It is time that black and brown transwomyn and drag queens are recognized for their efforts in the riots throughout the nation. From the preview alone, we know that will not be happening . Majority of characters casted are white actors, cis men play the role of transwomyn, and folks who began the riots do not seem to be credited with such revolutionary acts. 

WE ARE CALLING A BOYCOTT OF STONEWALL. Do not throw money at the capitalistic industry that fails to recognize true s/heros. Do not support a film that erases our history. Do not watch Stonewall.

OUR HISTORY WILL NOT BE WHITE/CIS-WASHED. History classes throughout our nation have built a reputation of instructing young generations that white, straight, cis folks are the saviors and founders of this land. Wrong. We were taught that light-skinned people are the goal; the goal to assimilate to. Wrong. We were also rarely taught about queer history, but when we were, it probably revolved around white cis gay men. Wrong. This film is no different that the history classes that are...

BOYCOTT THIS MOVIE. This fucked up Hollywood ish is white washing, cis-gender washing a critical movement in Queer History. This is just gonna boost the cis white “masculine” gay egos when it legit wasn’t like this at all. Ugh. Read this. Share this. It’s important. 

Whitewashing History: Stonewall Movie Leaves Out Trans Women and Black Drag Queens Who Started The Movement
The trailer, claims to be a ‘true story’, and tells the audience that a young, white, cisgender, gay man was the first to throw a brick and start the Stonewall Riots. In reality, hundreds of eye witness accounts and documented evidence have said the riots were started by black drag queens and transgender women.

Honestly this film is a slap in the face to the people who took part in the riots, who fought in the streets for your right to be treated like a human being.  It’s an insult to the LGBT community, to trans people, to drag queens, to women and people of color.  Hollywood has once again taken our moment of major historical significance and told us that the only way people will care is if a white man is the hero,  and that the only way change really happens is if a white man fights for it.

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I was on etsy and saw this...
External image

Shop Here


It’s like a racist white girls dream. Every religion she could ever want to appropriate in one picture. The listing is so aptly named “The Spiritual Collection.” Because throwing together religious iconography is the best way to get in touch with your chakras! The owner of the shop also has a website (called ‘The Hippie Hut’ *eyeroll*) that has a shitload more appropriation.

I fully support y’all giving her shit btw, which you can do easily through her instagram.


- mod n

Trailer for the whitewashed Stonewall movie looks even worse than I expected
The trailer for Roland Emmerich’s Stonewall movie was released yesterday, and it looks offensively terrible.

There are two POC characters featured in the trailer, and in 2 minutes and 22 seconds they manage to come off as tokens who are there to teach our white dude hero about how hard things are by being tragic figures. In one scene, white guy Danny tells a character – who seems to be a trans woman of color (in today’s parlance) – “I can’t love you.” OK, this is a film that’s got trans woman of color Marsha P. Johnson, whose 25th birthday was being celebrated at Stonewall that night, listed way down in the credits on the IMDB page, looking like a glorified extra and played by a cis man. Trans woman of color Sylvia Rivera, who’s credited with throwing the first bottle, isn’t listed on the IMDB page anywhere. Neither is trans woman of color and living legend Miss Major. And this film’s trailer includes the most on-the-nose version of the “trans women of color are unlovable” trope possible?

Fuck this movie.


A new addition to add to your boycott list: Regal Rose. This company literally has no information about them, other than the fact that it’s owned by 2 girls in the UK, like 3 celebrities have worn them, and that they sell jewelry for the “fashionista among you.” Because we definitely need to appropriate cultures to be fashionable apparently.

These images are a part of their lookbook, which is full of appropriation.

Y’all know the drill. Boycott this company.

- mod n

“The time has come that Vancouverites, British Columbians & Canadians as well as all people from other countries who are friends with Canada to step up to the plate and boycott Nestlé.
Nestlé steals water from many different countries and if they do pay for it like they do here in Canada, they pay the smallest and most ridiculous fee that you could ever imagine.
Since groundwater remains unregulated in B.C., Nestle does not require a permit for the water they withdraw.
“No permit, no reporting, no tracking, no nothing,” said David Slade, co-owner of Drillwell Enterprises, a Vancouver Island well-drilling company. “So you could drill a well on your property, and drill it right next to your neighbour’s well, and you could pump that well at 100 gallons a minute, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and waste all the water, pour it on the ground if you wanted to … As far as depleting the resource, or abusing the resource, there is no regulation. So it is the Wild, Wild West.”
If you walk into store and buy a 1.5 litre bottle of Nestlé Pure Life water, it will set you back $1.79.
That’s $1.79 more than Nestle paid to the government last year for withdrawing more than 265 million litres of fresh water from the well. They are raping Canada and selling it right back to us at insane and unheard of profits.
Nestle Waters Canada pays the province just $2.25 for every million litres of water.
The total estimated price of all the water Nestle will bottle in B.C. over an entire year is – wait for it – $562 a year!
That’s an improvement, if you can believe it, because until recently they got it all for free.
It must be nice to have an endless supply of potable water, where you can take as much as you like, sell it for an enormous profit, and pay a pittance for its use.
I am disgusted with this to the point that it has left me with no choice other than to boycott Nestlé and help spread this boycott before Canada is left with nothing.” 

-Adam Johnson

#BoycottStarWarsVII: People Boycott The Force Awakens Because It Promotes “White Genocide”
How do you claim to be a part of this Star Wars fandom and somehow entirely miss the point of all of the movies?!

It might have been started by trolls, but the hashtag has definitely attracted more than a few white supremacists.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott began 60 years ago today, Dec. 5th, 1955

Today, Dec. 5th, is the 60th Anniversary of the beginning of the Montgomery Bus Boycott which lasted for 381 days.  It was a monumental boycott and one of the longest in African American history if not the longest.  It was sparked by an event that many people cite as the beginning of the modern day Civil Rights Movement.  On Dec. 1st, 1955 a seamstress and Secretary for the NAACP, from the Montgomery Fair department named Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus to a White man. These were the rules of Segregation in the South. Segregation was anoppressive, dehumanizing system that existed in Southern States. They were commonly called Jim Crow laws.

90 percent of Montgomery’s African American citizens stayed off the buses.  They were able to organize and mobilize 40,000 people in 2 days.  


#Repost @all__eyes__on__we with @repostapp.
In the wake of mounting racial tension, which culminated in a swastika scrawled in human feces appearing on a dorm room wall last month, a University of Missouri graduate student named Jonathan Butler is waging a hunger strike in protest. Butler plans on continuing his strike until the university’s president, Tim Wolfe, steps down or is removed from his post.
Wolfe has been accused by Butler and others of negligence in addressing the rising tension and racial problems on campus.
Tonight, black players on the Missouri football team joined Butler’s fight. The group posted a message on Twitter declaring that they would be boycotting all football activities until Wolfe is gone.
#BlackUnity #Boycott #RacialInjustice #Mizzou #Football #NCAA #BlackPower ✊🏾 #Asé

wildeyedways asked:

Are you all aware of the store called "G*psy Warrior?" It's these two girls claiming that they have a g*psy soul and warrior hearts or some bs like that. Unfortunately, I own some clothing of theirs with a patch that says "g*psy warrior"; mind you, this was before I was woke. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know in case you didn't. x

Well first off, this is on their ‘About’ page.

And these are the 2 bitches behind this gross brand. Ofc they’re white.

There’s just loads of shit on every page. I didn’t even bother going through a quarter of it because there’s so much appropriation.

This isn’t appropriation but it’s really just ???? White people really tryna summon demons and die in their sleep.

I have a headache going through that. Boycott this shit.

- mod n