boyband member

“Harry has never commented on making an album or indicated he’s going solo”

Harry: "I’m enjoying being in the studio and doing this movie and I’m not too bothered about going on vacation.” 

Harry, to boyband-member-turned-solo-artist Paul McCartney: “ When you first went from being in a band to being on your own, what was the creative side of that like? There’s obviously so much knowledge of who you were when you were in this group, did you find it at all difficult to think, ‘If I do anything different is it going to be right?’ How did you approach that first creative experience?” 

Emphasis added, because apparently saying you’re not planning on taking a vacation and you’re in the studio and want advice on your solo career is not clear enough on its own. September 2016, Another Man magazine, 3-cover, 3-photoshoot spread. 

if you find yourself wanting to interfere with a literal charity drive because your opinions about a boyband member differ from those of the people who are running said charity drive….. i think it’s time to consider taking a break from the internet


Be careful what r u writing for ex. on Tumblr Hahaha Cuz Topp Dogg r watching LMAO 😁
But by the way it’s so cute that they know that international Topp Klass r exist and my heart is melting reading it T_T They’re just wonderful 💝

when steve is a stand-up guy who helped louis through a rough time in his life and saw his potential without chalking him up to just being some talentless boyband member like so many stereotypes suggest all while being nothing but loving to the fandom and treating us as human beings and not letting us be called things like “psycho” and constantly proving himself in numerous other ways to be an amazing person

How a boyband is usually explained: this is one direction i like them theyre from england one of them is irish they dont dance and zayn left and a couple of em had babies and did solo projects

How nct fans have to explain: so there was smrookies where they kept many many many children in a basement…… nct was announced as a global boyband with unlimited members in different units… there was u and u had 2 different units with ten, doyoung, taeyong, taeil, jaehyun, mark…. ten went bacj to basement with johnny hes from chicago… foreign swaggers are johnny, mark, and jaehyun… jaehyun lived in america for 4 years thats why hes here… 127 is the coordinates for seoul…. yuta, winwin, mark are foreigners on the seoul team… then the little ones came out and chewed gum on hoverboards… they released johnny from the basement to join 127… Jeffrey from california…. pimp outfits…. floatin heads…. aesthetic music video….

usually looking back boyband members are lowkey Uglie or at least most of them are so you get to make fun of yourself but it’s been six years and 1d is still actually beautiful this isn’t fair when is it my turn for freedom and wholesome self deprecation ?

Let's Talk About the Characterisation of L Lawliet in Fics

Don’t you think sometimes it feels as if the fandom likes two different versions of L, and that the more popular version is what I like to call “shiny L” aka looks-like-a-jpop-boyband-member-is-adept-at-sexy-times-hopeless-romantic L, when, if you do your research and watch and read carefully, L is kind of endearingly gross and weird and THAT is what makes him so attractive - he’s a frog man in his mid-twenties who acts like a toddler occasionally, probably needs to be prompted to fulfil his basic human needs and is probably endearingly clueless about the nuances of any sort of relationship between himself and women in particular (and likely even romantic relationships between himself and men - we must not forget that he was extremely good at feigning friendship with Light, possibly after having observed the concept of friendship from afar for a while). I myself ALWAYS try to keep L as close to his canon character as possible (as described in Another Note and detailed in the manga and anime) as I personally feel that it adds to the authenticity of the work. Overall - I’m not saying that “shiny L” is bad - because, like all great characters, L is open to interpretation and he’s sometimes necessary for plots to work - but isn’t it funny how, in idolising his character, we often blatantly ignore more and more of his less attractive traits, until there’s basically an entirely different character?

Signs as boyband members
  • Aries: The one that is trying to make his solo career
  • Taurus: The one who tries to take the spotlight 24/7
  • Cancer: The one who seems to be babysitting the others
  • Leo: The outcast who dresses weird
  • Aquarius: teen heart throb and on the cover of every mag
  • Sagittarius: The douche
  • Pisces: The one that is insane most of the time
  • Capricorn: The one who is lucky to even be in the band
  • Scorpio: The vain one who posts way too many selfies
  • Libra: The one all the fans rather have as a best friend than boyfriend
  • Virgo: The one who is too talented to be in a boyband
  • Gemini: The artsy one that tries too hard