@Regrann from @90sfeminists - California is in the midst of the worst drought in history. It is estimated that our state only has enough water for one more year. It is estimated that Nestle is taking 250 million gallons of water a year and bottling it for profit. Nestle is taking water from some of California’s driest areas and some of their permits aren’t even valid anymore. Boycott Nestle and sign this petition to get them to stop taking all our water: http://act.couragecampaign.org/sign/NestleDrought/ -Em #feminism #feminist #california #drought #water #ca #californiadrought #cadrought #nestle #boycott #boycottnestle #Regrann


Why blanket boycotting Indiana isn’t the solution 

Joseph Fink, a writer for the popular LGBT-friendly podcast Welcome to Night Vale, tweeted Tuesday that, despite the actions of Indiana’s government, a scheduled live recording would go on. Fink said that doing otherwise would hurt the people being targeted by the unfair legislation. Many would agree with him. There are other ways to fight back.

“ABC paid Darren Wilson half a million dollars for that interview. Who needs a kickstarter when you can just pull a trigger.”–
Matthew A. Cherry

Edit: ABC asserts they no longer pay interview subjects, and the source tweet has been deleted. However we do still live in a world where Darren Wilson is a good ‘get’. Maybe he’ll get a book deal instead. *sigh*

To my autistic peeps:

Peeps, why isn’t there a day when we collectively get as many people
to send as many emails
to as many companies that support autism $peaks?

Like, I used to be in a part of a group that was trying to get something done and that was one of the main goals?

Like, on a specific day we’d en mass send emails to people about the cause to the point we crashed their servers.

Which in turn, got their attention. Made things change.

Now I know there’s lists of places that support Autism $peaks, I’ve personally ran into a few irl, would anyone be willing to organise this?

Does this already exist?

If so… Why isn’t it spoken about?

(I could just be oblivious too (´・_・`) of course)

But, like, a couple of hundred emails sent at once could effectively crash a server…

But I’m pretty sure we’re larger in number than that.

Just a thought I’ve been having…

Business Insider: The Russian Cheese Black Market

Business Insider reports on the strange new black market in cheese that is emerging in Russia: 

Russians Are Buying Cheese The Same Way People Bought Weed In 1980s Brooklyn

Back when the EU, Australia, Norway, Canada, and the US placed economic sanctions on Russia, Russia responded by banning a bunch of imports from all of them. That ban included a lot of food — meat, dairy, vegetables, and so on.

Unfortunately, people really like food — especially cheese. So in Russia, they’ve devised ways to circumvent this inconvenient ban when it comes to the good stuff.

Corner stores have become black-market cheese dealers.

“A sort of speakeasy scene for French and Italian cheeses evolved which was akin to buying drugs from 1980s bodegas in Brooklyn,” one Moscow banker told Business Insider. “First, you walk into the bodega slowly, trying to wipe any suspicious look from your face. Then you pretend to look around the shelves for a while until the clerk recognizes you, at which point you and the clerk make eye contact and establish that metaphysical connection that signifies to both of you ‘I’m here to cop an ounce.’ You wait until there are no customers around, approach the clerk. He takes you to the back room, shows you the goods, you haggle over the price, shove the bag in your pocket, hand over the cash and bounce. Except here you’re leaving the store with a ball of fresh Italian mozzarella…”

Or some amazing camembert, or brie … You get the picture.

Read the full story. I recently posted about Jay Robert Close, the American expat cheesemaker who is responding to the Russian demand for cheese with stepped up production. 

Remember when IDW announced that they hired Hayato Sakamoto to draw MTMTE #39? Here are some of the reactions I managed to gather:

And my personal favorite:

Suffice to say some people (especially on tumblr) really took it poorly and overreacted, saying that Hayato Sakamoto drew child porn and overly sexualized two female Transformers characters (Flareup and Flamewar, coincidentally sharing a body-type that has always looked sleek and had boobplates to begin with), whilst ignoring the facts that:

  • Hayato Sakamoto also drew some adorable Kreon comics
  • He is visibly competent and talented, perhaps more than some regular IDW artists the fandom loves to complain about *coughs*livioramondelli*coughs*
  • The whole “child porn” thing was over 10 years ago
  • There as no preview of the issue at that time; all we knew was that the issue would be DJD-centered but people were worried about Nautica for some reason.

But some people were still willing to boycott the issue and proceeded to demonize Hayato Sakamoto and IDW by association.

Then MTMTE #39 came out. And it featured one Fembot. Or should I say, Femcon. There she is:


Morale of the story: don’t judge a book by its cover. Especially if the cover is either over 10 years old or contains more recent and well-done work that you chose to ignore because they contradict your point.

also tumblr is really fucking stupid sometimes

Stop "rioting," start boycotting.

Stop giving people who don’t care about our objective an opportunity to take advantage of and allow them to loot stores and vandalize.
Stop giving media a nonexistent story that slanders our name and cause even further.
Stop going out into the streets and letting them kill us more.
Stop engaging in the same protests over and over that never work and never will work.
Start boycotting big companies.
Start making the people who have power fear us.
They need our money. If we want change, we need to tell the people that matter. By not telling them our order.
We boycotted the bus lines. Change. We rioted. Have you seen change yet?

*No one cares if we chant and sing and shout in the streets. No one cares when we hold up signs and dance and say “black lives matter.” They don’t care about our lives. They care about our money.*

Stop giving big companies like KFC and McDonalds your valuable money. Boycott. It has worked before. It could work again. Our current protests will not work.

I’ve been hearing the word “justice.” We need to hear the word BOYCOTT. Boost please.