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The Wanted on The Voice!


Allstar Weekend- House of Blues, Dallas, TX 7/20/2012

Super fun show! Lots of jumping and sweating and singing and screaming! 

Cameron Quiseng>>>>>

Zach was cute and energetic and sounded amazing, especially during acoustic Teenage Hearts and Blame It On September

And apparently Dillon’s grandma was there? Cameron and Zach pointed her out and she was like right behind me. 

ANYWAY they were cute and fun and I’m glad I went :) 


Had SO MUCH FUN at The Wanted show at Six Flags today! 

I didn’t realize there would be an opening act, but a band called Schoolboy Humor went on at 7. They were fun, reminded me a little of Danger Radio. 

There was some concern because Nathan apparently got stuck in Vegas and almost didn’t make the show. BUT everything worked out and he said he got to the Six Flags like 30 minutes before TW went on. I have a video of him talking about it HERE

Anyway so the boys sang Invincible, Lose My Mind, Lightning, Say It on the Radio, Heart Vacancy, and Warzone. Then they brought out their instruments and did the Coldplay medley including Viva la Vida and Paradise. Then they finished it up with Gold Forever, Chasing the Sun, All Time Low, and of course Glad You Came was the closer. 

I have a video of a part of Lightning HERE(it’s not the whole song because we weren’t allowed to record, and a security guy made me stop) and a video of the entire performance of Glad You Came HERE. By that point everyone was going crazy and security had given up.

So all in all it was awesome and my pictures came out pretty nicely, though I didn’t get any really good ones of Max. Everyone was adorable and they had us shout “It’s Wanted Wednesday!” for their flip, and afterward Tom commented that we sounded so American, haha, and he and Max imitated us. 

Six Flags is SUCH an expensive place though. Had to pay 17 dollars to park, 35 to get inside the theme park, 14 dollars for a ticket to see TW, and water bottles were like 3.50, so that sucked. But we rode two water rides before the show, so that was fun. And I didn’t get sunburned or anything, though I do have a headache now. 

Annnnd now I’m done rambling about it. 



Allstar Weekend- Bend or Break (Dallas, TX 7/19/12)

Also videos of The After Party and Hollywood Ending HERE and HERE


So my cousin had some free tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert last night in Grand Prairie and we got to go! 

I underestimated my emotional prepared-ness for it. I was not ready. 

The guys’ voices sounded AMAZING and the entire crowd sang along all night. I’m 24 and I’m fairly certain that 90% of the crowd was my age or older. They sang every song you would expect them to sing, along with some new songs from the CD that just came out. 

They did a little acoustic set in the middle, with Howie telling us that since they are getting older and can’t dance as much anymore, they decided to pick up some instruments in order to keep things interesting. There was also a great moment when Nick told Howie that his bass looked to big for him and Howie said “I know how to handle my wood." 

Anyway. I laughed, I cried, I screamed. It was perfect. 


The Call
All I Have to Give
Quit Playing Games with My Heart (acoustic)
I Want It That Way


Bringing it back. I linked it in my other post about the show, but here’s the video on its own.

The Wanted- Glad You Came

Arlington, TX 6/18/12

When I was in middle school I was obsessed with Nsync. I knew everything about them. I had every magazine article and every poster. I knew every word to every song on every CD they had. I made my dad play it in the car to the point that when he got his first iPod, he asked me to put some of my old music on there because he had listened to it so much with me that it eventually grew on him. 

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