3 Chocobros and a Chocobaby

in which Gladio thinks baby Noctis is the size of an XL cup noodle

Woke up one day with this idea and decided to make a comic!!! Bec really these dorks are so adorable U G H

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harry styles lyrics + pictures lockscreens
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what if one day all of the boys just tweeted a link to a youtube video and then when the video starts to play, it’s just a black screen at first but then you hear the opening chords of a.m. and then the first shot of the video filters in and it’s the boys coming in from the sides of the screen where they ran off in the history music video and they collapse into a hug but then they all walk off in the same direction and then they all pile into a car that’s way too small and there’s at least like 1.27 minutes of them in the car laughing and jamming to radio tunes and singing to a.m. (because it’s the a.m. music video yknow) and then Anyway they pull up to the BUNGALOW and then they all sit around the fire again and talk and laugh and then as the song ends, they’re still sitting around the fire except now you can hear their conversation and they’re reminiscing  and talking about how much they want to tour made in the a.m. so then one of them is just like, “let’s do it” and then the screen fades to black and it says that one direction is going back on tour

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mcr is not a boy band, it's a band and frank has hazel eyes not green

mcr??? not??? a boy band??? well what does it take to be a boy band:

1. boys ✔

2. band ✔

3. signed to major label: warner bros. ✔

4. mainstream/commercial success: tcfsr and bp went platinum and dd went gold in the uk charts ✔

5. TV appearances: jimmy kimmel, snl, conan ✔

6. member archtypes: the leader (gerard) the quiet one (mikey) the hyperactive one (frank) the underapreciated one who deserves the world (ray) side note: also refer to lotms they literally give each other archtypes ✔

7. and last but most importantly, matching outfits: ✔

in conclusion,,,,mcr is a boyband #confirmed