boycott them and any company that supports him. His supporters will promise to buy any product that we boycott, but we hold the advantage. They have to spend money, we don’t have to do anything. And he’ll only gain a small fraction of alt-right Republicans inside America while the rest of the world joins us. And the more companies we ban, it will be basically a ponzi scheme for his supporters that doesn’t pay them back. New Balance and Home Depot are a good start.

Total destruction of the economic ecosystem that feeds him.


She’s gotten a pass. No more. She is not a friend of women or minorities, otherwise she would have denounced her racist, pussy grabbing father with 20 current sexual assault lawsuits. She was used as a humanizing tool in the Trump campaign to soften his image, and she was complicit in this deception. Every argument how someone could vote for a racist misogynist xenophobe without being one themselves applies to her. She knows how insane her father is and chose to get him into the White House instead of psychiatric counseling. She didn’t sit by, she actively campaigned in the ugliest Mexicans-are-rapists campaign ever. 

Shut the backdoor entrance to normalizing this family. They’re Trumps. They’re all rotten. Boycott all her products. Spray it with Raid. Complete the absolute and final extermination of brand Trump.


This is where it all pays off. Journalists, DO YOUR JOB. Even without this theoretical riff, get those tax returns, report his lies, report his shady ties with Russia, and we wouldn’t need 1-4 anyway. But we’re here, so as his empire gets squeezed and create losses, they’ll need capital. They’ll need financing from foreign banks, and this is where the conflict intrinsic to the Presidency will come in. There will be no more scrutinized business on earth than The Trump Organization over the next 4 years. Every influx of capital to cover his losses is open to investigation, lawsuits, and blocks from the Justice Department. We’re shaking his rotten sandbox and his hands will be tied as his Trump Organization gets exposed. As we disrupt it into major losses and the brand goes to shit, Trump will be faced with a real question - does he want to be President, or billionaire?

4 years or less and he’s out.

“More Sinned against than Sinning”

Ida B. Wells-Barnett* was born a slave in 1862 in Holly Springs, Mississippi. When her parents died, she became a teacher to take care of her many siblings and continued her education at Rust College. She soon moved to Memphis where she taught in segregated schools. 

At the age of 22, ten years before Plessy v. Ferguson was decided, Wells-Barnett sat in the “white” car of a train. When she refused to move at the conductor’s request, he grabbed her by the arm. She bit his hand, and it took two more men to physically remove her from her seat. She successfully sued the train company, but the trial court’s decision was overturned by the Tennessee Supreme Court.

This experience attracted the attention of local newspapers, and she became a journalist herself, ultimately becoming the co-owner and editor of a black publication, The Free Speech and Headlight. In her articles, she investigated and criticized racial injustices like school segregation and lynchings and encouraged activism in the black community. She explored the incidence of lynching across the South and the motivations behind those murders. She began to challenge the accepted excuses given by white lynch mobs and charged white women with encouraging relationships with black men. In 1892, her investigations were published in Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases. After three of her friends were lynched, she encouraged black people in Memphis to boycott white businesses and move out of the city. She herself was forced out when the newspaper’s offices were burned down by white opponents. She moved to New York City then to Chicago, where she continued her career in journalism.

Wells-Barnett was involved in the early suffragist efforts and worked with white women like Frances E. Willard and Susan B. Anthony. Conflict arose, however, when the white suffragettes revealed their racist views and refused to help her in her anti-lynching cause. She founded the National Association of Colored Women in 1896 and continued to raise awareness about lynching. Though she was a founding member of the NAACP, she eventually left the organization, dissatisfied with their hesitance to take real action on issues. In 1930, the year before she died, she ran for a seat in the Illinois state legislature, becoming one of the first black women to run for office in the United States.

*Wells-Barnett hyphenated her last name when she married, which was a very big deal at the time.

Okay so, recent news about the CEO of Marvel, Ike Perlmutter giving a big $1 million donation to a Donald Trump’s charity has attracted a number of voices (including very loud ones like Michael Moore, sigh) yelling ‘BOYCOTT MARVEL’.

Is this necessarily a good idea, though?

1. For one thing, the specific call Michael Moore made was to not buy tickets, implying a boycott of Marvel movies, specifically. Except, as of late, Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios & therefore the MCU, is not actually reporting to Perlmutter at all, but the head of Disney directly. Perlmutter no longer controls the MCU, therefore, a loss in that department is not really on him.

2. It was a private donation, from Perlmutter’s own money, not a corporate one. Perlmutter is a billionaire & a CEO. A small fluctuation in profits, which, realistically, is the only thing a boycott like this could manage, is probably not going to have any impact on the amount of money he makes. He doesn’t care, he’s making millions now, & he still would if Marvel went practically bankrupt. 

3. Where it could hurt with more impact is people whose economic status is a lot more uncertain. People like independent comic book stores that rely on sales being stable, especially given how much they are already dealing with narrow margins given the trend towards digital… Or Marvel employees like comics creators, and other people lower down on the economic & corporate ladders, the kind who actually get laid off or otherwise take a hit when the bigwigs get spooked over profits.

4. What it will also hurt, disproportionately, is diverse properties.

Think about the average white dudebro gatekeeping Marvel fans who label any character who isn’t a straight white dude, or at least a sexy white lady with maximum cleavage & minimal agency, as ‘liberal propaganda’ & actively demean, bully, & intimidate any fans who want anything else. 

Do you think they are likely to be the ones who are going to be buying into this boycott?

No. They are going to keep supporting the Marvel comic book properties that maintain the status quo that they like, & they are thrilled by the idea that we might be boycotting.

So is Ike Perlmutter, who wants money at any cost & thinks the best way to do that is to court those audiences, while giving lip service at best to any of us.

The people who oppose Trump because he’s a sexist, racist, ableist, bigot, and therefore might want in on this boycott business? 

We’re the ones more likely to also be the ones keeping the diverse comics afloat, the ones pushing for Black Widow merch despite Perlmutter’s best interests, the ones trying to be the voices dragging Marvel kicking & screaming into something approaching the 21st century.

A lot of the diverse comics, things like Angela: Queen of Hel, which has queer leads & a trans WOC… Trump supporters aren’t buying in drove, I guarantee. 

We are, and the sales are low enough that it wouldn’t take much to nudge it into cancellation territory.

5. Perlmutter doesn’t give a shit about those kinds of properties.

He wants them to fail, because they’ll prove that he’s right to try & push out any bit of Marvel that doesn’t appeal to the ‘traditional demographics’, because they are a waste of time & energy.

 Perlmutter won’t take lower sales in diverse comic properties to be a sign that people are mad about him supporting Trump, he’ll take it as a sign that the ‘reliable customers’ are the ones that do.

He’ll take it as further evidence that diverse comics ‘don’t work’, that they are worth selling, raising the profile of, adapting into new media, making merch, any of that.

Is Marvel perfect? No. It’s deeply, deeply flawed in its approach to diversity, & it gets a lot wrong.

I gave the example of Angela, but Marvel won’t even acknowledge that she’s queer, despite her kissing her lover, proclaiming that love in-text, & getting nominated for a freaking GLAAD. That’s frustrating. But it getting cancelled will just say ‘nobody wants queer comics anyway’, & that’s even worse.

Too, Marvel gets a lot right, & we are at a point where the balances are slowly shifting, but things are precarious, & they want any excuse to return things to ‘normal’. 

That just makes it more important to keep proving to them that diverse voices matter, that we are their fans, & that we want better from them, & the best way to to that isn’t to boycott, it’s to keep buying the things that point them in the right direction, if you have the money for it.

tl:dr boycotting Ms Marvel to make a point about how much we oppose Trump’s view of Muslims, etc? maybe not the best plan.

We still suffer because we have more confidence in our ability to endure it than our ability to stop it. We were raised and trained to endure white supremacy, not end white supremacy. “Black woman” is not in the list of “things it’s ok to die for” in this country. Neither the Blackman nor the Black woman is truly standing up to defend the other. We are neglecting our responsibilities as a people together. We send our children to the enemy together. We spend our dollars with them together. We boycott Black businesses together, and we stand to the side and watch each other get brutalized together. No gender is in any moral position to call out the other. And for the record, we weren’t afraid to stand up for the Black woman during slavery, we were taught to endure it by the Black woman who reasoned that if the enslaved Afrikan man stood up for her and was killed, she would be left in this world without the only true compliment and comforter that she had. We are in a better position to fight today but we have become such good “copers”, trained largely by our mothers and fathers, that it takes specialized training to break that paradigm. As a fighter, it’s a tricky proposition to fight for a people that will fight you for fighting for them, especially if it’s against white folk. That’s why we’re still suffering even though many of us are still standing… - Amin Imamu Ojuok