Larry V.S Jikook
  • - Larry and Jikook randomly bump into each other-
  • Harry: Who the fuck are you?
  • Jimin: Who the fuck ARE YOU?
  • Louis: My boi asked you FIRST.
  • Jungkook: My baby asked yah SECOND.
  • Harry: ENNOOUGHH. I'll ask again, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?
  • * Jungkook backhugs Jimin*
  • Jimin: WE are like you guys if this was the year of 2012...
  • Jungkook: but unlike you guys we're like... one million times better...
  • Jimin: and like.... are ACTUALLY real...So...
  • Larry: *Jungshook*
  • Harry: What The Bloody Hell -
  • Jimin: * Sipping fresh tea out of nowhere* No Tea, No Shade tho.

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No. 25 | Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) by the Backstreet Boys.

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