boyband moment

Possible reasons why Zayn said “it’s just my name right?”:

Zayn was amazed that he got an award all by himself
Zayn tried to make a joke about tge fact that he used to be in a boyband
Zayn took a moment to revel insomething he’s wanted for at least 18 months maybe more
Zayn was proud of his success

Things Zayn was NOT trying to do:

Belittle 1D and their “passionate” fans.


Dear Mr. Styles,

please explain to the whole world this x-factor confirmation, because if millions of people ship “bullshit”, I would like to know what did you think by saying this. 

( i think there should be a twitcam explaining all larry moments, but i bet it would end up with Larry confirmation, because there are no other ways to explain this or different moments.)