Wonder (Jason Todd x Reader)

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“I have a Jason request where his s/o is Diana’s daughter but she didn’t tell him and when they are fighting she is so strong that she beats up the main villain herself and Jason is stunned. Can you make it very fluffy and cute?”

Summary: Jason and you travel to Gotham because some weird stuff is happening there. When he leaves to fight it alongside the Batfam you follow, despite him telling you to stay back, concerned about your well-being. Well, good that you followed.

Warnings: reader has some self doubt and Diana is not the bad mother, but reader is a difficult child just like Jason

Jason stretched his body and his eyes opened slowly, focusing and looking right into yours.
You have been awake for a while and admired his peacefulness, seeing it way too less on Jason’s face.
He wrapped his arms tighter around your waist, pulling you in.

“How are you even real?” His voice was rough from sleep, sending a shiver down your spine. “You can’t be human. You’re so fucking beautiful.”

You blush with a pinch of guilt. He was right… just didn’t know it. You weren’t human, but an Amazon and as if that wasn’t enough, no, you were Diana’s daughter, Wonder Woman’s daughter.
You had learned your lesson. People will always treat you differently if they knew who you were.
When you met Jason you simply kept it to yourself and it was a good decision. 
It wasn’t hard to conceal your strength and all other forces you possessed. You and your mother weren’t on good terms either, so she never checked on you… at least not actively.
Now, you just never found the right time to come clean.

Jason rolled on top of you and attacked your face with kisses. You were his sunshine. His princess. He still didn’t think he deserved you.

You giggled and poked into his sides, knowing he is ticklish there. He was your light. He made you feel worth something, something more than being the princess of the Amazon’s, more than being Diana’s daughter. He was the only one allowed to call you princess.

You met so randomly. You hated him at first. He was messing up your mission and brought both of you in danger, forcing you to work together and for some reason you worked together like you had trained your whole lifetime side by side. Some days… you were sure he was your soulmate.

“What are you thinking about?” He frowned with a playful grin on his lips.

“How we met.” You placed a kiss on his nose. “How your stupid ass almost got us killed.”

He laughed. Jason barely laughed, but when he did it was the sweetest sound you’ve ever heard.
You knew Jason had his problems.
His nightmares. His flashbacks and self-destructive behaviour. It took him long enough to let you in.

You realized how serious he became. “What are you thinking about now?”

“I have to go to Gotham.” He rolled off of you again. “There is some–” He searched for words. “Some really crazy shit going on. It’s hard to explain. They need my help.”

“They need your magical swords.” You corrected him.

He just shrugged. “Basically, but they are family.”

“I’m coming with you.” You sat up, running your hand through your raven hair.

“(Y/N), I don’t want that. It’s really rough. You don’t have enough fighting experience for that.” He cupped your face, giving you a quick kiss. “I can’t risk that you get hurt.”

You pursed your lips. If he only knew. You were trained by your grandmother, Queen Hippolyta, herself… while your mother rather spent her time in men’s world.

“I’m still coming with you to Gotham.”

“Alright, princess.” He nodded, knowing he couldn’t stop you. “But you stay away from fighting.”

You raised your hands in innocence.

“I’m serious, (Y/N).”

“Yeah yeah. Are you going to make pancakes now?” You smiled, leaning towards him.

“As you wish, my love.” He kissed you.


You were looking out of the window, watching the road fly by. Gotham was already scraping the horizon, looking as intimidating as its reputation.
You were avoiding Gotham. Too many people who knew you.
You were sure Batman had a file on you, but he didn’t know about you and Jason… or did he? In that case you had to fear.

“Tell me more about what’s happening?” You asked.

“People are basically acting like they are possessed. They start attacked one another and there has been a wave of murders and other crimes… well, more than usually… way more.” He explained. “Then they wake up and can’t even remember why.”

“Didn’t this happen in Supernatural once?” You muttered. Your mind was racing. There were a few possibilities. Ares was one, but that was highly unlikely.

“Yeah, I remember that episode. Do we have enough salt with us?”

You looked over at him. “Are you serious?”

“C'mon. I already died, like Dean and crawled out of my grave, like Dean. I met an angel and am in love with it, like Dean.”

You bursted into laugher. “You never told me you ship them! That was so corny, Jason, oh my god!” You yelled at him.

“What’s shipping?” He acted confused, as if he had heard that word for the first time.

“You–” In the corner of your eyes you see the “Welcome to Gotham” - sign and all of a sudden something happened. You felt someone. Someone like you. Someone with immense power that made you shake.

“(Y/N)?” Jason’s playfulness dropped and he became serious. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah. I… I just thought about something.” You forced a smile onto your face and took his free hand.

“Okay?” He furrowed his brows, but dropped it and the rest of the car ride was spent in comfortable silence.

You two arrived at his safe house soon after that. You grabbed your bag from the trunk, but Jason stopped you.

“It’s heavy.”

“I’m not made from paper.” You rolled your eyes and walked in. His safe houses were always quite fancy, functional and fancy.

Jason kissed your cheek and pressed a button. The wall opened revealing a bunch of weapons. You chuckled. That was so him.

“What if this force takes control of any of you?” You hugged him from behind as he was picking his guns and ammo.

“Bats has developed something. You should be save as long as you’re here.”

Always concerned about you. He should be concerned about himself, not you.

“I understand you need to help them, Jason, but… but this seems big.” You needed to tell him what you felt. You needed to tell him now that you were the only one who could solve this, not the Bat and his birds.

“Hey, don’t worry I always wiggle my stupid ass out, right?” He turned his head to look at you.

“Jason–” You couldn’t. You just didn’t have the balls. You already can see his shocked face and the sudden distance. Maybe he will be mad you didn’t tell him right away. “Be careful.” You withdrew from him.

“Always.” He turned around, giving you an assuring kiss.

He got ready, didn’t say goodbye and speeded off on his bike. He never liked goodbyes even the normal kind.

You took a deep breath. You were an Amazon and too scared to tell him. There is a reason why everyone hates you. You were a fucking coward. But not this time. You felt in your bones that he needed you.

You run to your bag and grabbed your suit. It wasn’t an armour like your mother’s. It was a black one piece with silver embellishment on your chest and combat boots. You threw it on and went back to the bag, digging deeper until your fingers touched cool metal.
You haven’t worn the bracelets in years, not feeling worthy of them. You didn’t even know why you took them with you… it was a feeling. That same feeling told you you needed them tonight.

You put them on. It fitted right to the silver on your suit. You looked at yourself in the mirror for a split second and it was enough to make you flinch. You weren’t a hero like your mother… more like Jason…. more like acting first and thinking later, getting carried away and being violent of some sort. You were carried away by your emotions, acted on them.
You were no princess. And there were times after your grandmother died you thought that was your only purpose, the only reason you were Diana’s child was to have someone leading while she was gone.

You opened the window and jumped out, flying over Gotham. Your dark hair seemed weightless as the air carried you.
You stopped at a high roof and waited, scanning the area.
You had no clue where Batman had pinned down the source of this, or if he was right at all.
You hoped not.

You jumped as something downtown exploded.
Your skin crawled in shock and a tremor that was Jason’s name left your lips.
You leaped off the roof and arrived in an instant. It was a dark alley. There were civilians laying dead on the ground in their own blood.
You heard Jason’s guns roar through the air so you start to run towards it.

Nightwing was out, laying next to Robin who desperately tried to get up, clutching his rips.
Jason was on the ground as well, shooting at a dark figure who walked past him.
As the light illuminated it you could make out a girl your age. She had blonde hair and gleaming eyes, a wicked smirk was tugging on her lips.

“Jason!” You called out.

“NO, STAY AWAY!” He looked back at you, holding his hand out.

She got ready to crush Jason, but before that happened you chimed in, grabbing her and throwing her with everything you got against the nearest wall, making it crack.

You met Jason’s eyes who was in shock, stunned. His eyes flickered from the wall to you. There was a bad looking wound above his eyebrow and his lips bled too.

The girl coughed and chuckled, getting up again. She had energy surrounding her you thought was familiar, but you couldn’t point your finger at it.

“I was looking forward to meet you, (Y/N).” She gestured out at you.

Batman landed beside Jason, helping him up.

You were balling your fists. “Well, excuse me, but I have no clue who you are.”

“I am Eris, daughter of Ares. You sure have heard of him. I bet your mother told you stories.” She snickered, saying those words with pride.

“Isn’t it quite ironic you, I suppose the goddess of destruction? Is trying to destroy the most damaged city on this planet? Like, are you that weak?” You teased.

She gritted her teeth before smiling sweetly. “Isn’t it quite ironic the princess of the Amazons is not in Themyscira… or should I say, ran away, princess?”

You looked over your shoulder at Jason who didn’t connect the threads yet. He looked shocked still and confused. Lost.

“He is the only one who is allowed to call me that!” You said with your eyes still on him before attacking her.

Jason watched unable to move how you landed punch after punch, how you flew and threw her hundreds of feet. How you took her punches like they were nothing, how you crossed your arms, creating energy blasts. Batman was trying to keep the brainwashed people from killing each other and he needed help, but Jason couldn’t.
You looked like Wonder Woman and how could Jason never see that?

You grabbed Eris by her throat and pinned her to a wall. “I could kill you right now, but–” You looked at Batman. “I have heard how he does not approve of that.” You let go of her and she fell to her knees, breathing heavily. “Next time I will not let you go.”

“You’re not a true Amazon!” She threw at you to hurt you. “Betraying your heritage like that! You are a child desperate for approval. No princess! No goddess! No Amazon!”

“I know.” You shrugged. She couldn’t hurt you with things you knew.

You took a deep breath and walked to Jason. Instead of stepping back as you approached he closed the gap, hugging you tightly. It surprised you.

“You are an Amazon? You are Wonder Woman’s daughter?” He mumbled against your shoulder. “How… why did you never…?”

You nodded and pulled away, cupping his face. Now there was no turning back. “I didn’t tell you, because I know you would have treated me differently. Everyone has. And then… I never found the right moment, Jay.
I left Themyscira because I couldn’t be the princess they needed me to be… I wasn’t the hero, the warrior they wanted me to be.”

“I’ve heard a story like that before.” He smiled softly, pushing some hair behind your ear.

“You’re not mad?”

“Mad? About what? That my girlfriend could have opened the damn jam glasses herself, probably crush them with her pinky? That you’re actually a badass warrior princess?
Salty that you were scared to tell me, yes… but I… I think I can understand why you didn’t tell me. It’s alright.” He laid his forehead to yours. “It doesn’t make you a different person after all. You’re an Amazon, but you’re still my (Y/N), right? And I would have so died again if you wouldn’t have come.”

“Absolutely.” You smiled relieved.

Jason Todd x Reader - Alcohol

Request for: @foodlover133

A/N: I got really into this one, whoops. I hope you like it!! (This wouldn’t post to this account but I fixed it hopefully, sorry about the weird format, as I’m doing this all on mobile)

It was a normal night in Jason and Roy’s shared apartment. Jason, Roy, Kori, Dick, and yourself were all gathered around the table that was covered with shot glasses and bottles of alcohol. You were all pretty wasted at this point, with the exception of Kori as her alcohol tolerance was infinite due to not being human. She was always the mother bear when you all got into this state, to make sure no one ended up dead due to clouded judgement.

The three boys and yourself had made the decision to have a drinking contest, to see who could down the most shots in a matter of a minute and a half. Dick ended up winning, which resulted in you hanging all over him in your drunken state, unaware of the protective glare being sent your way from Jason. Jason was a very serious and thoughtful drunk, and getting him drunk was often times the best way to get him to open up about anything bothering him.

He was jealous though, you weren’t his, but he was completely in love with you and had been for as long as he remembered. From the moment he met you, he knew he was in love. You were gorgeous, funny, strong, and all around the person of his dreams.He had never told you though, because he felt like you liked Dick more. Tonight just proved his point, and he was mentally beating himself up for ever even letting himself believe for a second that he stood a chance with you.

He was frustrated and hurt, so he grabbed his cigarettes and a lighter before leaving to go out on the patio overlooking the city to smoke and clear his thoughts. The lights of Gotham City helped him clear his thoughts, especially from this point of view. He was still deep in thought though, mind quickly wandering to darker places that involved mentally tearing himself apart. He thought about Dick’s physical attractiveness, something he knew he would never be able to compete with him in. He was whole, he had scars, sure, but not near the magnitude that Jason did. He was emotionally whole for the most part, yet another thing Jason lacked. He was also experienced, and was nearly as much of a playboy as Bruce.

He was so deep in thought that he didn’t hear the sliding door open and close behind him as you walked out, moving to stand next to him.

“You alright Jay?” You asked quietly.

“Why aren’t you in there with Dick? You two seemed cozy.” Ouch. That came off a lot more venomous than he intended it too.

You noticed, and flinched a small bit at his tone. “I didn’t want to be in there with Dick. I would rather be wherever you are.”

He scoffed a bit, “It sure doesn’t seem like that when you’re hanging all over my brother. But I guess. Whatever.”

You sighed, “Jason- I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I don’t know why you’re acting like this.”

Oh right. Jason had nearly forgotten the two of you weren’t actually dating. “Because i’m-” he hesitated, not sure if he was really willing to risk it all. His silence lasted a moment, before he hesitantly managed out the words you had been dying to hear forever. “I’m in love with you.”

You turned red at his words, you weren’t surprised, especially not after how he had acted tonight. “I’m in love with you too, Jason.” You said back to him quietly.

It took him a minute to process that you, the love of his life, had just said the seven words he had only ever dreamed of you saying. He didn’t hesitate before turning you towards him and gently placing a hand on your cheek. He was still comprehending, and making sure this was all real, before he leaned in and kissed you. It was a great end to an exciting night.

I’ll Protect You from the Wolfman

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Imagine: Having a movie night with your boyfriend, Ponyboy. But what if someone else in the gang digs you too?

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“Shit,” Y/N whispered as she hid her eyes.

“Aw, man,” Johnny sighed. “The Wolf man ain’t scary.”

“Speak for yourself Johnnycakes,” she mumbled into her hands.

Ponyboy leaned over and whispered into her ear. She could feel his breath tickling her ears. “I’ll protect you from, ‘The Wolfman.’”

He leaned into her and slipped a hand behind her head. She nuzzled under the cook of his arms, throwing an arm around his chest. “Thanks,” she sighed happily.

The teens watched movies late into the night. Ponyboy and Y/N were still huddled together on the couch. Johnny noticed how comfortable they looked and migrated to the chair. Johnny was leaned over on the arm of the chair, wrapped in an old wool blanket. All that could be heard was the crackle of the TV and their shallow breathing. 

Dally slipped in the house, quiet as a church mouse. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with his mother. On nights like this, he could always count on the couch at the Curtis’s for a crash pad. He stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed the teens preoccupied his hopeful place of rest. He immediately sighed in annoyance.

“Goddamnit,” he muttered.

She looked so innocent when she slept. Her eyebrows furrowed. The locks of hair the fell around her face. And his favorite: her pink lips, slightly parted.

He wasn’t sure if it was the wasted trip or what he walked in on that annoyed him the most. Either way, he didn’t want to be here anymore. Quietly, he slipped out of the house and headed to the lot.

A wide eyed broad like her wasn’t going to stay single for very long on this side of town. She’s what his dad woulda called a ripe peach. He just figured he’d be the one doin’ the picking. He wanted to be the one that held her. That kissed her. Shit, even hold her hand. He shook the thought away. Atleast for now. 

According to Billboard, Ariana’s team has not yet made a decision as to whether the tour will be suspended, as they are focusing on the victims at this time. Additionally, one of Ariana’s dancers, BoyBoi, posted on Facebook hours after the attack saying they were on their way to London (this does not necessarily mean that the show at O2 Arena tomorrow will take place; this was before many details were known). We support Ari regardless of whether she continues the tour or not; her and her crew’s mental health, the safety of concertgoers, and the lives of the victims matter most in this decision.

EDIT: People Magazine has reported Ariana is back in Florida and just wants to be surrounded by loved ones right now.



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The Seven Magnificent Boov Genders

For anyone who’s seen Dreamworks’ new movie, Home, then you should know that there are a few things they neglected to mention in the movie that were pretty fantastic in the book it was made from (The True Meaning of Smekday) including THE SEVEN MAGNIFICENT BOOV GENDERS.

When Tip asks J.Lo if Boov have girls and boys, he says “Of course!” and then goes on to further explain:

“The Boov are having seven magnificent genders. There is boy, girl, boygirl, girlboy, boyboy, boyboygirl, and boyboyboyboy.

I, for one, think that we should adopt these gender terms into our own language. Here’s some more about how they work.

Pronouns are used by combining the pronouns “she” and “he.” So a boygirl would be he-she, a girlboy would be she-he, a boyboygirl would be he-he-she, and of course the boyboyboyboy would be he-he-he-he. Which is pretty fantastic.

There are some other creative terms that come with these. A girlboy, for example, would be called a ladyfellow. A boyboygirl might be called a fellfellowlady, perhaps a manmanwoman, or a sirsirdame…! There’s really an endless amount of possibility here.

In a formal setting, the seven magnificent genders are referred to as follows:

ladies, gentlemen, ladygentlemen, gentleladies, gentlementlemen, mentlegentladies, and gentlemenmenmenmen.

Basically, I think the Seven Magnificent Boov Genders would be an excellent addition to our ever-growing bank of terms for non-binary genders. Thank you for your time and consideration and please have a very happy Smekday.